Young Cowboy Part 2

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Young Cowboy Part 2

I spent most of the next day riding as far as I could to put some distance between that Yankee soldier and myself just in case someone decided to come along and let him loose and my ass was getting a good bit sore from the previous days activities. I found a nice secluded area to call for the night, got a fire going and had some beans cooking and eating some jerky.

After my supper I walked down to a stream I had come across on the way in to my campsite. I was cleaning up my dishes and decided to take a cool bath in the stream. I rested my rifle up against a tree nearby and took off my clothes, then waded into the stream.

I stayed alert for any strangers and didn’t see or hear anything in the woods nearby. I was giving myself a good scrubbing and then I started rubbing some of the cool water into my ass, man did it feel good to get it nice and cleaned up back there. My cock had started growing from the rubbing I was giving my ass and then I heard movement in the bushes nearby.

I looked to where the sound came from and there squatted two Indians. I thought about going for my rifle but they were already holding it and admiring it.

They spoke good English and told me to keep doing what I was doing. I was definitely nervous but my cock was still hard and my left hand was still gripping it so I did as they told me and continued to clean out my asshole while they sat and watched.

After another five minutes or so my cock was oozing precum and they were smiling the whole time. One stood up and untied his loincloth and walked towards the edge of the stream nearer to me. He motioned me towards him and my head was level with his cock and next thing he said was “suck”.

I started to reach up to gaziantep escort bayan guide his cock to my mouth and he slapped my hands away. So, I just opened my mouth and he guided his cock to my mouth. His cock wasn’t completely hard but I immediately felt it starting to grow once I had the head past my lips.

It had a heavy sweat smell and taste as well. He then started thrusting back and forth as he fucked my mouth. His partner took his clothes off and waded into the water behind me. He took my right hand and placed it on his cock and moved it in a jerking motion while his left hand reached behind me and started spreading my ass cheeks. I then felt him probing my tender asshole with his fingers.

I heard another sound and caught movement out of the corner of my eyes while my face was still being fucked and saw two Indian squaws sitting there watching their braves with this white man.

They spoke to the braves in their native tongue and the next thing I felt was the brave with the cock in my mouth pulling me up onto the sand next to the women. He sat down on the grass and pulled my head down into his lap so I could continue sucking on his cock.

Meanwhile, the other brave moved behind me and spread my knees apart and I could feel him moving in closer to my ass. Apparently Indians aren’t much into lubrication because the next thing I felt was the head of his cock pushing at my asshole, both his hands on my ass to hold onto me.

After a few tries I felt the head of his cock enter my asshole and he rested for a minute I guess to enjoy the tightness and imagine how good this was going to feel in a couple of minutes.

One of the women spoke and the next thing gaziantep escort bayan ilanları I knew the brave in my ass was fucking me for all he was worth and I could feel his nuts slapping mine each time he pushed all the way in.

I then felt one of the squaws grasp my cock and balls and start milking me like a dairy cow. She kept this up until my cock started to throb and then she tied a wet strip of leather around my nuts to keep me from cumming and then started milking my cock some more.

It was about this time that I felt the cock fucking my mouth start to throb as the Indian pushed it as far as he could down my throat. I could feel his cum shooting down my throat as the squaw pulled on the leather leash she had fastened around my cock and the indian fucking my ass starting to pick up speed.

Once the indian with his cock in my mouth finished up, he left his cock there so I could clean all his cum off it with my tongue and lips. Next thing I knew the squaw that was holding the leather crawled on her knees pulling me toward her ass and tugging on my cock to make it a little tighter. As the leather started drying up, I could feel it getting even tighter around my cock and balls. She backed her ass up to my face and pushed my head down to her asshole so I could lick her asshole while she tugged on my nuts.

My tongue was probing the asshole of the one squaw, as deep as I could push my face up the crack of her ass when I felt the indian breeding me start to moan and his cock started throbbing deep in my asshole where he had lodged his cock and held it there while his cock was jerking inside me.
The motion of the indian still fucking my ass pulled my ass gaziantep escort bayan reklamları back and made the leather get even tighter. My nuts were swollen up the size of chicken eggs and my cock was almost beet read while they had their way with me.

Once both braves were done breeding my ass and face, they started playing with the leather cord around my nuts, pulling it down farther and farther. My cock was straining for release and I continued licking the squaws asshole for all I was worth. I could feel her cumming and she reached back and pushed my head down farther to give me access to her leaking pussy, her cum waiting to flood my face with her juices. When she finally reached her climax, I almost drowned in her juices as my tongue and face were pressed tightly against her pussy by now. The leather cord kept my face pulled towards her and wouldn’t let me back up an inch.

Once she finished cumming, I started pulling my head back and looked down at my swolen cock. They had me lay down on my back and pull my legs over my head with my cock straight above my face now. Once I was in that position, they cut the leather cord and my cock erupted cum like a cannon firing a hundred lead balls. One of the indiands grabbed my chin and held my mouth open while the other grabbed my cock and aimed it towards my mouth so the cum would go down my throat.

I felt the salty and thick liquid gushing out of my swollen cock and splashing first on my chin, then it being guided into my mouth. Once I had finished about 6 or 7 long streams of cum, once of the indians milked the last of my cum out of my cock and directly into my mouth, then grabbed my chin and closed my mouth so I had no choice but to swallow it all.

After I swallowed it all, they all got up and walked off into the woods and I heard them get on their horses, let out a couple of whoops and they rode off into the night while I lay there still on the ground trying to relax my worn out body.

As always, if you like this story, please send me a picture of the affect it’s had on you so I’ll know it’s worth continuing.

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