A New Light

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It was a sunny Saturday and I was walking to my friend, Tim’s place. We are both high school seniors and usually spend the weekends hanging out at his place, playing video games and such. His mom doesn’t mind me being over so much, actually I think she enjoys having the extra company. Tim’s mom, Maria, was always nice to me. Since she was like my second mom, I did not think of her in a sexual way. But I guess she is attractive for her age. She has some extra weight on her but not enough to call her fat. Just enough to have a curvy body that can make her look good. I have seen her go out with men over the years, some of which I see leaving the house in the wee of the morning. One of these times, before Maria left for her date, the shirt she was wearing showed a tattoo of a rose wrapped around a sword between her breasts. My guess is she got it when she was still a teenager, a bit of a rebel I guess.

Anyway, I arrived at Tim’s place and let myself in as usual. Maria was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and she looked up when I walked in.

“Hello Austin. There are some pancakes there, feel free to help yourself.”

“Thanks” As I helped myself to some pancakes, Tim came down the staircase and joined us. The three of us chatted lightly till I was done. Then TIm and I went downstairs to the TV and left Maria alone.

A few hours later Maria joined us and the three of us played video games together. I always liked that Maria enjoyed playing video games with us. Made her feel more like a friend than a friend’s mom. Eventually Maria got up and said she had a date tonight and had to get ready. Tim and I decided to quit the games and watch a bit of tv. After about a hour of watching stupid comedies, Tim suggested to watch a movie instead.

“Put something in, but first I have to take a piss.” I said.

“Sure, just use the upstairs one cause the main one’s plumbing is acting up. The plumber is coming tomorrow.”

Nodding I walked to the stairs to walk upstairs. When I reached the top landing I noticed that Maria’s door was closed. “Must still be getting ready for her date” I thought. I turned to head to the bathroom and as I approached, I saw the door was closed except for ajar. I motioned to open it all the way to enter it, then stopped. Through the crack of the opening I could see the mirror in the bathroom, In the mirror I saw the reflection of Maria sitting on the side of the bathtub. I couldn’t look away because Maria had her shirt off and was in the middle of fingering herself. I watched as two of her right fingers repeatedly slammed into her vagina while her left hand played with her tits. Her head was back, eyes closed and mouth open in a silent moan. bursa escort

I instantly had a hard-on and had a strong urge to rush in to the bathroom and replace her fingers with my now fully erect cock. It was as if my feet were super glued to the ground, I could not move. I stood outside the bathroom door watching the reflection of Maria getting closer to orgasming. As I watched she inserted another finger into her dripping vagina and pounded it harder. Her other hand tugging at her perky breasts. I couldn’t ignore my throbbing cock anymore, and unzipped my pants to start stroking my dick. Just as I started to stroke though, Maria she started to squirm on the spot and finger fuck herself harder. She fell off the side of the tub and squirmed on the bathroom floor with an orgasmic face. As she came, even though her mouth was open wide, she only a small squeal, and I’m sure she held back since Tim and I were in the house. Looked like it was not her first time keeping quiet.

She started to get up from her spot. Since I still had my hard cock in my hand I quickly, and hopefully quietly, shoved it in my pants and walked to the stairs. I descended them as quickly and quietly that I could manage and retook my seat on the couch.

“Where were you man?” Tim asked. I tried to hide the tent I still had and answered

“Yeah sorry, I took longer than I thought I would.”

As the movie played, I could not concentrate on it but rather thought of what just happened. My head was still buzzing at the fact that I just saw Maria, practically my second mother, masturbating. At first I felt ashamed for liking it but seeing her body shake with ecstasy made me so horny that all other thoughts were vaporized.

Later, Maria came down the stairs dressed for her date. She was wearing a low cut shirt that showed her breasts and a skirt that ended just before her knees. I only glanced her way cause I felt guilty if I looked at her any longer. Like she would know what I saw if my eyesight lingered.

“Night boys, don’t wait up” She said, giggling.

“Night” Tim and I said back, I said it a little quieter. I could tell she was giving me a look in my peripheral, but I did not meet it. She soon left when her date arrived.

Tim and I continued to watch the movie, but I could not concentrate on it. My thoughts kept travelling to the upstairs bathroom and how much I liked what I saw. I decided to go home early even though Tim suggested I stay the night. For some reason I did not want to see if Maria brought her date back home so I declined. I had trouble sleeping that night as the image of Maria’s quivering naked body did not want to leave my head. I ended up masturbating to the image and bursa escort bayan fell asleep instantly once I came.

