A Young Girls First Orgasm

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She was an 18 year old, a senior in High School. Kathleen had heard all of her friends talk about how sex was so great, but she had never even thought of having sex this early in life. She was from a very religious family who stressed the importance of staying a virgin until marriage. But as senior year rolled on and she heard more and more stories, Kathleen got more and more curious. She thought of boys she liked often in bed and wondered what it would be like to feel them between her legs. Kathleen would never go farther than just thinking, though. It was about 10:30 one night, after basketball practice and as her and her brother walked in she whispered softly to him “I’m going to go take a shower down here so I don’t wake up mom and dad.” Her brother nodded and trudged up to his room, probably getting ready for bed.

Kathleen opened the door to the bathroom and immediately began to strip away her sweaty shorts and t-shirt. Then removing her bra and finally her white, cotton panties. She stood looking at her body in the mirror and admired her body, Kathleen was definitely very attractive, about 5’5 with a fantastic body. She was very athletic and loved playing basketball. After playing sports she felt the most “horny” and this was when she did most of her fantasizing. There was something about her body and how it was so sweaty and sticky that made her feel especially sexy.

Kathleen stepped into the shower and turned on the faucet trying to work out the temperature so that it was just right, just a little more hot than warm. Then she turned on the shower, and felt the warm bursts of water beginning to flow over her wonderful body. As she reached for her bottle of shampoo, she couldn’t help but notice her breasts sway a little and couldn’t help but feel the sensation of the water hitting her sensitive nipples. She snapped out of her mini-stupor and took her lovely, long, dirty blonde hair and lathered it up. She made sure to get every strand of hair before she let her hair flow under the water so that the shampoo would wash away down the drain. Again Kathleen repeated her process and shampooed her hair, then washed off the soap in her hair. Kathleen began to rub her hands over her belly and she felt more sensations running through the lower half of her body. The soap made the experience all the better as her fingers ventured past her naval and towards her pussy, the most sensitive place on her body. As her fingers reached the apex to her sex, she decided to stop and let the water run down on her lower stomach and through her pussy. The warm water made her pussy feel so amazing, that she elicited a soft moan before picking up the soap.

She picked it up and rubbed some on her oversized sponge and rubbed it on her arms, then her stomach, her shoulders, her neck, and then to her face. She let the warm water run over her face and down her shoulders and stomach. Her mouth opened and she let some warm water flow inside, the water flowing over her tongue. Kathleen began to feel a little sexual and sensual and also a little daring. She soaped up the sponge again and starting at her toes rubbed up her legs very slowly and when she reached her thighs she paused, for the first time she had a definite mix of emotions, she could feel inside of her a new sexual emotion that she hadn’t felt before. As she went past her thighs and up towards her pussy, Kathleen’s thumb dragged behind the sponge touching the extremely sensitive skin leading up to her cunt. Then her thumb reached her pussy and rubbed against her cunt lips. Another moan, this one much louder escaped her lips and Kathleen worked the sponge back down her other leg finishing at her toes. She raised each of her silky smooth legs and let the water wash away the soap on her legs and turned off the showerhead and the water.

Kathleen nallıhan escort did not exit the shower though; instead she stood in the middle of the tub, her breathing quite heavy, her breasts moving up and down in rhythm with her breath. Now her fingers began to trail again toward her pussy and all of a sudden with a quick working of her fingers, one entered her slit and she nearly collapsed having to lean against the shower wall. She removed her finger from her pussy and suddenly felt very warm inside. Still leaning against the wall she inserted her finger again into her pussy and just held it there. She rotated her finger touching as much as she could, as her pussy began to trickle her cunt juice down onto her thighs. Kathleen was now moaning consistently now, trying to keep it quiet so that she wouldn’t wake up her parents. It seemed like she couldn’t remove her finger from her pussy, she knew she had to be getting close to having her first orgasm, but she just couldn’t go through with it. She exited the shower and toweled off her body as fast as she could and covered her body with her towel and quietly made her way upstairs, on her way throwing her still sticky clothes and underwear in the laundry bin.

