Ada Learns Something

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Author’s note: This is a fantasy. Got that? Good. It’s not real. It’s not about or based on real people. It’s not supposed to be a genuine description of any reasonably likely physical acts or psychological states.

If you try any of this at home, that’s your decision.


Ada Learns Something

It happened while Stewart was pounding into her from above, using his weight to slam against her cervix on each stroke.

Ada looked up at him, in the haze of almost-exhaustion and pre-orgasmic glow, and suddenly felt herself filled with a warm glow of affection.

She felt an impulse to reach up and tenderly wipe away the sweat pouring down his flushed face. She couldn’t do that because her arms were pinned by her legs, which were pinned against her ribcage by Stewart’s arms.

They had been going for a while, now.

He had started on her as they undressed, sucking on her pierced nipples until they were aching and tender and then working his mouth down her belly as her jeans came off, passing her carefully trimmed triangle of hair and going down on her with lips, and tongue, and teeth, and fingers in both of her holes, until she screamed and thrashed and squirted into his mouth.

Then she had rolled him over so she could play with his cock and his balls slowly and teasingly until he began to pulse and he took charge again before he came.

He rolled her onto her side and slid behind her, hooking his arm around her upper knee and holding it next to her ribcage as he pushed his thick cock into her with some effort. He fucked her in long strokes, slapping into her hard each time while she held onto the bed’s frame above her head.

She clenched her pussy around him as hard as she could and was rewarded by heavy grunting followed by uneven thrusts and finally an explosion deep inside her. With one of his hands holding painfully onto her breast to anchor the arm holding her leg, and his other hand mauling her other breast and nipple, she came at almost the same time.

When he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back, she twisted around and wiggled down the bed, lubricating her fingers with some of the come leaking out of her. She used her mouth to coax him back to full hardness, then wiggled two fingers into his arse and began vigorously massaging his prostate until he squirted into her mouth.

She didn’t swallow until she had slithered up his body and smeared some of his come onto his tongue.

That was when he grabbed her shoulders and forcibly rolled her over, pinning her to the bed and folding her back on herself before threatening to fuck her until she couldn’t walk for a week.

He pounded her brutally while she goaded him on with taunts and lewd suggestions, until she suddenly felt a warm glow suffuse her whole being.

She stared at his face in an almost religious awe, committing every line and plane to memory, and felt her growing orgasm, that she had been resisting until his was inevitable, soaring up and threatening to overwhelm her with ecstasy.

She was pinned to the bed as effectively as a hogtie, and for the first time it felt frustrating instead of erotic.

Suddenly, instead of challenging him to make her come, she was helpless in the face of his aggression and dominant fucking, and could do nothing except gasp out “Fuck me like a cheap whore!” as her third orgasm thundered through her.

The spasms of her cunt finally pushed him into an exhausted spurt before he collapsed onto her, landing heavily on her beasts.

She felt her body burning with joy everywhere they touched. She disengaged her legs from his arms and wrapped them around him, holding him tightly between her thighs.

She felt too good to say anything immediately. She just wanted to hold him and kiss him and lick him and have him slowly fuck in and out of her until she was helpless with exhaustion.

She slid one hand down his back to his arse and wriggled one finger inside him.

He grunted in surprise. “Jesus, aren’t you done yet?” He growled.

“Nuh, uh.” She squeezed him a little harder between her thighs and wiggled her finger in his arse.

“Want me to fuck your arse until you’re crying?”

“Mmm, yes, please.”

She felt him shrink inside her, and felt a brief and entirely alien pang of regret and self-recrimination that she couldn’t keep him hard

He pulled out and rolled off her, lifting one of her legs to get out of her grip. “I need a shower.”

She rolled onto her side to watch him walk away. She saw him surrounded by a bright halo that highlighted every detail of his gorgeous, muscular back and buttocks.

She shook her head. What was wrong with her? She didn’t even like her men heavily muscled. She just liked his enthusiasm and his fat cock.

But there was something…

The shower started in the bathroom. Fuck it. She swung her legs off the bed and, walking carefully but still walking, she went to join him.

“I’m still walking, you’ll have to try harder,” she said as she stepped in and took almanbahis adres the soap off him to start rubbing over his back.

He just grunted, and didn’t say anything as she soaped herself thoroughly and then used her body to soap his by wiggling all over him.

