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Adam? Yes, Matty.

�2019 by Gamin Paramour

Thanks to everyone for your emails following my blatant and shameless plea for ego-stroking. They were very nice and highly encouraging. There”s much more Matty to come, and I hope you continue to enjoy it.ail)

1) This is fiction, although it”s Based on a True Story! (Unless the guy was bullshitting me, but I don”t think he was.)

2) Stay safe. Don”t break the law.

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Last time:

Adam took Matty too far, too fast.

Part 8

We tag-teamed Matty”s care on Monday. I went to work in the morning for an early meeting that couldn”t be rescheduled. Susan called him in sick to school, but placed the ailment far north of reality as a head cold, and stayed with him until I got home and she had to leave for work. The boy was a lot better, able to move freely, if carefully, and able to do his toilet business with nothing more than a wince. He still hurt, but was clearly on the mend and mostly returned to his happy self.

It had been an interesting weekend, but mainly to the good. Susan and I had amazing sex stoned to the gills Saturday afternoon, and my butt was officially added to the list of approved orifices. Having studied anatomy and observed countless prostate exams, Susan knew exactly where the male G-Spot was located. Now that she was getting over her squeamishness and accepted the anus as just another set of nerve endings to be stimulated Susan turned out to be the very best blow-job-with-a-finger artist I”d ever encountered. Sorry, Cousin Chris.

The jury was still out on the sexual utility of her ass. I played and tickled around the opening while eating her, and she said it was very very nice and hoped to have more of it in the future, but that was as far as it went. That was OK by me, of course. A person should do what they want and not do what they don”t want.

Matty had slept nine hours after his first marijuana experience, which left him awake but groggy at eight pm, his usual bedtime. We fed him soup and gave him another hot bath, which helped, and sat with him a few hours to watch a movie on TV, but he was very uncomfortable and we finally had to heat up the spoons once more and knock his little ass out. We considered smoking again ourselves and going for Amazing Sex Round Two, but neither of us had the energy.

Sunday was better. Matty got through it on baby aspirin and hot baths and fell asleep at his normal hour without herbal intervention.

When Susan left for work on Monday I was finally alone with my poor Matty. I peeked into his room in case he was asleep and found him in bed reading a comic book. He tossed it aside the instant he saw me and reached up his arms, calling me into the embrace we both had wanted for two days.

I held him gingerly but kissed his mouth fiercely, a long deep kiss that put us both on the plane where we wanted to be, lover to lover rather than butt-breaking perv to helpless victim.

“I needed that kiss,” Matty said when we finally broke apart. “I love my Mom”s hugs and kisses, and they really helped when I was feeling so bad, but I missed you like crazy!”

“I was here the whole time,” I said, intending it to be reassuring.

“I know, but we couldn”t, you know, really show it,” he said. “I wish we didn”t have to sneak around.”

“Matty,” I said, “you know I”d love to shout it from the rooftops, because you are the most special person I”ve ever known and I absolutely love you to death. But people wouldn”t get it, and bad things would happen if they found out.”

“I guess,” he said. “I just wish I could be your boyfriend all the time, not just when we”re alone. Kiss me again, OK?”

I did, and this time it was more sweet than urgent.

“I”m so weird,” Matty said with a mischievous smile. “My butt is still really sore and I can barely touch it because it hurts, but I remember when you were inside me and… well, look!”

He pulled down the front of his PJ shorts and his little boner jumped out at full attention.

“I get one every time I think about it,” he said, “and I think about it a lot! Adam, can I please have a blowjob? I need one bad!”

I carefully stripped the pajamas off of him, then gently and tenderly positioned myself to suck off my beautiful naked boy without disturbing his injured parts. I couldn”t be as vigorous as usual, so I augmented my sucking with fairly aggressive nipple play, figuring it was far enough away to be safe. In a little while I felt him starting to get on his orgasm glide path.

“No, no,” he said after a sizable tremor coursed through him. “That hurts,” he said. “I don”t think I can cum yet. It makes my butt hole squeeze tight.”

