Bait and Switch Retype – Ch 27-28-Final

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Ch 27

“I don’t hear anything,” Summer says, as we look down at my six half-human children. They’re sleeping peacefully right now, and haven’t made any more sounds after that one sentence.

‘You will do fine, father.’

That one sentence still reverberates around in my head. Sometimes it drowns out all other thoughts, even though they only spoke to me that one time. It leaves no room for doubts, and somehow I know I will be able to defeat the demons.

“They’re too young to talk,” my sister continues. “You must be exhausted from working with your ability so much. Why don’t you go get some rest? Using the healing light without any true rest can’t be good for you.”

Nodding, I leave the room, and mentally ask Harana to take me home, since Lela is still on one of the other angel vessels.

There is just something that helps reset your frame of mind, when you walk into someplace that is as familiar as my room is to me. A feeling of nostalgia sweeps over me, even though I’ve only been gone a couple days. For a while I stare at my large Naruto poster, hanging on the wall opposite my bed. I’d picked it up a couple years ago at one of the local cons. On my desk is a figurine from Sword Art Online, which I special ordered from Japan. My TV, not as big as Shanna’s and Shannon’s, has spent countless hours helping me grind through various levels of various RPGs. There just seems to be an energy that permeates the room, and calls it mine. An epitaph of who I am, as though some future archeologist is going to look at it, and say, “This was Nicholas Xavier’s room. The savior of the human race.” There is no longer any doubt that I’ll succeed. Not after my kids told me I’ll do fine.

I just wish I knew how I was going to do fine. . .

Plopping back on my pillow, I’m soon passed out.

In my dreams, I’m sitting at a desk, in nothing but my underwear. Professor Frankens stands before an old-style chalkboard, wearing black shiny leather, and a whip in her hands.

“Answer the question,” my teacher instructs, and I look down to see a piece of paper that’s blank.

“Wh-what question?” I ask, confused.

Donna cracks her whip at me, and I hear it snap right next to my ear. “The one before you. What are you going to do?”

“What are you going to do?” The question gets echoed as Shanna walks into the room, and stands next to our professor. “How are you going to do it?” My girlfriend is wearing an oversized Kingdom Hearts shirt, and something tells me, nothing else.

“I’m curious to hear how my little brother is going to pull this off too,” Summer says, startling me as she bends over and whispers into my ear. “What trick are you going to use?”

The whip cracks again, and I see that Donna and Gina have been joined by everyone else in my life. Even Harley Quinn, and my dad are there.

“Answer the question,” they all say in unison, and I tear out of my desk and start running down the hall.

“Quick, in here,” a voice says, and grabs my arm. I’m pulled into darkness, and suddenly I’m falling. Gina still has a hold of my arm, and she doesn’t seem worried about the fall, so neither am I.

She pulls me to her, and I feel her lips against mine, as her arms wrap around my body. I notice that she is only in her underwear as well. Somehow, despite her advances, I’m not growing hard. “Well, drat,” she pouts when she notices, “I wanted to fool around. Oh well. How are you going to do it?”

I don’t understand. Looking around I see that we’re no longer falling in darkness, but at my mom’s house.

“How are you going to defeat the demons?” Gina asks, and I look back at her, worried. Her grip on my arm tightens, but it doesn’t hurt. I still don’t know the answer to her question though, and go running upstairs.

Okay, okay, I know, when you’re running away, the last place you go is upstairs. But that’s what I did. I tried to go into my old room, but somehow end up in Summer’s bedroom instead.

“Quick, get naked,” Summer tells me, and I see she’s already in bed. “The demons are coming, and we need to get ready.”

Looking down, I see that I’m now completely naked, and I go to my lovely sister. But when we touch, nothing happens. My senses don’t expand, and I can’t feel any of my switches. Worse, even though she is sucking hungrily on my cock it won’t grow hard.

I’m broken, I think, and turn to flee. Outside the window I can see the demon ships landing, and watch in horror as they start ripping into people, eating them raw.

“You’re going to have to kill them,” Harley Quinn says right behind me.

“No!” I yell. “I can’t do that again.”

“Kill them like you killed the old me,” the one time man says as he grips my arms and shakes me.

“No,” I deny what he’s saying, “I didn’t kill you!”

“Nick!” A sharp pain against my cheek brings me back to reality, and I see Dennis standing above me, Robin on my other side. “Dude, you were having a nightmare. Sorry for slapping you, but you wouldn’t wake up.”

Groggily I nod at them, and sit up. My bed is a rumpled mess, and sweat is dripping from my brow. Looking to the clock, I can see that it’s six pm.

“We’re heading out,” Robin tells me, as she gently places her hand on my shoulder. “We have a couple rifles, and there are a number of us heading for the mountains.”

“We wanted to ask if you have any other advice for us?” Dennis asks, and I can tell he’s still worried about me. A small inner part of me laughs at that. A few months ago, he would have called me a derogatory name, and otherwise ignored me. Now he’s a friend.

“Avoid them if they make it past us,” I tell them. “Trust me when I say you don’t want to go up against them, if you can avoid it.” Like I’m going to do in a couple days. . .

“Any chance you wanna fool around one last time?” I grimace at the redhead’s choice of wording, and shake my head. One last time? The parts of my dream where I can’t get it up flash back through my mind, and I’m almost afraid to even try.

They help me out of bed, and I say my goodbyes, hoping that they’re not permanent.

I jump in the shower, and enjoy how refreshing a true shower can be, rather than the Jetson’s style cleansing stations on Lela’s ship.

I notice I’ve a missed call on my cell when I get out, and see that it’s from Shanna. I’ve not seen my girlfriend in a number of days, and smile as I call her back.

“Are you back on the ship?” I ask as soon as she answers.

“No, I don’t want to be in the way. I take it you’re not on the ship then?” Her voice is musical, and soothing to my raw nerves.

“No, I came back to my room to get some real rest,” I tell her, and shudder as I look at the mess of my bed. That dream had been a real nightmare.

“Do you mind coming over?” She asks next, and I groan inwardly. It’s not that I don’t want to see her, but that dream. . .

No, I need to get over that! “Sure, be over in a few,” I try to say cheerily.

“Is everything alright?” I guess there is something in my voice I can’t hide.

“Sure, sure,” I reassure her. “Now you live over in Detroit, right? It’s been so long. . .”

“Ha, ha,” she fakes a laugh. “Now hurry up and get your ass over here.”

“I’ll try not to make a wrong turn in Albuquerque,” I say in my best Bugs Bunny voice.

I finish getting dressed, and head out into the cold air. I debate on taking Lela’s ship, but decide to drive my car. Somehow, the feeling of my hands on the wheel, and the road beneath my tires comforts me. Maybe it’s just another one of those familiarity things.

Popping in a techno CD, I get myself pumped on the awesome beats. My sound system isn’t the best. Well, okay, maybe back in the twenties it would’ve sounded great, but my speakers can’t faithfully lay down the base.

Not yet. . . A few switches later, I’m struggling to keep my car on the road, as each low note shakes my car. Maybe I should turn it down a little.

“Damn,” Julia meets me at the door, “Was that your car? We could hear you a mile away!” She greets me with a warm smile.

I wasn’t expecting her here, and in truth had completely forgotten about Shanna’s one-time rival.

“Yeah, I should probably tune that down some more,” I answer as she leads me inside. “I don’t need anyone calling the cops on me.”

“Oh yeah, I heard they arrested you.” Inwardly I flinch, remembering the situation at the police department after I’d taken down the twins. “You’re a real bad-boy now. That’s so hot!”

“That wasn’t my fault,” I defend myself. While I don’t mind her thinking I’m hot stuff at the moment, I don’t want her getting any ideas. Shanna is my girlfriend, and I don’t want to hurt her.

“Oh, I know,” she tells me off-handedly. “Shanna explained everything to me. You’re a real bad-ass superhero!”

I stop, stunned by her revelation. Is there no such thing as a secret identity anymore?

“Sorry,” I hear Shanna’s mellifluous voice, and I turn to see her walking down the hallway, “I had to explain where I’ve been lately.”

Looking into her beautiful blue eyes, I can’t help but forgive her. “I take it Shannon knows too?”

“Of course I do, you rogue!” Shannon says, entering from the kitchen. If it weren’t for the switches in my girlfriend, I’d never be able to tell the identical twins apart. Well, it helps that Shanna’s hair is still dyed red, with only the roots showing her natural color.

“Of course,” I repeat her words.

“We all wanted to talk to you,” Shanna tells me, and I turn to see all three women looking seriously at me.

This can’t be good.

Shanna leads me to a couch, and has me sit in the middle. Julia sits next to me, her leg touching mine, and Shannon sits across from me in a matching loveseat. My girlfriend sits on my free side, and clasps my hands, looking deep into my eyes.

“We’ve been talking,” she starts, and her hands give mine a gentle squeeze. She already knows I’m not going to like whatever she’s about to tell me. “We want to help you fight the demons.”

Yanking my hands from her, I almost yell, “What? No! I won’t have you getting into any more danger than you will be, just by being on that ship. I wouldn’t even let you up there, if you hadn’t forced a promise out of me.”

Shanna looks hurt for a moment, before replying, “I didn’t force it out of you. I just gave you your options, and you chose to be with me.”

“We really think we can help,” Shannon steps in.

I feel Julia’s hand on my thigh, before she says, “Please. This is our planet too, and we should be able to defend it, also. What makes you think we want you to be in danger?”


Her question strikes me oddly, and I look at her, confused. “Look, Shanna loves you, her sister cares for you, and I. . . Well, I care deeply for Shanna. If you’re going into danger to fight off these demons, then I say you get all the help you can. Maybe in Doom one man can fight off an invasion of demons, but you can’t respawn.”

She’s right, of course, but I can’t have more people getting into a fight they can’t win. “But you can’t fight them. I at least have my switches, and my sister makes me stronger. No offense, but what can you do?”

“I won’t sit on the sidelines, and be your cheerleader,” Shanna says heatedly, and I turn to look back at her. Her blue eyes are smoldering icicles (I didn’t even know that was possible), and her wonderful lips are compressed into a tight line. “I’ve been talking with Leslie, and—“

“Wait, what? What does she have to do with this?” I splutter.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Shanna complains. “She’s an expert martial artist, and I think,” I raise my eyebrow at this statement, and she rushes on, “that with your help, we could be trained and be able to fight as well.”

