You May Kiss The Bride

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If you ever have the opportunity to be married on the north shore of Hawaii’s Oahu Island, to a beautiful woman, I highly recommend it.

Julia and I had been engaged a year before being married, and dated for 2 years before that. During those three years we’ve had some arguments, like every couple, but oddly, never about the details of our wedding.

There’s recently been a trend regarding weddings – very small, somewhere beautiful and remote, followed by a standard sized wedding reception close to home, after the honeymoon. Julia and I thought this was a great idea, and our parents even bought into it too, until we told them they weren’t invited. When I say small, I mean small. My best man brought his wife, and Julia’s maid of honor brought her boyfriend. Thankfully, we all got along, so we each had a bridesmaid and a groomsman. But that was it – 6 people total, not including the priest.

The ceremony took place at dusk, just before the sun started to set, Julia was in a very simple white satin dress, I was in khaki’s, a white button down shirt and a waistcoat, with the rest of the party matching – all of us barefoot. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole played in the background while the priest performed the ceremony. The whole thing was done in maybe 10 minutes, and Julia never looked so beautiful.

After the ceremony, Julia had brought a very similar version of her dress that looked a little less ‘wedding,’ changed into it – and from there we went to a wonderful dinner, and headed back to our house. Despite our parents feeling snubbed, they both chipped in to rent us an amazing house right on the north shore. 3 bedrooms, huge den, huge kitchen, huge deck, and a dock leading into the water. Our 4 companions (My best man Jake and his wife Kaitlen, and Julia’s sister / Maid of honor Sarah and her boyfriend Bobby) were to spend only 3 days and 2 nights with us before going home. Julia and I didn’t mind – the whole reason was to have our wedding with people we cared about, and we had the house for a week and half after they left anyway. We couldn’t fly them to Hawai’i for our wedding, and then back home the next day – it’s a 13 hour flight!

With full bellies of ahi tuna and poi, among other delicious foods, and way too many drinks, we made it back to the house. Julia and the girls started to go into ‘shop’ mode (while the reception wouldn’t be until after we got back home, any cash gifts were already given so we could enjoy them during the honey moon) and an expedition into Waikiki to shop along Alamoana Blvd. was being planned. Jake took the opportunity to pull me out onto the deck with Bobby and have a cigar.

“So how do you like being married?” Jake asked me as he fished his butane lighter out of his pocket and threw it my way.

“It’s been 4 hours. Haven’t really had a chance to evaluate the whole experience.” I said as I lit the end of the cigar. “Damnit!” I said, “We’ve got nothing to drink – Bobby, can you run inside and grab us some drinks? I’ll take a scotch on the rocks.”

“I second the motion!” Jake stated as he started to light his stogie. Bobby “hmphd” and went in to get the drinks.

“Let’s screw with Bobby’s head and convince him Sarah’s itchin to get married!” I proposed to Jake. I bit the cigar and held it in my teeth, put my hands behind my head and threw my feet up on a foot rest.

“You’re an evil bastard. Why would you want to put him through all of this?” Jake asked before taking a draw.

“No particular reason, just seems like it’d be fun.” Both of us chuckled as the glass slide door opened and Bobby stepped out holding 3 short glasses of scotch.

“What’s Hawai’in for ‘Thank You’?” I asked as I took the glass from Bobby.

“Not the foggiest” Jake admitted. Bobby got into his seat and grabbed the cutter and light from next to Jake and lit his cigar.

We sat out on the deck for just shy of an hour, talking about the day, our relationships and how woman are certifiably nuts, and how well the Flyers were playing while we smoked and sipped scotch. As we continued to talk we heard the radio inside turn on, quite loud – but none of us could make it out as the sliding glass door was closed. A minute or two later Kaitlen opened up the door and stepped outside.

