As Good As Mom

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“God, I love watching Dad cut the grass. For a forty-two-year-old man, he’s really buff. Look at those ripped abs, chest, and bare back glistening in the afternoon sun. I just love his muscular legs, and the way his shorts hang low on his hips…hmmm…exposing the top of butt crack. But, most of all I really do love that bulge in the front of his shorts…and what’s making it.

“Shit, Val, you’re getting yourself hot just thinking about your father. He’s so insistent on using a push-mower…says it gives him a workout…exercise. Like he needs that, huh? I can think of better ways that he can exercise…yeah…like what he did to me, his daughter…last night in bed. Oooh, did Dad sweat when he did push-ups and hip-thrusts between my wide-spread legs.”

Valerie shifted in her front porch seat as if to ease that tingling sensation and growing dampness in her crotch of her panty-less shorts. Blessed with a pleasant face and a shy but friendly personality, she was a nineteen-year-old of Japanese descent who was more that of your next-door girl than your striking Oriental beauty queen. Standing a little under five-one, Val was petite with modest breasts, a trim waist, curved hips, and slender legs. At first glance, she struck you as an ideal daughter, nice and wholesome, but, as they say, “Looks can be deceiving.”

“God, Dad and I have been so close but since Mom’s passing. Many people say that we are inseparable…which is kind of true…considering just how often Dad has stuck his hard dick into me. Oh, if people only knew what happens inside our house, they say that we’re so sick, so perverted, and so goddamn incestuous. But, to us, it somehow is so right for our little family. But, how did it begin?”

Leaning back into her chair, Val let her thoughts drift back to the period before her mother’s death. “We were always a small close-knit family to many people,” Val thought reflectively, “just Mom, Dad, and me. Mom always took care of us…catering to us… especially Dad whom she loved and worried about above all else.

“Then the worst possible happened. I was eighteen when Mom was diagnosed as having terminal cancer. She didn’t tell us at first, not wanting to worry us about how advance her condition was and how she had declined treatment. I think it was her silly way of ‘if you pretend it’s not there’ thinking – her desperate hope for a miracle. Mom never told us of the pain that she been having in the beginning. But by the time the pain became too much and we found out, it was too late.

“Of course, Dad went into sudden shock and immediate denial. The impending loss of his Mona, his wife and lover, was more than he could bear. This, I think, caused Mom even more grief and pain as she worried about the only man in her life and what would happen to him after she died. It was then that Mom began sitting with me…telling me…preparing me…for what I needed to do.”

Val and her Mom had always been close. Many, especially her father, said that Val was a younger version of her mother in looks, mannerisms, and attitude. That’s why Val instinctively knew to pay attention when her Mom began her mother-daughter talks – speaking to Val in her patterned “this-is-the-way-it-is” tone of voice.

“Val, you’ve been a good girl and daughter. But now even though you’re only eighteen, you need to become a woman when I’m gone.” When Val tried change the discussion from that of her mother’s impending death, she was sharply rebuked and bluntly reminded of the facts of life.

“I will die, Val, and all too soon! My time is short, so don’t waste it on such silliness! When I’m gone, you need to be me and take over.” To this, Val interjected that she would do the cleaning, cooking, and washing. However, her mother abruptly cut her off. “Girl! You’re not listening to me! Taking care of your father’s ‘needs’ means ‘more’ than all of that!”

How livid and animated her frail mother was as she gasped for air and struggled to continue. “Your father is a hard-working, physically strong, and impetuous man…the breadwinner for and man of our family. I was just his stay-at-home wife who satisfied his needs and took care of him because your father – sad to say – couldn’t survive without a woman.

‘When I’m gone…which will be soon…Masa, your father, will at first drink himself silly to drown his grief. He then will neglect himself, and finally lose track of things to include going to work…our home…and even you.

“Your father has powerful physical urges more than anything else. I was about your age when I met him and he had a wandering eye of the ladies at the time. Your father loves me, but I kept him from straying by bedding him – often, vigorously, and in unexpected ways. My mother always told me as I’m telling you now, “It is hard for a man to wander when his woman holds his manhood in her body.”