“Oh, Matty, I”m sorry,” I said. I had been saying that a lot lately. “What can I do?”

“I think I”d better stop now,” he said. “But it was really good, and I really wanted it. Thank you, Adam. But there”s one more thing I”d like you to do.”

“Anything, baby,” I said.

“Just lean over me right here by the bed,” he said, “and jerk yourself off until you cum right on my chest. I want to watch you, and I want to see it come squirting out.”

I chuckled a bit and began peeling off my clothes. This kid was truly a sex hound, come hell or sore butt holes.

It wasn”t difficult to get into the mood. There he lay, beautiful in his small, sweet nudity, his dick still raging hard, intently watching me as I began to work my cock. My eyes roamed over him, taking in every luscious pink-white inch, and thrilling to the excitement in his big green eyes. In no time I felt my buildup starting, and I knew it wouldn”t be long.

“Do you want me to hold off?” I gasped, “so you can watch for longer?”

Matty smiled lovingly up to me. “Go ahead,” he said. “I want to see you cum.”

I shifted into masturbatory overdrive, stroking my cock in exactly the right rhythm, at exactly the right speed, with exactly the right grip, guaranteed to get me there asap. I gasped, thrust my hips forward and felt the surge rush through my dick and fire out into the cool air.

Matty sucked in his breath as my hot semen splattered onto his chest. He didn”t say any real words, but he cooed and made approving noises as another shot hit his clavicle. I was still stroking powerfully, but only a small amount more dribbled out and landed on his belly, and my sweet boy giggled as the rivulets ran off of him onto the bedclothes.

“Wow,” he said through the giggles, “I just love how it squirts out.” I was milking the final drop out of myself, and he reached up and swiped it from my slit onto his finger. I expected him to lick it off, but instead he wiped it onto a dry spot on his chest.

“Just looking at you makes me cum like crazy,” I said, still amazed at the effect his boy had on me. I had always been turned on by boys, but Matty was the one who really did it for me.

He grinned at this compliment. “I kind of hate to waste the cum,” he said, “I almost had you do it in my mouth, but I like to see it sometimes.”

“I”d better get a washcloth,” I said, making a mental note to prepare for cleanup next time. I got him and the sheets wiped down — I almost always washed the linens these days, so it was unlikely Susan would find semen on the sheets — and helped him back into his pajamas.


“Yes, Matty.”

“Thank you for teaching me about sex,” he said. “It”s the best thing ever!”

“I rather like it myself,” I said, and he knew it was the understatement of all time.

“Do other men and boys do it, too?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, “but very few of them will ever admit it.”

“”Cause they know bad things will happen, right?”

“Yes, and for a lot of other reasons, too,” I said, “religion and so forth.”

“A lot of my friends go to church,” he said, “but they don”t like it. Their parents make them go.”

I sighed. “Yep,” I said. “Have you heard the word `hypocrisy?” It basically means that people often say one thing, but in their own hearts and minds they believe something else. Like, hardly any men will ever admit having any kind of sex with a boy, even when they were boys themselves. ankara türbanlı escort But I think a lot of men did it, at least when they were kids, but they lie about it. When I was a kid it was really easy to get sex with other boys. All I had to do was get them alone, be the first one to suggest it so they didn”t have to take the risk, and pretty soon we were sucking each other”s dicks!”

“Did you do it with a lot of boys when you were a kid?”

“Almost all of my friends, yeah,” I said, remembering fondly. “It was funny, because only a few of them knew about each other. Most of them thought they were the only ones doing it with me.”

Matty was lost in thought for a moment. I pictured him mentally going through the list of his friends, imagining one by one what it would be like to have sex. The thought made me start to get hard again.

Matty made a face and returned to the present. “You never did it with a grownup man when you were my age?” he asked.

“No,” I said. “I was seventeen.”

“I don”t think I like boys,” he said, “for sex, I mean. I like men.”

