Fun at the Village Fete Ch. 04

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Ava Addams

Chapter 4: Taming the Wild Women

Johnny slept late, and by the time he had awoken, dressed and walked to the site of the fete, it was past noon. Most of the village was, there, it seemed, and the grounds were crowded. Unsure of the layout, Johnny asked people at random where he could find Sally and Tabitha, but their answers were enigmatic. “Can’t miss ’em,” said one man, smirking. “I’m sure you’ll find them. They always make sure to be noticed,” a woman haughtily told a bit later. There seemed to be a greater density of people, shouting raucously, at one of the main stages, and Johnny found himself drawn there, figuring that he was most likely to find his relatives where the greatest number of people gathered.

People were jeering and yelling towards the stage, but with so many people standing elbow-to-elbow, it was hard to see at what. Johnny slipped through the crowd, until he had made his way to the front row. On the stage were two groups of figures The first was a naked woman, covered head to toe in a white substance that appeared to be frosting or whipped cream, restrained by two other women whose faces, hair and clothing seemed to have had a run-in with several cakes and pies. The other was a woman, who underneath a coating of dark, thick much seemed to be wearing an old-timey dress of some sort, and who was held, by four other women whose more contemporary clothes were splattered with mud. The two prisoners seemed familiar to Johnny, but with so much mess on both their faces and bodies, they were unrecognizable.

Onstage, the speaker was shouting. “…and furthermore, their record of mischief, of truancy, of deviance continues to this day!” The crowd roared in response. “Just this morning, these two troublesome women were–independently of each other–involved in altercations as this very fete. They attacked innocent members of our community, who were forced to effect citizens’ arrests.” The crowded hissed and jeered at the prisoners. “So, I ask you, people of the village: what shall be done with these wild women? If anyone thinks they can tame them, I invite you on stage now. This is your chance to mend the ways of our community’s biggest troublemakers: Sally and Tabitha!”

At these words, Johnny’s heart sank and his eyes grew wide. The two women onstage were his cousin and aunt. Determined to save them, Johnny ran up the stairs to the stage.

“Looks like we have our first volunteer!” the speaker declared as soon as Johnny came up, and he clapped his hand on Johnny’s should before he could take another step. “And what’s your name, young man?” Johnny noticed that the speaker was wearing a sash that said MAYOR on it.


“And how do you know these two ladies, Johnny?” the mayor asked, putting a sarcastic twang on the word “ladies”.

“Sally is my aunt, and Tabitha is my cousin.” When Johnny said this, the mayor made a face of shock and amusement, and turned toward the crowd, which responded with a mix of gasps and snickers.

“Well, Johnny,” the mayor finally said, “you’re not from around here, are you?” Laughter from the audience.


“So, you don’t know how we reform troublesome women, do you?”


“Johnny, I have an important question for you. Are you willing to whatever it takes to help you aunt and cousin?”



“Yes, anything. What do you want? Money?”

“Well, Johnny, it’s more like…community service.” Chuckles from the audience.

“What do you mean?”

“Johnny, the way we reform women in this village, is: we fuck them. We fuck them until their devious urges are sated and they’ve learned their place. Are you willing to do that Johnny? Are you willing to fuck your aunt and cousin?”

Johnny’s head was a whirlwind of emotions. He was a horny teen, so of course he wanted to have sex. But with his cousin? Wasn’t that technically incest? And his aunt? He was pretty sure that was just incest. But those objections were swept away by his lust. In fact, the taboo nature of the thought somehow made it more alluring. Then again, he didn’t want to appear too eager to carry out this act of incest.

Johnny made his best effort to seem serious and not smile. “I’ll do it,” he said, trying his hardest to keep his voice and body calm. Already, he could feel his cock swelling.

“Well, then, go right ahead,” said the mayor. “Who’s the first lucky lady?”

Johnny considered his options. Sally was completely naked and covered with sweet foods. Tabitha was wearing a dress and smelled fairly ripe. He decided to go with Sally.

“Age before beauty,” remarked the mayor as Johnny walked up to his aunt. She was squirming and struggling to break free from the women holding her, but when she saw Johnny approach she stopped.

“Johnny,” she said. “You don’t need to do this if you don’t want to.” Despite the layer of cream on her face, Johnny could see the shame in her expression.

“It seems like the only way,” he replied. “I’m want to do it. For you and Tabitha.”

“Thank you, Johnny. And…I love you.”