She entered her room and quickly and quietly shut the door behind her and laid down on her bed still naked except for the towel covering her body. She just lay there with her bedside lamp on and thought what it would be like to have a boy between her legs, with his fingers or his cock pleasuring her pussy and her body while taking her to paradise. Again, Kathleen had to snap herself out of her stupor and she removed her towel walking toward her drawers full of clothes. She pulled out a pair of sexy baby-blue French-Cut panties and a long shirt, which she liked to wear to bed. She slipped the panties onto her legs and slowly pulled them up her legs, letting her fingers trail lovingly behind her, rubbing her bare legs softly. After the journey, she let her panties settle on her hips and put on the long shirt. She turned off her bedside lamp, pulling the covers back from the sheet and she crawled under the covers, immediately feeling a sense of security under her covers and for the third time imagined what it would be like to have sex. This time though she didn’t come out of her stupor, this time she subconsciously put her fingers into her panties and inserted one and then a little while later a second finger into her slit

Quickly, Kathleen fucked herself with her two fingers knowing this time that she wasn’t going to stop, she wanted this, she wanted release from her body, she wanted to feel what she had heard about from all her friends. She made sure to take her time though, her fingers slowed its pleasuring and soon, she had just one finger in her pussy and one exploring the rest of her pussy. She found her clit and touched it for the first time; a course of electricity ran through her body as she touched it. “AHHH, OH MY GOD!” she moaned quickly pulling her pillow on top of her face so that she wouldn’t wake up the entire household. Suddenly her fingers became quite moist inside of her pussy and she began to feel an overwhelming sensation run from her toes to the top of her head, a tingling that made her feel so amazing. No moan elicited from her lips, her mouth was etched in an O as her fingers worked liked a blur across her pussy and all of a sudden into her pillow again, and one long scream came from Kathleen as she experienced her first orgasm. Her fingers quickly stopped their amazingly fast pace across her slit and instead rubbed her clit and her very moist pussy and kept on working on it making it feel continually better. She was beginning to learn very quickly what to do to pleasure herself.

Kathleen then inserted necatibey escort her moist finger back into her cunt and gingerly began to fuck her pussy again, bringing back the immense pleasure she felt just moments ago. She was so curious about her body that when Kathleen brought her fingers away from her wet cunt she brought her finger up to her face to inspect it in the moonlight streaming in from the window next to her bed. She could easily see her slippery juices on her finger. Then she brought her fingers to her nose, sniffing her own juices. “Its an interesting smell,” she thought, but she wasn’t about to go as far as to slurp up her own juice with her tongue. Instead, Kathleen let her hands squirm its way up her long shirt and begin to play with her breasts. She noticed that her nipples were nice and hard and the cold touch of her fingers made her body tremble. Kathleen couldn’t believe what she was doing but she was happy she was doing it, she wanted to explore as much of her body as possible, and she didn’t want to stop anytime soon. But by now it was nearly midnight, and Kathleen suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her, so she stopped her exploring and decided to doze off.

The next morning Kathleen awoke as she always did, to that damn annoying alarm clock next to her bed that brought with it the presence of yet another day of school. Kathleen didn’t want to wake up, she felt a little more tired than usual and she was also a bit uncomfortable. As she threw the covers from her body, she saw that her baby-blue panties weren’t as much baby blue as they were dark blue. Kathleen did remember having quite the sexual dream about a boy she liked during the night. In fact it was the most sexual dream she had had to date. She began to recall it as she lay back against the warm bed, removing her soaked panties in the process.

Kathleen had arrived at a party and she immediately found her flame, Tony, and struck up a conversation with him, but before long Kathleen, plowing her tongue into his mouth, had interrupted the conversation. Before she knew it, Tony’s hands were rubbing up against her breasts and she freely accepted them, letting him play with her hardening nipples.

Back in real life, her index and middle finger were energetically rubbing her cunt lips and clit and Kathleen went back to her dreaming. God, his hands felt so good against her and before long Kathleen was seeking out the outline of his cock through his jeans. But this was getting really hot and heavy, and they were in front of the entire party. Making out in front of everyone was fine, but Kathleen wanted things to be more private for whatever happened next.

