Young Lust in the Evening

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Author’s Note: I did not write this story alone, it is a true story told to me by a good friend, I thought that it was so hot it should be shared. I tried to put myself in the position of the both the boy and the woman and found myself quite excited in either position. It was difficult to write from a male point of view, not being male after all. I hope I got the nuances right!

I was quite shy when I was a lad, oh I know I was good looking and had a great body but I had no confidence. I made up for that once I turned 18. Before that I was always able to get close to girls but I was far too shy to initiate anything and I would inevitably fall into the friend zone. My first true sexual experience was a really hot one, even now years later it still comes to mind now and then. It wasn’t a date but it did give me the confidence to “initiate” with girls.

I was at a dance with a good friend of mine. He and I both have Greek parents, and we would go to these Greek Society dances for the whole family that took place at the banquet hall under a Ukrainian church. Well like most 18 year old guys we’re hanging out in the lobby, away from all the girls our age and arm wrestling one another. I was doing very well (in the arm wrestling); beating guys twice my size. So I was doing a little bragging…and everyone wanted to challenge me. After about 8 challenges my arm started to get sore and I sat down on a couch with my buddy off to the side of the room.

All of a sudden this woman comes up to me from behind and starts rubbing my shoulders. The first thing I saw was her long red manicured nails on my black sweater, I turned around and she was hot! Great body, wavy long black hair she looked Kartal Escort to be around 30.

She asked me if she could rub my shoulders, and told me that she would make them feel better. It was around then that my buddy gave me a wink and went off on his own. So we’re in the lobby and I’m thinking

“This is so weird! Does she have a husband? What if he or a relative comes in here?”

I guess she must have sensed that I was nervous and she asked me my name and told me hers. I can’t believe I don’t remember it, it was long ago but she was so memorable. She told me she was visiting from Pennsylvania and was just up in Toronto for the weekend and her hubby was back home. We continued with the small chat for a while and then she asked if I thought she was attractive.

I said

“Oh yes!” kind of breathlessly.

By this point my hard on was so huge I though it was going to rip out of my pants. Nothing is quite like the raging hard on of a teenage boy. Well I wasn’t figuring on doing anything, she was way out of my league, I was shy and inexperienced she was older and married, then she asks me if I want to go out for a walk. It was the middle of winter it didn’t take a genius to figure out she wanted something from me. She told me to wait in the lobby as she was going to get her purse. I had no coat on but we went outside anyway and up to the side of the building and she starts kissing me.

I was such a stiff, partly because I was cold and the rest from inexperience and nervousness. She beckoned me to follow her and she led us to her sister’s van where we climbed inside and start to make out. She could tell I was inexperienced, I guess it was the way I Yakacık Escort was holding her. She told me to work my hands up and down her back, to explore her, but respectfully. She said that’s what women like. She was wearing a really short black skirt, which showed her beautiful long legs. We were on the bench seat in the back of the van when she straddled me. I felt my crotch getting wet and I thought for a second that I had cum accidentally but it was her, she was soaking down there.

She apologized and said maybe it would be better if I took my pants down so they wouldn’t get too wet. She said she was so wet because I was good looking and making her hot. There I am, 18 years old a virgin, in my underwear and her in her panties and she’s rubbing her crotch up and down on my cock. I had dreamt of moments like this and pounded my meat to the thought but never did I imagine it would really happen. The crotch of her panties was soaking, I didn’t know girls got that wet.

She said it would feel better if we pulled them (undies) to the side so we could rub closer but she warned me, very clearly, not to put it in and then she rubbed her wetness all over my eager cock. She had 2 orgasms (I think). She would rub, explode, calm down, and make out then she would have me fondle her breasts and start up again

I was so nervous. I was shaking with excitement and then she started manipulating me. Rubbing my cock, licking it, she never put the head in her mouth but she did lick the shaft and my balls over and over. She kept stroking it and it felt sooo good and I was sooo hard that I thought it was going to burst. Still I couldn’t cum; I was the opposite of most boys my age who Kadıköy Escort would have shot in their pants the minute she kissed them. But I couldn’t cum.

So she asked me to show her how I did it and she would show me how she did it. We were on the van seats soaking from our sex looking into each other’s eyes, she with an almost maniacal look her hands rubbing her pussy and clit, gyrating on her own hand. We were masturbating, and kissing each other, long wet sloppy kisses, she told me to tell her when I was ready to cum. I didn’t know why but I agreed, I would have agreed to anything at that point.

When I did finally cum it was like a waterfall and she cupped her hands over the head of my cock as I drained my balls. Never before had I come so much or shot so hard, she couldn’t keep it all in her hands; I groaned, some shot through onto the window, I groaned again and the rest just spilled out. My balls almost hurt from cumming so hard.

Well that was it for the sex part, we cleaned up as best we could and when I got back to the hall my buddy and his parents were looking for me because they had been ready to leave for like ½ an hour and had been looking for me. I was walking all funny my legs were still trembling.

His mom gave me a funny almost knowing look and we went home. I relived those moments over in my head. I never thought I would see this woman again but I did run into her briefly a few years later but nothing happened. I had gone to pick up my sister from a similar dance and this little kid runs up to me saying his mom wanted to talk to me I look up and there she was waving and smiling a soft winsome smile. My sister came running over to me then and I don’t know if my love thought it was my girlfriend, but she gave me a catch you later look and that was it.

I never saw her again but I still think back on that night, the night a gorgeous mature woman gave me my confidence and I still get hard thinking about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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