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Dad to the Rescue, XII
“Poker Night II”
By Joey E

Once again, thanks for all the feedback. I do apprecaite your comments Sorry for this getting posted later than I intended. But, here is the 12th chapter of “Dad to the Rescue”, my gay incest story. So, as you can now tell, it is a gay incest story so don”t say I didn”t warn you. If you are under 18, you need to leave. Copyright 2013, all rights reserved. No unauthorized duplication is permitted in any form.


Funny, I didn”t really feel ashamed of myself when I realized Justin saw me shoot my load. I felt kind of proud that he saw me. Tony always tells me be proud of who you are. And it was finally sinking into my thick skull. I smiled to myself as I cleaned the jizz of of my shoulder. I heard laughter downstairs, so I got up, got dressed, and headed back downstairs.

I was a little nervous going back downstairs because I knew Justin would be down there as well. But, I thought, what the hell? We”re guys. He”s got to understand that. Tony is his older brother. I made my way into the dining room where Tony, Dan, Ryan, and Brett were.

“….and Dude, I”m telling you, she had to have been the loosest pussy that I”ve ever fucked,” Ryan said.

“That”s because you have the world”s smallest dick,” Brett chided.

“Uh, buddies, my son is here,” Tony said, noticing me standing there.

“Oh, good,” Ryan said, turning around in his chair to face me. “Joey, I have a question for you. Since you are the youngest one here, you ought to know this. Do you know…..”

“….Uh, Dan, setup Joey with some chips. I”ll grab him a beer,” Tony said getting up. He fired a look at Ryan that apparently worked because Ryan shut up after that.

“Here you go, little bud,” Dan said, sliding over. I was going to be between Tony and Dan. How erotic.

“Where”s Justin?” I asked as I sat down next to Dan.

“I”m right here, dipshit!” I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around and saw Justin smiling at me. I smiled back.

“Do you want to play?” I asked. “I”ll give you some of mine.”

Justin thought for a moment and shrugged his shoulders. “Why not, Joe? Do you mind if I get in too, guys?”

No one argued, so we rearranged the chairs and brought in two more for Justin and me.

“Where should I sit?” he asked.

“Next to me, man,” I replied, making space for him.

“Okay,” he said. “Excuse me, dude,” he said as he squeezed behind Brett.

I was quite satisfied that I was sitting next to my favorite uncle. Tony came back in and handed me a beer.

“Watch him with that, would you?” he asked Justin. He handed Justin a beer too.

“Hey, aren”t you worried about your brother serving a minor?” Ryan asked Justin.

“Nah. When I was Joe”s age, Tony was doing the same thing for me. No harm done, right bro?”

“Right,” Tony said sitting back down. He was now seated next to Dan. I was next to Tony, and Justin was next to me. I reveled being in between my hot dad and his hot little brother. Justin patted me on the shoulder and said softly, “Are we cool?”

I nodded my head yes and grinned at him.

“Cool, again, nice load you shot there,” he practically whispered.

Apparently no one else noticed us whispering because Ryan was going on about that chick with the loose pussy again.

“…And finally, I just had to fuck her up the ass because it was too loose!” Ryan continued. “I heard from Carlos to expect that, but I thought it was because he had a small dick!”

“Dude, Carlos is hung, man. Who are you kidding?” Dan shot back.

I was half-expecting Tony to jump in and put an end to this. Instead, he asked Dan, “How would you know? Have you seen it?”

“Not hard, but yeah, I”ve seen it. And he”s definitely bigger than Ryan,” Dan said, laughing.

Justin and I were both laughing out loud at what was being said.

“Fuck you!” Ryan exclaimed.

“Uh,” I said, speaking up,” who the hell is Carlos?”

As if to be reminded of my presence, Tony backed down.

“Well, Champ, Carlos is a great guy who”s on the crew at the site. He works for me. He”s been there with me ever since we started.”

Well, that intrigued me. With a name like Carlos, that must”ve meant he was latino. HOT!

“I”ll introduce him to you the next time you come with me,” Tony said. “Now, are we all ready to play?”