“The worse part after I am gone will when Masa will need to relieve his sexual urges. He is Ankara bayan escort still young and attractive…and is bound to meet some woman… probably in a bar…who will take advantage of his grief and need. You cannot let that happen, Val. If you do, you will get a step-mother who will not control his wild impulses as I have these many years…or worse…twist your father around her little finger. I have seen such women ruin a widower and wreck his home and family. You must not let this happen! Promise me this, Val!”

Val vividly recalled how with tears in her eyes, she promised her mother to listen and obey her dying wishes especially those about taking care of her father. When asked if she would do whatever was necessary to keep her promise, Val swore she would.

“My poor little girl,” her mother bemoaned, “you’ve never had a boyfriend…never known love. It’s a shame that this must be forced upon you so soon.” Then after a deep breath and a long pause as pain spiked through her, her mother uttered, “You must remember to do what is necessary to love and protect your father. Valerie – you must become me. You must take my place…and become your father’s wife…in all ways…to include… taking care of his…sexual…needs.”

When Val balked as the blood drained from her face, her frail mother sat up and shook her violently before slapping her sharply. “Stop it! You must do this! Have you not been listening to what I have said? If you want a roof over your head; food in your stomach; clothes on your back; and the ability to go to college; you will do this! If you want to keep our home and save your father from ruin, you must not let our father be forced to find another woman. If he does, I know that he and you will suffer! Val, on this you must believe me.”

Falling weakly back to her bed, her mother whispered, “Yes, Valerie, I know that we are taught that incest is wrong. But, there are times – and this is one – when it is a necessity. Understand this, you must take charge of the man in this family – your father. You must replace me.

“Your father will resist you because you are his daughter and he loves you. But, don’t let your father talk you out of it or deny you! He will be a fool in the time of his despair and not know what is good for him. You must become me…persuade and control him…as I have done. Let him think he is making the decisions while all the time it will be you. Do this for me, daughter.”

“Mom knew that as a teenager, I wouldn’t jump into my father’s bed. But she constantly reminded me of my promise that if I loved Dad, I would do it; and subtly made me understand that if I loved her, I would do it. It didn’t happen overnight, but before she died, Mom laid out a detailed plan of seduction for me to follow. Having lived with her husband for so long, Mom predicted how he would react at every step along the way. She gave detailed instructions as to what I needed to do; how i was to do it; and made me rehearse as best as we could for the foreseeable future.”

“Thinking back to that period constant instruction and preparation, I was amazed has how docilely and obediently I did what Mom asked, never once questioning or refusing. I just listened, learned, and understood. I knew that when the time came, I would do what Mom wanted and that wherever she was, she would be happy. Then with her dying breath, Mom squeezed my hand and told me that I was now the woman of the family.”

In the days following her Mom’s passing and burial, her forty-one-year old father began to unravel, doing exactly what Val’s mother had foreseen. Before her nineteenth birthday, Val knew that if she was to stop her father’s downward spiral, she would have to do what her Mom had prepared her for – the seduction of her father. She knew that if she didn’t, there was a good chance that their family, home, and house would be gone. So, on a hot Saturday afternoon, Val set her mother’s plan in motion and in so doing, accepted her lot in life

Val could remember how she stood naked before her full-length mirror on the afternoon of that fateful day. “Well, I’m nothing much to look at…almost nineteen and I’ve never had a boyfriend. The few dates that I’ve had were more because my girlfriend wanted to go out with a guy who happened to have a friend. I’m told that without my glasses that I’m not bad looking…and look like Mom when she was my age…maybe I’ll get contacts. But, I can’t change my height, and unless I do some serious exercise or resort to some selective surgery (which I not), I’m not going to change my body shape.

“My breasts are – well – small. But, at least I have something that sticks out even if it’s not much. I wish there was more, but I guess I have will have to do. My areolas are soft puffy mounds from which my nipples rise to give my boobs a conical appearance. I remember when I lamented my breast size, Mom used to say, ‘Anything more than a mouthful is a waste’ and ‘What Escort bayan Ankara man can resist a woman’s naked breasts?’ Still, I wish I had more.”

Then cupping her soft mounds, Val gasped at just how sensitive her tips were. Her breath caught in her throat when her nipples lengthen and thicken, jutting from her pink swollen areola nests. “Ooh, I never knew my boobs could be so sensitive without a bra. What a shock when I thumb my stiff little projections. Shit, why am I tingling down there? Am I getting wet?”