Well, that would explain how Leslie was able to so deftly dodge me the other day. . . Or was that this morning? Anyway, that doesn’t really help.

“How do martial arts translate into a space battle, and how am I supposed to help you get trained in only a few days?” I almost feel smug in my logic. There’s no way they’ll be able to answer those questions.

Why are they all smiling?

“Away teams, of course,” Shannon says, at the same time her sister says “Your switches, of course.”

I look back and forth between the twins, trying to figure out which one to answer. I turn to Shannon first. “How do you expect to board their ships? Lela doesn’t have shuttles. And no amount of martial arts training will stand up to a gun. Besides, you’ll be outnumbered.”

“Leslie already thought of that,” of course she did. “She’s already recalibrated the teleporters, and is fairly sure she can get us onboard one of their ships. Then we can take it over, and use it against them.”

“Fairly sure?” I ask, trying to keep the derision out of my voice. With Leslie’s super genius and conceited personality, if she’s only fairly sure, then that can’t be good.

“Lela’s been talking with the other aliens, and they’re going to try some practice runs with inanimate objects tonight,” Shanna’s eyes grow distant, and she smiles. “Or rather, they just completed the trials, and were successful.” Apparently she is communicating with someone on the ship.

“That still doesn’t answer the question about you being outnumbered on their ships,” I remind them.

“Oh, come on,” Julia says. “Haven’t you seen enough Stargate episodes? A small team, well prepared, and well armed, will stand a better chance of getting on board, and taking over the bridge.”

“Weren’t you the one that just used Doom as a bad reference for why that wouldn’t work?” At least she has the grace to look embarrassed.

“We’ll have weapons,” Shannon says, “and we can use these light-suits, my sister’s told us about, for protection.”

“Those suits haven’t helped too much in the past, against the demons,” I point out.

“Leslie,” Shanna says, and truthfully that seems to be answer enough. Apparently she’s figured out a way to make them more protective as well. Once again I’m glad the Asian woman is on our team.

“Well,” I say, trying to come up with something to change their minds, “I can’t make you martial arts specialists with my switches. There’s no switch for kung-fu master.”

Julia laughs, and I turn back to her. “Shanna told us that you made her smarter and her memory stronger before one of her finals. All you have to do is increase our muscle memory, and agility, and we’re good. Those nanites should do the rest, with training from Leslie.”

I really have no answer for that. They’re right. It could work, and with Leslie helping, I have no doubt she could guide them to the bridge. My heart plummets, as the thought of them in danger worries me.

‘Give up, brother. You won’t win this.’ Somehow I’m not surprised Summer is watching this.

“But, it’ll be dangerous,” I say weakly, still not wanting to relent.

“Any more dangerous than being down here, if a ship makes it past you?” Shanna asks, and I drop my head in defeat. Yes, I could use a switch to make them change their minds, but I won’t. This is their choice, and they’re doing what they can to help. What right do I have to deny them that?

Shanna’s fingers under my chin lifts my gaze to meet hers. “Thank you,” she says softly, knowing that she’s won. Her lips brush mine, and then she’s hugging me tightly. Then all of them are hugging me.

I’ve never known three such people who were happy to be put into harm’s way. Hell, I wish I could get out of it, but as I’ve already thought numerous times since I’ve learned about Earth’s impending fate: ‘Duty is heavy as a mountain; death is light as a feather.’

Hell, I’m too young to die, and thinking about the three women with their arms around me, too lucky.

Shanna is the last to pull away from me, and her blue eyes are nearly dancing with joy. “I know this isn’t easy for you, but thank you.” Her lips are then pressed to mine, as she kisses my passionately.

I’m breathless by the time she pulls away, and before I can suck in a whole breath, Shannon is kissing me. I swear I’m blue by the time she pulls back with a whispered “Thank you.”

Thankfully Julia doesn’t immediately kiss me, and I’m able to suck in a couple breathes.

“Aren’t you thankful, Julia?” Shanna asks, and I can hear a smile in her tone. I have just enough time to look from my grinning girlfriend to a suddenly squealing Julia, before her lips are pressed to mine, as she moaningly kisses me.

After a bit of her powerful kissing, Shanna speaks up, “Okay, that’s enough thankfulness,” and Julia pulls away with a sheepish grin on her pretty face. “Oh, don’t pout,” Shanna tells the other woman, “You can help me suck his dick.”

Julia squeals in delight again, while Shanna begins undoing my pants. Flashes of my earlier dream, about not being able to get it up flash through my mind, but I shove it forcefully to the side. With these two hot women, and I can see Shannon is getting undressed, I have no doubt that I’ll be hard in no time.

Sure enough, as soon as my member is free, Shanna swallows the engorged head between her lips, making me moan. Julia’s lips start to work on my scrotum, and I place my hands on the backs of their heads.

‘Why did you change your mind on Julia?’ I mentally ask Shanna.

Her answer is awhile in coming, and I just enjoy the sensations the two women are giving me. In fact, Shannon’s feet are planted on both sides of me, and her fragrant cunt is on my lips, before her answer arrives.

‘Because you’ve been so good to me, and I know I can trust you. You have a lot on your shoulders, and I’m more than happy to offer whatever distractions I can.’

How did I ever get so lucky? I wonder, as I continue to moan into my girlfriend’s twin sister’s cunny.

‘I hope you know, I love you,’ I tell her in response to her answer.

‘Gee, what took you so long?’ She must have felt me stiffen, well, more than my member at least, as she continues, ‘You were broadcasting again the other day.’

‘wha—Dammit!’ I think. Why can’t I seem to keep my mind in my own head? ‘Well, that’s one way to ruin the moment. . .’

Shanna starts laughing so hard, she has to pull away from my phallus. Julia immediately replaces her, and I have to admit that she knows how to give good head.

I try to send my disgruntlement to Shanna, but she only laughs harder.

“You’re the only man I know that can be getting head from two women, while sucking on my sister’s clit, and be upset about telling me you love me!” my girlfriend exclaims, and this time I have to laugh as well. She really does have a point.

Since she’s talking out loud, I might as well too. “Well, you’re just going to have to put up with my grumpiness, because I do love you, and love you dearly!” I try to sound gruff, but can’t hide my smile as I say it.

Shanna’s eyes brim with tears, and I think I’ve overdone it, but when she shoves the other two women out of my lap, and kisses me again, I know they’re tears of happiness. She must have disrobed after pulling away from me.

‘Was this the response you wanted?’ she asks.

For answer, I grab her rear, move her above my rod, and shove her down while I thrust up. She feels fantastic, as I slide up into her warm velvety folds. Her kiss turns into a moan, and then she has to place her head on my shoulder as I work my way in deeper.

My girlfriend’s right earlobe in near my mouth, and I use my tongue to pull it between my teeth, and give it a little nibble. Someone grabs my left hand, and I look over to see Julia, now completely naked, as she guides my fingers towards her cunt. My middle two fingers slip in with ease, and I crook them to rub firmly against her front wall, making her moan in delight. She starts to twiddle with her clitoris, and I watch as her eyes roll back in her head in pleasure.

Shanna’s moans change in pitch at the same time I feel her womb strangle my cock, and another presence between my legs. Looking down her back, I can see Shannon’s face buried in her sister’s ass.

Julia is the first to cum, thrashing on the couch next to us, as I pick up the pace with my fingers. As she comes down from her orgasm, she pulls my fingers from her, leans over, and gets Shanna’s attention. The two women start sucking on my fingers, sharing Julia’s cum, and sending me to new heights of lust. I start pumping my hips harder, and I feel Shanna’s vagina grip me hard as she cums on my pole.

My girlfriend rolls off my lap, and onto Julia, but my cock isn’t free for long, as Shannon sucks it in between her lips, and cleans her sibling’s cum from it. The other two women are hungrily kissing, fingers buried in each other’s pussies.

“Now it’s my turn for this beast,” Shannon states as she stands up and turns around. Sitting back in my lap, my cock between her legs, she starts to rock her hips, as my penis rubs along her slit. It feels good, if different, but I definitely prefer to be inside a woman. Thankfully she doesn’t do this for long, before shifting her hips and standing up a little, then sinking back into my lap, this time with me inside her.

“Oh, fuck, Shanna,” Julia cries beside us, and I look over to see that my girlfriend has her whole fist inside Julia’s sucking cunt, a tit in her mouth, and the other tit getting rolled between her fingers. “Fuck, right there! Yeah! Oh, god, your making my cum again!” The erstwhile rival starts shuddering again in bliss.

“Their pretty hot to watch, aren’t they?” Shannon asks, and I can only nod. “If you’re done watching them, I could use a bit more attention.”

Embarrassed, I turn back to the brunette, and turn her head to kiss her passionately, while I grip her thighs, and force her fully down on me. I slip into her womb, and she cries out into our kiss.

“Oh god, I’d forgotten how deep you go,” she yells, breaking our kiss. Reaching around her body I grip a firm breast in each hand, and lightly twist her nipples. After a few seconds of this, I drop my right hand down to her crotch, and it only takes me a second to find her clit, and then she’s cumming fiercely, her juices dribbling down my balls and onto the couch. I don’t let up on her cunny, until she pulls my hand away, still shuddering, and mumbling, “No more. . . No. . . more.

Looking over to the other two women, I see their looking at me wide eyed.

“What?” I ask.

“You don’t normally last this long,” Shanna says, and then before I can answer, she turns to Julia. “Are you ready for that?” Shanna asks, nodding to my sloppy genitals.

Julia squeals again, and I realize she likes her squeals, as she turns and kisses Shanna some more. Her rear is in the air, and I stand up, to get behind her. Between how wet my cock is, and her dripping slit, I slip into her, up to the hilt in one slide. I’m surprised that I’m fully seated inside her, without feeling her womb wrapped around the tip of my phallus, until I remember her getting fisted a bit ago. Up until this point, I’ve only been able to sink fully into women who’ve had kids, or into their wombs, so slipping into a babe this hot, and this young is a nice experience, despite her not being as tight as the other two women in the room.

