Zena Pt. 02

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Part 1 of this tale tells of how Zena’s mother, Marina, asked her sister (Zena’s aunt) to give her an ‘advanced’ birds and bees talk. Penny and Zena moved from theory to practice. The first paragraph of Part 2 is the last paragraph of Part 1. Enjoy.

I put my face down to her pussy, I just had to taste her pussy juices. Her fingers started to slow, but I urged her on, “Keep going sweetie, you’ll have a multiple orgasm. Aunty Penny will help,” and as she regained her speed, I lapped at her pussy, licking up all of that sweet virgin juice.

I thought about going further, making us both cum again, but I had bigger plans. I was taking Zena to buy lingerie for her graduation and figured if she was horny and aching for an orgasm, it would make for a better day of retail therapy.

I made breakfast and we showered. I wanted to shower with her, but I was so horny I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself. We drove to a local lingerie shop. I say ‘local’, but not like the local corner shop. Just that it was nearby.

People come from all over Sydney and NSW, because unlike Victoria’s Secret which says “Let’s make you look pretty in lingerie”, this shop wants to make you say “come and fuck me and do dirty things to me”.

In the car on the way, Zena thanked me for teaching her so much. She was wearing a short skirt, exposing most of her wonderfully full and shapely thighs.

I put my hand on her bare leg and rubbed it up and down in a motherly manner, “It’s my pleasure sweet thing and there is so much more to learn.”

She pulled my hand to her panty clad pussy and said, “I want to learn everything you have to teach me Aunt Penny,” as she humped herself against my hand.

It was all I could do to keep my concentration on the road. “Are we going to try on a lot of lingerie, like a fashion show Aunt Penny? I really want to get something really sexy for my graduation, but also some for less formal parties.”

We pulled outside the shop. There weren’t many cars and when we went inside there was only the very well presented 50 something owner there. She could have been more than 50 something and she just presented herself really well.

I said, “Not many customers today?”

She replied, “Since this COVID thing we haven’t had many people coming in. Internet business is booming though.”

I said, “That’s all well and good, but nothing beats being able to see the design and material up close and feel it, especially when you’re trying it on.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Is there anything I can help you with today ladies?”

Zena was now looking around the shop and I told the woman straight up, “We’re looking for something for my niece & my sister and I to wear to my niece’s graduation.”

“Planning a little soirée afterwards are we?” giving me a cheeky grin and a wink. “She’s quite the ravishingly good looking thing isn’t she?”

“Yes,” I replied. “She’s led a bit of a sheltered life and I’m trying to bring her out of her shell.”

As I said that, I leaned forward showing a lot more cleavage than is respectable. The owner of the shop didn’t miss it. “You’d better be careful or you’ll come out of your shells.” We both laughed and her eyes didn’t leave my tits as they jiggled.

The owner said, “You can call me Mel. Are we looking for something classic?” and then raised one eyebrow, “Or something a little more daring?”

I said, “Maybe both. We definitely want at least one outfit each that says, ‘I’m a slut and I’m going to chew you up and spit you out.”

“Well we definitely have both, feel free to look around and call me if you need a hand,” she winked again.

I spotted some novelty knickers. With phrases like, ‘Lick me out’, ‘Lick it and it will cum’ and ‘Cum in my face.’

“We should buy these for you for everyday wear. If you see someone you like, you could flash them.”

“But how could I be sure they’d be looking there, Aunt Penny?”

“If it’s a man that’s simple. You just catch his gaze and then slowly lower your eyes and spread your legs at the same time. His eyes will follow yours. They’re pretty simple animals to train,” we both laughed. This was going to be fun.

I chose this classic outfit for Zena to start off with. The red and black suiting her olive complexion and gorgeous features. We asked where the change rooms were and Mel directed us.

“A lovely choice, but just remember ladies, if you try on panties you have to buy them and if, like that outfit, the panties and outfit can’t be sold separately, you have to buy the whole thing.”

“Thank you Mel.” As we passed the counter I spied an unusually large screen showing what the security camera could see in the corridor of the dressing rooms. It didn’t show inside them, just the corridor.

Zena went into one of the changing booths and drew the curtain to change. When she’d changed she opened the curtain and stood there. The wicked aunt in me came out and remembering the security screen that only Mel would be able Silivri Escort to see I told Zena to come into the corridor so I could get a proper look.