Her hand slowly drifted downward across her soft but flat stomach, her trim waist, and finally to rest on the curve of her hips. “Hmmm, not bad considering I don’t exercise at all. But my bush is a bit too bushy. Maybe I should give myself a trim…I mean it is pretty hot and I’m sure that if I give myself a trim…it would be cooler.” Pulling up a chair and a trash can in front of the mirror, Val sat on the chair’s edge and spread her legs.

Val blushed subconsciously as her genitals were amply displayed since “good girls” just washed their private parts and didn’t examine them. Embarrassed, Val quickly combed her fingers through her pubic hairs to trim them and inadvertently touched her hooded clit that caused her to squirm. Before Val knew it her finger tips lightly stroked her throbbing clit.

“Oh my God, is this what it feels like? Oooh, shit, that feels strange but somehow good. Ooh yeah…maybe…sex won’t be so bad after all. Mom always said that after the first hip thrust, nature just takes over and that all I have to do is relax and enjoy the experience.”

It was a sweltering early summer afternoon that Val made sure it would be just her father and her. Because of the heat, she plied her father with cold beer as she persuaded her him to have dinner with her before going out, promising his favorite dish. He was into his third cold brew as he watched a ball game on the television by the time she laid out his meal on a low coffee table before him.

Exclaiming how hot it was, Val had a good reason for being braless under a loose bare-midriff top. She can still remember that ‘gasp’ that escaped her father’s lips when she bent over as she set down dinner on the low table before the couch. Nonchalantly glancing at her father, Val knew that his eyes were riveted to her exposed tits and that she would casually but frequently display herself throughout dinner. Judging by the swelling in the crotch of his shorts and how quickly he drank his beers, Val knew that her father found her stimulating and that it was time for the next step of her mother’s plan of seduction.

“Dad, you’re in no shape to go out,” Val said softly. “Why don’t you stay home tonight? I prepared the ofuro tonight because I was going to bathe and relax after dinner. Why don’t you go ahead and wash, and then take a good soak in the hot tub while I clean up?”

“It has been a long time,” Masa murmured as he mulled over Val’s suggestion. In his near-drunken state, he was keenly aware of his daughter leaning against him, pressing her breast against his upper arm, and that her hand lightly rested on and absently stroked his thigh. “It’ll be like the good old days when we used to bathe together as a family. Wouldn’t that be nice,”

Val began to place the used dishes on a tray, flashing her intriguing dangling tits in the process. “Let me quickly clear the table,” she said as she sought to clinch her ploy, “and I’ll join you soon. I’ll even scrub your back like the way I use to when I was younger.” A smile of relief appeared on Val’s lips when her father finally nodded in consent.

Moments later, Masa found himself naked in a windowless shed that he had built at back of the house. Concrete walls and a wooden ceiling framed the structure, and large concrete slab surrounded a raised large wide but deep rectangular wooden tub filled with steamy hot water. Just after the external shed door, a gauzy curtain hung in the short entry way, trapping the sweltering vapors while blocking the cooler outside air.

Sitting on a wooden stool placed on the flat slab floor at the base of the ofuro, Masa scooped a bucket of hot water and poured it over his head. Enjoying the sizzling sting, he emptied another bucket over him, making himself sweat as the shed’s humidity rose drastically. Instead of sobering him up, the heat made Masa flushed and relaxed as the alcohol in his system made its effects really known.

“What more could a man ask for?” Masa sighed deeply as he poured another bucket of singeing water over himself. “What more?”

The answer to his question came soon as the ofuro’s door opened and in stepped Val through the parted curtain. She deftly handed her father a cold beer that she carried, and Masa felt his breathe catch in his throat as his exposed penis throbbed and thickened. There before him was his teenage daughter clad in a thin cotton wrap, loosely tied at her narrow waist and fell to her mid-thigh. Bayan escort Ankara With her hair pinned up and the nape of her neck exposed, Val looked different – more mature and very alluring.

“When did Val become such an attractive young woman,” Masa thought as he watched his daughter kneel, and soak and soap a wash cloth. In so doing, her damp wrap fell open to reveal her perky breasts and the bush of her womanhood. He felt that Val must have known that she was exposed; yet, as she nonchalantly began to scrub his neck and chest, he had to wonder. Masa’s confusion and stimulation were further compounded when because of her exertions, Val’s wrap became undone and fell open.