“Ungh,” Julia grunts, and turns to look at me, “It feels like I’m being fisted up to my chest!” She turns back to Shanna, and tells her, “Thank you. I love you too.”

‘Looks like you’re quite the loved woman tonight,’ I send to the dyed red-haired woman.

‘Jealous?’ she sends back, and I can see her smiling at me. My girlfriend slides up the couch, until her cunny is under Julia’s lips, and the girl I’m fucking hungrily attacks my girlfriend’s labia.

‘Not at all,’ I send back to Shanna, ‘you deserve to be loved.’

Love you, she mouths back to me, then her face is covered as Shannon sits on it.

How did I ever end up this lucky? I wonder again. Here I am, fucking a beautiful blonde, doggy-style, while she brings my girlfriend to another orgasm. Meanwhile, my girlfriend is sucking on her own sister’s clit.

I Ankara escort can feel that familiar churning in my scrotum, and pull out of Julia. Stepping up to where my girlfriend is bringing her sister to another orgasm, I slip my cock between them, and start firing off. Julia dives up Shanna’s body, when she hears me grunt out my ejaculation.

I stumble back, a little weak after coming down from my orgasm, and sit on the floor, admiring the way Shanna and Julia bring Shannon’s orgasm to a whole new level, while licking up my sperm.

My phone rings, and groaning, I crawl over to my pants, to see that it’s Dennis calling. I glance at the three women on the couch, and smile as they’re sharing a three-way kiss.

I decide to ignore the call, but my thumb swipes the Android screen the wrong way, and I accidently answer it.

Oh, well. “Dennis, what’s up? How are the mountains?” It doesn’t occur to me until after I ask that he shouldn’t have cell service up there.

“Umm, yeah. Hey dude, listen, Robin and I’ve been talking, and we don’t feel right about running for the hills.”

“Uh-huh,” I say, already knowing where he’s going.

“Well, you see, it’s like this: we made a few calls, and so far, mostly everyone agrees with me. We want to help.”

Mostly everyone? “Who’ve you been talking to?” I ask him, and am surprised by the answer.

“The entire football team, most of the basketball team, and Robbie said that his girlfriend, Nicole can get the cheerleaders to help too.”

The silence in the room is so loud, I look around to see Shanna, Shannon, and Julia all looking at me worried.

‘Is everything okay,’ Shanna asks me mentally, and I nod to her.

“And they all believed you?” I feel my lips asking, but don’t remember sending them the command.

“Dude, you’re kinda a celebrity on campus. Everybody’s been noticing odd things happening around you, and after that scene with Robbie and Gina in that basement, well, let’s just say that the football team took no convincing.” I’m speechless. Robbie had bullied me for years, and now he’s an ally? I knew he was no longer hostile towards me, but to actually risk his life to help. . . “Dude, you there?”

Blinking I come back to reality. “Yeah, yeah,” I reply, slightly breathless, “have everyone ready at our place before sunrise. Make sure they know this’ll be no picnic. Their lives will be at risk.”

Dennis agrees and hangs up. I tell the three women about the new development, and they’re all hugging me excitedly. We might not have an army now, but we have more than a squad to take over the other ships.

A small part of me still twinges at the thought of my friends putting themselves in harm’s way, but this really is their fight too.

Ch 28

All told, my task force comes to seventy-two. I’m shocked at the group that stands outside my dorm in the wee hours of the morning. The moon is still high in the sky, and there are still a couple hours until the sun decides to peak its bright yellow head above the horizon.

Besides the football, basketball, and cheerleading teams, the hockey, and swim teams have joined us as well, including various friends from around campus. There’s even a gray-haired gentleman with a military hairstyle, and an AR-15 strapped to his shoulder.

“Sergeant Major Wilson, retired, at your service,” the older man salutes me. Clumsily I return the salute, as I stare at the group around me. Shanna, Shannon, Julia, and even Gina are all standing behind me, with Dennis and Robin talking with Robbie off to my side. “I understand you’re the man in charge,” Wilson states more than asks.

“Um, yeah, I guess.” Great job, I think to myself. Way to act confident.

I can see that the one-time soldier has his doubts in me, but he doesn’t voice them. I like him already.

“Mind if I get this group in some kind of order?” I nod, and he turns and starts yelling out orders. The sports teams ‘Fall-In’ in quick order, likely because they’re used to taking orders from coaches. The various friends see what’s happening, and figure it out as well. Once everyone is lined up in loose rows, Wilson turns back to me and salutes. “They’re all yours, sir.”

I return the salute better this time, and say, “Thank you, Sergeant Major.” I look past him, and see that 144 eyes are looking back at me. In the back of my mind, I realize that that’s twelve squared, but focus on the right now.

Yeah, right now, with all of those people waiting on me to say. . . something. My mouth goes dry, and I have to swallow to get enough moisture worked into it to speak.

“I don’t know what you’ve been told,” I start out, and think that as far as speech beginnings go, it sucks, “but an alien race of demons will be here in a few days to destroy the human race.” Murmurs break out, and I have to lift my voice to be heard over them. “Another race has come to help us, and has already helped us. Some of you may have heard, or seen things happening around me, that didn’t make sense at the time.” Everyone grows quiet, and waits for me to continue. “I have the ability to change the quantum state of things around me, and I plan to use that ability to stop the demons, before they get to Earth.” Thank you Jesse for that terminology.

“Prove it!” someone yells from the crowd, and there’s a general sound of agreement from many others.

Wilson seems embarrassed from the behavior of his formation, but I know that they’re not trained soldiers.

“Who said that?” I call out, and people start to shuffle, but no one moves forward. “If you don’t have the courage to face me after yelling that, how will you find the courage to fight the demons?” Calling someone a coward is the best way to stiffen their backbone.

A large man, who I think is from the hockey team, finally steps out, and I look him up and down. He is easily twice my width and a good foot taller as well. He’s also ugly as sin.

“What’s your name?” I ask, smiling up at the big man.

He glares down at me, trying to intimidate me, but he doesn’t scare me.

“Jared Albrecht,” he growls.

“Are you by any chance related to Special Agent Albrecht?” I ask, already able to see the resemblance. He grunts affirmatively. “Good,” I tell him, and uncertainty enters his eyes. I’m tempted to do something mean to him, in retribution for the way his mother treated me, but I know that she was only doing her job. “Your voice sounds like you’re a basso.” He nods again, and I make an easy switch, and flip it up. “Why don’t you tell everyone about that great win in your last game, and how you helped pull it off?”

Getting a jock to brag is the easiest thing in the world, I think, as he turns to the group.

“Johnson passed me the puck. . .” he trails off, as his new falsetto voice comes out. “What did you do to me,” he literally squeaks.

I flip his voice box in the opposite direction, further than where it had originally been, and say, “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

Grabbing the front of my shirt, he actually lifts me off the ground, and brings my nose up to his. His brows are knit together, and I know he’s angry, but I don’t let my smile slip.

“I want you to change my voice back!” a very deep baritone rumbles from his chest, and he drops me in surprise.

I change his voice back, well, maybe keeping it a little deeper, just for the embarrassment I’ve caused, and tell him to get back into the formation. “Anyone else want to test me?” I ask, and am met with only silent, wide-eyed stares. “Good. Now, then, as I was saying, I’m going to use my ability against them. What I want from you, are boarding parties. Your job will be to infiltrate their ships, and take them over.”

“How do you expect us to do that?” someone else yells.

“With the help of these other aliens, you will be trained, and become proficient in what you’ll need to do, within a couple days.”

“Like, how do we know we can trust these other aliens?” A feminine voice rings out, and I recognize Nicole Hama’s snobbish tone. I also hear Robbie trying to shush her, but she has a valid question.

“You can take my word for it, but when the rest of her race commanded her to abandon Earth, she refused, and has continued to help. Some of her race have returned, to help in our fight.”

“Who is ‘she’?” Nicole asks.

“Her name is Lela, and her sister Harana will also be aboard the lead ship.” At least, I think we’ll be the lead ship. “Other females will be piloting their own vessels.”

“Are they, like, all females?” the head cheerleader asks, and I’m starting to get annoyed by her attitude. Her vocabulary could use some work too.

“All the ones on our side are, yes,” I reply, and do a fairly manageable attempt at not grinding my teeth. “If any of you have a problem working with, or under the command of a woman, then leave right now.”

No one moves, and finally there is silence from the snob, as I pick up my on-the-spot speech. “I’m not going to lie to you. What I’m asking of you will be dangerous, and some of you might die. But if we don’t fight them, then all of us will die.”

“What about the Army, or the Marines? They’ll protect us!” I don’t recognize this voice, but it’s the retired Sergeant Major that responds.

“Don’t believe the bullshit on TV! If these guys can travel that far to destroy us, then we don’t stand a chance, without this guy’s help, or these female aliens.” He grimaces, and spits to the side. “Besides, the only thing that moves slower than the military and government are whiny assed, unmotivated, and spoiled teenagers.” A few snickers respond to that, and even I can’t hide my smile. “If the government can’t find a way to pay its own people, what makes you think they’ll defend us? And if they don’t know about it by now, then they’ll never be able to mobilize in time.”

“You have the choice right now,” I say, before anyone else can ask a question, “to either back down, and walk away, or come with me. No one will think less of you for walking away. We all have families, and friends. This is not something I ask lightly, but something that I must ask.” I look intently at the large group in front of me, wishing I could meet all of their eyes, but instead meeting those I can. “We leave in thirty minutes. Bring only what you wear, you won’t be staying overnight.” I turn to Wilson, and what I say feels right. “Sergeant Major, I leave them in your hands.” I give a quick salute, glad that they’re getting better, and walk back into my dorm, to coordinate things with Lela.

She’s not ecstatic to accept any more humans aboard her ship, but recognizes the necessity. Somehow she even talks the other ship’s captains into splitting up the load, between all of the ships.

Thirty minutes later, I step out, and am surprised to find that the retired Sergeant Major has done an excellent job of forming everyone into orderly lines. Silence drops as I step out, and I feel the pressure of all those eyes on me.

“Sergeant Major,” I call the older gentleman over to me, “did this group grow while I was gone?”

“Yes sir. There were a few blue falcons that abandoned us, but a number of them made some calls after your speech, and then a whole lot more started showing up.” Headlights run across us, and I look up to the packed parking lot. “Heh, some are still showing up.”

