Daddy and Dave

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After I moved away from home I always missed being with my family. We were always so close and I missed the time we spent together. Especially the time with my father. Just visiting was hard because my mother always made a fuss and insisted we spend most of my time together. Which was fine, I love my mother but I missed the alone time with my father.

When my father called me and said he wanted to see me the following weekend and that Mom would be gone I knew what that meant. He told me he had a special surprise for me since it would be the first real alone time we had spent together in so long.

When I got there I was wearing my short black mini skirt that was so tight around my ass I might as well have not been wearing anything at all. I had a white tub top and no bra. I was so horny my nipples were pointing out nice and proud under the shirt.

Dad is almost 6 feet tall with very broad shoulders. When I was little I thought he was a giant and even though I’m grown now, sometimes it still felt like he towered over me.

We sat down in the living room and chatting about everyday life. I could tell from the bulge in my father’s pants that his mind wasn’t on the conversation. I uncrossed my legs while talking about some of the new girlfriends. Dad’s eyes immediately went to between my legs and I smiled knowing he could see the tiny pink thong I wore. I changed topics and asked him what my surprise was. He told me to stand up and strip. While I did he lectured me on how only whores dressed that way and he didn’t raise a whore. When I slipped off my panties he saw how wet they were.

He took me into his bedroom and told me to close my eyes but I kept peeking so he took off his tie and blindfolded me with it. Then he took off all of my clothes and told me to turn around and bend over until my hands were on the bed. Then I had to spread my legs really wide apart so Daddy could see all my pussy and my ass. I might only be 5’6″ but my legs are pretty long and I know he loves to see me like this. My stomach started to tighten and heat pooled low in my tummy as I waited for my surprise. He told me to be very quiet and not say anything until the blindfold came off. I heard him leave the room and I waited for what seemed like forever.

When he finally came back in he ran his hands over the backs of my thighs and my ass. I started whimpering a little because Beylikdüzü escort I wanted him to play with my pussy. He kept rubbing my ass and kneading it almost until it hurt. When he finally grazed him fingers over my pussy I know they came back wet because I could feel my juices starting to trickle down my thighs. He stopped touching me for a minute and then I felt his tongue dart deep inside my pussy. My legs started to shake as his fingers gently teased my clit. All I could think was how this was not the way Daddy usually ate me out. He was much more aggressive and by now he usually had 4 fingers inside of me. Even though the teasing was slowly driving me crazy I liked it. I pressed my pussy closer to his face but he only pulled back and I got a hard slap on my ass.

He started eating me out again, his rough tongue slowly swirling around inside me. I forced myself to relax because I didn’t want to upset Daddy again. I can always tell when his spankings are for fun or for warning. I could feel my orgasm slowly building inside of me. My legs started to shake and all my muscles tightened. My head spun with desire and my fingers dug into the sheets on the bed. When I came my knees gave out and I fell forward on the bed shaking and screaming. Daddy didn’t stop. He forced my legs open and sucked hard oh my clit while he pumped his fingers into me so hard his knuckles were bruising my pussy lips. I screamed louder and all I could feel was his mouth and his hands. I came again and again, one orgasm starting before the last was finished. After the fourth or fifth I started trying to crawl away, the pleasure was too much and it was starting to hurt. Daddy must have realized because after one more he let me go.

I was still shaking, the feelings were so intense. Daddy’s big hand was on my back gently rubbing and comforting while I started to relax. My blindfold fell off sometime during my orgasms and I had my back to Daddy and the room.

When I finally stopped shaking Daddy’s hand started to caress my ass. I giggled and turned around to thank him. I stopped mid sentence when I saw that we weren’t alone. Daddy’s friend Dave was sitting on the other side of the room with a big grin and a big hard on. He was the one to bring me to my first orgasm and Daddy must have taken his place after that. He was the only person to ever give me multiple orgasms like that. Beylikdüzü escort

Dave was 6’2″ and very muscular. I had known ever since I was a little girl and I’d even babysat his kids when I was a teenager. He was very attractive but always seemed so proper I never bothered to think about him in any sort of romantic way. It was a shock to see him sitting there naked with a little of my cum still glistening on his chin.