“You boys enjoying yourself?” She asked




Jake and I explained to Bobby that he was an idiot, because Aloha meant ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye,’ and before he tried to justify it (and he would have) we all broke out in a light laughter. As it subsided, Kaitlen walked over Jake, put out her hand to him, and said “Dance with me.” Jake put çankaya escort his cigar in the ashtray, and stood up.

“You three finished planning on how to spend all of our money?” I asked, taking a sip of my drink.

“Hardly, those two are still at it – I was just getting fidgety.” With hand in hand, Jake led Kaitlen over to an open section of the deck, and the slowly started dancing to what was now (with the glass door open) recognizable as Frank Sinatra. Nice choice.

“I’m going to walk out to the dock.” I announced to Bobby

“I’m going to take a leak, and see if I can get Sarah in the sack.” Bobby replied.

“Hopeless romantic…” I mumbled as I started to walk. The deck was maybe 80 feet out from the main body of the deck. On the right side was a railing, and the left and end were completely open, to accommodate a docked boat. I walked out to the end, and positioned my bare toes just over the edge. The water was a velvety shade of midnight blue, lightened only by an amazingly large waning moon. The tide wasn’t too bad, every once in a while I would get a splash that would hit my toes, but nothing higher.

I stood there, wrapped in my head, with my cigar and my scotch, my cool breeze and lightly crashing waves, thinking about how tonight was the start of the rest of my life, and other amazingly cliché thoughts that all seemed highly poignant at that moment.

“How many times are you going to take the plunge in one day?” Julia asked. She had walked up behind me, very quietly. Even if she wasn’t barefoot, I wouldn’t have heard her between the waves, and the warm buzzed feeling the glenlivet had given me.

“Oh, only once today I think. Water’s probably way to cold.” Which was complete bull, it was August in Hawai’i, and you couldn’t find nicer water.

“So Mrs. McDougal, are we all planned out for tomorrow?” I asked my bride. I turned on a heel and spun to face her. She was still wearing her ‘non’ wedding dress, but had let her chestnut hair down, so it fell among her shoulders. The satin finish of her dress, the sheen of her hair, and the sparkle of her eyes made her glow in the moonlight. Hauntingly beautiful.

“Down to the letter. You and the boys are going golfing tomorrow.” She started. I raised my eyebrows in surprise as that was not part of the plan, which she noticed, “it’s either that or you can sit in a chair reading Cosmo while the girls and I get facials and mani-pedi’s.” This is why I loved her. I half expected us to be attached to each other’s hip for the next week and a half – and maybe it was the fact that our wedding party was still here for another couple of days, but she not only was OK with some personal space, she was planning it!

“You’re a wicked taskmaster Mrs. McDougal, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle that.” I said sardonically. The wind had shifted briefly back out to the water, so I took the opportunity for a draw of my cigar. Julia didn’t really mind them, much, but I saw no point in drenching her in smoke.

“We’re all going to meet up around 1pm for lunch, and then go shopping before dinner. It’s a win-win.” Julia moved closer to me, put her bare feet on mine, and wrapped her arms around my waist. The top of her head came about an inch below my chin, and she pressed her head against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her back as carefully as I could, as I had no place to sit my drink or my smoke. We stood there for a minute or two, enjoying each other, the sounds and the smells.

“You wanna go to bed?” I asked. Our first night as a married couple had given me thoughts of a night of endless sex, leaving us completely exhausted for days to come. That plan was going to have to be compromised for the next day’s events, so I figured the earlier we start the better.

“No, I’m fine right where we are. I just want you.” she replied.

“That’s what I’m gettin at…” I responded.

“Oh I know what you’re thinkin, and trust me, I’m pickin up what you’re layin down… I’m just fine where we are…” she looked at me with an odd eye, and pinched my ass. Hard.

“Well then.” I said with eyebrows raised. I lifted my head from her gaze for a moment, took a last couple of draws from my cigar, flicked it over the banister, downed the last of my scotch and rested it on the railing.