Hoping that Mel was watching, I got Zena to turn around slowly. When her back was to me, I said, just let me make a few adjustments for you to get everything straight. The truth was, I just wanted to touch her, especially her lovely arse.

I gently stroked her arse cheeks and pinched and fondled them. I then had Zena turn back to face me. “You look very sexy in that Zena and I don’t really thing you need the panties. It’s almost as if the outfit was made to frame that cute pussy of yours.”

I couldn’t resist and cupped her pussy in my hand softly running my fingers along her slit and slipping one finger inside her, but not too far. I moved it in and out of her hot wet pussy, looking at her face as I did. The pure unadulterated and innocent expressions of lust and joy on Zena’s face when she’s being played with are priceless and make me moist.

She was enjoying her mini fingering so much, but then there was a look of horror on her face and at the same time I felt a hand on my arse and it started fondling it. “It looks like I CAN lend a hand,” Mel said as she squeezed my arse.

Zena still looked shellshocked but hadn’t moved. As Mel’s hand moved to my other cheek, talking to Zena, she said, “It’s all right love. I’m not expecting any customers today, so I’ve shut the shop so I can give you two sexpots some more personal service. So give me a good look.”

Zena moved back away, my finger slipping out. She was now enjoying herself off. “That suits you beautifully dear. Your pussy looks so sweet and very wet.”

I assume that by not moving or objecting to Mel’s roving hand, she took that as a green light and her hand moved between my cheeks in search of my pussy.

“Let’s not stay here. It’s too crowded. We can use my stock room, which has some of my special lingerie in it and a lot more room for trying things on,” Mel suggested.

Mel took Zena’s hand to bring her beside her, Mel between us, a hand on each of our arses. “So where is your sister Penny? How will we know what would look good on her?”

“Well, you’re about her build Mel, we could go by that.”

“Fantastic! It’s been a while since I got the chance to model my wares and I get to do it with two yummy ladies like you!” she replied enthusiastically.

We arrived at the door and she smacked both of our arses and said, in you go. While it was a stock room it was roomy and quite opulent with a lounge, a few armchairs, lovely lace filigree window shades.

She offered us a seat, but put a towel down on Zena’s. “To protect the material, dear. Your pussy is already soaked and I suspect it’s going to get very messy before we’re done. In fact, let’s each have a towel.”

I could see the excitement in Zena’s (and nipples) and I was feeling the same excitement. “Who should go first? Zena is already looking gorgeous, but I’ve got this lovely white outfit for you to try I think it will highlight your complexion and your assets. This black number for you Penny and I’ve left sluttiest one, in red, for myself or rather, your sister.”

“Why don’t you go first Penny? You’ll need some help from me to work out how it goes on,” suggested Mel.

“Where will I change?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly girl,” Mel laughed. “We’re all big girls here. Look at the lovely Zena, she’s sitting there showing her pussy, without a care in the world,” and she was, but Mel’s comment caused her to close her legs, just a little though. “Just take your clothes off and we’ll fit this lovely outfit for you. Trust me, you’ll look very fuckable in this.”

It’s funny, I’d been talking dirty with Zena for the past day, but a complete stranger saying that to me felt a little strange and horny at the same time.

I took off my blouse and Mel was immediately behind me, undoing my bra. It fell to the ground and straight away, Mel’s body was pressed against my back and her hands were on my tits, fondling them.

“My goodness,” Mel remarked, “they’re quite big girls you have there, aren’t they? Turn around and let’s have a look at them.”

I must have had a look of astonishment, because I glanced at her and saw her cheeky grin. I turned and Mel’s hands were all over my tits, squeezing them and weighing them. She had them sitting in the palms of her hands.

“Do I need to turn the heating up, Penny? You look awfully cold.”

I have to say I was taken aback at her brazenness, but was enjoying her touch. “No, it’s quite comfortable in here thanks, what makes you think I’m cold.”

She tweaked my nipples and said, “These, they’re very stiff. I thought it must be the cold. Must be some other reason, then don’t you think, Zena?” She winked at Zena and gave her that naughty smile of hers.

Zena laughed, “Auntie Penny’s nipples are very sensitive. You should see what Şirinevler Escort happens if you suck them.”

“Zena!” I said in mock shock, but Mell didn’t wait, she had my left nipple in her mouth in a flash and was sucking and licking and grazing her teeth over it.