She tried to entice him back to hardness but he remained stubbornly flaccid as she washed and rinsed him, so she had to content herself with the tingling pleasure of touching him all over.

When he was dry, he collapsed onto the bed and was asleep in minutes. She forced herself to lie on her back, staring at the ceiling while she tried to work out what the fuck was wrong with her. She didn’t do lovey-dovey crap. She fucked. In fact, she fucked around, with frequent testing and a small group of trusted friends. What was happening to her now?

She looked across at him, and felt a rising urge to stroke his face tenderly. She shuddered at herself before the urge become irresistible, rolled onto her side away from him and tried to go to sleep.

In the morning, she woke up snuggled against him, with one arm flung across his broad chest and one leg across his hips.

He woke with a groan soon after she did, and pushed her leg off him.

“I have to piss,” he mumbled, lurching off to the bathroom still half-asleep.

When he returned, his cock was at half-mast and he was more awake. She was waiting for him, lying on her back, naked and without even the thin sheet that had been all they had needed during the night. She reached out for him with a smile she didn’t realise she had until it was set in place.

“Roll over,” he growled with a rising cock and a gleam in his eye. “You did ask me to fuck you in the arse until you were crying.”

Well, she couldn’t argue with that.

She rolled onto her stomach, spread her legs and reached up to grip the bed frame as he knelt next to her on the bed.

He held her down with one hand on her lower back as he felt between her thighs, establishing his absolute dominance over her body. He rubbed her lips roughly, and pushed two fingers inside her as soon as he felt the first trace of dew. She was soon wet enough for him to finger-fuck her vigorously, and to moisten his thumb before pushing it past her puckered sphincter into her arse.

He waited until she was groaning and shivering before he pulled his hand away, pushed his cock into her cunt for a couple of strokes to get it nice and wet, and then slowly forced it into her arse.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to relax and not fight back as he stretched her open. His was the biggest cock ever to fuck her arse, and it was on the very limit of what she could stand.

She bit her lip and involuntarily tightened her grip on the bed frame, but after his head had bulldozed into her, it wasn’t so bad and she could start enjoying the feeling of his shaft rubbing in and out of her.

He started slowly and then gradually accelerated as she accommodated him, and she began enjoying it until he increased speed to the point where it became almost uncomfortable and she had to bite her lip and picture him thrusting in and out of her so the mental image would help her keep the sensation erotic.

He kept increasing speed, and a whimper escaped her lip, but she didn’t think of asking him to slow down.

He sped up a little more, and she buried her face in the bed, willing herself to take it.

“Until you cry,” he panted as he kept relentlessly fucking her arse. “Try walking after this.”

She was determined that she would not, under any circumstances, cry. Not from just having her arse reamed out. She clenched her jaw and then relaxed it again, closed her eyes and willed her body to settle into the eroticism of it.

Her body became so limp that every thrust shook it and he increased his efforts again.

She heard and felt him grow near, and felt a tinge of satisfaction. He soon grunted, shuddered, and buried himself to the hilt between her buttocks as he shook with release.

She smiled to herself, blissfully happy that she had pleased him. Then her eyes snapped open in shock. Where the fuck had that come from? Let him worry about pleasing himself!

As he took a breath and started fucking her again, she wormed one hand underneath her and began vigorously jilling herself. She drove herself to two orgasms before he came again, but could feel herself struggling for strength under his relentless assault.

“I can keep going,” he growled, a hint of satisfaction in his voice as he sensed her flagging energy. “I think I should have pushed a vibrator into you before I started.”

The thought made her go limp. “Oh, god, no,” she moaned.

He laughed, and sped up, attacking her arse brutally now. Struggling against his assault and against her own perverse feelings for him, she surrendered and gave him the satisfaction of seeing her start crying softly.

He laughed all the way to his next shuddering spurt, and then pulled out abruptly, sending one blob of come onto almanbahis adresi her buttocks. As she was gasping for relief, he rolled over, rummaged in her bedside drawers, and pulled out a long, metal cylinder.

Her eyes flew open. “Don’t you fucking dare!”

She tried to twist away, but he pinned her down with one hand again and trapped her legs under one of his before reaching between them and unerringly driving the dildo inside her before turning it on to maximum.


“Say my name, bitch,” he said conversationally as he twisted it inside her.

“Nnnng, Stewart!”