“You be a good girl. You’re a grown woman and a woman needs to know how to please more than one man at a time. And Dave here has been really nice so you need to return the favor.”

I was scared at first. I’d never been with another man in front of Daddy before. I started just sucking the head of his cock while I stroked the shaft, hoping it would be over soon. It was so embarrassing to have Daddy watch me sucking another man’s cock. Dave put his hand on the back of my head and forced me to take more in my mouth. His cock wasn’t quite as big as Daddy’s so I managed to take it all the way down my throat. When I gagged he must have enjoyed it because he started pushing my head down faster. I love being gagged on a nice thick cock so my embarrassment over the situation quickly subsided and I got into. I teased his balls while I rubbed my tongued along the underside of his cock. He started moaning and I giggled which made him moan even more.

Suddenly Daddy was behind me and his cock was slipping into my dripping pussy. He showed me no mercy as he pounded my lil kitty. He slipped his thumb into my ass and I couldn’t help but come all over his cock. I couldn’t hear much over the sounds of my moaning and gagging but they said something to each other, laughed and started fucking so they were both thrusting into me at the same time. Dave’s cock was going so far down my throat and when he pulled back it wasn’t very far. I started to think he might choke me. I couldn’t breath and I started to panic. My screams were muffled by Dave’s cock and the vibrations were having an effect on him. He held my head down on his cock while Daddy continued fucking my pussy. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I knew Daddy wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me but I couldn’t control the panic. I tried to push against his thighs but he was stronger and held me in place.

I heard Daddy say, “You’re too old to be crying, stop or you’ll get the belt.”

Just Escort Beylikdüzü when I thought I would pass out Dave pulled his cock from my mouth. I fell forward and rested my forehead on my arms while I coughed for a minute, Daddy still fucking my pussy. When I stopped coughing Daddy pulled out of me and picked me up. He carried me to the bed where Dave was already on his back. I straddled Dave’s hips and lowered myself down on his cock.

Before I could start riding him Daddy pushed me forward. I liked the way my lil titties felt pressed against his chest. Daddy pulled my ass cheeks apart and spit on my asshole. I loved having Daddy in my ass, he always made me feel so good but I’d never had two guys in me before and I was suddenly really nervous that it would hurt. He felt me tense up and told me gently not to be nervous and that it would feel really good if I relaxed. I trusted Daddy so I relaxed. It hurt a little but he went slowly and Dave stayed still until Daddy was all the way inside of me. He gave me a moment to relax while both of them were inside of me. I felt so full and it felt so good!

When Daddy and Dave started to fuck me they really started to fuck me. The pounded me so hard I was screaming but I was begging for more. Dave’s cock in my already sore lil pussy and Daddy’s big cock in my tight lil ass. It almost felt like they would tear me apart. Daddy pulled my hair until my back was against his chest. Dave started playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples until my screams turned into little squeals of delight.

Daddy whispered in my ear that I was being a good little fuckslut. He asked me if I liked having both of my holes filled at once but I couldn’t form words to answer him. His hand went down to my clit. It was still really sensitive and it only took a moment with his skilled fingers to make me come again. Dave lost it and shot his hot cum deep in my tummy. I felt Daddy’s cum filling up my dirty hole a moment later. They pulled out and the feel of their cum dripping out of both of my holes drove me over the edge and I rubbed my clitty so I could come again.

Daddy stopped me and told me I had to clean him and Dave up before I could come again. I didn’t argue and I eagerly sucked Dave’s cock first. The taste of both of our cum was so good I tried to rub my clit while I sucked but Daddy held my hands behind my back. As soon as Dave was clean Daddy’s cock was in my face. It didn’t smell very good but I had gotten used to cleaning Daddy’s cock after it had been in my ass. While I cleaned his cock Dave got down and started running his tongue over my clit. I came with my father’s cock my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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