A Fun Night

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Note: I’ve been an anonymous fan of this site for some time, it was only recently that I became interested in trying to write a story of my own. Any comments/Helpful hints you have will be very much appreciated. I know the spelling isn’t the best, right now I’m working with MS Works, hopefully I’ll be able to get office xp or something soon. Hope you enjoy…


As we stumble in you reach over and wrap your body around mine in a passionate embrace. When we fall to the ground neither of us notices until we roll over and bump into the door. Ignoring it we continue to enjoy exploring each other. Eventually my fingers find the bottom of your t-shirt on their own accord and begin feeling underneath it. Your body shivers with excitement as I roll us over and position myself on top. I gently guide your T-shirt up and over your head, and begin attacking your neck with my lips while my hands caress your breasts through the fabric of your bra.

You shove me off hard for no particular reason and as I stumble backward out onto the front porch you come flying after me and tackle me to the hard wood. I lay there in a daze for a minute while you giggle and get up to go after my shoes, with twin fluid motions you dispose of my footwear leaving both my feet bare.

I get up onto my elbows, look you in kuşadası escort the eyes and grin, then say in a serious voice “So that’s how we are doing things tonight is it.” An excitement lights up in your eyes as you quickly nod your head and dart away and start weaving your way through the plants and trees that surround the house. I catch up to you as you slowdown to go around a sharp corner and pull your body tightly against my chest as I feel my bare feet sliding uncontrollably on the grass. With you fighting against my arms I know I’m not going to be standing much longer so I control the fall by twisting our bodies around and making sure you land on top of me.

Upon hitting the ground my arms lessen their grip enough to make me think I’m going to have to chase you some more, but I’m able to tighten it again just as your about to get away. I roll us over so I’m on top then trap both of your hands to the ground with one of mine and use the other to reach around your back and undo your bra. You wiggle and squirm the whole time to make it impossible, but after what seems like ages I’m finally able to toss it aside. I maneuver myself so that I can free my hands without you getting away, as I begin taking off my shirt I feel your hands undoing my fly.

Somehow I manage to get myself stuck with the shirt half off making me blind and unable to use my arms. Sensing this vulnerability you squirm your way out from under me and take off as I finally get the dam shirt off. I stand up and begin my pursuit when my pants drop to my knees sending me hard to the ground. For your part your part you double over laughing which gives me an idea. I quickly reposition myself on the ground without you noticing and pretend to be passed out.

When you finally begin to calm down you begin to get worried about the way I’m laying there and try to coax me up by telling me that your ready for the main event. It almost breaks my resolve but not quite, I continue to lay there without moving until you get close enough then reach up and yank your skirt halfway down before you try to run away. It worked perfectly I think as you try to run away and fall flat on your face. I quickly get up shaking my pants the rest of the way off and reach over to pull on your skirt. Once that’s dealt with I pull your panties down to your ankles and lay down on top of your breasts. I look down into your eyes and thoughtfully ask “Just what did you have in mind for this main event?” You squirm beneath me for a minute before giving up then admit “I didn’t have anything particular in mind” then go on “but you already knew that didn’t you”

“Mhm” is the only reply I give you as I go about trying to figure out what I want to do now. You decides for me though by reaching down and pulling me out of my boxers and whispering “I’m on top this time”

When I wake up the next morning the first thing I notice is your arms supporting you head while it rests peacefully on my chest. The way your legs are entwined around mine, the way my manhood is gently pushing against your stomach, and your breasts raising and lowering your body as you breath. I go back to watching your face as I try to decide whether I should wake you before someone notices or continue not to care. A half hour latter I feel myself stir downstairs, you open your eyes and slyly ask if maybe I was enjoying myself a little too much.

Right then we both hear a loud gasp coming from the other side of a wall of bushes and look to see a one of the local elderly community staring at us wide eyed. We both jump up at the same time and bolt past our clothing strewn all across the yard and into the front door which was never closed the night before. As I slam the door behind us we both collapse against it and immediately begin laughing hysterically. After a few minutes I slowly stop laughing and begin to enjoy your beauty, the way all of your muscles twitch as you laugh. Laughing so hard that your eyes begin watering, its all too much for me to resist and I can’t help myself as I reach over and cover your mouth with mine. A couple minutes latter the laughter is gone to be replaced by lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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