“Who’s got the biggest cock to fuck your arse until you cried?”

“Stewart!” she gasped out again, trying to thrash free but helpless against the weight of his hand on her back. She tried to squeeze her thighs around his wrist, but his leg was jamming them open.

“Who is going to hold this here until you can’t say my name any more?”

“Stewwwwwwnnnnggggg AAAAA!”

As the shudders of her orgasm died away, he kept smoothly twisting the dildo around inside her.

“Oh, fuck, please!”

“Please what?”

“Please, Stewart, don’t make me come again!”

“Please, Stewart, what?”

“Oh, fuck you!”

“I can keep this up longer than you can.”

She had to bury her face in the bed as another orgasm threatened to overwhelm her, then his thumb found her clit and she convulsed helplessly.

“Please, Stewart, sir, stop making me cum,” she groaned.

“Say it again.”

“Please, Stewart, sir, stop making me cum!”

“Just once more.”

“Oh, god, no …”

His thumb began vigorously rubbing her clit as he pressed the dildo as far into her as it would go.

Her entreaties became babbling until she shook again, weakly this time, and he pulled the dildo out, leaving it, still buzzing violently, next to her sweaty, tear-streaked face.

After a few moments she weakly reached up to turn it off, and when the buzzing stopped she heard the shower running.

She managed to roll over, and began cleaning the dildo with her mouth.

When he came out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist, she was still lying exhausted on the bed.

“That’s what I like to see,” he said approvingly. “A hot woman fucked into submission.”

“Fuck you.” The response was automatic, but she couldn’t deny a burst of pleasure at his approval.

He laughed as he headed towards the kitchen. “Coffee?”


She forced herself to move, aware she was leaking come onto the bed. She tried to stand, then collapsed onto the ground and had to crawl to the toilet.

“What are you up to tonight?” she asked when she was finally sitting at the kitchen table in a dressing gown, her hands wrapped around a mug of coffee.

He made a sour face. “Got to work late.”

“Pity. Give me a call next time you’re free.”


When she had seen him off, having to restrain herself from kissing him goodbye, she sat back at the table and buried her head in her hands. What the hell was wrong with her? She couldn’t be going soppy!

She was free that day, which just meant free to fret inside her own head, so after making the bed, she drove herself out the door to go shopping, after she had recovered enough to walk properly.

The next day, she had a shoot with a photographer she had known almost since childhood.


Ruby glanced up from her laptop. “Hey, Ada. Coffee in the pot.” She was wearing an ill-fitting painter’s smock over bare legs and feet, but her face had the driven look of a perfectionist.

“Cheers. What am I wearing today?”

“Get your kit off.”

“Ooh, goody. “

Ada sat on the edge of a freshly made single bed, stark naked in the warm studio, sipping coffee while Ruby stalked around checking light.

Finally, Ruby turned back to Ada. “Okay, I’m going for sultry, to start with. Black and white and nothing gynaecological. Get under the sheet to start with.”

After five minutes of Ada stretching, twisting and posing, with the sheet working its way slowly down off first one breast, then the other, then down to her waist, and one leg coming out, Ruby stopped shooting.

“Ada, what’s that look on your face?”

Ada had to drag her mind back to the present. “Huh?”

“You were giving me good sultry, and suddenly you went dreamy.”

“I did?”

Ruby leant on a tripod and gave her friend a piercing look. “Something up with you, girl. Spill.”

Ada flopped back on the bed, holding the twisted-up sheet between her legs and unconsciously using her forearms to squeeze her breasts around the cotton. Ruby grabbed a couple of shots.

“I don’t know. I was fucking Stewart the other night …”

“Huh! Lucky you!”

“Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t.”

“Yeah, okay, fair point. Go on.”

“And we were into it for a while, and then he was fucking me, and I was pinned and he was above me all hot and sweaty and I got all … I don’t know.”

Ruby almanbahis adres smiled wickedly. “You’re in love now, then?

“Fuck off!”

“So what, then?”

Ada squeeze the sheet harder, using her feet to pull it down across her crotch. She shivered with delight. Ruby managed to capture the moment. “Fuck, I don’t know. It was weird. Suddenly I just wanted to do things for him. I still don’t like him much, personally. I mean, he fucks hard, and he’s got a great cock, but he’s got too much muscle to be really attractive and he’s kind of an arse still. I thought maybe I’d had a stroke or something.”