The kaçak iddaa women holding Sally released her. Johnny walked over to his aunt, and then paused, unsure of what to do. He had never been this far before.

“How about some oral to get things started?” prompted the mayor.

Johnny got to his knees and started licking. The cream was sweet, and it was soon joined by another, richer flavor. He realized it was his aunt’s pussy juices. Johnny went on, sucking her clit and then sticking his tongue into her pussy. Sally moaned, and Johnny encountered something solid, but soft, wedged in her vagina. It was some sort of baked good, like an eclair, saturated with her juices. Johnny ate it up. Now his access to her pussy was unobstructed. He could thrust his tongue deep into it, like he was french kissing a warm, toothless mouth. As he explored deeper and deeper, his aunt’s moans got louder and louder. Then he withdrew from her pussy and licked her clit. Sally cried out with lust, and a stream of liquid came from her genitals, arcing and hitting Johnny in the face.

“Looks like your aunt’s a squirter,” observed the mayor. “That’s pretty common around these parts. Now that she’s cum, you should have a go.”

Sally lay down on the floor and spread her legs. Johnny knew what to do next. He was so turned on that after barely two thrusts he started to grunt with orgasm. As he came inside of her, Sally held him tight, enjoying the feeling of the cock ejaculating, despite her knowledge of its incestuousness.

They both stood up, somewhat ashamed of their lusty behavior and unable to look each other in the eye. But casting their gaze downward wasn’t enough to prevent them from being reminded of what they had just done. Both of them saw the semen in Sally’s pussy leak out and flow down her thigh to join the cream there.

“Nice work, Johnny-cum-quickly,” said the mayor. “I can see that your aunt is more docile already. Now, let’s get to work on your cousin.”

The mud covered women brought over Tabitha. She was still struggling against their grip.

“Please,” begged Tabitha. “I’m a virgin.”

“So, what?” replied the mayor. “I’m pretty sure your cousin was until a few minutes ago. And he certainly rose to the occasion.”

“Well…it’s…” Tabitha tried to think of an excuse. “Well, I’m not sure if I’m into boys or girls?”

“That’s no problem!” said the mayor. “You can try both!”

“Both! That’s not fair! I shouldn’t have to get fucked twice.”

“Oh, don’t worry. We’ll let you have them simultaneously, so it will only count as one fucking. Saves time, too.”

Tabitha looked around nervously, unsure of what to say or do.

The mayor went on. “This is a great chance to see what your preferences are.”

“But, who–who will–who will the girl be?” Tabitha stammered. She was petrified of one of the women currently holding her having her way with her sexually.

“Hmmm…” the mayor stroked his chin in mock-contemplation. “Well, since Johnny did such a good job with his aunt, and since she seems to be resolved to be a better citizen of the village, how about Sally over here?”

“My–my mother?”

“It’s nice to keep things in the family. What do you say, Tabitha?”

“How–how will I do both at the same time?”

“Oh, it’s simple. You’ll bend over and eat out your mother. Johnny here will fuck you from behind. It’ll be fun for the whole family! What do you say?”

“What do I say?” Tabitha replied. “Let go of me. I won’t run.” The women released Tabitha. “I say: I’ll do it.” She reached around and undid her dress. The garment, heavy with manure, fell to the ground. She stood on the stage, now clad in only her panties and bra. Those garments, perhaps, had once been white, but now they were stained a dark brown. Tabitha reached around again and unclasped her bra. It joined her dress in a pile of soiled fabric.

There were cheers and wolf-whistles of appreciation as Tabitha’s breasts came into view. Johnny noticed that the women on stage were responding peculiarly to the show Tabitha was putting on. One of the ones covered in cream had her hand up her dress and another one–the one without any pants–was openly rubbing herself through her messy panties. Even the mud-covered women were clearly turned on. They were running their hands over themselves, stroking their breasts and hips through their dirty clothes, as though they wanted to masturbate but were too shy to start openly stimulating their genitals. Johnny tried to see if anyone in the audience–it was mostly female–was doing anything similar, but there were bright stage lights in his eyes and it was hard to make anything out.

Tabitha hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. Her body was still covered in most places by a thick coat of manure. She ran her hands over herself–along her arms, down her legs, over her breasts, her face, her belly and even her ass–to scrape as much of it off as possible. When she was done, she was still covered in a thin layer over kaçak bahis her skin. She didn’t even try to do anything with her hair; it was a lost cause.