“Blue falcon?” I ask, confused by the term.

“Stands for ‘buddy fucker’ sir,” the grizzled man laughs, and I join him.

I look out over the crowd, and see that Gina, Shanna, Shannon, Dennis, Julia, and Robin are helping line people up in the formation.

“I noticed you trust that group, so I put them in leadership positions,” Wilson tells me, as he notices my glance.

I look down at the man, and am thankful he’s here.

A large van pulls up, and a bunch of men and two women get out. Some of them are in old green camo, and each has a rifle over one shoulder. Wilson goes to greet them, and then brings them over to me. “These pieces of chicken shit used to work for me,” the older man says, and I know he’s using the insult in an affectionate way. “With your permission, sir, I’d like to put them in charge of a few squads?”

I nod that I have no problem with that, and they turn to walk away, but not before I hear one of the females ask, “Working for kid officers, again, huh? At least this one’s cute.”

“Careful Simpson, he may look young, but that kid knows how to handle power. I’ll tell you what he did earlier, once we get settled.” They move out of hearing range.

It takes nearly another thirty minutes until I decide that we need to get started. Anyone else, who shows up, will have to watch from the sidelines.

Wilson gives the formation to me again, and I face them. “I’m about to make some changes in you,” there is a large audible gasp as a flash of light occurs behind me. My sister has just arrived. I don’t even turn to look at her, able to sense her through my switches. “I going to make you smarter, faster, stronger, and increase your muscle memory.”

‘Are you up to doing all that?’ Summer asks. ‘There are a lot here.’

‘I’ll have to be, if the plan is going to work.’ I respond, and she takes my hand. Immediately I feel my ability expand, if only minimal compared to when we’re—

‘Focus, little brother, we can do that later.’

Damn my broadcasting mind!

‘Lela, the healing light please?’ and that quickly, I feel myself being energized. Too late I remember the changes Leslie made in the light, as I grow a raging boner. With my girth, there’s no hiding it either, and I receive no shortage of stares at my midsection. Everyone else is gasping at the light surrounding me, with no apparent source.

Without waiting any longer, I start forming the switches, making each individual switch, cover the entire group. The strain is huge upon my mind, but at least I’m not trying to change their very nature. Even so, by the time I’m done, I find I’m on my back, head cradled in my sister’s lap. Before I black out, I notice one other thing. My sister is completely nude.

* * *

A warm pleasant feeling brings me slowly awake. It’s not until I hear the sound of slurping, that I realize I’m getting head, and at that point, come fully awake.

There is no mistaking Leslie’s black hair, as it bobs up and down in my lap.

‘About time you came to,’ the Asian woman sends to me, through the nanites.

“What? Aren’t you supposed to be training everyone martial arts?” My head feels stuffed with cotton, and it’s hard to think. I really overdid it with those group switches.

‘I created a self teaching program, that’s playing on all of the ships. I can’t be everywhere at once. Two people abandoned us after going through the pain of the nanites. The rest are learning exceptionally fast, thanks to you. They should all be proficient by the end of tomorrow.’

I shake my head, and then moan as Leslie does something with her tongue around my sensitive rim. Only lost two? That’s better that I could have hoped for.

“How many do we have?” I keep talking out loud, since there’s nothing in my mouth.

‘222,’ she informs me, and my jaw drops. That many? ‘Now do you want to keep asking questions, or take care of this erection you’ve had ever since you came aboard?’ Her question is emphasized by the slight touch of her teeth.

“Well, since that is technically your fault, I feel it’s only fair for you to take care of it,” I tell her in an off-hand manner, that’s ruined only by another slight moan. How has she improved so much at giving head, in such a short time?

‘I learn quickly,’ she informs me. ‘Now give me some attention, or I’m leaving.’

I laugh, but pull her nude body around, and she places her slender legs on either side of my head. Lifting up, I touch the tip of my tongue to her slit, and enjoy the tangy flavor of her crotch. I wonder what her diet is, to give that flavor. This time I make sure the thought stays in my own head.

Inhaling, I suck in one of her lower lips, and enjoy the sensations her moans send along my phallus. I twiddle her labia around between my teeth and tongue, until I know she’s really warmed up, then reach one hand around, and force her hips down, while I suck hard on her clit, nibbling a little as well. My left hand goes to one of her tiny titties, and I start thumbing a miniscule nipple.

It only takes a couple seconds of this, before my mouth is flooded with her juices. I swallow all that I can, while her vagina bucks against my mouth. She spins around, and quickly has my penis head positioned at her tight entrance. Despite how wet she is, it takes a little effort before my head slips in, and her brown eyes roll back at the invasion to her snatch.

After a couple seconds of holding still, I ask, “Are you just going to sit there, or are you going to take care of this erection?” I’m smiling, and am greeted with her warm, if animalistic smile, in return.

“Well, since my current state is your fault, why don’t you take care of it?” I laugh at the turn in our play, and get an idea.

Turning off the gravity in our room, I hunch my back, lifting us slowly up, only to turn the gravity back on, and falling to the soft surface below. When I land, I can feel myself forced into her tight cunny a little more.

“I have created a monster,” she tells me, but then she turns off, then back on the gravity, forcing me even deeper into her.

“Just call me Frankenstein,” I grin, and on the next drop, my hands are ready on her hips, and I pull her down as my back slaps the floor. My prick hits bottom on her, and she grunts at the impact. Looking down, I can see that I’m only halfway inside her. I’m tempted to do like I had with my sister, and loosen her womb, but back off. If she pushes to have more inside her, I will, but not until then.

“You feel like you’re fucking my very mind,” she tells me, and I love how her slight accent caresses each word.

I grin at her compliment, as I sit up, this time only lowering the gravity, and latch onto one of her small, dark nipples. Taking it between my teeth, I keep moving, forcing her onto her back. Once we’re comfortable again, I pull out of her, all but the tip, then drive back forward, until I hit bottom again. Her insides feel like they’re on fire, and every inch takes effort to move into, she’s so tight, but I don’t let up, and soon I have her screaming in ecstasy, her hands digging into my scalp. She moves my head to her other nipple, and I realize I’ve been attacking that one pretty thoroughly.

After a few seconds enjoying her left breast, she pulls my face up to hers, and kisses me passionately, as her body is wracked with more paroxysms of joy.

She shoves me off her as she tries to regain her breath. “Hold on. I need a quick break,” she says, then bends over my lap, and starts to lick her juices from my cock. Somehow the genius woman is able to angle the healing yellow light so that it only touches her, and after about thirty seconds, she’s ready for more.

I have her lie on her side, with her bottom leg straight, and her other one crooked. Straddling the first leg, I once again have to apply some decent pressure to get inside, but then slip halfway into her with ease.

“Forget about fucking my mind,” she moans, “you’re in my soul!”

I grin at her, really enjoy the obvious pleasure I’m giving her, as I saw my hips back and forth. I use my left hand to stimulate her clit, and soon have her cumming again. As soon as she comes down from this one, I turn her onto her stomach, and pull her hips up. Planting my feet on either side of her, I use my strength to hit even deeper and harder into her.

She feels so great, as I move bit by bit, striking ever deeper into her, and then without any warning I’m firing like a cannon against her womb, as if my rod is trying to break down the barrier to her baby-hole. Like a battering ram against the portcullis of Winterfell, I feel her womb give way, and my last to shot barely makes it out, past that extremely tight ring.

We’re both breathing heavily, as we flop onto our sides, and gaze appreciatively at each other.

“Even if we die in a couple days, I’m glad to have met you,” she says to me dreamily. “Thank you.”

I smile in return, saying, “Thank you. Believe me, the feeling is mutual.”

* * *

“How are things going,” I ask the retired Sergeant Major, walking into Lela’s large featureless blue room. I really need to come up with a better term for this room. The Deck? No, sounds too much like a boat. Command Center? Hmm, that might work. Okay, so I walk into Lela’s Command Center.

A hologram of Leslie is going through various martial arts forms, repeating them for a large group of people. The group is following through, and I notice that their movements become more fluid with each repetition.

“Those tiny machines we got are giving these dirtbags greater stamina. I’ll tell you what, if we’d had a setup like this during my last deployment, the war would have been over in less than a week! Hell, even I feel ten years younger.” He glances around covertly, then leans in and states, “What’s the deal with the shiny naked broads?”

Laughing I smile, and ask, “If you want, we can get you a suit like that.” But before he can answer, I send to Lela, ‘Umm, can we get enough light-suits to clothe everyone? It’ll offer a lot more protection.’

‘All ships are working on it,’ comes the response.

“Me, walk around all but naked? No thanks. Nobody wants to see my crusty old ball dangling down.” I wonder at the singular ‘ball,’ but shake it off. I think I’d rather not know.

“You may not have a choice,” I tell him. “They offer a lot more protection, and if it means saving lives, I’ll push for it.”

He nods, but asks, “Aren’t you concerned about it being distracting? I mean, I know you’re used to such things, but the rest of these kids aren’t.”

I look out over the group of ‘kids,’ and know he’s right. “I’ll leave it up to you, Sergeant Major, to organize them into groups, separate males from females if you have to, but I want them as protected as possible. Their lives are my second highest priority.”

He gives me a sharp nod, and I find it a little odd to be giving commands to the grizzled military man. For that matter, thinking of this group as a bunch of kids seems odd. I feel like I’m a hundred years old, and out of touch.

Wilson takes a couple steps away, then turns back, and asks, “Excuse me, sir, but what is your top priority?” He looks at me intensely, waiting for my answer.

“To stop the demons at all costs,” I answer, without breaking his stare.

I see the ghost of a smile split his lips, before he gives me another nod, and turns to chew out a couple of ‘lily livered yellow bellied’ kids who are taking a break, instead of working through the exercises that Leslie’s hologram is displaying.

Ha! Kids. . . When did I get so old?

I head towards Lela’s room, and find her breastfeeding one of our kids. She looks haggard, and I ask, “Is everything alright?”

‘Yes, my body is fine, but managing the ship with so many on board, and creating the suits and weapons is taxing my mind.’

I feel terrible for her. I never knew, or even understood, what she does to manage this vessel.