About ten days after Matty”s deflowering and its horrific aftermath I was looking forward to our evening together. I knew he was pretty much back to normal because the previous Friday, exactly a week after the incident, I found him at the Park District after-school program jumping on the trampoline and doing about a dozen seat-drops in a row. You don”t do that if your ass hurts. That night he said he wanted to hold off on the “butt stuff” for a few more days, just to be sure. “When I do it again I want to really enjoy it,” he said.

This Monday evening he was waiting outside the Park District field house as I pulled into the lot, and he ran to clamber into the car.

“Hi Adam!” he chirped gleefully, giving me a full-on kiss on the lips instead of the usual peck on the cheek we usually displayed in public. When I reacted he said, “Nobody is around. I checked first.”

I smiled at him and said, “OK, then,” and kissed him again full on the lips, and we laughed.

When he was buckled in and we pulled away he said eagerly, “Adam?”

“Yes, Matty,” I said with a grin, happy to be bonding.

“Can tonight be a special night?” He looked very excited.

“What do you mean, honey?”

“Can tonight be my night, when I get to pick everything we do?”

“Sure, Matty,” I said, my fevered brain immediately thinking he meant what to do in bed. “You”ve been through a lot lately, so sure, tonight is all yours.”

“Oh, boy!” he said in delight. “First, let”s have dinner at Doug”s!”

Doug”s Dogs was the hot dog stand near the batting cages and the Putt-Putt golf course. It was Matty”s second-favorite after McDonald”s.

“But Matty, that”s twenty minutes in the wrong direction from home.”

He looked crestfallen. “But you said I get to pick.”

“You”re right,” I said. “You get to pick, and I could actually dig a bratwurst with that good brown mustard. So, Doug”s it is.”

Matty had his usual: one Doug”s Dog with ketchup only, fries and a Coke. I didn”t point out that, by definition, a Doug”s Dog had a whole salad bar on it, mustard, relish, onions, pickles, tomatoes, hot peppers and celery salt. If you get it with ketchup only it isn”t a Doug”s Dog anymore. After a while with kids you leave stuff like that alone. I had my bratwurst and a Diet Coke, no fries, having had a late lunch. We ate and chatted and I enjoyed my boy more than my bratwurst.

Afterward I pulled the car onto the street and Matty said, “No! You”re going the wrong way!”

I looked at him, confused. “No, Matty, this is the way home.”

“We”re not going home,” he said. “Next we”re playing miniature golf.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but then closed it again and swung the car into a parking lot to turn around. His night, he picks.

We spent a thoroughly delightful hour together putting our way around the eighteen whimsical holes. We usually did these kid-friendly outings on the weekends when Susan was along, and I dearly loved those family experiences, but it was really nice to have a one-on-one evening with Matty. I completely enjoyed myself, despite the fact that the kid handily kicked my ass, beating me by nine strokes.

Fucking windmill.

I was rather tired when we arrived home, but Matty was full of energy. Thinking about what I presumed would come next brought me my second wind.

“What”s next, your Majesty?” I teased, and Matty picked right up on it.

“Draw me a bath, Jeeves,” he said, pronouncing it “baath” in an exaggerated upper-crust English accent.

“As you wish, m”Lord,” I said with a bow. I ran the water in his tub as I had a million times and turned, expecting him to be undressing, but he was just standing there.

“Remove my clothing,” he ordered as King Matty, and I hastened to comply. I peeled off his pullover shirt and motioned him to sit on the closed toilet lid, so I could help him out of his sneakers and white ankle socks. Finally I stood him up and skinned down his shorts and underwear at once, his full erection springing into view.

“Give it a kiss,” he commanded with a smile, and I bent and placed a big smooch right on its deep pink head. When I also closed my lips over it he pulled away, saying, “No no, only a kiss.” I was disappointed, but then again, his night, he picks.

I tested the water and it was hot but not too hot, just as Matty liked it. I held his hand as he stepped into the tub, then watched with pleasure as he settled into the water.

“Ahhh,” he said contentedly. “You may wash me now, Jeeves,” he said. “And leave not an inch untouched.”