Ruby raised an eyebrow, and lifted her head from peering intently at her camera’s screen to look straight at Ada, who was beginning to unconsciously twist her body around the sheet with a look of remembered ecstasy on her face. Ruby kept on filling the camera’s memory card.

Ada stopped moving, and went limp again. “If he’s broken me, I’ll fucking kill him.”

“What, broken you for everyone else?” Ruby snorted. “Fat chance!”

Ada turned her head sideways and gave Ruby a calculating look. Yes: she felt like a woman right now. She threw the rope of sheet to one side. “Come here and try me, then.”

Ruby gave her a calculating look back, and flicked a glance at the clock on her wall before setting her camera down and pulling her smock over her head. “Yeah, alright then.”

Ruby didn’t have Ada’s rigorously sculpted body, but her small breasts were firm and nicely shaped and the slight outward curve of her belly just accentuated her femininity. She was not wearing panties and did not bother shaving.

She crawled onto the bed, giving Ada a tonsil-cleaning kiss from above as Ada reached up to gently stroke and rub her nipples.

When Ruby’s nipples were swollen and hard, she broke the kiss and slipped down the bed, going straight to Ada’s already damp pussy and making it damper with her own saliva, expertly alternating between teasing the lips, penetrating with her tongue, and rubbing the swollen clit, not using her fingers because she knew she didn’t have to. Ada started off whispering gleeful encouragement, then began sighing happily, then moaning deep in her throat, clutching at her own breasts and squeezing them roughly as her orgasm grew slowly but sweetly and irresistibly until she shouted and came.

Ruby sat up, grabbed one of Ada’s legs and held it straight up as she laid one of her own legs across Ada’s hips, using a firm grip on Ada’s thigh to pull their crotches together.

Ada grinned up at Ruby and rocked her hips up and down to rub their pussy lips together. Ruby wrapped her hands around Ada’s leg, one on her shin pressing the calf into her breast and one on the top of the thigh, and ground her crotch into Ada’s. She was beginning to breathe heavily, and was contributing her own moisture to the slickness between them.

Ada, her pussy still sensitive from coming once, kept rocking her hips up and down as she reached up to stroke Ruby’s small and perfectly formed breast, rubbing the nipple lightly before taking it between thumb and forefinger and beginning to squeeze and twist it.

Ruby’s lips parted, a faint hissing the only sound she made as she twisted her torso to make Ada tug at her captured nipple. She twisted her hips to change the angle and put more pressure on her clitoris while pulling Ada’s calf harder into her other breast.

Ada reached up with her free hand, wrapping it around Ruby’s exposed breast while pulling the nipple out to stretch it, and began squeezing hard.

Ruby’s mouth opened wide and she pressed it onto Ada’s foot, muffling her as she came with a whole-body shake.

“Have you ever let yourself scream when coming?” Ada asked before pulling Ruby to the side, toppling her onto the bed. She climbed on top while Ruby gasped for breath in the aftermath of her orgasm, and slid two fingers straight into Ruby’s pussy.

Ruby spread her legs wide and pressed one arm across her mouth to silence a groan. Ada added another finger and Ruby quivered. Ada leaned down and they kissed hard, forcing their mouths together as Ada very slowly inserted a fourth finger inside Ruby and then began thrusting slowly back and forth with her whole hand, her thumb pressed into Ruby’s clitoris.

Weak from just having come once, Ruby was helpless to prevent Ada finger-fucking her into a second back-arching, leg-shaking orgasm as she jammed her wrist into her mouth to prevent herself crying out.

As Ruby came down, Ada sat back on her heels and lightly stroked Ruby’s thighs as they lay on the bed.

“Ruby, why don’t you ever let yourself make a noise?”

“Try growing up with two fundamentalist parents who think you’re studying and would shoot you if they knew you ate pussy!”

Ada was left lost for words for a second. “I can’t believe I’ve never asked you before,” she said meekly.

“Meh, I don’t talk about it anyway. So: Feeling guilty yet? Any hints of betrayal?”

Ada slapped Ruby’s pussy, making the photographer yelp. “I don’t get guilty,” Ada said firmly.

Ruby looked at her. “Okay, that was sincere.” Then her face split into a grin. “Feeling all gooey over me?”

“No, just slippery.” Ada slipped two fingers straight into herself and started slowly pumping them in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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