She looks at me, and I can see her smile appreciatively in the dim light. ‘Harana should be here shortly to allow me to recuperate.’

“Do you need me to leave, so I’m not distracting you?” I look into her large silvery eyes as she shakes her head.

‘Sit with me, and keep me company. You are a pleasant distraction.’ I feel warmed by her response, and do as she asks, saying nothing as she finishes breastfeeding one of our sons, and hands him to me to rock.

I still marvel at how small he is, and can’t help but think it’s cute when he stretches and yawns, showing his two tongues. Lela gets up, and walks slowly to the other room, and returns with a daughter, latching her onto the other breast.

‘Last one,’ she sends me, and I reach over and take her three-fingered hand in mine. She looks at our hands, confused for a moment, then Ankara escort bayan smiles, and gives it a little squeeze.

We sit in silence until our daughter is done feeding, and this time I get up, carrying both back to their blankets.

I lay them down gently, and am about to turn away, when the boy I’d just been holding opens his eyes, and stares right at me.

’Be at ease, father. We know your pains. Some will die in the coming battle, but we think you’ll survive.’ Their combined voices literally booms in my mind.

THINK?!? They ‘think’ I’ll survive? That’s reassuring!

I feel a hand on my shoulder, and jump, startled by Lela’s sudden presence.

‘I don’t understand,’ she tells me through the nanites.

I realize that once again, I’ve been broadcasting. Looking back to our kids, I see that they’re all sleeping. . . Or pretending to sleep.

‘They just spoke to me again,’ I send to her. ‘They said that they think I will survive the battle.’

‘They are too young to speak, and they don’t have the small machines in them to communicate. I think we’ve both been working too hard. Harana is out there, minding the ship. Let’s get some rest together.’

“But I. . . But. . .” I shake my head, confused. I woke up not that long ago. I can’t be that tired, can I?

Lela takes my hand, and guides me over to another pile of blankets. I give one last glance to the six children, and notice the boy with his silvery eyes, wink at me. I’m tempted to point this out to the angel next to me, but she’s already asleep.

I lay there, next to the alien mother to my children for awhile, but can’t sleep. Walking silently over to the six babies, I look down at them. “’One day I will understand you,’” I whisper, both speaking it aloud and sending it to just them with my nanites. They don’t even twitch.

Walking out of that room, I see Harana sitting where Lela had been, and can see she’s deep in concentration.

As I enter the Command Center— yes I think I like that term a lot better— I can see that changes have already been made in the formation. There isn’t a female in the group. Well, except for Leslie’s hologram.

Wilson spies me, and comes over to stand next to me.

“I think we’re going to pull this off, depending on their numbers,” he tells me. We stand in silence, watching them train, until they take a break in the healing yellow light. I notice that none of them get a boner!

“I’ve been thinking about what you told me earlier,” he says, breaking the silence. “About me wearing one of them nude suits.”

Annoyance bubbles up inside me, but I tamp it down. It won’t do to argue with this man in front of everyone, and everyone is watching us.

“Okay,” I reply in a level tone. Level as granite.

“Well, you’re going to need a command post back here. One that doesn’t go on attack runs. Boarding runs? Dammit, I’m from the Army, not the Navy. Anyway, unless you’re planning to control everything, you’ll need another team at the head, managing the squads that’ll be going out. And a backup command post, if the first gets wiped out.”

Thank goodness this man is here. There’s no way I would have come up with that on my own.

“Make it so,” I tell him, fighting the urge to add, ‘Number One.’ I will not pretend to be Picard.

That actually reminds me of something.

“One last thing, and this is important.” I wait for Wilson to meet my gaze. “Absolutely no one, and I mean no one is to wear a red shirt after today, until the battle is over, or we’re dead. Anyone complains, and their out.”

The retired Sergeant Major gives me a quizzical look, but says nothing, until he turns and bellows out the order. More than I would have suspected laugh, and nod agreement.

Ch 27

The following two days are spent training up our little army, and finding what comfort I can with my various women. Every night our army goes home, exhausted, but determined, and every morning more show up to join humanity’s cause. I’m even surprised when Special Agent Albrecht appears on the second morning, and glares down at me.

“I knew there was something screwy about you, Mr. Xavier,” she tells me in her gravelly voice. All I can say is that I’m glad I won’t be anywhere near her group of females when they don their light-suits.

Donna Frankens shows up the next morning.

“It’s good to see you’re alright, Mr. Xavier,” she addresses me stiffly. “I’ve been worried when you started missing so many of my classes. Especially after getting arrested outside the math competition.” Her brown eyes bore into mine, and I can tell she has a lot more to say to me, but won’t in front of so many other people. “Is that the girl from the other team?”

I look to where she’s pointing, and groan inwardly. Leslie is amongst the others, and she’s being treated like a celebrity. Everyone wants to shake her hand, or talk to her. That’s not the problem, though. To Donna it must look like I threw the competition, to let them win.

“I couldn’t see the last question,” I tell her, somewhat defensively.

“What? Oh, I know. The others told me.” She looks back to me, and this time smiles. “I guess I was just worried. I was told a little about what’s going on, but it sounds a bit far-fetched to me.”

I explain to her about my ability, and the coming invasion. Professor Donna Frankens is no fool though.

“You used your ability on me,” she doesn’t ask, but states. “That’s why I, er, we. . .” She glances around, and continues, “And why your voice still affects me.”

I feel like shit, but I don’t turn away from her gaze. I understand this woman rather well, and know she is testing my resolve.

“Yes. I’ll understand if you hate me, but I want you to know that I don’t regret it.”

Her eyebrows climb up her forehead a bit, and then she smiles sheepishly. “I know I should, but I don’t either. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d better go find a place to fit in, and quit talking to you, before I rip your clothes off.”

Laughing, I watch as she walks away, and I know the extra swagger in her hips is just for me.

The second day everyone works on weapons training. Half the day on bladed weapons, and half on manufactured rifles. I ask Lela where she’s getting the materials to manufacture everything, and all she tells me is, “I believe you call the place the Russian Tundra.”

Late on the second day, I’m summoned to one of the other ships. I face all of the matriarchs, and can feel their judgmental gazes upon my almost bare skin. I’ve taken to wearing the light-suit, as I’m mostly around other men anyway, and even though it’s petty, I know most of the jocks are jealous of my genitals. My muscled physique doesn’t hurt my standing among them either.

These alien women, however, are not impressed.

“How do we know you will not use this army to turn on us, when the battle is complete? If your plans are successful, you will possess many of their ships, and many of you humans will be aboard ours.”

“I’ve worked hard to show good faith,” I tell them, knowing that that’s no true answer. “I know we are planning violence, and some might be tempted to turn that upon you, but trust me when I say that I won’t let that happen. You are our allies in this fight. We will work hard to protect you, as you have worked hard to help us. If necessary, when we’re done here, we will help you with your people.”

“We have noticed that you care deeply for your children,” another says calmly. “We will each take one aboard our ships, and hold them until after the battle.”

Anger, white hot and ready to burst, rises up in me, and it’s only Lela’s reassuring grip on my shoulder that allows me to reign in my emotions. I can’t stop my words, though. “You’re going to hold my children as ransom?” There can be no mistaking the naked steel in my tone. How dare they? Yes, I’m protecting my own planet, but aren’t I also willing to help out their race?

Silence meets my question, and I just stare at the pink alien women in impotent furry.

’We will be fine, father,’. I gasp as my children’s words seem to come at me from all directions at once. They’ve never spoken from a distance, and the fact that their voice sounds from everywhere can only mean one thing.

They’ve already been moved.

‘Did you hear that?’ I send the question to Lela.

‘Yes, our children are being sent to the other ships. Did you not hear her?’ I wonder how she can be so calm about this.

I shake my head, but it’s no use trying to explain. No one believes me about them, anyway.

‘No, they’ve already been moved.’ The fear and alarm that widens her already large silvery eyes is all the warning I get, before she rushes forward, screaming something in her language. Maybe she wasn’t as calm as I’d thought, but rather, she’s better at keeping her emotions in check. Or was.

Fast as she moves, I’m still faster, and I hold her back as she continues to scream at the matriarchs. Looking to the older females, I can see that they’re disturbed by Lela’s actions. They’re not used to a mother caring so deeply for her young.

‘Calm down,’ I send to the thrashing alien. ‘They’ll be fine.’

‘FINE?’ That word seems to bowl into my mind, she must have sent it with so much force. I didn’t even know that was possible. ‘How can you say they will be fine? They will die without my milk.’

I’m rocked back by that thought. How will they survive? Lela has to feed them every three or four hours. There is no telling how long the battle will last, and we aren’t even going out to meet them until tomorrow.

Without warning, Lela stops struggling, and I almost fall backward as my effort to hold her back is no longer needed.

I look to the shorter alien, and see her touching her head, looking shocked. She looks at me with wonder, and I realize that our six children have just spoken with her.

The other aliens in the room, however, do not.

“It is good that you can control your emotions. We have analyzed the fluids that your body now produces, and will be able to feed them while they are away from you.”

Lela stutters something, and then seems to back down. ‘They are my children. I should be the one to feed them,’ she tells me. I haven’t realized how much she’s changed and bonded with the little ones.

We’re sent directly back to her ship, only to be confronted by a frantic Harana.

She sees us, and immediately starts babbling in their melodic language. Lela calmly places her hands on Harana’s shoulder, saying something in return, and the two hug. I can now see tears in both of their large eyes. Apparently the kid’s aunt has also become more attached than I’d thought, as well.

I spend the rest of the day talking with the Sergeant Major, and all my friends, doing what I can to block out the thought of my children in strange hands, and wishing I can block out the thought of the upcoming battle.

One other thing comes to my attention, before we drop everyone off for the night.

“It’s all over the news!” Dennis tells me, when I visit the ship he’s on.

I have no idea what he’s talking about, and I tell him so.

“Man, government satellites’ve picked up asteroids moving fast towards the Earth,” he tells me almost excitedly. “If the things continue on their current path, they’re going to hit our planet. They’re trying to figure out how much damage will be caused, but it’s the demons, isn’t it?”

A pit forms in my stomach at the thought, as I nod to my roommate.

