Daddy Roommate

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Note: All characters are 18 or older.

I’m Gustavo. This happened in my last year of college. After I broke up with my ex, she left the apartment at the end of last semester. It took me a while to find a new roommate. For a while, I thought I could manage by myself, but I quickly realized I couldn’t keep up with the bills, even though I would only need the apartment for another year. I didn’t want to bother my dad with it.

Federico was an 18 year old freshman, willing to get the apartment after I was gone. He was younger, but 3 inches taller than me. Dark-skinned, short dark hair and light brown eyes. He had a big nose; it fit quite well in his angular face and, together with his thick eyebrows, gave him a dangerous feel. His body was lean, covered by a crazy amount of hair, it almost looked like fur. A future lawyer. But he was an artist too. After moving in, he quickly filled the apartment with sketches.

At first it didn’t look like we would hang out too much. But he was chill and enjoyed playing video game late at night almost every day, so we got close.

This happened a couple of weeks after he started living with me. My dad called while we played the latest FIFA. Federico was sitting beside me, shirtless, console in hand. I paused the game. Fed waited, as I talked to my dad about my days and planned some visits. He wanted to help me in any way that he could. But I was fine, working and paying things by myself, which I knew made him proud.

“How’s the new roommate?”

“He’s cool.” Fed was right beside me, so I didn’t want to talk about him.

After I hang up, Fed looked at me.

“Your voice kind of changes when you speak to your dad, did you know?”

“Does it?”

“It gets all glowy.”

“He just wanted to check in on me,” I said, defensively. “What?”

“You’re 23.”

What was that supposed to mean?

“So what?”

“The guys said your father doesn’t let you have fun.”

The guys were my friends first, I thought, I just introduced you to them a few weeks ago. It didn’t matter. They seemed closer to Fed than I ever was. So much that they talked about me.

“It’s just who I am. It has nothing to do with dad.”

“Alright. Forget I said anything.”

We unpaused the game. I wondered what else they talked about and ended up losing the game. We played another match, which I also lost. It was just a stupid game anyway.

We went to a new club Saturday night. I hadn’t even heard of that one before. Fed got girls right in front of me, while I sat down, drinking…I made an effort. I was at the bar, getting more drinks, when my dad called. I stared at it, just stared, until the call ended and another began. The music was loud, so he would know I was somewhere late at night…He would worry that I was changing too much. I almost left the club, but remembered what Fed had said. I could lie. It was late, so I could be sleeping.

If I leave, I prove Fed right…

I was stuck.

“What is this?” Fed said, right beside me. He got my phone. “Today you’re staying late, Gus.”

I tried to get it back. He offered me a drink. He wouldn’t let me worry about dad. Since I wasn’t used to it, I got drunk quickly. Fed and the guys made fun of me because I danced with a girl, then I danced by myself. I danced under the watchful gaze of Fed. He was the one who told me I wouldn’t drink anymore.

“I want to,” I said.


“What, are you my daddy now?”

He gave me a look…then shook his head. I had an erection. Somehow I listened to him and had nothing more to drink. I remember vaguely getting into a cab, arriving at the apartment and being carried to my bedroom. Fed asked me if I wanted to throw up, and when I shook my head, he put the blanket over me. I held onto his arm firmly, and we started laughing. I pulled him on top. He resisted and eventually released himself. He said goodnight.

I woke up feeling strangely okay. I began to rub my head because I remembered some embarrassing things I had done.

Then my heart skipped a beat as I uttered a single word aloud.


I looked for my phone. I remembered that Fed had gotten it Yesterday, so I went to ask him. Fed was drawing in the living room by the window. The sun made the hair on his naked chest look golden.

“Morning,” he said, raising his cup of coffee. “How you feeling? Did the pills work?”

“What pills?”

“I gave you some for the hangover.”

“They worked, I guess. I’m looking for my phone.”

“Right here,” he said. “Your dad called.”

I took the phone to my room.

“Dad, it’s me.”

“I want you to find a new roommate,” he said. I was stunned.

“Gus? Are you there? I want him gone. He’s a bad influence on you…and the way he talked to me Yesterday-“

“He talked to you?”

“You gave him your phone! I was so worried!”

“Dad, I’m sorry. He’s just like that, don’t worry about him.”

“Look for someone else…”

“Alright…I’ll think about it.”

When the call was over, I laid down and breathed deeply. I could feel my whole face burning.

I was almanbahis going to kill Fed.

“Fed, you talked to my father?”

Fed looked up from his sketch, laying down a pen. He had the decency to look ashamed.

