Young Kirsty from the Town

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I live near a small town in Scotland and although I’m more of a country kind of guy, I do enjoy going into town on Friday or Saturday nights with my pals, perhaps less so now that I’m over 50.

This story takes place 10 years ago, when I was in my early 40s. I had two great work mates, Mac, who’s an absolute legend with a cracking sense of humour and John, an adventurer and mountain climber, a great guy to be around. Although the lads were both married, their wives used to let them off their leads every now again, trusting me to keep them out of mischief.

One Friday night we arranged to hit the town together, meeting in a wee pub for some beers and then visiting a few other busy bars, before finishing at a place that played live music until 11pm. It was always fun, chatting, laughing, drinking beers, later switching to spirits. Despite being a tough outdoorsman, John was a smoker who rolled his own cigarettes, brown liquorice rizlas with aromatic, amber leaf tobacco. I don’t usually smoke, but these little roll-ups were delicious and sweet, so I used to make them too just for night’s out.

The band playing at the final venue was between sets, so a somewhat drunk John, Mac and I went outside into the cold air for a smoke, along with a young girl we had been chatting to at the bar. I’d say she was about twenty years old, slim and pretty, with long, shiny, brown hair and wearing a figure-hugging, purple dress that Kartal Escort was short enough to show-off her lovely, long legs.

She said her name was Kirsty and she had clearly taken a shine to me, as she kept looking me up and down. I’m a tall, strong and fit, mature guy and looking good for my age, so perhaps this wasn’t surprising. Kirsty had run out of her own cigarettes so asked if she could have one of mine. “Of course” I said jokingly: “but only in exchange for a kiss”.

“Ok” she said without hesitation, raising her slim arms over my shoulders and leaning her head back, so I pulled her to me for a lusty kiss on the lips. There was an immediate frisson of excitement between us and my cock swelled a little as we hugged, our kissing rapidly becoming a bit too passionate for the public space. I became so engrossed in our kissing that my abandoned mates slipped back in the building with an amused shake of their heads.

A short taxi ride later and Kirsty and I were at my place. The pretty young girl was all over me, french kissing, stroking and writhing on the sofa in my sitting room. “Would you like a drink?” I said when I briefly extricated my mouth from hers.

“No” she said, whimpering: “I want you to fuck me right now”.

Picking-up her lythe little body, I held her in my arms as I ascended the stairs to my bedroom, tossing her unceremoniously onto the bed. I rapidly shed my clothing and Yakacık Escort she turned-over to undo the zip of her mini dress which I then helped her shrug-out of. Reaching behind her, Kirsty then under-did the clasp of her black silky bra and slid it off, to reveal beautiful, perky white breasts with small pink nipples. I jumped naked beside her and started to kiss her passionately whilst stroking and fondling her boobs. She in turn grabbed the shaft of my erect cock and began vigorously pumping it up and down.

Breaking off from kissing, my head went down to her boobs, which I sucked into my mouth, tongue swirling. My left hand edged between her legs to stroke her clitty and labia through her sodden panties. “Mmmm, Ooooh” she moaned squirming on the bed and as I ministered more firmly with my fingers, she spasmed hard into a first longed-for orgasm.

Stripping-off her panties and moving down my muscular body, she enveloped my dick into her wanton mouth. I pulled her lovely legs and spread her open so we were in the sixty-nine position. She commenced licking around the engorged head of my prick whilst pumping it up and down causing me to shudder and moan with pleasure. I lapped at her pussy with my tongue, darting it in and out of her like a hummingbird in a trumpet flower. She was some horny girl this one, for within thirty seconds or so, she was writhing and screaming in a second huge orgasm.

Kirsty Kadıköy Escort then rose to straddle me, grasping my rampant manhood, which she placed at her vulva to ease down slowly upon me. She was so wet and a very tight fit, so we both gasped as we accommodated each other. Slowly she began to pump up and down, her mouth open wide in ecstasy. Leaning towards me so I could suck on her tits, her bum bobbed up and down rhythmically. “Yes” she said “Yes, yes, yesssss” with pace picking-up as I thrust deeply into this warm moist being.

I had to grasp the lassie strongly to avoid bursting within her, as we had no protection and she was clearly a fertile young thing. Flicking her onto her back, I knelt between her long smooth legs, spreading her wide and eased my thickness back into her sopping lovehole. I commenced pumping hard and fast whilst pinning her down. Kirsty was yelping with pleasure as I pummelled her and after a few minutes, I could feel her building to orgasm beneath me and I too was very close.

Humping in a blaze of thrusts, Kirsty was there and came hard, spasming and contorting beneath me. This was too much and I reared-up, cock springing from within her, spraying love juices in all directions. Groaning manfully, my prick erupted, spunk shooting over little Kirsty’s mound, belly and tits in long hot squirts of pearly lines all over her.

We kissed and held each other, fully-spent, completely shattered and breathing heavily.

Sadly, it was a one night stand with Kirsty, possibly because of the age gap, but she was an amazing shag. I have seen her about the place on occasion and when our eyes meet we both know we shared something truly special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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