“Dude, the Whitehouse stated that the asteroids are moving faster than any other asteroids they’ve ever encountered, which is why they came into visible range late last night. The fools say they’ll start impacting the Earth sometime tomorrow evening.”

“That’s them alright,” I say, and feel that pit in my stomach turn into butterflies. Are we ready yet? Hell, am I ready yet? Sure we have a small army, and a small fleet of vessels, but what am I going to do? Turn off their engines? That won’t get rid of the threat.

Pulling out my Android phone, I’m glad Leslie tied us into Earth’s cellular network. Pulling up some news sites, I read a few stories on it, and even go to a religious link that starts talking about the end of days, and the second coming. Everybody’s scared, and the best advice I read states that the smartest thing to do will be to stay home, unless you know of a fallout shelter you can use.

The government states that they’re trying to figure out some way to disperse the asteroids, and that they’re working with other world leaders to find a solution to the problem. I wish them luck, but don’t have much faith.

Those aren’t asteroids flying free in space on a collision course. They’re the demon’s fleet, coming to eradicate the human race. Staying home will be useless. Fallout shelters might work, but I doubt it. No, the best hope is that I need to come up with some sort of strategy to stop them.

I don’t have much faith in that plan, either.

The news reports that streets are packed, and shops already have looters. If it’s this bad already, I don’t even want to think about how bad it will be tomorrow.

Perhaps my last night alive. I shake, to rid myself of the defeating thought.

I pull up pictures of the supposed asteroids online, and see that they’re flying in formation. I know the government can’t have missed this fact, and realize that the asteroids are a cover up. I wonder what their real plan will be, and if it might interfere with whatever I’m going to do.

It’s impossible to tell just how many ships there are in the grainy photos, but I can easily see that it’s a lot more than the seven ships Lela and I have at our disposal. This won’t be a fight, and it will take everything we have, to make sure it doesn’t turn into a massacre.

My girls, except for Leslie and Donna, want to spend the night cavorting together. I beg off, wanting to get as much sleep as possible. Tomorrow’s going to be a harrowing day.

* * *

Summer is already in the Command Center when I step through, still trying to rub a bad night’s worth of sleep from my eyes. She’s hopping from one foot to the other in impatience.

“Oh, good, you’re here!” she spouts as soon as she sees me. She grips me in a fierce hug, before pulling back, and searching my eyes.

“Good to see you too, sis,” I try to greet her cheerfully, but don’t have it in me right now. “Are we going after the demons? Is everyone ready?”

“You look like shit,” she tells me. “I thought you wanted to get more sleep last night?” I almost laugh as I see how tired she looks. “There were even more wanting to fight this morning, but we had to turn them away. They’re just not trained as well as the others.” Summer grunts before adding, “Not that we have the room. The other six ships are filled to capacity. The only reason your alien girlfriend’s isn’t, is because we won’t be delivering squads onto other ships.”

“How many do we have?” I ask, still trying to wake up.

“Just under four hundred,” she sounds excited as she tells me this great news. “They’re split into seven to ten man groups.” She pauses, and looks at me intently, before saying, “Lela’s not sure it will be enough.”

Of course not. Well, nothing to it, but to do it.

“How long until the demons arrive?” I ask, afraid of the answer.

“They’re just entering the solar system now,” Summer says.

“We need to get the ship moving immediately,” I say. It’s time to stop the demons from ravaging Earth.

“Calm down,” Summer commands in her older sister voice. “We started heading out to meet them an hour ago. We wanted to let you rest as much as possible.”

We’re already moving? Considering how tired I am, I’m thankful for the extra rest.

Glancing around, I see that we’re alone in here. “The others?”

“In charge of their units. Only Leslie, Harana, and Lela are here, besides us,” my sister informs me.

“Leslie?” I ask, wondering what her job will be.

“She’s linked in to all the ships. She’ll be watching from another room, and coordinating the transfer of our squads. She suspects that the demons may have some defense against teleporting directly onto their ships.”

“Where are Sergeant Major Wilson, and the command team?” I’m trying to get the full picture.

“They’re aboard different ships. I didn’t think you wanted to broadcast what we’ll be doing, during the battle,” I’m surprised to see an almost shy smile flit across her beautiful features.

“Ships?” I ask, wondering about the plural. Wouldn’t it be better to have the command team together?

“Three ships. One for the main team, and two backups. They won’t be able to behead us in one attack.” Somehow that sounds more like the rough Sergeant Major’s words.

They won’t be able to behead us, unless they take out this ship.

‘Close your eyes, it’s time.’ The words float across my vision.

I lay down as I close my eyes, commanding my light suit off me. Summer climbs on top of my body, pressing her naked chest to mine. ‘You take care of the demons,’ her words tell me, ‘I’ll take care of the contact.’

I feel a mouth engulf my limp penis, bringing it slowly to life, at the same time stars blossom in my vision. We’re stopped, and I can just make out where the demon’s ships are approaching us, surrounded by the tell-tale red rings.

For a split second, I feel stark, maddening terror, as I see how large their force is. Even the other six ships arrayed with three on each side of me, can’t give me comfort against a force this size. There are more ships than even the grainy photos I’d seen hinted at.

I can feel that I’m fully hard in Shanna’s mouth now. There is no denying the skill she has with her tongue. Even distracted as I am with the demon fleet, she’s able to get me hard. A few seconds later, I feel summer slide her body back, as I slowly enter her and the sense of my switches increases ten-fold. I can easily sense the various switches I’ve made in the other ships. I can tell which ships hold Gina, Shanna, Shannon, Donna, and the massive switches covering all our ships.

I realize that I’m thinking of this ship as me, more than something I’m in control of, and send a message to Lela. ‘Can you give me complete control over movement of the ship, so that I can move us with my mind?’

There is a pause, before the word, ‘Done,’ appears before me.

I feel my sister start to slowly rock back and forth, while still keeping as much contact with me as possible. The actual coitus is not required for her to magnify my ability, but the pleasant sensations that course through my body help to distract me from my fear. It also keeps me hard, giving me more surface contact with her.

Fear. . . What had I done, that’d removed my fear of Bradley, my old boss? I’d silenced him, I recall. If only I could do something like that with the demon ships. Since I can’t hear them, making them quiet won’t work. I have to strip away what makes them scary to me. Well, the thing scaring me the most is their numbers. Is there some way I can reduce their numbers without killing them? With my kids, sister, girlfriends, and friends on board these ships, do I even have the luxury to have a conscience concerning their deaths?

I can hear Summer moaning into my ear, as her pussy milks my cock, and her large breasts slide up and down my chest, her nipples hard. I can hear myself moaning too. I lose a little bit of contact with Summer, but a second later, I feel her hand on the back of my head, pulling me up, and into her tit. I automatically started suckling, as she cums.

The demons are easily within range of my switches now, and the first thing I do, is make a switch for their weapons systems. A lance of pain shoots through my head as I make it for the massive group, and I feel my head land back on the soft floor, releasing the nipple I’ve been sucking on.

I feel some of the demon ships start up their weapons in preparation to destroy the seven impudent ships before them.

Summer moans slightly as she continues to ride my pole, and from the power I’m drawing through her. I feel the effects of the yellow light on us, as I grow harder within my sister, and my head clears.

The light is helping, as the pain is already gone. I’m fully seated inside here, and a part of me wonders that I’m all the way within her vagina, without feeling the ring of her womb. Is it the nanites or the healing light that’s allowing me to fit inside her snug wallet?

Another part of me quickly flips the group switch, turning off all their weapons, and keeping them off.

The enemy ships seems to mill around for a moment, as they try to get their weapons back up, but they’re no match for the power of my switches, especially when those switches are buttressed by my sister and the yellow light. Nothing can move a switch I’ve made with Summer, except the two of us together.

I peek one eye open, and can just make out my sister’s face, bobbing above mine. I can see her clearly, and know that the nanites and light are doing their job. Summer sees me peaking at her, and mashes her lips to mine. Her tongue enters my mouth, as she presses our two bodies together.

My switches’ power increases a little more, and I start lifting my hips to meet her rocking. She feels fantastic, and despite the incongruity of the situation, I’m feeling exhilarated.

The demons have finally decided that they aren’t going to be able to shoot us out of their way, and seven ships come forward to sacrifice themselves, by ramming into us. I’m thankful the remainder of the fleet holds back.

I immediately take evasive maneuvers, rolling to the right, and realizing that I’m rolling around with my sister as well. The demon ship that chose us changes course to match, and here is where my gaming skills come in handy. Viewing the ship as an extension of my will, I can move and change directions at the speed of thought. Oddly, every move I make is copied by a move with my body, and Summer holds on for dear life, as we roll all over the room. When I dive, my pelvis pulls back, and when I climb, my hips drive forward, piercing her wet crevice with my cock, and making her moan in pleasure.

The demon ship barely misses my port side, and it dawns on me that even though my video gaming skills are handy here, there is no reset switch, and one mistake means our lives. I look around to see how the other ships are faring. One of ours is smoking, and not moving. Another has two on its tale, and it doesn’t look good. What is happening with our away teams? We’re all too interwoven for me to know whether any are on board the demon ships.

Thinking fast, I roll Summer around, as I barrel-roll the ship, and dive between the other vessels. I sense more than see that my pursuing ship collides with one of the others. I really hope none of ours were on that ship. I’m going to have to be a lot more careful how I go about this. Looking back, I see that the remaining ship has broken off its pursuit and is now after me.

I feel awful for the deaths I’ve caused, but I know it’s either them or us.

Even with the distraction of avoiding the enemy ships, the feel of Summer’s vagina sliding around my cock feels wonderful. It also helps to distract me from any crippling fear I might otherwise be suffering.

‘Some of the demons are headed for Earth!’ the message comes from Leslie, and even as I look, I know it’s true. No longer content to wait and see how the chase goes, four of the demon ships have broken free of the main formation, and are headed to my blue planet.

I charge for the errant ships, but two other demon vessels block my path, and I barely pull up in time to avoid a collision; my cock driving deep into my sister, and making her cry out.

‘Leslie, can you get a team to them?’

‘I’m trying. Every time a team teleports, they change their defenses. I have to come up with all new algorithms on the fly. Now quit bothering me.’ After a couple more seconds of rolling around the room, and dodging kamikaze demons, Leslie comes back with some bad news. ‘Teams made it safely to two of them, Escort Ankara but the other two are out of range.’

