Zamindars Pt. 06: Sandhya

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In Pt 5, we met Vivek’s grandfather and were introduced to his sexual partners Asha and Shanta. At the conclusion of Part 5, Dadaji had sent Asha to the village to fetch her widowed sister Sandhya with firm instructions that she (Sandhya) was to be my “entertainment” while I was staying with Vivek.

It was approximately 1pm when we heard the payal-laden footsteps of women. Dadaji, Vivek & I were in the living room now. We were on our 3rd or 4th beers and quite happy. Shanta was going back and forth laying the table and cooking in the kitchen. On her initial trip near us, I had mentioned how Dadaji had opened her hair bun and pressed her tits shamelessly. Each time he summoned her to bring us something he fondled her and took off an item of her clothing. This time when she came by with additional beers, her hair was tied up in a half open bun and her sari was missing totally. She was just in a blouse and panties. Her very pregnant stomach was protruding out. But she never ever protested or tried to disobey or resist Dadaji. I suppose over the years he had trained her into complete submissiveness and obedience.

As Asha walked into living room with Sandhya (Asha’s sister), Dadaji was in the process of ripping off Shanta’s blouse, leaving her lactating tits hanging out. Dadaji then proceeded to bite into Shanta’s nipples and slap her tits. Then he smacked her big ass hard and sent her on her way back to the kitchen ordering her to get the lunch ready.

Sandhya came into our view. She was wearing the all white attire of a recent widow. Her head was covered by the sari and the only exposed skin was that of her flat stomach. She was dark skinned, more so than her sister Asha. About 5 ft 2 inches tall. Thin. Not voluptuous. I couldn’t immediately judge her hair length. Her face, even without make-up, was quite cute. My cock twitched looking at her and I was eager to see and do more with her.

Dadaji said: “Sandhya, aao. Ye humara potaa Vivek hai aur ye inka khaas dost Navin. Dono America mein padtay hain. Navin yahan Vivek ke saath do haftay ki chutti mananay aaya hai. Tera kaam hoga Navin ko khush rakhna. Samjhi?” (Come Sandhya. This is my grandson Vivek and his good friend Navin. They both study in America together. Navin will be here for next two weeks. Your duty is to make sure he is happy. Understood?)

Sandhya: “Thakurji, mein samjhi nahi. Mein kya karr sakti hoon inkay liye.” (Master, I do not understand. What can I do for Navin sir?)

Dadaji: “Abay saali Asha, tunay apni behan ko nahi samjhaya iska kaam. Saali nalayak kutti hai tu. Chal isko dikha iska kya kaam hoga aglay do haftay.” (You dumb bitch Asha, looks like you have not explained to your sister what her role will be here. You are a useless bitch. Come here and show your sister what she will be doing for the next two weeks).

Asha quickly walked towards Dadaji Burdur Escort and got on her knees in front of where he was sitting. She looked up at him and he just put his hand on her bun and opened it and said one word “choos” (suck). She obediently slid her hand in between the folds of his dhoti and took his cock out and into her mouth.

Sandhya stood speechless and stunned watching her sister lose herself to the power of the patriarch’s cock. Dadaji just put his head back and moaned as his woman worshipped his cock.

Vivek: “Saali madarchod kutti Sandhya..muh kya dekh rahi hai…idhar aa aur mere dost ka lauda choos haramzadi. Humaray Thakur khandaan ki izzat ka sawaal hai.” (You motherfucking bitch Sandhay..why are you standing there looking at our faces. Come here and suck my friend’s cock you dumb fuck. This is a matter of honour for our family).

Sandhya looked helpless. She saw the pregnant Shanta going back & forth from the kitchen and dining area, laying the food. Shanta was topless, her hair half open and only wearing panties and payals and seemed oblivious to how she looked in public. Then she saw her own sister sucking Dadaji’s cock furiously and with total devotion. She also saw her sister’s mother-in-law Varsha going about doing household cleaning chores as if nothing was amiss. She too was only wearing just a blouse and and panties. Nothing else.

I stood up from where I was sitting and told Sandhya: “Chal raand..kamray mein chal aur meri vaasna ko bhuja.” (Whore slut, come to the bedroom and satisfy my lust).

Sandhya saw that her fate was sealed. She would have known that when the zamindars wanted a woman from the village, the woman had no choice in the matter. She either satisfied their lust willingly or they took her by force. Seeing her own sister willingly service the senior patriarch must have been the tipping point. She quietly bowed her head and turned around towards the nearby bedroom. I came up from behind her and put one hand on the back of her head and pulled down her sari “pallu” exposing her head. My cock twitched immediately seeing the large bun of jet black hair tied up neatly. I put my left hand on it and pulled at it but it came undone only partially. She had tied in tightly. She shrieked in pain as I pulled at her hair again. I was drunk, horny and irritable.

Me: “Saali haramzadi kutti, itna tight baandhkar rakhti hai apna juda. Kutti chinnal…tere baal khol madarchod saali” (you fucking dumb bitch, why the fuck did you tie your hair so tightly. Bitch slut, open your hair motherfucking bitch).

She made a motion to undo her hair, but I was mad with lust. I just pulled again at her half undone bun and started dragging her towards the room. She was shrieking in discomfort and begging me to be take it easy. I heard Vivek laugh loudly when she said that. I turned towards Burdur Escort Bayan him and said “Buddy, do you want to join me in training this cunt and showing her her role?”