The next day I contemplated going back to Tim’s since I still felt guilty. But I decided to go anyway. When I arrived at the house, Maria was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. When she saw me she smiled and said “Oh Austin, come join me.”

Without looking at her, I joined her at the table and started to eat. I kept feeling her gaze at me. I broke the silence first, “So, where’s Tim?”

“Oh, he had some errands to run. He will be back this afternoon.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Gives us some time to chat” she added with a slight eagerness. For the first time I looked up at her and asked, “Ok. So, how was your date last night.”

“Abysmal.” She said simply. “Was not the highlight of my night.”

“Why was it so ba… what was the highlight of the night?”

She giggled. “Oh I think you know. I heard you scamper down the stairs as I left the bathroom last night.”

She beamed at me as my face turned red hot.

“It is ok that you saw me. I kinda like the idea of you watching me. Did you like it?” she asked.

“Ummm, yes I did. At first I felt kinda guilty.”

“And why is that?”

“Cause you thought you were alone”

“Yes I did. Do you want to make it fair then? A clean slate?”

Curiously I asked, “Yeah sure, how would we do that?”

She smiled and said “Follow me.”

She stood up, grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs and to her bedroom. As I followed, I realized she was wearing a thin house coat and it seemed like nothing else. When we arrived at her bedroom she looked at me and said “Since you took what was supposed to be a private moment for me, I am going to take what is supposed to be a private moment for you”

I looked at her not knowing what she was talking about. “Huh!?!”

“I want you to lie down on my bed and masturbate while I watch.”

“That’s crazy” but even as I said it, I started to get turned on at the thought of jerking off with Maria watching.

“No it’s not. Now lie down on the bed and take off your clothes.” She said forcefully.

I took off my shirt and pants to stand with only my underwear on, which were nicely showing my tent.

“Lie down, take off your underwear and start to stroke” she commanded. She seemed to be highly enjoying herself.

I did what she told me to do and when I took off my underwear her eyes never left the sight of my cock. I started to stroke it, at first lightly.

“Austin I have a confession to make. When I thought that maybe you saw me yesterday in the bathroom I got extra horny. That is why my date was terrible, escort bursa because all I think of was you”

I couldn’t believe she was saying these words. It got me hornier and I stroked faster. She liked seeing this.

“You seem to be doing good so far. I think you could use some motivation.” With that she took off her house coat and let it fall to the ground. I was right she wasn’t wearing anything. When I saw her curvy body with her large perky breasts for now the second time, I almost tore my dick off. Sex in her eyes, Maria walked over to me on the bed, grabbed my hand that is stroking my cock and replaced with her own. At her touch I exploded and shot my load high into the air. It landed on my chest and Maria leaned in and licked it all off. The feel of her breasts rubbing against my body, made me instantly hard again. She noticed this and wasted not time in kissing my body southbound till she placed her mouth on my cock.

It was the best blow job I had ever had. She was a pro at it. Her tongue licked the head of my cock and when she started to put her tongue inside the hole of my dick, I exploded again. This time into her mouth which she swallowed every bit. I laid back, almost exhausted and in shock of what just happened. But when she moved her lips to mine and kissed me passionately, I found the fountain of youth. As we made out, I rubbed my again hard cock between her pussy lips, teasing her. As she started to moan, I turned her on her back and started to kiss every part of her body. I started at her neck, down to her large breasts. I took one in my mouth and grabbed the other one with my hand, then I swapped. Still using my hands to play with her breasts, I continued to kiss her body, making my way down. When I reached her belly button I kissed around it and then put my tongue in it. Maria moaned and pushed my head to keep going down.

I followed her orders but took a detour to her legs, kissing them and teasing her even more. When I thought she could not take any more teasing I started to kiss her very wet pussy, I soon found her clit. I licked, kissed and sucked on till her whole body shook and she screamed “OHHHHH FUCK YES. FUCK ME NOW”

“Good to hear your screams”


“As you wish.”

I gently slid my cock into her awaiting vagina. At first I was gentle and slow. But quickly I could tell that is not what she wanted so I quickened the pace. She moved her body with my pace. I grabbed her tits as they jiggled with our movements. I felt my my balls start to tighten. As if on cue, I felt her vagina tighten around me and shot my load as she came. I slowly continued to fuck her till I was done shooting my load.

We lay together panting till Maria got up and said, “Very good Austin, we are going to have to do that again.”

“For sure, can’t wait.”

After that Maria and I never missed a chance to get together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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