I placed my hand on both sides of her face, cupping her jaw, and leaned in to kiss her. Very gently. The thought had crossed my mind to ravish her there on the dock, but something held me back, told me to take it slow.

As we kissed, she started to undo the buttons of my keçiören escort waistcoat. I didn’t want to take it off as we had no where to put it, and I didn’t want it blowing away in the wind, so I kept it on, unbuttoned.

I broke our kiss, and looked around for a brief moment. Now facing the house, I realized that Jake and Kaitlen had finished their dance, and that all 4 of them must have headed to bed as the downstairs was empty, and the lights had been dimmed. Noticing a bench that ran along the side of the dock about a foot away, parallel to the railing, I took Julia’s hand, and led her over to it. The bench, like the rest of the dock, had recently been redone, and was in great shape. It was about as basic as bench gets, a plank of wood with cylindrical stumps holding it up every 4 feet or so, and no backing at all. I straddled the bench, now with my back to the house, facing the water, and prompted Julia to do the same. She directly straddled my hips, which I had no problem with, but as we resumed our passionate kiss, the movement and pressure started to stir my cock, and this position at that moment, was frankly uncomfortable.

Julia picked up on this, and we both leaned in a way that she slid off of my crotch onto the bench. Even though our knees now proved an obstacle, we held each other closely. Julia spent no time waiting, and proceeded to unbutton my shirt. As I wasn’t wearing an undershirt she put her hands directly on my chest, running her fingers through my chest hair before wrapping her arms around me again and pulling me in to kiss her. We held each other for another minute or two before she broke our kiss.

The beard I wore was a double edged sword to her. She loved how I looked with it, and how it felt when I went down on her, but her face would become irritated by it after prolonged kissing. Especially passionate kissing. I knew this and didn’t push further, instead choosing to kiss the nape of her neck while my hands explored the rest of her body. Her dress had a short zipper in the back, not enough to get the dress off, but enough that the fabric would be looser. I brushed the straps of off her shoulders, and folded the material down, exposing her beautiful C cup breasts. While I lightly started to lick and suck and play with her nipples, her hands started down at my waist, unbuttoning my pants, and fishing through the hole the in my boxers to release my now very excited manhood.

We played with each other, explored each others bodies with a renewed sense of excitement. Sure we had done this all before, but never as a married couple. We belonged to each other, and were exploring what we had earlier promised to each other.

For a while she stroked my cock, lightly squeezing as I played with her ample breasts, unable to keep my hands off her. I reached the point where I needed to be inside of her, and moved my hands below her thighs, attempting to reseat her on my cock. She got the message, but realized that it wasn’t that easy. She stood all the way up and looked down at me, with those beautiful brown eyes. She took a full step towards me, closing the gap between us. I could smell her sex, and craved it. Had she been in heels she would have enough height so that I could eat her right there, but as it was the distance was too great and so I baked in my anticipation.

She put her hands at her sides, and slowly inched the material of her dress up her thighs, collecting it in her palms. When her dress was balled up in her hands, she buckled her knees a bit, providing a ledge so the dress couldn’t slide down again. Placing her arms on my shoulders, and locking my eyes in hers, she started to lower herself, keeping as close to me as possible. As she hit pay dirt, she grabbed my penis and adjusted it as needed, rubbing it slowly between her lips. She hovered above me like that for far too long, teasing me, with my cockhead just close enough to barely touch her, to feel her heat and her wetness. As I moved my cock between her lips, back and forth, she started to lower herself until all I could do was sit, and let her engulf me. She was so wet she could have swallowed me whole, which would have suited me just fine, but she would take 2 steps forward, 1 step back, 2 steps forward, 1 step back, all the way down and until she had all of my 8 inches up to the hilt. With her full weight on me, she moved her hands from my shoulders and this time cupped my face, running her fingers through my short trimmed beard, and kissed me, gently.

As she broke our kiss she started to rock, very gently, very slowly. Both of etimesgut escort us knew this wasn’t one of our wilder fuck sessions, this was about us, being of each other, wanting to make it last forever. We stayed that way for a while, rocking, holding each other, kissing and massaging each other.