Dammit! Looking into the void around me, I see that three ships are on my tail, and I turn and start heading for the smoking friendly vessel. I have to get these demons off of my tail, so I can stop the ships heading for Earth. As I approach the smoking vessel, I mentally send the command to teleport all living beings to this one, and then pull hard to starboard at the last second. Zooming past another friendly ship, I transport our passengers to it.

As I do this, I feel myself go even deeper into Summer’s pussy, and I moan as my cock enters her womb; my cock’s head getting strangled by the tightness of her deepest and most sensitive parts.

Two demon ships fail to turn sharp enough and crash, leaving one still on my tail.

Shit! Did I just kill more of my teams? ‘Leslie, please highlight the demon ships with our teams on them in yellow, so I don’t destroy them as well.’ She doesn’t respond this time, but I see seven or eight demon ships go from a red ring, to a yellow one. There are still too many red rings. Ha, the red rings of death, I think sadistically.

I see two demon ships returning, this time with blue rings around them, when Summer screams, “I’m cumming, Nick!” distracting me for just a second. “Oh, god, I’m gonna cum!” I feel her cunt ripple along my member, and I feel energy flowing into me from the connection. Odd, I think, that’s never happened before.

Two more demon ships suddenly shift to blue rings, and I see them breaking off pursuit of the angel ships they’d been trying to destroy. They break pursuit, and then just sit there. Sonuva. . . Their weapons are down, and they might not even know how to pilot the things. I sense for my switches, to try and return weapons to the fighter, and catch my breath.

Gina is aboard one of them. My heart pounds, and if it weren’t for the yellow light surrounding me, I’d probably go soft within my older sibling right now.

“Nick, lookout!” my sister screams, and suddenly she’s gone from me, as well as my extra strength with my switches. Opening my eyes, I see a small, black haired creature coming right for me.

How the— was all the time I have for thought, before I’m jumping away. The thing pulls out some sort of weapon, and points it at me, and then seems to get agitated, throwing the thing down. Apparently I turned off all weaponry, as I recognize the thing as some sort of gun.

I’m naked, facing one of the red-bodied demons, while who knows what might be coming at us outside. On top of that, I haven’t done any of the training with the squads, because I can’t give myself the switches that I was able to give them. Oh, and did I mention I’m still supporting a throbbing boner, with this yellow light? Can this situation get any worse?

Oops! Why did I have to think that?

Summer screams again, and I see another demon is in the room with us, facing off against my nude sister.

My attention is brought back to my own situation, when my demon charges me, its snout wide open, and very dangerous teeth gleaming a sickly shade of green in the blue light. It’s a good thing I’d gotten some dodging practice with the Team Rocket twins, as I jump to the side. I hit the ground rolling, and come up near the enemy’s discarded weapon. I make a quick switch to turn on just this one, but it won’t budge. I’d made the original switch while in contact with Summer. I pick the weapon up anyway, at the least it’ll act as a club, and get it up just in time to block the short round creature’s maw from tearing a chunk out of my side.

Summer screams, and I look over to see her hobbling away from a stalking demon, holding her hip. Blood wells from between her fingers, and I can see that her face has gone ashen.

Fear for my loving sister rips through me, and I pull back on the weapon, still in the demon’s mouth, as I roll back taking the beast with me, turn off the gravity, place my legs under the creature, let go of the rifle and kick hard. The things claws rake my legs, causing a whole new level of agony, but it flies upwards, and its small head slams into the ceiling. I return gravity at that point, and the red creature falls back to the floor with a grunt and a thump.

I’m certain it’s only unconscious, and that gives me an idea. Cursing for not having thought of it earlier, I make a switch in the one that is now barreling down on my sister, and watch as it stumbles and hits the floor, asleep.

Breathing heavily, I walk over and inspect my sister’s hip. Thankfully, between the yellow light, and her nanites, the blood flow slows, and stops, and she’s able to stand upright again. I check my own legs, and watch just in time for the tears in my flesh to fade into scars, and then disappear altogether. The only evidence of the wounds are memories, and the already drying blood.

Summer hugs me tightly to her body, crying. I comfort her as much as I can, my still hard rod between us.

She notices. “Wow! I didn’t know you got turned on by that sort of thing,” she snickers.

“I don’t,” I try to defend myself. “It’s this damnable light. Leslie set it up to make me hard, while it heals.” Speaking of Leslie, ‘Demons are boarding our ships!’ I send to her.

‘Already taken care of. You took the longest to stop your attackers. Now, if you’re done playing around, we’re still fighting out here. We had to sacrifice one demon ship to save yours already.’

‘The team aboard?’ I ask, worried that it might have been Gina’s ship.

I get no response, but a moment later, no response is necessary. Gina strolls through the open hatch, surrounded by Lindsey Ratner, Nicole Hama, and the five other cheerleaders. All naked, except for the light-suits, and all staring at my package.

“We’d have been here sooner,” Gina says as she rushes over and hugs me, “but we had to take care of our wounded, before we could fight. Even as she talks, four cheerleaders break off, and two head to each of the slumbering demons. They’re carrying some kind of wicked looking black blades, and they slip them easily into the slumbering red mounds, killing them.

“This is for Samantha,” one of them says, and I can see tears rolling down her cheeks. Samantha is. . . was another cheerleader.

“We’re to be your personal guard, though Leslie says that the demons won’t be able to teleport to us anymore; something about randomly generating coefficients and fourth dimension physics.” Gina tells me

“Nick?” Summer asks, and I look over to her, as she watches the four teammates dragging the dead demons from the room.

Oh, great. Now I have to do my sister, with an audience. I know Lindsey won’t mind, as she’s been sleeping with her brother, and neither will Gina, but the other’s. . .

“Don’t worry about them,” Gina tells us. “I briefed them while we were healing. They understand the situation.” Her voice drops to a whisper before she adds, “Even Nicole doesn’t seem to care, as long as it saves our lives.”

I realize that we must look a site, with blood still on Summer’s side, and both my feet a dark color as well.

Gina steps back, and is quickly replaced by my naked sister. My boner never lessened throughout the fight, and apparently Summer stayed wet the entire time as well, because as we lay back, I easily slip right back inside her, and close my eyes, to evaluate the battlefield.

Another angel ship is smoking, and immobile, but otherwise seems undamaged. Three demon ships are surrounding it, protecting it. They still don’t have weapons, but every time a red-ringed ship approaches, they chase it off.

I’m back in the saddle, I think, as I start moving our ship forward again.

‘You’re in more than just that,’ Summer sends me, and I thrust my hips forward in response, driving the ship up, and making her lightly bite my shoulder to stifle her moans.

As I watch the three ships guarding the one angel ship, one turns suddenly red, and I know a squad just died. I’ve got to end this fast, before any more lives are lost.

My hips have been moving with Summer on autopilot, but when she starts to moan, and cries out, “Fuck me Nick! Damn, you feel so fucking huge in me. Ungh, I’m cumming again!” my focus returns to her, as I pick up the pace with my rod. She feels so great, with her inner folds caressing every inch of my rod, and I even slip into her womb, making me moan out load as well. I know I’m getting close, but I also know I need to figure out how to stop these violent beasts.

Dammit, I think, if only I could get rid of their aggressiveness!

Summer’s words combined with her cunt milking my cock are enough to send me over the edge. As I fill her womb full of my seed, I feel the switch for their aggressiveness form, and flip at the same time, draining the last of our combined energy away, and blackness swallows me whole.

When I come to, I have to blink my eyes a few times to see, and my head is throbbing again. A pleasant sensation is surrounding my cock, but I can’t see past my sister’s concerned face.

“You’re awake!” she exclaims upon seeing my open eyes. Her face seems oddly flushed, and she even seems to moan a little as she says it.

“Wh-what happened?” I ask groggily, already feeling the healing yellow light force my headache to recede, and my cock to swell even more. I’m thankful for the enhancements Leslie added to the healing, but kinda wish she hadn’t made it so that I get so hard under the luminescence.

“The demons’ve stopped chasing us,” Summer tells me, her eyes close momentarily as she sucks in her bottom lip.

Only then do I realize why my cock feels so pleasant. I know that technique; Gina must be giving me a blowjob, and keeping me hard. They must have done that when I passed out, so that when I awoke, I could reconnect with my sister, and keep my switches powerful. Apparently she’s forgotten about what the light now does for me. Or who knows. . . Maybe she doesn’t care, and just wants to clean my pipe.

That doesn’t explain why Summer seems to be enjoying herself, though.

My sister sees the confused look on my face, and correctly interprets it. “Gina’s scooping your cum out of me,” she informs me. “You came a lot, and she’s trying to get it out, but it feels good, too. She’s about to. . . uhh, get me off.”

Just as Summer starts to convulse on top of me, Gina lets my cock free, and slips it back into Summer’s vagina.

I moan as we reconnect, and feel the power of my switches magnify again. I know I can’t use them again so quickly, and am also glad that I’ve been able to buy us a little time.

“No,” Summer moans as she comes down from her orgasm. “In my ass. I don’t want to get pregnant from this, and I haven’t taken my pills since I’ve been up here.” I nod, and pull my hips down, and let Gina aim me for her rectum. I’m easily slick enough, and slip right past my sister’s sphincter, causing us both to moan in delight again.

Despite how good my sister’s colon feels around my cock, I worry about the ships that made it past us. I’ve failed. That other ship would’ve been well outside of my range when I created the ‘anti-aggression’ switch. I only hope that my fellow humans can handle the few ships that’d made it through. Knowing that the demon’s weapons won’t work, sooths my fears some.

Right now, though, I need to concentrate on the rest of the fleet that’s still here. Closing my eyes, I pull Summer’s face down to mine, kissing her deeply, as I lift my hips, and love the sensations the inside of her ass delivers along my rod.

I can see the demon ships still floating out there in space, waiting, and likely wondering what’s happening to them. They might not be aggressive at the moment, but they still pose a threat. I need to stop that threat for good, or all will be lost.

My headache is nearly gone now, and I know it’s partly in thanks to the healing light, and also thanks to how wonderful Summer feels on top of me. I can feel her sphincter sliding up and down my rod, my entire length piercing her colon.

