Daddy’s Little Bunnie Pt. 01

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“Yet another terrible night,” I sighed. I rolled from my damp pillow and onto my aching back, “God I’m tired of this.” It was a furnace in my room, ever since my fan up and died on me and the AC being crappy, I have to be reduced to sleeping in an old wife beater and my blue boxers.

Coupled with no fan and my mind being too active to properly get shut I my wife of nineteen years recently quit me. I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my trusty lighter and my last cigarette, damn, now I have to go to the store to get more before I blow my head off. Lenore, she was something. A cute little brunette I fell for in college, I smiled thinking about her baby face and blue eyes, those large udders had me hypnotized! And I valued tushies over tits. I was like her puppy obeying her every command. My wide smile morphed into a deep frown, God was she a ballbuster though, and now since I’m not blinded by her charms I’ve noticed a few things she did. Like why would she be all touchy feeling when in public but as soon as we steeped through the door she acted like an old nun protecting that cooch of hers.

I took a long drag on my cig, I believe she had a fetish for black guys and wanted to be seen as a progressive person. Even though I’m not a pure bred I’m an old mutt as my mother was black and my dad white making me a nice bronze color with thick curly hair even if it’s greying now. But I am glad to be half black as I was blessed with a fat dick that I haven’t been able to use in a few months! Lenore was too stingy with what belonged to me. A flash of thunder lit up my dim room, the smoke blew out my nose and I turned to watch the incoming storm, I’m not going to work today with it looking like the world was going to drown.

The small ding from my phone grabbed my attention. My eyes sucked so I grabbed my glasses, who’s texting me so early? Wait. The time said it was 1:00, I guess since it’s so dark out I overslept, well now I have an excuse to call into work and play hooky.

“Hurry downstairs your lunch is almost ready Daddy!”

My little girl is such an angel, she’ll do anything for me and I return the favor tenfold. She looked a lot like her mom except for her olive skin also her ass happened to be much bigger, that thing could make a donkey jealous. I did feel bad for thinking about her plump backside, but she loved to show it off and with all the softball she plays she could. She was spirited and fun loving, she makes me feel ten years younger being next to my baby girl. When that back-breaker Lenore left she flew in from college before I could hang up the phone. My little Bunnie is such a doll.

My phone went off again, “Daddy??? If you don’t hurry, I’m throwing it out.”

I rolled my eyes, why won’t she just come up here and get me? I dragged myself from my moist bed, my body was creaking, and I felt so tried but I could eat.

I forced my body to move as I stomped down the stairs, the smell of burgers made my mouth get wet and my stomach growl. “Good morn- what the hell!”

“There he is!” She said all cheery like. My Bunnie was tending to the stove flipping our food but she was barely clothed! “And it’s not morning anymore Daddy,” she grinned. Her big blue eyes looked me up and down and stopped at my hardening dick. I scuttled to the table to hide my shame. “Look at you looking like a hobo,” she teased putting the burgers on a nearby plate. Did I look that bad? My hair was messy, and I haven’t shaved in a few days.

I huffed, “Well looks who’s talking with you looking like a street walker.” My eyes were glued to her ass once again, her striped panties were holding on for dear life about to rip apart. Normally it wasn’t that sexual, I mean she had it out on display like the little tease she is, I’m not the one at fault here. She had one of those crop tops on, it was pink and tight hugging her full breasts nicely. Her cute belly was exposed, my eyes wandered south to see a small tuft of hair poking out her tiny panties. I wanted to grab her wide hips and- no, I need to stop thinking of her like a fuck toy, it’s not right. “Now go put some clothes on.”

“Daddy,” she sniffed, “you’re gonna make me cry calling me names and being so mean!” She mocked cried rubbing her eyes. “And I have nothing to wear all my clothes are in the hamper.”

“Stop being dramatic,” I watched her adorable baby face put on a wide grin and chuckle a bit. “And if your hamper is full you need to do some laundry right?” She kept boohooing until I rolled my eyes, “I’m sorry if I hurt your little feelings.”

She stopped the fake water works immediately. “I was good right? I mean grandma always said I would make a fine actress,” she did a little pose before turning the stove off.

That gave me a laugh, Bunnie was so silly but it’s what made her so great. I noticed her struggling to get at the top shelf above the sink, “Wait,” I said getting up, “let me do that.”

“I don’t know why you keep the plates up here,” she stayed in place, her hands eryaman escort on the counter and her ass was out. Why does she tease me so? She shook her bottom for me as I approached, her ass must had been hungry too as it was swallowing her tiny striped panties.

“You know how tall I am,” I pressed myself against her back, “and I see dishes in the sink why didn’t you wash them?” I put on a stern Daddy voice and her fat ass gently rubbed my groin up and down, my awakening dick began to prod her pillowy cheeks and it felt as if I was going in slow motion. Did she know what she was doing?