I took my left arm and wrapped it around the small of her back, and moved my right hand below her dress, to our point of contact. There wasn’t much room, but with my hand sideways, I started to work her clit with my thumb, using my arm to hold her close as she started to rock harder. She pressed her forehead against mine and started breathing heavy; rocking back as far as my hold would allow her, her climax growing only as quickly as I wanted. As her breathing picked up, so did her gyrating, and so did my clit-play. Pressed between my thumb and her hood, I swirled her clit around, with as much dexterity and control as I could muster.

Our heat was palpable, contrasted only by the occasional breeze that would waft up her crumpled skirt. She arched her back and started to push up on her legs, and drop down again. She threw her head back, and had her eyelids been open, I’m sure her eyes would have rolled back. Within another minute she came, and came hard. The sound of the waves counterpointing her screams, her fingers struggling to find purchase in my back without tearing anything. I enjoyed the sensation of her walls clenching around my cock, her juices escaping and running between our bodies, running down my leg. As her breathing slowed and she came back we matched eyes again

“huh, huh, you, huh, you didn’t come…?” She panted. I just shook my head ‘no.’ Even I was amazed at the amount of control I had managed to exert. Watching her orgasm has always been the highlight of our sexplay, making me shoot hard. But not tonight. Maybe it was the scotch, or being outside, or it being our wedding day, I just remember KNOWING that I needed to make her come over and over and over…. and yes, over again.

She looked somewhat puzzled before I leaned in and whispered in here ear, “I love you, hold on.” With that I stood up, with her wrapped around my waste, her feet in the small of my back, my cock embedded in her pussy. I turned and started to make the way back to the house pausing only to close the sliding glass door. The friction of her clit against my pubic hair caused her to come again before we got inside, and climbing the stairs with her around my waste sent her over the edge again, almost sending us both down the stairs at the same time! As we walked down the hall and rounded the corner to our room, she came a fourth time, screaming so loudly I thought she would wake the neighbors.

The door to our room was cracked open, and the lights an ambient of candle glow. The room had been set up by Kaitlen and Sarah with candles and rose petals. I laid her down on the bed, still with her arms around my waste, and bent over to kiss her. With her arms around my shoulders she pulled me in for the deepest kiss of my life!

I broke the kiss and leaned up. Tearing my shirt off, and shaking off the pants which had almost been the death of us on the way back up the stairs, I dove back in and started to pump in and out of her. She was on her back, with her legs closed and straight up the air, which was one of her favorite positions. When I got to the point where I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, I opened her legs up and placed them over my shoulders. Putting my hands down on the bed on either side of her, I started to increase my pace, fucking her with what could only be called rampant abandon. She started to moan again, loudly, as her hand moved down to her clit. As she rubbed, I humped, and we both grunted and moaned, our breathing in time with each other until we came hard, her orgasm setting off mine, and with a guttural bellow I unloaded every drop of cum I could into her.

With sweat dripping off my brow I removed myself from her legs collapsing on the bed beside her, both of us panting as if we had run a marathon.

“Whoo!'” she exclaimed, placing her hand on her stomach. “That’s a baby maker.” I gently knee’d her in the side acknowledging a joke between the two of us about how we didn’t want to get pregnant from the honeymoon.

She rolled herself over and crawled up next to me. I was on my strewn across the bed. She took my earlobe in her mouth, lightly tugging and sucking on it.

“Give me a minute! Damn you woman!” I announced, still trying to catch my breath.

“But I’m impatient now!” and with that she finished taking off her dress. Once that task was done she then proceeded to take my cock in her mouth, adamant about bringing it back to life. And she did, bless her heart. We spent the rest of the night, and the rest of the week trying to outdo each other in bed, which is hardly something anyone could complain about. Coincidentally, I hear it’s the best way to start a marriage. It worked for us…

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