“Yes, my Liege,” I said, and set about a wonderful fifteen minutes bathing my sweet, soft, beautiful boy. He sighed and cooed as I touched every part of his sensitive skin, paying extra attention to his marvelous erogenous zones: his sharp and sensitive nipples, his straining stiff little dick, his loose balls in their soft sack, made even looser by the hot water. He rolled onto his side so that I could wash his round, firm buns and that small, recently renovated butt hole. It seemed perfect to me, indistinguishable from how it had looked before it was invaded, but when I washed the little ring and slightly up inside I realized that it was much more pliable than it had been ten days ago.

He didn”t wince or moan, and in fact sighed happily, saying, “That feels so good,” completely forgetting his English accent. “Go in farther,” he said, more imploring than ordering, and I gently slipped my soapy finger in to the hilt. His moans became more ardent as I carefully fingered him, until he said, “That”s enough,” and I obediently withdrew.

When the bath was finished he stood and stepped out, saying, “You don”t need to dry me all the way. Just stop the major dripping.”

“How come?” I asked, wrapping the towel around him.

“Because now we”re going into your bathroom to use the big shower,” he said. “I”m going to wash you now!”

Matty had me strip-tease in front of him, grinning and making comments like “Ooh, look at those muscles!” and “Take it off, Adam!” He sounded remarkably like a guy in a gentleman”s club. I half expected him to stuff a dollar bill into my underwear.

As soon as my straining stiffness came into view he reached out and took it in his small hand. He caressed it lovingly, then led me by it into the shower. He filled his hands with shampoo and said, “Kneel down so I can reach your head.”

I knelt under the warm spray and he began to slowly and sensually wash my hair. He spent a long time and clearly relished running his fingers through the sudsy strands. Next he took the body wash and gently washed my face and neck, then shoulders, squeezing and caressing where the deltoids bulged a little. He lovingly washed my arms and armpits, then spent a really long time on my chest, tickling my erect nipples as if that did a lot for me. (Evidently they did a lot for him.) He finished with my belly and back, actually doing a good job, and had fun in the process.

Matty had me stand up then, and with a new handful of body wash he began gingerly and sensually working my cock. It was longer than both of his hands, tuzla escort but he made sure not a millimeter was ignored. He stroked me slowly, his fingers sliding lewdly on my soapy shaft, but made sure not to take me too far. He kept me right on the edge, right where the urge to shoot a load was balanced by the desire to keep things going. It was by far his best hand job to date.

He carefully and provocatively washed my balls and perineum, then had me turn around so he could do my ass. It felt amazing, his small soft hands roaming over my soapy moons.

“Bend over and open your cheeks,” he ordered, and I did as instructed and soon felt his small finger dancing around my anus. In a moment it crept inside, then sank deep within me in one push. I”m not sure how it went in so easily, except to say that I was as ready to accept it as it is possible to be. He slowly and deeply fingered me, spurring soft, low moans to escape my throat. My cock was aching hard.

He withdrew from my hole, leaving it empty and bereft, then finished the mundane process of washing my legs and feet. When the shower was done we stepped out and Matty said, “Now you can dry me.” I spent several happy moments patting him dry, and then toweled myself off as well.

We stepped naked out of the bathroom and I said, “Shall we adjourn to your bedroom?”

“Not tonight,” he said. “Tonight we”re doing it in the big bed.”

“Oh, Matty, I don”t know…” I said.

“Don”t worry,” he said, and produced as if by magic two of our large beach towels. I didn”t know where the hell he had stashed them, or when. “We can spread these under us and then nothing will get on the sheets,” he said. “You can wash and dry these before Mom gets home, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said. “Actually, that ought to work.”

“Sure it will,” he said. “Now lets pull down the covers and spread them out.”

We did as Matty said and suddenly we were ready.

“Pick me up,” he instructed, and I did, in the usual toddler”s carry. “No, hold me like a baby,” he said, “sideways in your arms.” I shifted his slender weight, and it struck me that this was the way men in old movies sometimes carried a woman to bed, back when they couldn”t actually show anything and they had to imply his he-man intentions by the way he manhandled her. I wondered when Matty had seen such a movie.

“Now lay us both on the bed, and kiss me like you mean it!”