“I was a bit drunk. I know, It’s not an excuse. Come on, man. He was calling non-stop. I was just telling him you were fine, having fun.”

I stopped myself. I was about to say ‘he was just checking in on me’.

“How would you feel if I started answering your phone?”

“Sorry, man. Won’t happen again.”

It was hard to have an argument when the other person wasn’t up for it.

“Why did you stop drinking Yesterday?” I asked, catching him off guard.


“Was it because of me?” Were you taking care of me?

Fed smiled, reclined in the chair and crossed his arms.

“I know when to stop.”

“I must have looked stupid.”

Fed shook his head. “You were great.”

“Because I was drunk.”

“Because you were with friends. You don’t need to drink to have fun, but you also need to be there for most of the time,” Fed said, fully engaged in this argument. I ran a hand over my head.

“Thanks for…the pills…and everything.”

“That’s what daddies are for,” he said.

“Shit, you remember that?”

Fed chuckled. “Don’t worry, no one else heard it.” He returned his attention to the sketch.

I stood there long enough to feel awkward and went back to my bedroom.

I kept lying to my dad that I was trying to find a new roommate. It was the first time in my life I was deceiving him. He was so against Fed, there was no room for the truth, which was that I couldn’t find another one. I began to not answer Dad when Fed was around, creating excuses later.

We were going out again next Saturday. I was feeling more confident about enjoying my time, even bought a new perfume. Fed couldn’t stop talking about this new place with live shows every weekend. It was decided that we would go. And Saturday arrived quickly.

“Smelling good,” he said, when we were ready to leave.

“It’s new,” I said. He held the door open for me. He left three buttons open over his blue-marine shirt, showing a bit of chest hair and his silver chain. After that, I unbuttoned at least one of mine.

I thought that time I would astound everyone with my miraculous social skills, but the night had other plans. A good chunk of it, I spent at the bar. Fed had gotten with some girl quickly enough. I didn’t drink, because I didn’t want to cause Fed any trouble. Dad would be proud.

He called.

Fed wasn’t there this time. I took a deep breath, deciding that it would be better to leave early. If I managed to go to a silent place and lie to dad about where I was, he would back down about Fed. I searched for Fed. Last I’ve seen, he had been in one of the tables next to a wall. Our eyes met. I turned my head quickly, and quickly, he came over.

“It didn’t work,” he said.


“The girl. She’s annoying. And she’s only eighteen.”

I laughed. “And what are you?”

“I am… into…the elderly. What about you?”

I shrugged. Then, I handled my phone to him. “Can you keep it for now?”

“Seriously?” he said, smiling eyes getting brighter. I nodded. He kept the phone. “You don’t want any drink today?” he asked, really close to my ear.

“Nah,” I said back, smelling his hair. “I don’t wanna ruin your night. You shouldn’t have to take care of me.”

Fed smiled. He placed a hand on my waist and squeezed. “Don’t worry about that.” Hm.

I drank. We watched the live show for a while. Fed stood behind me the whole time. The duo on the stage, two girls, sang pretty good. “They looked at you,” Fed said. I pushed him away, and someone complained. But Fed was smiling. Later, we moved to a table in one of the dark corners. We lost the others. They were all thirsty, Fed told me, the frustrating kind of thirsty. He sat next to me and had to speak very closely. His arm was around me.

“Your father is calling non-stop,” he told me. His breath was warm. “Very annoying.”

“He’s just…” I stopped.

“You’re good, though. Right?” Fed asked.

“I am. Thanks to you.”

His lips brushed my ear.

“I like taking care of you.” The shiver he sent down my spine was intense. I got hard.

“You must think I’m so pathetic…”


We were very close now, and his hand caressed my hair.

“As you said, I’m 23.”

He shook his head.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“You like to take care of me,” I said. “Did you like when I called you daddy?”

He took my hand, placing over his pants. My eyes widened and looked around, but nobody cared about two friends talking. They were in the dark, and too many people around was almost as good as no people at all. Fed’s cock was warm and very hard, like my palm was resting on top of a rock. But the rock began to move.

“Daddy,” I said, then licked his ear. He sighed. I looked into his eyes as my fingers traced the head of his cock, which formed a good print. He was big. Bigger than me in everything. Only almanbahis yeni giriş eighteen years old.

I tried unzipping him. He did it himself. My hand wrapped around the cock, or tried too. Thick cock. Very gifted boy. It seemed so tight inside the boxers briefs, it must hurt. And the crotch gave off incredible heat. How sweaty was it? The underwear was warm and humid, so probably a lot. Fed was all warm. Even his smell was warm.