I looked back at Zena and her hand was in her lap, twiddling her clit. Mel took her mouth off my nipple and flicked it with her long fingernail. I felt it harden even more. “They are very responsive, aren’t they Zena?” Mel looked back to me and whispered, “The young one is having a little fiddle. How exciting,” before latching onto my other nipple.

As she was sucking, she moved slightly to the side and her hand went up my skirt. She stopped sucking long enough to say, “I hope your nipples aren’t your only responsive places,” her voice now quite husky.

Mel’s hand reached my pussy to discover I wasn’t wearing panties. Probably a mistake, given how wet my pussy was. “Ooh, I do like a nice bush and a wet one at that,” Mel was very confident and that made this all the more sexy.

“Let’s get you out of this and have a good look, then shall we?” I unzipped my skirt and let it fall and stepped out of it. I was going to take my shoes off, but Mel stopped me, “Leave them on dear, they’ll set off the outfit nicely and beside, a naked woman in shoes is very, very sexy.”

Mel was completely in control, but I took some of the power back and said, “You’ve seen our goodies, now let’s see yours. Zena, how about you help me undress the lady.”

It was who said, “I thought you’d never ask and I expect the same shoddy treatment I gave you,” she laughed.

I replied, “It will our pleasure, but you’ll be getting both barrels.”

Zena stood up and undid Mel’s blouse. As she did I said, “For a respectable looking woman, you’re a bit naughty.”

She didn’t allow me to undo her bra, she turned, giving that pleasure to Zena. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I am NOT a little bit naughty. I’m a dirty old slut,” and with that her bra dropped and and her mouth met mine. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth and she gave me a preview of what my pussy might expect later.

Her smallish breasts squashed against mine, I could feel the hard bullets of her nipples pressing into mine. Her hand went to my pussy and she slipped two fingers deep inside me.

She released her lips from mine and said, “I don’t think I’m the only dirty old slut in the room, but what about the sweet young thing who’s humping my arse with her dribbling pussy?”

“Zena is a virgin. She’ll graduate twice next Tuesday,” I replied.

“Oh, how exciting! and a real live virgin. It’s no wonder she’s so horny. So how long have you been having her?” Mel asked

She understood what I meant by Zena graduating twice, but Zena didn’t, she was too innocent and naive. “My sister asked me to ‘have a chat’ with her and we started our lessons yesterday.” That was the first time Zena knew our ‘chat’ hadn’t been by chance. That was another conversation we’d have later, at the right time.

“Fuck, I’m so turned on by all that, I might cum in my panties,” said Mel. She certainly wasn’t shy.

Zena was keen to get into Mel’s panties and unzipped her skirt and slowly dragged it to the ground, dropping herself with it, kissing Mel’s arse on the way down and kneeling like she was praying at an altar.

While she was doing that, I was kissing Mel’s smallish breasts, gently biting her nipples and licking around them. “I like your technique, Penny, how is your niece’s?”

Mel obviously wanted Zena more involved now, not just because of her youth and beauty, but also her virginity.

I turned Mel to face Zena and she rose to her feet. She took Mel’s handfuls and massaged them, gradually moving closer to her hard, tiny nipples. Zena bent and placed one in her mouth, suckling it. Mel groaned and commented, “She must be a quick learner.”

Considering her business and what a horny older woman Mel was, it struck me that her panties were very conservative. Beige in colour and not at all brief. I’d call them sensible wear.

Zena was now sucking Mel’s other nipple and Mel cradled Zena’s head in her hand, like a mother breastfeeding her child. I wanted Zena to continue to be involved in Mel’s unveiling, so I took her hand and placed it at the side of Mel’s panties, while I hooked my thumb in the other side.

Zena got the hint and we lowered Mel’s sensible panties a little, exposing her arse and showing that she waxed her pussy, well her mound, at least, but the seemed stuck and wouldn’t come down any further.

Mel giggled and said, “I’d better help you with those,” putting her hand into the gusset of her panties. Zena and I knelt, fascinated. Zena at her front and me now kissing her tidy little arse cheeks.

There was then a squelching sound as Mel lowered her panties, from her crotch slowly. I was confused at what I was seeing, Şişli Escort Zena must have been just as confused.

What looked like the shaft of a black cock was slowly emerging from Mel’s cunt. Well, it had thick veins and bumps like the shaft of a cock. A very thick cock at that. After about 7 inches had come out, the cock head started slipping out and then was virtually pushed out of Mel’s pussy, with a huge sigh by her.