I did mean it, and I showed him how much with a deep, crushing French kiss that lasted several minutes. His hot, moist mouth was delicious, and his slippery tongue moved with practiced grace as it swirled with mine and licked my teeth. When we finally broke apart he sucked in air and said, “Wow! That was a good one!”

I smiled lasciviously and kissed him again, after a few seconds moving off of his lips and down his chin and neck to his chest.

“Yeah,” he breathed, “suck my nipples. They really want it.”

I traced my tongue across to his left nipple, the one that seemed just a tiny bit more prominent and seemed to give him a tiny bit more pleasure. He arched his back and sucked in his breath, moaning with delight. I nibbled and slurped the hard little nub, swirling my tongue around it and feeling him shudder in response. I found his stiff cock and squeezed and stroked it as I shifted my oral attention to the right nip. His dusky aureole tasted wonderful, and his erect nipple grew even sharper under my tongue. Soon we were both in high gear.

“Sixty-nine,” he said simply, and I obeyed not only because I had promised that he could pick, but because I trusted his instincts to orchestrate a wonderful sexual experience, as he had so many times already in our few short months as lovers. I would often defer to him, and it never failed.

We sucked simultaneously in our now-accustomed position on our sides, resting one cheek on each other”s bottom thigh, for quite a long while. I adored his bony stiffness and the thump of his strong young heart that I could feel pulsing through it. His sexy aroma was very strong, and I fancied that he was more turned on than usual, but then my Matty always seemed to be reaching new heights.

I thought he started to say something a couple of times, but each time I was mistaken, or else he changed his mind. Then he pulled off of my cock and said, “Let me be on my back on the bottom now, and you get on your knees on top.” This was a new one, but I loved when Matty got adventurous and so I assumed the described position.

“Like this?” I asked when I was there, and he immediately guided my hips to a slightly lower position. I felt his hot little mouth close over the head of my cock and I again took his. This couldn”t have been nearly as comfortable for him as the other position, having to hold his head up to the right height to reach my cock, but it was different and interesting and it was what he wanted.

“Adam?” he said after only a couple of minutes.

“Yes, Matty.”

“I”m going to try something I”ve been thinking about, so don”t move, OK?”

“OK, baby,” I said. “Whatever you want.”

He began to wriggle himself higher on the bed, that is, in the direction his head was already facing. Soon I was looking at his knees and his sweet little tool was out of reach of my mouth, but I was curious and just waited patiently. I heard the rustling of bedclothes and the familiar sound of a pillow being fluffed, and realized he had put one behind his head.

And then I felt it, the most surprising thing I”d felt since I”d known Matty. The thumbs of both hands opened my butt cheeks and then the warm slickness of his tiny tongue began to flit around my anus.

“Jesus Christ!” I exclaimed, and Matty giggled. His tongue began alternating, first tiny flicks across my hole like a kitten lapping up milk, then circling around and around. I was flabbergasted, and also more turned on than I could ever remember. I had only been rimmed five or six times in my whole life, and then always by adult men as a prelude to fucking me. I had never had a small, excited tongue doing it from pure passion for the rimming itself. He warmed to it more and more as he went, graduating to shallow probes of the rectum, followed by even deeper thrusts with his stiffened tongue. He had a remarkable ability to stiffen his tongue, and it was so small and my hole so relaxed that he was able to get what I guessed was about an inch of it into me. The incredible sensations went on longer than I could have imagined, and I knew he was giving it every ounce of his strength.

Finally he let his head drop back to the pillow and I heard him gasping for air. I wanted to turn and take him in my arms but he croaked, “No! Stay there!” A few seconds later I felt a cool touch on my sensitive asshole as his finger began to work some lube into me.

“Oh Matty!” I moaned. “Finger me, baby! I”m so ready for it.”

One slim finger suddenly thrust all the way into me in one push. I was indeed ready for it, and I gasped in intense pleasure. Somehow he knew I didn”t want a slow buildup, and he began banging his finger into me fast and hard. “Oh my God,” I moaned as he slammed into me again and again. He wasn”t touching my prostate like Susan, but I began to think I could really cum from this. I took a millisecond to wonder where he had gotten the lube, but the thought was instantly forgotten in favor of the amazing sensations in my ass.