Vivek replied and said “No yaar…you nail her by yourself. My load is reserved for Malti. I want to make sure I knock her up before we head back to the U.S.”

Saying that, he walked out of the house and to his jeep. I assumed he would head back to his father’s mansion and fuck his woman there.

Back to Sandhya. I pushed her roughly into the room. She was staggering. Half standing, half falling. I yanked her long hair (which flowed down well below her ass) and wrapped it around my wrist. Her screaming continued. I pulled her face towards mine and roughly kissed her.

I asked her: “Kitne dino se nahi chudi tu saali?” (How many days has it been since you last fucked bitch?

Sandhya: “Ji sahabji…teen mahina ho gaya maalik. Jabse mera pati chal basaa mainay nahi kiya” (Sir, it has been three months. Since my husband died I have not had sex).

I pulled her closer and kissed her again. This time more gently. Village women in India rarely know sexual pleasure. Men take their fill and rarely care about women’s pleasure. I could see that Sandhya was surrendering to me willingly, so I decided to give her the best experience of her life.

I gently pushed her sari back off her body and then roughly tore open her blouse exposing her tits. I cupped her right breast and starting mauling it bit. She was moaning into my mouth as I kissed her.

I told her: “Dekh Sandhya, agar tu mujhay khush karegi to main bhi tujhay bahut masti doonga” (look Sandhya, if you make me happy, I too will give you lots of pleasure”).

She replied “Ji maalik. Jo aap ka hukum. Jo aap bolo mein karungi. Mein apki daasi hoon aaj se” (Yes master. whatever you say, I will do.. I am your slave from today).

I pushed Sandhya down on her knees in front of me. I was sitting on the foot of the bed and she was on the floor in between my legs on her knees. A raw, cute, long haired, tight bodied Indian village woman looking up at me with expectation and slight trepidation. I told her to unzip my jeans and take out my cock which was straining to spring free anyways. She obeyed wordlessly. Her eyes went wide when my hardening cock grew to it’s full girth & length and I could see her breathing speed up.

I said “kya Sandhya, tere marad ka lauda itna bada nahi tha kya?” (what Sandhya, wasn’t your husband’s cock as big as this?)

She replied that my cock was almost twice as large as her late husband’s and that she was scared that she would not be able to take it inside her. I just put my hands on her head and pushed her towards my cock and told her to start sucking. She was very inexperienced but soon instinct took over and she started taking more of my Escort Burdur cock into her mouth. My cock was about halfway inside her mouth when she starting choking. I pushed her head down harder and thrust my hips forward driving more of my cock into her mouth. She struggled to breathe but I was past caring.

I said “saali haramzadi choos theekh se…kutti neech jaat ki raand…choos apne malik ka lauda” (fucking bitch such my cock properly, you low class whore bitch…suck your master’s cock).

I let her get some air then pushed her face back on my cock. I wrapped her hair around my left wrist tightly giving her no space to move her head except up & down on my raging erection. Then I pulled her face up by her hair, stood up from the bed, pushed her onto the bed on all fours.

She looked back at me in fear and said “Maalik aaram se karo ji…mein bahut nazuk hoon…apka lauda bahut bada hai sahabji…bahut darad hoga mujhay” (Master, please take it easy on me. I am very fragile. Your cock is too big master…it will be very painful for me)

I just laughed and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She was not fully wet yet but moaned loudly as I plunged my fingers into her womb. Her tight little anus hole also looked inviting but I would open that up later. A few seconds of fingering her cunt got her juices flowing. She was moaning loudly. Her long hair was still wrapped around my wrist and I pulled it back hard so her neck was snapped back. I kissed and bit it roughly as I fingered her from behind. She was losing control rapidly.

It was time to take ownership of her body. I rubbed my hard cock against her wet slit and then plunged it inside with a single hard thrust. She screamed loudly as I entered her cunt, vagina and eventually breaking through into her womb. Her eyes went wide in shock and as I pulled her hair hard from behind to use as leverage to fully plunge all of my cock into her body she started shrieking loudly.

“Ahaahh…maalik…aaaaah…sahabji…aaaaaaah…nahi nahi…aap bahut baday ho…aaaaaah. nahi sehen hoga…aaaaaaaah. maaar daaala sahabji aapne” (oh master..master…you are too big…I cannot bear it…you are killing me master).

That drove me over the edge and I started jack hammering into her doggie style, abusing her loudly while fucking her like she was a dumb slut (which she was!). My cock was getting ready to explode within a few minutes. I knew it would not be an issue if I filled her womb and got her pregnant.

I told her: “Sandhya abb mein teri coke bharnay wala hoon apne muth se…le mera muth saali…le apne malik ka veerya..aaaaah” (I am going to fill your womb with my seed Sandhya..take my cum, take my seed aaaah)

Her eyes went wide in horror and she begged me “sahabji nahi…nahi…aap bahar nikalo…andar nahi sahabji…mujhay baccha ho jayega” (master no no..please release outside not inside me…I will get pregnant).

I was beyond caring and said “to kya hua…baccha kar lena…apne malik ki nishani hogi” (so what…have the child…it will be a mark of your master)

With that I ejaculated hard inside her womb.

More to follow…

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