“Kathleen, you gotta get up and shower before eating breakfast!” yelled Kathleen’s mother from downstairs snapping Kathleen back to reality. Pleasuring herself was fun, but she needed to be ready for when her brother drove her to school. Kathleen reluctantly pulled her fingers away from her cunt and again sniffed her fingers before heading off to the bathroom to take a shower.

She entered the shower quickly and almost immediately turned on the shower, the smell of her cunt was very strong inside the shower and it was turning her on even more. “Why hadn’t she looked at the clock before she hopped in for her shower?” thought Kathleen, then she would’ve known if she could sneak in one final orgasm. But instead of risking it, she decided to shower thoroughly, in the process removing the sticky juice from her cunt lips and thighs, and adding a nice apple smell to her body that she absolutely adored. Kathleen worked quickly and before long she was heading downstairs to quickly eat a bowl of cereal before making her way to school with her brother.

Before long, Kathleen and her brother were ankara otele gelen escort at school where they parted their separate ways. Kathleen joined her friends and before long she was telling them of her pleasurable experience. Kathleen’s friends were excited to say the least that Kathleen had finally broken a type of virginity in herself, and Kathleen was just as excited as they were. In fact, Kathleen could still feel her cunt getting damp as she talked about the sultry dream and her pleasuring of herself in the shower and her bed the night before. As classes began and her mind went from sex to school, Kathleen thought that she would cool off. But she couldn’t get sex off her mind. She had her first two classes with Tony and she couldn’t help but check him out for most of the first period. Kathleen was getting very uncomfortable in the hard, wooden seats and just after second period began she asked to use the bathroom.

The teacher allowed Kathleen to head off to the facilities, but Kathleen didn’t go to the one nearest the classroom, she wanted to go to one that wasn’t going to be crowded at all. As Kathleen entered a bathroom at the end of the hallway she stood at the mirror looking at herself. She looked normal enough on the outside but she was hot as hell inside. She walked into a stall and locked it shut behind her, then she pulled down her skirt and the pair of white silk panties she decided to wear. She got some toilet paper and quickly wiped away her juice that had collected at the sides of her cunt lips. But as she rubbed down her pussy with the toilet paper, it wasn’t making things better it was making them worse; the rubbing of her cunt had gotten her even hotter. Kathleen began to realize that the only way to extinguish the fire inside of her loins was to bring herself to another orgasm. She sat down on the toilet and put her head back, closing her eyes and thinking about that dream again.

She was back with Tony, this time away from the party, in a back room, and Kathleen felt free. The two kissed passionately, their tongues fighting with each other in a battle of love and sensuality. Again, Tony’s hands found Kathleen’s breasts, but Kathleen pushed Tony away. Kathleen then surprised Tony by removing her sexy halter-top and she took each of Tony’s hands and put them on her bra-covered breasts. Before long though, Tony had removed the bra from her breasts and her breasts swung naked and free. Soon, Tony’s tongue replaced his hands as he first took Kathleen’s right and then her left nipple into her mouth.

Back in reality, Kathleen felt herself coming closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm. Her juices were running freely as she went from pumping one finger into her cunt and one on her clit to two in her cunt and back and forth. Then Kathleen decided to try something even better, she stuck her ring finger inside of her cunt, and with her class ring rubbing up against the lining of her cunt, she felt incredible. She was about ready to explode and she went back to thinking about Tony.

Tony was now licking her way down her stomach and was coming closer and closer to using that tongue on Kathleen’s anxiously awaiting pussy. In fact, there was no chance in hell that Kathleen was going to stop him now, she wanted his tongue on her pussy and if it didn’t happen she was going to fuck her pussy with her own fingers, in that back room. Her prayers were answered though when Tony’s fingers slipped down under the waistline of her shorts and then pulled them, along with her panties down a bit. His tongue quickly found Kathleen’s pulsing clit and licked it sending an incredible feeling through Kathleen. She than commanded, “lick my cunt, Tony, I need it right now!” In her dream and in the bathroom Kathleen came and came extrememly hard, Kathleen’s cunt juice shooting into the toilet bowl, on the seat, and even a bit onto the floor. Thankfully she was carrying a bottle of perfume in her purse and after wiping up her cunt, the toilet seat, and the floor with a paper towel she sprayed the general area hoping to mask any smell of her lingering orgasm…

To Be Continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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