Then the intense banging abruptly stopped. Before I could protest I felt the wider entry of two fingers. He was more careful this time, but still he pushed his fingers into me firmly and steadily until they were all the way in. The gentle stretching of my anal muscle and the expansion of the rectum itself coming close to the wonderfully full feeling I get when I bottom for a man. It”s not the same, but it”s awfully good.

Matty ramped up the speed of the two-finger banging, and though it never reached the fever pitch of the one-finger version, it got really good really fast.

“Adam!” he said with an intensity I had rarely heard from him.

“Yes, Matty,” I managed to answer.

“Are you really good and ready?” he asked cryptically. “Are you so hard and ready that you can hardly stand it?”

avrupa yakası ucuz escort

I had a glimmer of what he meant. “Yes, Matty,” I said. “I”m so fucking ready!”

His fingers popped out of my butt and we scrambled to face each other.

“You”ve got to fuck me right now!” he begged. “Use your fingers first so it doesn”t hurt, and then fuck me fuck me fuck me!”

“Oh, Matty!” I exclaimed, snatching the tube of lubricant he offered. It was the one from my nightstand.

“Oh, Adam!” he cried heatedly. “Let me be your fuck boy!”

The pillow was there, and in sudden inspiration I grabbed it and began to stuff it under his butt. “Put this under you,” I said, and with questioning eyes Matty complied. I squeezed out far too much lube but I didn”t care. I smeared it on, around and inside his butt hole, pushing in gently with one finger until it was all the way in.

Matty moaned in urgent appreciation as I worked my finger in and out, every third stroke or so letting my finger linger at maximum depth, wiggling the tip a bit, and I felt his sphincter pulse around my finger. Then I withdrew and re-entered with two fingers, being extremely careful and making sure to keep the strokes straight and aligned with his channel. After several minutes I pulled out and smeared the excess lube, of which there was plenty, all over my raging hard, deep-red cock.

I knee-walked into position and touched myself to his expectant hole. I locked my gaze with his, intoxicated by the sublime mixture of lust and trust in his lovely green eyes. I began to push.

“Oh, Adam!” he cried in utter ecstasy. “Give me your big giant dick!”

“Is it OK baby?” I asked with barely the slit inside. “Are you all right?”

“Please Adam!” he said. “I need your dick in me right now!”

I began to slowly and carefully push into my wonderful, sweet boy. His anus was as tight as the first time, but unlike then I could tell that it wasn”t hurting him. He had an intense look in his eyes — still locked together with mine — and the pleasure they registered never faltered. I took a full minute to press all the way in, slowly, slowly, a quarter-inch at a time. His smooth, slick, muscular tunnel gripped me firmly, and when I hit bottom Matty exclaimed in triumph.

“Oh, Adam, you”re really in there!” he said, and it was true. I was quite sure my entire length was inside of him.

“Yeah, baby,” I said. “Are you still OK?”

“Yes, Adam,” he said. “It feels so wonderful! Please fuck me now! I need to be your fuck boy!”

I began to thrust, short strokes for only a few seconds and then longer and longer ones until I was sure he was truly relaxed. His excited moans and the ecstasy on his face told me all I needed to know. I began to fuck him in earnest, the way I knew he wanted it. I thrust powerfully and deeply, watching his face for the slightest sign of alarm and finding none. Faster and faster I pumped, and I heard my balls slapping against his smooth, soft skin as our grunts and gasps followed the rhythm. I fucked my sweet Matty every bit as hard as I had ever fucked an adult, male or female, and reveled in the rapture I saw in his eyes.

My climax began to build. At the same time I noticed a bright red flush blooming on Matty”s beautiful face and neck as we both panted in our animal heat.

“Fuck me, Adam!” he gasped. “Oh, God, it”s so good!”

I was getting close. “Are you ready for my cum?” I asked. “Huh, baby? Do you want it?”