“I didn’t feel like doing the dishes Daddy,” her cute voice sang. That rump was calling my name, I have always been an ass man, but I put those desires away as my wife had a huge chest, but her ass was as flat as a pancake. My dick was at half-mast sandwiched between her blazing hot cheeks. Fuck, this girl is going to be the death of me, it felt so good I wanted to fuck her cheeks and paint her back with cum. “What are you gonna do?” She whispered pressing her ass harder against me bringing it down and back up, “spank me?”

“Don’t test me girl,” I said sternly, my dick refused to pull away, it fit so snug. The wet spot between her legs sprang a leak having her sticky juices coat my boxers and I knew I had to hurry with the plates. I know I heard her whisper Daddy, but I quickly grabbed the plates and practically flew to the table. That was close, I know my primal instincts would take over and I would bend her teasing ass over with her head in the sink ordering her to do the dishes as I fucked the living shit out of her.

“Thanks Dad,” she acted like nothing happened, I don’t know what she’s up too and I’m not sure if I like it or not. She placed the burgers onto the plates and sat down on the opposite side of me. “Goodness I’m starving,” she put her condiments on that sat on the table.

“Me too,” I slathered my food with my favorite toppings trying not to look at her. “Thanks for cooking for me.”

She looked at me with those sparkling eyes and long lashes and smiled, “I’d do anything for you Daddy. “

After lunch I decided to call my job to call in sick or something, better late than never. “Hi Ron,” I was thinking of what to say barely paying attention to his yakking, “yeah, not feeling to well today.”

“Let me get that for you,” Bunnie got up and grabbed my plate. My forked dropped and she bent over in front of me. “Opps! Clumsy me.”

“Yeah, this migraine won’t quit and I- HOLY SHIT!” That juicy ass had some beautiful hidden jewels. Her panties slid to the side exposing her slick puffy pussy and cute pink winking asshole, they glistened with her river of honey pouring out. “No, I’m f-fine,” I managed to say, “thanks. Bye.” My brain was going a mile a minute, this was a signal, she wants me to fill her tight holes. I needed to take what was mine.

She felt my forehead while I was lost in thought, “Are you feeling alright?” She’s killing me, those tits swung in my face with hard brown nipples peeking through the fabric.

My mouth watered, they begged to be licked and suck on, “Yeah, I’m fine, just have a little headache is all.” They were right there, and I wanted to pinch and pull them until she cried out, maybe some punishment would stop her teasing.

“Oh Daddy,” she grinned, you lied to your boss, she flicked my nose and went to the sink her hips swaying as she went, “you’re so bad.”

I frowned, “Don’t listen to my conversations Bunnie, you know I hate that.”

“Can’t help it, I love to eavesdrop,” I watched her smile drop a bit. “Even though I sometimes find stuff I wish I hadn’t.”

Now I want to know the stuff she regretted!

“But I’m happy you get to stay home today,” the sound of the sink and the clang of dirty dished served as background noise for a moment. “Let’s chill and watch bad movies all day.”

I nodded, “Sure that sounds good to me.”

I left the kitchen to go get ready to spend the day on the couch. As I walked to my room I noticed her door was open, I know she’s not going to do any laundry. I went into her semi messy room and took a note to make her clean it up. Suddenly a pair of yellow panties touched my foot, I stared at it a bit debating what I should do. I’m not a pervert, I’m a good regular guy and I refuse to act like an animal. But those panties wanted to be sniffed, it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I looked behind me just in case Bunnie showed up. When the cost was clear I picked the used pair up, how can she squeeze that behind into these? I brought them up to my nose and took a long whiff on the moist spot. My eyes rolled in the back of my damn head, it was musky and strong. The beast in me wanted to pin her down and breed her, the scent sent a signal to my lizard brain that she was fertile. It made sense, her exposed holes in my face screamed she wanted her father’s cum to flood her womb. Before I realized what I was doing my tongue was lapping up her sticky goo. eryaman escort bayan It tasted heavenly and my dick had been hard since I picked the damn things up. Why am I such a pervert? I’m pretty sure it’s too late to be a normal father. I wanted to be so much more.

I balled them up and put them in the hamper, I’ll do these later, a deviant smile appeared on my face as I thought about how her other panties must taste and smell. Each day resulted in a different experience, I felt like a kid tasting all the samples at an ice cream shop. Then it hit me as I dragged the hamper out her door, how delicious the source must taste, I licked my lips thinking about licking her fat pussy until my mouth was full of that sweet nectar. My God the feel of her soft young pussy on my tongue lapping up everything I could! A bit of drool ran down my chin. I wanted her and was going to have her soon.