I was speechless watching this happen, but then said, “What the hell just happened?”

Mel chuckled a dirty, deviant chuckle, “Just one of my little inventions, being in the trade. You can buy dildo panties, but the dildoes are small and dinky, so I thought if I’m going to have one, I might as well make a good one.”

I recalled that I’d noticed Mel was constantly rocking on her stool when we were in the shop, even when we had talked to her at the counter. She must have been fucking herself with that monster cock while she was calmly speaking to us. It was gleaming with her pussy juices and in places her juices had been whipped into like a white foam.

Zena held the the 8″ cock panties in her hand examining it and then did something totally unexpected. She put the head of the cock into her mouth and was sucking it.

Mel fell back against my body and I could feel the unmistakable rhythm of masturbation. Mel was playing with her pussy. Zena then started licking the juices from the shaft.

Mel gasped, “That’s done me. I’m cumming,” and I felt her body spasm and jerk as her orgasm hit her. Zena continued to lick Mel’s juices from the shaft as I held Mel’s naked body against mine, my arms wrapped around her and holding, massaging her tits.

Zena was completely clueless, until Mel announced her orgasm. She said, “I was just curious about whether Mel’s pussy would taste the same as yours, Aunt Penny “

“No dear, some taste slightly different to others, some taste vastly different,” Mel took over having recovered now, “it’s the same with men’s cum. It has to do with many things including what a person eats and drinks. Don’t overthink it sweetie, just enjoy the difference,” she then turned to me and said, “Now let’s get you into that sexy outfit or will we forget that and just get dirty? I can measure you later and I know your niece’s size.”

I want to take a bit of control her and explore Mel’s experience, despite my usual reserved nature. I’ve come to like being a bit more in control, since I started playing with Zena.

“Well, you’ve had some satisfaction, I think it’s time you gave Zena and I some. What are you suggesting?”

“Mmm,” Mel pondered, “It’s a pity the young one is a virgin, but I’m sure we can find something for her,” she looked at Zena, “that lovely pussy of yours wants pleasing, doesn’t it dear?”

It struck me that this was perfect. By Tuesday night, Zena would be begging to have her virginity taken, so she could explore the delights she now found herself missing out on.

Mel didn’t wait for answer, one wasn’t necessary, it was obvious. Mel turned to me and said, “But you my dear,” as she cupped my pussy and slipped an exploring finger into me, “are open for business.” My pussy tightened around her finger and that wicked smile cane back. “I thought so.”

“Have a seat Aunt Penny,” Mel said, teasing a bit. She grabbed another chair and placed it strategically and said to Zena, “You come and sit here dear and you can watch and learn.”

She then went to a storage cupboard and pulled a few things from a drawer. She handed one toy to Zena and said, “You can play with this and it won’t spoil you.”

“OK Aunt Penny, legs up over the chair arms,” Mel commanded as she fitted a strapless strap on dildo in her pussy. “Do you want the cock or the tongue first Aunt Penny?”

She was trying to regain the ascendancy and I tried to at least get some balance by saying, “I’m a bit of a mess down there. How about you clean me up with your tongue?” She half smirked, half dirty smiled and went to her knees.

I watched Mel as her face went to my pussy. Her lips and tongue were like the energiser bunny, here there and everywhere. I looked at Zena and told her to watch and learn and noticed she was stroking Mel’s arse cheek with one hand and using her new toy with the other.

Mel was rapidly going from licking me to tongue fucking me to sucking my clit, but I think she was just trying to lap up all of my juices because she then settled down to lovingly licking my clit and finger fucking me with two of her slender fingers.

I had noticed she had small dainty hands, when she pushed a third and then fourth finger inside me, I felt full but not stretched. Her four fingers were only as thick as just over two of my husband’s.

She pulled her face away and said to Zena, “Look dear, Auntie Penny can take four fingers. Pass me that bottle of lube and we’ll see if she can take more.”

I was going to object, but that might give Mel the upper hand (pardon the pun) and besides I thought I could take her thumb as well, even without lube.

Zena squirted lube all over Mel’s hand and she pushed her thumb into my pussy with no problems. She started fucking me with all five digits, using the thumb of her other hand to caress my clit. Shen then started pressing her fingers harder against me and twisted her hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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