“Yes, Adam,” he said in little more than a whimper. “Give me your cum! Please give me your cum!”

Two more thrusts and I was there. I buried my cock to the deepest depths of my wonderful boy and gushed surge after surge of my love into his sweet body. I pumped a few more times then held it inside him again, feeling it pulse and throb as the last of my juice spurted into his greedy hole. I felt him milking me with his muscle, not wanting to give up the hot hardness that impaled him so wonderfully.

It took a long time to soften, just like the first time, and so I held myself there, sharing our love with our eyes still locked. I only then realized that Matty”s legs had been clamped around my waist, holding me tight throughout the fuck, and still held me fast. If there had ever been any question that my Matty was a natural bottom it was certainly dispelled now.

Finally my cock retreated and slipped out of him. I held his legs up as I backed away, again thrilling to the sight of my cum running down out of his shiny, gaping asshole. If I had died at that moment I would have left this Earth a happy and fulfilled man. I eased the pillow out from under him and let him down to the bed, collapsing next to him as we lay huffing like we had run a mile.

Still panting, Matty rolled into my arms and we kissed and kissed, forced to take gulping breaths every few seconds. I didn”t know it was possible to love as deeply as I loved him at that moment, and that”s when I knew that Susan, much as I adored her, would always come in second to this amazing boy.

“I knew it would be great,” Matty finally said. “Ever since I first thought of it, that day at your condo when we went swimming, I knew your dick belongs up inside of me.”

“I think it does,” I said, smiling at him like a besotted idiot. “My wonderful Matty.”

“My wonderful Adam,” he repeated, and his sincerity was palpable.

“Are you sure your butt is OK?” I asked.

Matty didn”t get impatient with me like the first time. He smiled indulgently, knowing I was just worried for him. “It feels better than it ever felt in my whole life. It almost feels like you”re still up in there, and I love it.”

I gazed down at his beautiful, hairless body and saw that his little cock was still fully hard, and in fact it appeared more deeply pink than usual. He noticed me looking.

“It sort of felt like I could maybe cum, when you were really fucking me hard,” he said, “but it didn”t happen.”

“What can I do for you, baby?” I asked. “How do you want to cum?”

He grinned. “Like the very first time,” he said. “Suck my dick and play with my nipples!”

This was something he really liked, having asked for it five or six times over the months. It only failed to get him off once, and was as close to tried-and-true as we had for his orgasm. I settled into the preferred position and began to suck his stony hardness. Reaching up to his chest I flicked my thumbs across his pointy protuberances and felt the lightning bolts course through him, his gut tightening and his legs tensing rhythmically, his little boner pulsing. I knew he”d get there in record time, but I wasn”t expecting the thirty-seconds-to-orgasm Matty experienced. When he came his whole body jerked so hard his cock came out of my mouth, but I was able to keep tickling his nips all the way through his spasms and finally captured his straining bone again with my mouth. I held him tightly and sucked him gently until he stopped quaking.

“Thank you, Adam,” he said. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too, Matty,” I said. “More than I ever even hoped for.”

A memory flashed into my mind, from earlier in this wonderful evening. Remembering Matty expertly navigating his golf ball between a brontosaurus”s legs I realized that we had been on a date; a real, romantic boyfriend-to-boyfriend date. This affair wasn”t just sex, and it wasn”t just a wannabe step-father”s love for a child. I loved Matty as my partner, my lover, my life-mate, and I knew he loved me that way, too.

Susan had to be involved, obviously, and I really did care for her too, but it was Matty who had my heart, Matty I would go to the end of the Earth for, Matty I would kill or die for.

Sure, I wished it was possible to bring Susan into our lie. I fantasized about telling her the truth, and her accepting it and all of us living in a perfect three-way relationship, but I knew that would never happen. If I told her it would all be over, and I”d probably go to prison, and her relationship with Matty would never be the same. It was a harsh sentence for both Matty and me. To be together we both had to lie to the most important woman in our lives, a woman we love and respect and never want to live without. But we would do it, because we just couldn”t face life without one another.

Matty was forever.

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