“I can remember,” Val said reflectively as she made no effort to retie her wrap, “when all of us…Mom, you, and me…would pile into to this little room for a family bath.” She scrubbed her father’s arms. “Those were the good old days.”

Masa took a deep swig of his beer and as the cold brew flowed down his throat, he felt himself teetering on the edge of intoxication. “Only thing, baby-girl,” he managed to mumble reflectively, “everyone was naked in the ofuro in those days.”

“Oh, that can be easily fixed, Daddy,” Val murmured as she quickly slipped off her wrap before resuming washing off her father’s back and sides. In her casual state of nudity, Val carelessly let her erect nipples and body brushed against Masa as she rinsed him off.

“You’re so much like Mona, your mother,” Masa uttered his daughter splashed water on one of his legs before doing the other, heedless of his erection that rose unmistakably between his soap covered thighs. “You look like her when we first met – the striking image. But, more so than anything else, you act like Mona…how she was so casual about being naked…her sexuality…and…”

Before Masa knew it, he reached out to cup and squeeze one of his daughter’s soft pointed breast. He was amazed how Valerie’s mouthwatering nipple immediately became engorged, sprouting from her puffy areola and hardening to give her boob a perky upturned look. Masa was surprised when Val, instead of pulling away, pressed his other hand to her other breast, moaning softly. He was stunned when his teenage daughter leaned forward to kiss him, hesitantly at first and then urgently, as she squirmed her soapy nakedness against his.

“Stop! Stop! We mustn’t do this! This is wrong,” Masa abruptly blurted through his alcoholic-haze when Val’s hands found their way to his harden manhood that prodded her stomach. “No! Stop that, Val,” he cried out in panic as he sought to push Val away. Yet, with each caress of his throbbing penis, Masa felt his resolve rapidly crumbling. “You’re my daughter, Valerie, my own flesh and blood,” he pleaded hopelessly as his erection grew to alarming proportions. “This is wrong – but, God – you’re so beautiful – so inviting – but this is still wrong.” When Val’s lips drifted from his, she asked why. “Because incest is wrong, girl!”

Then looking her father in his eyes, Val said in a matter of fact tone, “While on her dying bed, Mom said to remind you of the old adage that ‘The farmer who plants the seed of the fruit tree and does taste of its fruit, is a fool.’ Mom told me to tell you not to be a fool as she told me to take her place…in your bed. She made me promise to become her…in all ways…and I will keep that promise.”

With that Val rinsed her father’s lap, and before her father could react, lowered her face to his pulsating member. Val opened her lips and took her father’s manhood into her welcoming mouth as she had practiced on the numerous pealed bananas provided by her mother. But, nothing prepared her for the musky aroma, the soft texture, and the subtle flavor of her father’s groin. Once her head bobbed to take him further into her mouth, Val felt a deep shudder shake her father, followed by a groan of undisguised pleasure. It was then that Val knew she had her father just as her mother had planned.

“Oh my god! You give head like your Mom used to. It feels so fucking good…ooh, I shouldn’t… but I can’t stop you. Shit, don’t you dare stop! I haven’t blown my wad… since Mona died… and I’m so fucking horny. Ummm…yeah. I always told her Mona could make a ton of money with that mouth of hers. Ooh, that’s how she first seduced me on our first date. Shit, it must be in the genes because you sure have inherited her cock-sucking ability.

“Oh, baby-girl, if you seriously want to take your Mom’s place, you’d better love sucking off the cock that made you. And when I shoot down your throat, swallow all my baby-batter…and boy, do I have a lot! Ooh, Val, don’t stop! It’s been so long…it feels so fucking good! Yes, oh yes, suck me…suck me dry!”

Val recalled her father’s thick penis sliding in and out of her lips, then suddenly it exploded in her willing and inviting mouth. No amount of rehearsals could have prepared her for the sudden deluge that surged down her throat. Val struggled to swallow every spewed addictive drop of her father’s hot, salty, gooey, and musky spunk, but she did. She greedily sucked and gulped until her father’s soften dick regrettably slipped from her grasping lips.

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