“Do you even know how to play?” Justin asked me.

“Yeah, I think so. I played with them once before and it was fun,” I said, taking a sip of şişli travesti my beer from the bottle.

I won”t bore you with the details of the game. After losing badly on the first hand, Justin and I teamed up together. I learned some more tips from him as the game went on. It was fun, but as I was finishing my beer, I began to lose interest as I got more and more lightheaded.

“Buddy, you okay?” Dan asked me, noticing I was getting a little tipsy.

“Oh yeah, never felt better,” I answered following it up with a case of the giggles.

“That”s enough beer for you,” Tony said, smiling at me.

“Well, that may be enough for him, but I”m going to grab another one,” Justin said, getting up to get more beer. “Anyone want another?”

“Yeah, I”ll take another,” Tony said. “Thanks bro”

The other guys declined. I on the other hand wanted some more too.

“I”ll have another too,” I called out, laughing.

“No,” Tony said in his authoritative tone.

“Aw,” I asked, with a pleading look on my face. “Just one more sip?”

“Nope, you”ve had enough, Joey,” he said in that tone again.

“Aw, let him have at least one more sip,” Ryan said, smiling at me.

“Yeah, baby, let him just have one more sip,” Dan said.

Knowing he was outnumbered, Tony reluctantly said, “All right, you can have one more sip of my beer.”

Justin came back with two beers in hand and said, “Yeah, let the kid of one more sip!”

I laughed and we high-fived together. Tony just rolled his eyes.

“In fact, you can take a swig of mine,” Justin said, twisting the cap off and handing it to me.

Well, the novice I am, I just put a seal around the top with my lips and I took a few gulps. I then took it out of my mouth and the beer started bubbling over on to my shirt and shorts. I quickly stood up away from the table.

“Looks like you”re going to have to teach our little one to drink from a bottle of beer,” Dan said, watching me drip beer everywhere.

“Oh shit, Joey, are you okay?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, I”m sorry about the mess,” I said, getting up.

Justin also got up to let me by. He then followed me into the kitchen. He grabbed a roll of paper towels from the counter. He unrolled a few and proceeded to wipe my shirt off. He wasn”t very gentle, but that was Justin”s way I guess. He then got lower and began wiping my shorts off. Apparently, he didn”t realize my balls were hanging that low because on one of his wipes, he really nailed me in the balls. I doubled over in pain.

“Aw…fuck, dude!” I croaked out.

“What? What happened?” he asked me, concerned.

“You got me right in the balls,” I said, feeling as if the wind was knocked right out of me.

“Damn, bro. Sorry about that. I didn”t realize they were hanging that low. Besides, weren”t you wearing a jock?”

Feeling a little tipsy and bold, I pulled down my shorts and showed him my low hanging balls. “Does it look like I”m wearing a jock?”

“Holy shit! Pull that shit up!” Justin said, looking over my shoulder into the other room to make sure no one else saw what was going on in the kitchen.

“Joseph!” Tony yelled. “What is going on in there?”

“Nothin”,” I replied, as Justin tried to pull my shorts back up in a panic. However he let go of the elastic waistband by mistake when they were at ball level. Slap went the band and down on the floor I went.

“Fuck!” I yelled.

Tony came running in the kitchen when he heard me fall to the floor. I can only imagine what was running through his mind when he saw me, rolled up in a ball on the floor with my shorts halfway down my thighs.

“Joseph Michael,” he said, which was my first and middle name.

Meanwhile, Dan came into the room as well. “What”s going on?”

“I”m trying to figure that one out, too,” Tony said.

I felt well enough to at least open my eyes now and I looked up at Tony. He looked down at me in a way I had never seen before. I saw the true father figure come out of him that night. He was not happy to say the least.

“Justin, what the hell happened?”

“I was helping him, trying to wipe off the beer and I accidently hit him in the balls. I didn”t know they were low hangers. He had on a jock today and I said I thought he had a jock on anyway. He proceeded to pull his shorts down to show me exactly what he was wearing. I tried to pulled them back up and I…”

“Okay, okay,” Tony said. “Joseph, get up!”