I had never touched a cock besides mine. But it felt like the right thing to do was to squeeze hard, over and over. Keep putting pressure on it. Drive him crazy, drive him crazy by the cock. Really grab it.

I felt a vibration coming from his pocket.

“Is that dad calling?”

“Shit. Don’t stop. Forget about him.”

My hand went below and grabbed the balls. So goddamn warm. I had to see how hot it was inside. I grabbed his cock and pulsing veins, they were like ember. And so much hair.

“Doesn’t it get all tangled up?” I asked. He only smiled.

I pulled it out. I felt the length up and down, and began to stroke slowly to avoid attention.

He glued his face on mine. His breath was warm but fresh, lips slightly open. Would it feel like kissing a girl? It was so dark. But it was Fed. The smell of Fed, the warmth, nothing girly about it, and the cock was in my hand to drive that fact through.

Dad kept calling while I jerked my roommate in public.

“Spit in your hand,” he told me. “More. Nice. Good boy. Now put it on me.” It was much better to stroke, sliding up and down the thickness. He spit on my hand next. I mingled our saliva and lubed his meat.

“So dirty,” I said. I’ve never felt so wrong in my entire life. “I’m gonna cum in my pants.”

“Do it. I want you all wet.”

My father was right to be worried.

“I wanna suck you,” I blurted. I wasn’t planning on telling that. Shit.

But Fed pushed my hand aside.

“People are starting to look at us. Let’s stop for now.” He was annoyed. But I was scared to look around and see strangers gaping at me. What if they call me ‘fag’? “Hey, don’t worry. Let’s go.”

We simply went to another part of the club. No one was looking anymore, no one would even know. Fed found our friends, told them that he and I were leaving.

An hour later, we were home. I waited on the couch while he fixed his bedroom. His bedroom, where his bed was. Fed would take me to his bed. I smiled to myself.

Fed reappeared.

“Take off your clothes and go,” he said. There was a difference to his voice.

“What is it?”

“You said you wanted to suck me, so get naked and go, or just forget it.”

I looked at him, trying to understand what had gone wrong. Did I do something? I unbuttoned my shirt while walking to his bedroom. He said, “Get on your knees and wait for me.”

Fed never talked to me like that. I stripped everything while trying to understand. My cock didn’t need to understand anything, though. It was hard and dangling, and Fed’s new behavior only renewed my erection. That day, I had figured out that calling Fed daddy was hot, that jerking him off in public made me want to cream myself, and that having him angry at me, telling me to kneel, made my cock drool for him even more. I barely recognized myself. Could drinking really change a person that much?

Fed came back shirtless and pants unzipped. He gave me one look and his eyes sparked. I smiled; Fed had no smiles for me.

“On the floor,” he said. “Get out of my bed.”

“Fed…did I do something?” I asked. I slid off his bed, embarrassed and horny.

He didn’t answer my question.

“Please, daddy,” I said, smiling again.

“Shut up.”

It was like a punch in the gut.

He pulled out. The big cock swayed for a while, dark veins and big head. Hot.

“Okay,” I said, voice subdued.

He came closer.

Fed’s cock. I never sucked a cock.

But it looks so good. If I do it right, he won’t be mad at me anymore.

The smell wrecked me first, pure Fed, virile and powerful. Then the cock brushed the tip of my nose. With a groan, I opened my mouth and let the head in.

“Ohh god,” I said, mouth full.

Taking my head, he pushed his dick inside. I looked up, eyes tearing up, and he seemed angry still, like he was punishing me. I couldn’t breathe, so he let me go, only to push it hard again. He asked me if I liked it, and I nodded. If he stopped, I would cry. Thank God I didn’t tell him that. Thank God his dick was in my mouth. Fed fucked my face.

Fed allowed me to breathe. He had moaned with his dick inside of me, but now his lips were pressed into a line. He grabbed my hair tighter and turned my face, then he hit his cock on my cheek. He slapped me many times with that heavy cock. It was really heavy. My whole face trembled. Then he rubbed his balls on my face. I opened my mouth, hair and balls and dick, everything was able to get in eventually.

He let go of me. I grabbed the cock and sucked the head, just the head for a while. It was soft and big. I was not prepared for the pre-cum and its taste. It was almanbahis giriş a bit salty, easy to swallow. Should I tell him that? That his cum was easy to swallow? He would tell me to shut up. I didn’t want to make him more mad.

He took the cock away and held my face to him, forcing me to look in his eyes.

“I should slap you,” he said.