“OK, I’m ready,” said Tabitha. She walked over to her mother and got on her knees. She looked up at her with watery eyes. “Mommy…” she began, and trailed off.

“It’s OK, baby,” Sally replied. “I’m here for you. I’m glad I get to be part of your first time.”

Tabitha approached her mother’s pussy with trepidation. She leaned forward and gently placed a kiss in the middle of her pubic area.

“A bit lower, sweetie,” said Sally.

Tabitha kissed lower.


Tabitha kissed lower.

“Lower still. Oh–that feels good. Yes, right there. You feel that? That’s my clit. Yes, just kiss it. Now, lick it. Oh, suck it too! Mmmmm…I think I might cum soon.”

“Let’s not leave Johnny out of things,” the mayor interjected.

Tabitha got up on all fours, presenting her pussy to her cousin. Johnny was already hard from watching the mother-daughter show and didn’t need any instructions on what to do next. He got behind Tabitha, penetrated her and started thrusting. Every thrust pushed Tabitha forward into her mother’s pussy, causing Sally to cry out in pleasure. Johnny increased his tempo as he got more and more excited. Tabitha felt her own climax building.

And then there was a triple explosion. Johnny started cumming, flooding his cousin’s pussy with cum. Sally let out a deep, loud moan and began to squirt onto her daughter’s face, shamelessly enjoying the incestuous cunnilingus in front of an audience of hundreds. Tabitha, being squirted into and onto from front and back felt the biggest orgasm of her life. Her pussy twitched involuntarily, stimulating Johnny’s pumping cock. Her tongue and mouth lapped up her mother’s fluids as the flowed over her face. Her entire body tingled with pleasure and her head began to spin. Johnny and Sally sat down, spent. Tabitha, completely exhausted, fell, panting, in a heap between them.

“Oh, shit, I’m cumming!” It was one of he cream-covered ladies. Her panties were around her ankles. In one hand, she held her dress up around her waist. The other hand was furiously rubbing her clit. “Fuuuuuck!” she shouted, and a stream of liquid arced from her crotch onto Sally. It was like a spark that lit a fire. One of the other cream-covered women, the one without pants, kicked off her panties and rubbed herself to climax too, squirting directly onto Sally’s face. Then others joined in. The mud-covered girls rushed Tabitha and squirted on her from four directions at one.

Now other women were coming up, walking up the steps and even climbing up onto the stage. Pants and panties were tossed to the ground, dress and skirts hitched up. Everyone wanted in on the action. It seemed like every woman in the village was a squirter, and they all wanted to squirt on Sally and Tabitha. Watching his aunt and cousin be assaulted from all angles by the jets of liquid, Johnny was reminded of some of the bukkake videos he’s seen on the internet. But this was different, some sort of reverse, female bukakke.

Sally and Tabitha crawled toward each other, the liquid spraying on them like a sexual thunderstorm. Mother and daughter held each other tight, comforting each other. As they clung to each other, their legs became tangled together. Soon, familial love turned into mindless lust. Gentle caresses transitioned into heavy petting. Soft touches became gropes.

Tabitha realized that she was thirsty. It had been a long day, and she hadn’t had anything to drink since breakfast. Operating purely on instinct, she latched onto her mother’s teat and began openly breastfeeding in front of the crowd. The vaginal fluid she had licked off first was just an appetizer to her meal.

Seeing Tabitha suck milk from her mother’s boobs only inflamed the crowd’s passions. More women came on stage, and many of those already there circled around for another turn. Not everyone’s attention was focused on Sally and Tabitha. Johnny found himself the focus of two messy women. One was covered in mud and seemed to be around his age; the other was covered in cream and look just old enough to be her mother. In fact, there was a resemblance, visible even beneath the mess. As the older one locked lips with Johnny and the younger one stroked his hardening cock, he reflected that this wouldn’t be his first mother-daughter threesome; it wouldn’t even be the first one today.

Sally and Tabitha began to scissor each other, rubbing their pussies together. They were getting more and more excited, moaning and crying out. Every time they opened their moths, more fluid flowed in, but that only made the experience naughtier and more fun. Johnny was enjoying the sight, but then his view was blocked. The cream-covered woman put her legs on either side of his head and let the sodden fabric of her dress fall. “Time to lick out *my* pussy now,” she said. Johnny complied, lapping up and gulping down the cream and other sweet fluids to be found between her legs. Mean while, he illegal bahis felt first a mouth sucking his cock, and then what was unmistakably a pussy. The mud-covered girl was riding his cock. Johnny realized he must look a total mess now, his upper half covered with cream and his lower half with mud. But he was having too much fun to care.