I looked up at him and attempted to get back up. He reached beylikdüzü travesti down and pulled my shorts all the way up. I stood straight up and faced him.

“No more beer for you, Joe. Go sit down in the living room and relax a while. Justin, can I have a word with you, bro?” Tony asked.

“Sure, bro,” Justin said.

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Tony and Justin went upstairs. Dan had gone back into the room with Brett and Ryan. I quietly snuck up the steps. I noticed that the door to Tony”s room was shut. I crept down the hallway and listened at the door.

“Are you telling me he pulled his shorts down in front of you?”

“Yeah, dude, he did. I was totally shocked by it!”

“I can”t believe you let him do that,” Tony said. They must have been standing close to the door because I could hear the conversation very well.

“What do you mean you can”t believe I let him do that? Dude, the kid has a mind of his own! He”s obviously drunk and he”s not thinking clearly.”

There was a pause.

“Yeah, you”re right. I”m sorry I snapped at you, J J. I know you were just trying to help him out.”

“Yeah, bro. You are like a totally different person when he”s around, man. I”m not saying it”s bad, but I”m just saying it”s different. I”m surprised Dan hasn”t left you yet. Well, I didn”t mean it like that, but you know what I mean.”

“Yeah I do, bro. He and I had a long talk while you were gone about exactly that. I”m trying, bro. I”m doing the best I can.”

“I know, Tone, I can see you”re struggling with all of these changes. But, look, you”re doing a great job. Joe really is looking up to you now. He thinks the world of you, man.”

“He tell you that?” Tony asked.

“Nah, but I can tell by the way he talks about you all the time. But, something happened today that made me wonder if he was like you, in, well, other ways.”

“What do you mean?” Tony asked.

“Well, today while we were at Great Adventure,. Joe offered me a blow job if I”d ride Batman again with him.”

“What!!” Tony yelled out.

I wish I could see their faces.

“He offered me a blow job, Tone. I”m thinking he is more and more like you the more I learn about him. What should I have done? I just blew it off and said nothing more about it, but I think the kid may like boys.”

“Yeah, I kind of had that feeling too, bro.”

“Well, maybe you should have a talk with him about offering guys blow jobs in the future,” Justin stated. “And after all, I have some experience in that department from you …”

“Yeah, yeah, shut up. We don”t have to go there now,” Tony said.

Justin laughed and replied, “It”s all good, bro. You know that.”

“I”ll talk to him,” Tony said with a sigh. “Well, let”s go back down before something else happens.”

I knew that the door would open at any second. I tried to move quickly towards my room, but in my slightly intoxicated state, I, instead, lost my balance just as the door was opening. I fell right into Justin”s legs. I couldn”t help notice how smooth they felt as I grabbed them on my way down.

“Well, well, well,” Justin said, looking down at me.

Tony looked at me with that dad look again that said I was doing something I should not be doing. He reached down and pulled me back up on my feet in one motion.

“I thought I told you to take a rest on the couch, Joey,” Tony said.

“I, uh, I…”

He shook his head and said, “We”ll talk about this later when you”re sober. There”s no point in carrying on this type of conversation when you”re like this.. Now just go to your room and stay there until you sober up.”

There was no pat on the head, no calling me champ, just telling me to go to my room. I felt like I disappointed Tony and maybe pissed him off a little. I hung my head low and made my way back to my room. I got out of my beer-spilled clothes. I crawled up on my bed and just laid there, staring up at the ceiling.

What did I do wrong? Was it because I flashed Justin? Why was Tony so upset? Lux jumped up on the bed and sat down next to me. I hugged her and closed my eyes. I didn”t exactly know what to do now. I got undressed and slipped in underneath my blankets. I dozed off for who knows how long until a voice woke me.

“Joe?” Justin asked.

“Yeah?” I answered, sitting up in my bed.

“Tony wanted me to come up and check in on you. He wants me to make sure you don”t pass out or something,”: he said as he entered the room.

“Oh, what time is it?” istanbul travesti I asked, noticing my speech was still a bit slurred.