I allow my hands to drop down to her rear, and grab a globe in each hand, as I examine the ships before me.

I need a way to stop their aggressiveness permanently. Derek’s image flashes before my mind, and I recall what I’d done to him, changing him into a female. Somehow I don’t think changing their sex will help, but perhaps another biological change will do the trick. I know I’ll need the added strength of another orgasm though, to accomplish it, and throw all of my concentration into making love to my sweet sister’s tight ass.

Lifting my head, I bring one of her teats to my lips, sucking gently, as I increase the pace of my hips.

“Damn,” Summer moans above me, “you’re going to make cum again, Nick.” She starts to convulse on top of me, her ass squeezes my length, and feels fantastic, but it’s still not enough to make me cum.

I open my eyes, and see Gina and the cheerleaders watching us, and know that I will need to enlist their help.

“Gina, I know what I need to do, but I need your help,” I tell her. “Come here.”

Shanna does as I ask, a curious look on her face, her suit shimmering to the floor, and walks over to Summer and I. “I don’t know how I can help, Nick. I’m not like your sister.”

I tell her what I want, and she sits on my face, my sister moving slightly as the blonde-bombshell gets situated. Summer does her best to keep as much physical contact with me as possible. I need to be as turned on as possible, so that I can form the switch when I cum.

I suck hard on Gina’s labia, and note that she’s already wet. Despite the fear that she must have been feeling, and the battles she’s already been through, watching Summer and I roll around must have been turning her on.

I feel Summer lift up, while keeping as much contact with my body, and know that she must have been sucking on Gina’s tits as I began to nibble on her clitoris. I reach my hands up, and pinched both of Summer’s nipples between my fingers, making her moan into Gina’s chest.

I feel a tongue on my genitals, and from the sense of my switches, I guess that it’s Lindsey. I’ve never actually done anything with the woman before, but I’m not about to complain right now.

“Like, if you think I’m joining this disgusting scene, then you can forget it.” That is unmistakably Nicole Hama. “It’s one thing to watch this incest, but another to help in it.”

“Oh, get over yourself,” I hear one of the other cheerleaders state. “If he needs to cum, to save the Earth, then it’s our civic duty to help him!”

“You’ve can’t be serious,” the head cheerleader cries.

There is no response, but a couple seconds later, my right hand is pulled away from my sister’s chest. Someone starts sucking on two of my fingers, then shoved towards a crotch. I feel a slight bit of fuzz, and know what she is after. My two saliva soaked fingers quickly find her slit, and slip inside.

“Damn, that looks hot, Sarah!” another cheerleader crows near my feet. A moment later, I’m met with a new experience, as my foot rubs against a new crotch. A few seconds later, my toes are swallowed by whoever’s cunny is fucking my foot.

“Mmm, he really knows how to use his fingers, Michelle,” Sarah moans, and really starts to move her hips against my hand.

“I can’t, like, believe you’re doing that!” Nicole cries, but Sarah cums as I slip two more fingers into her cunt. “Don’t expect to be on my cheerleading team when this is over. Don’t you realize that’s like, his sister, he’s fucking?”

“Oh, fuck, I love having a foot up my little kitty,” Michelle moans, as I feel her ‘little kitty’ squeeze my appendage. “Get over yourself, Nicole, or you won’t be head cheerleader anymore.”

“I’ve got to get in on this,” another one says. “I’ve never had a foot in me. That looks like fun!”

No way, I think, while Gina cums in my mouth. While I’m lapping up her juices, I feel my left foot slowly enter another pussy.

Summer is really moving atop me, and I can feel my cock-head bouncing around inside her colon, making me moan. I’m so turned on; I know I’m getting close.

The tongue at my balls moves away, and I hear, “Yeah, finger my pussy, Sarah. Ashley, finger my ass! Oh, that feels good!”

Gina grinds her crotch against my lips and tongue, while I enjoy the feeling of Lindsey’s tongue on my balls and Summer’s ass gliding up and down my hard shaft.

“But. . . But. . . I mean. . . Like. . . Oh, fuck, it’s for the Earth, right?” and a few seconds later, Nicole Hama, head cheerleader, stuck up bitch, and Robbie’s current girlfriend has my fingers making her even wetter than she was a moment ago.

Sarah cums again, my fist is now entirely inside her wet walls, and a moment later Nicole follows with her own orgasm.

Having seven women pleasing me, and getting pleased is enough to increase my libido, and I feel my orgasm building up even stronger. I squeeze my eyes closed to form the switch I need in my mind.

Summer drops her chest down to mine, and our chins connect as we both lick Gina’s creaming crotch. I taste a flood of her cum a second before Summer’s colon squeezes my throbbing rod, and I unloaded myself deeply into my sister’s convulsing colon. New energy flows into me from Summer’s orgasm.

It takes every ounce of mental strength I have left to make and then move the switch. I have just enough time to sense the demons becoming herbivores, before I pass out for the last time.

* * *


It takes nearly two months for me to recover from that last switch. Two months in the ship under the healing yellow light, while the changed demons and friendly pink aliens come to an understanding and a truce.

That final switch doesn’t change all the demons in the universe, only the ones that were within range at the time I flipped it. However, according to the new truce, the Earth has a friendly defensive force. Some of the demons go with a few of the female pink aliens, to defend their home planet. The rest go to Earth to fight those that’d made it past me during the battle. It takes almost ten years to flush all of the carnivorous and aggressive demons from my home planet. Ten years of chaos, violence, and the beginning of a new age for humanity.

When I awake from my coma, after the two months, I have a number of surprises awaiting me. Summer is pregnant with my child. She’d debated on whether or not to keep it, and in the end decided that she can’t get rid of something made from love. She even helps Shanna and Julia find a large enough house for all of us to live in. My sister complains about looking fat, but I tell her how hot she looks now. After two months of being under the healing light, my cock is hard as a rock, and it takes only a little effort to show her what I think of her.

Leslie is also pregnant, and she decides to keep the child for a different reason. The culmination of two genius people (her words, not mine) is too good of a chance to pass up. She promises that I’ll be a part of the child’s life, but she’s gotten from me what she really wanted.

Shanna came to Lela’s ship to visit me every day in my convalescence. She tells me all about events on Earth, and how all my girlfriends (again, her words, not mine) are waiting for me to recover, so that they can show me their appreciation for what I’ve done. From the kiss she gives me after saying this, I have no doubt, how that appreciation will be displayed.

Gina decides to live next door to us, for some reason. I try to encourage her to find someone else, even though I love her, but she keeps telling me she will only leave me when she finds someone better. Fifteen years, and three kids later, she still hasn’t found anyone else, and I’ve long ago stopped trying to help her move on.

Robin apparently became pregnant as well, despite all of Dennis’s precautions. They end up getting married before the child is born, and even have three more children, though none of them looks anything like the first. It doesn’t take long for their oldest to start displaying interests in the geekier things in life. I keep my mouth shut about my thoughts about who his real father is, but somehow I don’t think it escapes Dennis’s notice.

Robbie and Nicole get married, and if she ever tells him about what happened at the end, I never find out.

All of my children with Lela are doing well, and growing strong. They’re growing faster than normal humans, yet slower than the pink aliens. Their minds are growing faster than both races. They seem to grasp concepts and thoughts faster than either race. All of Lela’s and my children are speaking both languages fluently by the time I come to, but they prefer to talk with one mind, yet multiple voices. Somehow my nanites have were passed on to them.

My mother was worried sick about me, until Summer brings her up to visit me. With the demons still roaming the Earth at that time, she’s filled with fear at first, but Harana and Lela put her at ease. She takes the news of Summer’s pregnancy a little hard at the beginning, but in the end agrees that she can’t get rid of the child. She looks even younger, my switches having taken their effect on her, increasing her skin elasticity and slowing her aging drastically. She looks like my younger sister now, and Summer informs me that she’s even a little jealous of the attention mom gets now.

When the unchanged demons first arrived on Earth to start devouring the human race and Earth’s resources, one of their first victims was my father’s girlfriend. The sight completely unnerved my father, and he came crawling back, again, to my mom. To her credit, she told him where to go, and in no uncertain terms how to get there.

Old Mrs. Polkins is found in the dean’s office one day; or rather, under it, by the dean’s wife. For some reason the wife doesn’t take it too well, but last I heard, Mrs. Polkins found herself another job as a high school nurse, and none of the students are complaining.

Another surprise is Professor Donna Frankens. At first she wasn’t happy to find out about all the women I’m with, but some quick thinking, and stern commands later, she has another job as my maid on the weekends. I no longer go to that college, so that there can be no question of impropriety there.

All of those surprises are minor compared to finding out that I’ve burned my ability out. I was too weak when I used that last switch, and no matter what Lela does, the ability is gone. I can’t even sense any of the switches I’d made, or my half-human children.

Despite my lack of a special ability, Lela and Harana insist that I be the main liaison between the three races. Even at my young age, the world leaders agree, though some feel slighted because they’re left with no choice in the matter. Lela, Harana, and even the demons make sure of that.

Some of the other modified human’s come to the rescue of the human race, during that ten years, but some use their abilities for their own gain. Once the carnivorous demons are dealt with, the remainder of my small army helps me to capture the rogue humans, and deactivate their special genes.

Only a thirty-nine died in the battle. I feel terrible for their loss, and even though I return to Earth with a hero’s fanfare, it can’t make up for the ache in my heart, knowing that they died to help me.

Half of my army went with Sergeant Major Wilson, back to the Angel’s home planet, with a legion of demon ships. When the violent demons arrive, they’re fought off. The matriarchs are given a special hearing, for crimes against their race, but when my army threatens to use force, the male angels are forced to see that mating can be pleasant for both genders. Two of the matriarchs even get spots on the ruling council.

Five years after the last rogue human is found and dealt with, we realize that all of my children have my old ability. They’re all working on healing mine, though I have come to terms with its loss.


Author’s note:
I hope you have enjoyed my final series, Bait and Switch.

Friend’s note:
I will be converting this series into an ebook. For those interested, PM DBs_Bro (My own account). Check Dark_Brother’s thread ( for updates on when the ebook is ready.

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