“Yes, daddy,” I said.

“Stop calling me daddy. I’m not your stupid daddy. Why don’t you call him? Tell me, would you rather suck my cock or talk to your dad?” he said, making me feel ashamed.

“I would rather suck cock.”

“My cock.”

“Yes. I would rather suck your cock.”

“Are you sure? He must be so worried.”

“I’m sure.”

“Do you want a slap?” he said, rubbing my face. I closed my eyes and nodded. Fed slapped me. I looked up at him. My cock twitched up like crazy, jumping pathetically by itself.

“You want this?” he said, sitting down on the bed, showing me his cock. I nodded eargerly. “Watch,” he told me. He jerked off. His whole body gleamed, sweaty and all the hair glued to his lean muscles. He made me watch his balls bouncing.

His cock was once again shining with pre-cum. He swiped with his thumb, and showed me. I opened my mouth, tongue put out.

“Come,” he said. I sucked his thumb, then the rest of his fingers one by one. I kissed his hand, which led me to his cock. I sucked him, moaning. He slapped my ass and called me a slut. “Enjoy while you can,” he said.

He slapped my ass until it burned. “That’s what you deserve,” he said.

His cum hit my face in full force, and he rubbed it all over with his dick. He watched me as I ate some of it. My cheeks burned, both from his slaps and from shame.

Surprisingly, he pulled me to the bed and laid down behind me, pressing his hardness against my buttcheeks. He told me to cum on top of the bed. I stroked myself. He hugged me and kissed my hair, my ear, the back of my neck.

He twisted my head back and thrust his tongue inside my mouth. I sucked on the tongue. That was when I shot my loads. I slept beside him.

Morning, I woke up with a headache. Fed was not there. I remembered everything. I found him on the couch in the living room. He was ignoring me. He went back to his room as soon as he realized I was out.

My phone was on top of Fed’s sketching table. I looked over my dad’s calls and messages. Maybe dad was going to get his wish after all. With the way I fucked things up, Fed might actually choose to leave. Did he regret?

If I closed my eyes, I could still feel his cock in my mouth. It was enough to make me hard. I’m not going to do it again, I told myself. From now on, I’m as straight as they get.

I quickly talked to my dad. I admitted I was out in a club. At least I didn’t lie. I heard Fed’s door open while I was in the kitchen. He passed me, all dressed up, not even turning his head. He left the apartment.

I felt so small.

It was nighttime when Fed came back. I was studying in my room, I stopped and listened. He got inside his, but a moment later, he left. I jumped when he knocked on my door. He put his head in.

“Did you clean my bedroom?”

“I only changed the sheets,” I said, cheeks burning.

He got inside, looking around. He sprawled on my bed, head on my pillow, and crossed his legs. It was as if he had taken my room for himself. My bed was his. I felt the pressure growing in my tight briefs. “I’m sorry,” Fed began, “Yesterday, the things I said to you. I was a jerk. You didn’t deserve it.”

I had to breathe calmly for a few seconds.

“It was all good, man,” I said. “We can forget it.”

“So you forgive me?”

“Sure…do you forgive me?”

He sat down straight. “For what?”

“You know… We were both drunk.” I smiled, but quickly stopped as I realized Fed wasn’t happy. What does he want from me? “You know what, I need to study, Fed.”


He stormed out. When he banged the door, I almost screamed a few words at him. He could bang his door all he wanted, not mine. His perfume still lingered.

A few minutes later, he came back. This time, he was wearing only black boxers. My eyes went straight to his bulge.

“You were drunk Yesterday, huh?” he said, noticing my stare. “Take a sniff.”

He got really close. I reclined in my chair, shaking my head. But he came too close, close enough that I could smell. I blinked, remembering the feel of his cock against my cheeks. I gave up. I stuck my face on his cock and took a sniff, then another one, then another one. I could smell for hours. He pushed me away…I sighed disappointment. He smiled at me, then left the room.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” I screamed through the door, but my voice was shaky, my cock hard, and my mind going crazy.

After jerking off hard, I went to bed. Sleep escaped me. My bed felt too big, so I got up and went to Fed’s bedroom, feeling incredibly sure of myself. He was sleeping, snoring, bed-sheet tangled in between his legs where I wanted to be. I touched his feet, waking him up.

“Gus? What…”

I baby-walked to him and kissed his lips softly.

“Hmm, Gus…What…” he tried again. I didn’t let him, rubbing our cocks together. “Shit,” he said. Rubbing cocks felt good. “You’re so unfair.” He grabbed me, hugged me, and we slept together again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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