“Mommy…” came a voice. It was the muddy girl riding his cock. The creamy woman riding his face got up and turned around to face Johnny’s lower half. Then Johnny heard kissing and realized that the woman on top of his face was making out with her own daughter, who still had his cock stuffed up her twat. The thought turned Johnny on even more, and he enthusiastically began rimming the woman on top of him, cleaning out every drop of custard from between her ass-cheeks.

“Mmmm…Renata….feels so good…mommy….you feel so good…everything feels so good…” it was a woman’s voice, Johnny wasn’t sure who. Maybe one or the other or both of the women using his body for their pleasure. Then he also heard Sally and Tabitha’s moans reach a crescendo. At that moment, two sets of mothers and daughters came simultaneously. In that moment, Tabitha also discovered her talent for squirting, her jet of fluid joining her mother’s like a Sapphic, incestuous fountain. Sally and Tabitha both felt orgasms rack their bodies, collaborating to build their pleasure in defiance of all taboos. Seeing this and feeling the stimulation of Johnny’s tongue and cock, Celia and Renata also same in synchrony. As Celia felt her pussy begin to twitch, she had the presence of mind to lift up her dress so that her daughter would get to be sprayed with her orgasmic fluids. Meanwhile, Renata was having the time of her life, feeling Johnny squirt his cum inside her as her mother squirted all over her. Her whole body seemed to be spasming and she shouted “Oh, fuck, yes!” as she climaxed shamelessly in front of her mother and a whole host of villagers.

With that, there was a lull in proceedings. Sally and Tabitha, having been squirted on so many times, were now almost completely clean. At least, they were free of obvious mess, and they seemed to glow with the sheen of the fluids that coated them. Johnny, who had started clean, was now messy. He sat up and looked at the two women who had just fucked him. The younger one was lying on the ground, smiling. Her dress was up around her waist and her panties were nowhere to be found. He could see his semen flowing from her pussy, the white contrasting against the grey-brown mud that coated her legs. The older woman stood, pulled her dress over her head, took off her bra, and then, completely naked now (if you didn’t count the cream and frosting that still clung to much of her body) squatted over Johnny’s lap.

Johnny saw the look in her eyes. It was fierce and lustful. It was like she wanted Johnny’s cock, but she also wanted to one-up her daughter and dominate him. Johnny’s cock rose into her hot, wet pussy. The look in her eyes was a challenge and Johnny accepted it. He rose up, and Celia fell back, her legs spread. Now Johnny was the dominant one, and he fucker her hard. Something about this woman made him want to dethrone her, to degrade her and put her in her place. Johnny fucked her with long, forceful thrusts. He had already cum multiple times, and now he was going to last a while.

Celia was lost in a vortex of torment and pleasure. She felt humiliated at being dominated publicly like this, and the boy was fucking her too hard. His cock was so thick that she felt stretched out, and every thrust he made crashed their pelvises together. But at the same time, she loved being stretched out, she loved having her pussy fucked deeper and deeper, her entire body jostled by the shockwaves of a young, lusty phallus. And, despite all her inclinations, she loved being humiliated.

In this moment, it felt right. She felt so free. Nothing mattered now. Not being head of the fete committee or showing Sally who was boss. All she had to do was lie back and get fucked like a slut. Her eyes were slits, half-closed with pleasure, but she could just make out Sally and Tabitha standing over her. The two women were rubbing their hairy pussies, and then Celia realized what they were doing.

As Sally and Tabitha came, they aimed their squirts at Celia’s face. It completed the humiliation. Opening her mouth as much in anticipation as pleasure as embarrassment, Celia drank down as much of the girl-cum was she could, and when her mouth was full, she let the rest flow over her face. She couldn’t get any lower than this, yet somehow she couldn’t possibly feel any better, and she came. Her pussy contracted on Johnny’s cock, which finally yielded its cum deep inside of her.

Celia’s mind reeled, and the intensity of her orgasm increased until she thought she might pass out. She barely clung to consciousness, and lie there, twitching, leaking semen, and giving small squirts of her own. She was aware that she was making a spectacle of herself now, but that only causing a resurgence of her humiliation and her lust. Several times, she lost herself to pleasure, then recovered enough to realize her surroundings, felt the mixture of feelings flush through her body and then lost herself to pleasure again.

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