You Get In Trouble For Your Uniform

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This my first attempt at submitting a story here, it’s not very long but is very hot! I encourage any and all feedback.


You were a very naughty girl at school today. You had turned 18 over the weekend and decided to flaunt yourself. You tied your uniform blouse under your ample breasts and left your bra at home. You also cut 4 inches off the hem of your pleated skirt. Every time you’d bend over anybody looking in your direction could see that you weren’t wearing panties either.

Your teacher, Mrs. Crawford, an old stuck up bitch who probably hadn’t been laid since before you were born, gave you three hours detention as soon as she saw your outfit. This pisses you off because you had plans with your boyfriend after school, but there was nothing you could do to get out of it.

I am the school janitor. I took the job at the school because I have a fetish for school girls. When I saw you walk into the building today it was all I could do to hide my erection from you and your school girl classmates. I think you saw the bulge in my pants as I made my way to the janitors closet because you winked at me and licked your lips as you passed by. Anadolu Yakası Escort When I heard later that you’d been given detention by old cobweb cunt Crawford I had to take a chance.

When I walked into the detention room you were in the middle of writing, “I will not dress like a slut at school.” 300 times on the black board.

“Oh don’t mind me, miss,” I said as I came into the room, “I’m just here to clean the place.”

“Oh that’s okay,” you said, “I’m glad for the company.”

“By the looks of it,” I said, eyeing you up and down, “this room got pretty dirty today.”

You smiled at the double entendre, “Do janitors ever get dirty? I’m feeling pretty dirty myself.”

I almost came in my pants at how forward you were. You licked your lips at me for the second time today. By now my cock was rock hard looking at your smoking body in your altered school girl uniform; with your pantiless ass barely covered by your short skirt, and your perfect breasts spilling out of your tied off top.

You abandoned the chalkboard and got down on your knees in front of me. “I was supposed to do this for my boyfriend today,” Pendik Escort you said seductively, “but he’s not here so you’ll have to do.”

With that you untied your top, letting your braless breasts hang free. At this point my cock was straining in my jeans. You unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock. I saw the lust in your eyes as you took me in your mouth.

You’re an expert cock sucker and I could only take a few minutes before I made you stop. Wouldn’t wanna blow my wad early with you would I?

I picked you up off the floor and laid you down on Crawford’s desk. I hiked up your skirt and spread your legs, exposing your beautiful pussy. I went to work with my tongue on your clit while fingering your pussy, slamming up against your g spot. I could tell I hit my mark when your pussy contracted around my fingers and you squirted all over my face as you were intensely cumming.

“Fuck me!” you screamed, “Put that hard cock inside of me!”

Who was I to deny such a hot young piece? I stood up, put on a condom, and placed the head if my cock at the entrance of your soaked honeypot. I teased you with my head Kurtköy Escort until you couldn’t take it anymore. You wrapped your sexy legs around me and pulled me inside if you.

I pounded into you hard and fast, watching your breasts sway and jiggle with the rhythm of our hot fucking. You came again after a few minutes, and had me stop to change position.

You stood up and bent over the desk, your tiny skirt framing your hot round ass and sexy little pussy perfectly. I put my cock back into you and fucked you hard. My hard cock slamming into your g spot just like my fingers were a little while before.

I reached around your undone top and grabbed your breasts. Holding onto them as if they were handles and using them for leverage to fuck you even harder. This sent you over the edge as you came all over my cock. Your convulsing pussy made me lose control and I started to cum as well.

You looked up in your throws of ecstasy to see your boyfriend looking into the room with a pained expression on his face. To your surprise as well as my own this caused you to cum even harder as your pussy milked my cock for all it was worth.

Your boyfriend left the door window as we were finishing our mutual orgasms. As you were retying your top around your beautiful tits I asked, “Who was that in the window?”

“Nobody.” You answered. “Just some guy that I used to fuck before I discovered what real cock feels like.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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