“Ten,” he answered. He went over to my desk and turned on the desk lamp. It was dark outside. I could hear the voices still booming from downstairs. He came over and sat down on the bed next to me. I was still quite drunk, but I was in that go with the flow kind of mood. I mean, who wouldn”t with this blue-eyed, hunk sitting next to me on the bed? He then seemed to have collapsed on my bed, laying back on his back. I looked down at him.

I noticed for the first time that he might have had a little too much to drink as well. He speech was somewhat slurred and he had beer on his breath. I realized now that I was naked under the sheets and that my cock was hard again

“Man, I think I drank a little too much tonight, Joe.,” he said, stretching out before me.

He closed his eyes. I just looked his whole body over. His Under Armour shirt clung nicely to his toned chest. His arms were all tan and veiny. His bulge in his shorts was clear. His legs I couldn”t see because they were dangling off the side of the bed.

We stayed that way for a few more minutes, and I could hear him falling asleep (or passing out).

“Justin,” I said, softly.

I was in no state of mind to make the right decisions. Who could with this hunk? This stud was sprawled out on my bed. I wanted to reach out and touch his chest so bad. I wanted to see what he had underneath his shorts. I wanted to feel and touch his whole body over.

Without thinking, I reached out and held my hand out over his chest. I was scared, but also confident in what I was doing. Tonight was going to be the night. Nothing was going to stop me. I heard some muffled laughter again from downstairs. But, I didn”t care.

I moved my hand so that it was now below his stomach. I just wanted to feel it. I lowed it down slowly and let it fall down right on his cock. Someone else took his jock off too. What I felt left little to the imagination. He had some mesh basketball shorts on that allowed me to feel his cock and balls underneath. I was careful not to move too quickly.

It was completely soft. It was like mine, a grower, not a shower. I let my hand rest on top of it for a while, making sure he wouldn”t wake up. I looked up over at his face, and he seemed to be still sleeping. But, something awoke underneath his shorts. I felt it growing under my hand and moving. He was getting hard! I dripped some pre out as I realized it was getting hard.

I started to rub it through the fabric and it rose up in no time. Surprisingly, he felt as though he was not much bigger than I was. Definitely not as big as Tony or Dan. I was surprised, but not disappointed. He was thicker than me, though. Justin shifted his body a little and that was enough to make me back off. Finally, a warning siren went off in my head, telling me that this was not a good thing to be doing.

Then, just as I was going to remove my hand, my door opened. Tony was standing there and I swear I must have looked like a deer caught in headlights. I was there, with my hand on my Uncle”s cock with my real Dad catching me. The look on Tony”s face changed from pure shock to something else that I can”t quite describe.

I took my hand off his cock quickly. Justin seemed to still be asleep and I was thankful for that at least. I looked up at Tony who motioned me to come out in the hallway. I slipped off the bed as quietly as I could and I walked slowly to the doorway. He still had that stern look on his face. I threw on my shorts that were on the floor next to the bed. I walked past him and waited in the hallway while he closed the door.

“Champ,” he said, softly. “Come downstairs with me.”

He waited for me to go first, so I took the lead and walked downstairs. All the while wondering what was going to happen now. There was no denying it. He caught me red handed with his brother”s dick in my hand. After the longest trip down the steps, I made it into the living room.

“Stay there,” he commanded as he went into the kitchen.

“Were they both passed out?” I heard Dan ask Tony.

“Well, you said you wanted to be included in raising our son, right?” Tony asked.

“Yeah,” Dan answered.

“Come in the living room. He”s sitting on the couch. And we need to talk to him. I caught him….” his voice fading as he continue the sentence.

“NO SHIT!” Dan exclaimed, laughing. “Joey?”

“Yep! And stop laughing. He”ll hear you! Now, can you handle this or not?”

“Okay,” Dan said, in a serious tone. “Let”s go.”

There you go! Chapter 12 is completed. I”m hoping to have Chatper 13 posted sooner than later. Meanwhile, please send all comments to aol Thanks again!!

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