After brushing my teeth and pissing I went back to my dear daughter with the hamper in tow. I spied her on the couch with her legs wide open, I wanted to burry my nose in her crotch so bad I could scream.

“You’re just in time for the movie daddy,” she said upon seeing me.

“Cool,” I ignored her open invitation to gaze at her pussy, I still can’t muster up the courage to take what’s mine yet, “what are we watching?”

“It’s this French movie about a butcher that serves horse meat,” she yelled out as I was dropping off her dirty clothes to the laundry room. “It’s supposed to be disturbing.”

“Sounds interesting,” this is too hard for me, her panties imprinted on her young 20-year-old engorged cunt lips and I could see them yearning to be licked. That wet spot was expanding every second I looked, the sweet sticky liquid began to run down her thighs.

“Yep, now come sit down,” she ordered patting the seat next to her. “Let’s cuddle for a while like we used to.”

I obeyed like a puppy. Women shouldn’t have power like this.

The thunder outside made the house rumble, “It’s really looking bad out there huh?”

My Bunnie jumped up from the boom and in a second, she slammed her back onto my torso. The sudden blow forced me to lay back on the armrest. “Sorry if I hurt you,” she said nestling into me, her warm body set mine ablaze. “You’re so comfy Daddy.” Another boom made her jump and shake.

She always hated loud noises, “Don’t worry you’re fine.” A quick kiss on the temple helped her relax, I draped my arm over her, she was so much smaller than me but her sheer weight took my breath away. Lenore was a twig but Bunnie was a brick house.

The movie played on, but my mind was on my daughter. Should I make a move, or will she? Is she really sending signals or am I just a delusional perverted old man? Man, she smelt good, her soft fluffy hair tickled my nose, but I wanted to keep inhaling her flowery scent.

A bright flash of lighting shown through the window and she grabbed me tighter anticipating the thunder. Her bouncy tits clapped together as they touched my arm. I snuck a peek and her nipples hardened rubbing against me. I wanted to stick my dick between them and coat her face with my seed. Those plump lips would be put to use around my aching dick. I felt him grow stronger and I decided to let him, I wanted her to see and feel what she does to me.

“I don’t mean to be so jumpy,” she said with a nervous laugh. “Huh?” her eyes caught mine staring at her. “What’s wrong Daddy?”

“Screw it,” with my arm that was resting on her soft tits I began to add more pressure on them flattening them and rolling some, “why have you been teasing me all day?” I gently slapped her tit, I enjoyed watching them giggle, she was silent, and her eyes feel to the floor. “Answer me girl.”

She sighed, “I just wanted to make you feel better Daddy,” her face was a deep red. I grabbed handfuls of her jiggling mounds, “oh my,” she moaned, “that’s nice.”

“What?” My hugging of her chest got rougher, they were so soft and firm, “by shoving these fat things in my face.” Her nipples poked hard though the thin fabric and I wanted to suck them dry.

“I,” she trailed off, “I’ve wanted you to sleep with me for a while now,” she gasped when I pinched both her engorged nubs, “I know this is wrong but you’re the only one for me.”

My heart melted then and there, “You’re saying you belong to me, right?”

“Yes Sir,” she shifted a bit exposing my hard dick that had popped from by boxers, “I’m yours.” Her slinger fingers gently moved up and down my thick shaft, “I’ve wanted to play with your big dick for a while,” she giggled, “ever since I saw you peeing on the side of the road that one summer.”

“You’re such a little pervert,” I licked the length of her neck and she shuddered, “well I can’t blame you, you get that from me.”

“I know, I want to be your toy,” her grip got harder, “is this good Daddy?”

“Go a little faster and use more force.” The faster she went the larger I got, “that’s it,” I breathed, “you’re escort eryaman good at this.” I stared her down, her sensitive nipples were crushed between my fingers, “who have you been practicing on you little tease?”

She cried out and I pulled back, she looked me straight in the eye with a serious look, “Nobody Daddy, I’ve been wanting to be with you for years, so I saved myself for you.”

I couldn’t believe it, my little Bunnie was a saint, without hesitation I planted my mouth on hers. We tangled our tongues together finally understanding one another. I broke the kiss and a string of saliva connected our tongues. My heart was beating out of my chest, I needed to calm down and enjoy this. Bunnie was panting and her sweet face was all red and sweaty, I was ready to ravish her.

“Fuck me please,” she breathed. “I need this monster to break my pussy!”

I grabbed her cubby cheeks and glared at her, “Watch your language Bunnie.” I felt conflicted, since she went and gave me an order I couldn’t fuck her. “Don’t give me orders,” my dick throbbed hard in her hand, “you’re not my Daddy I’m your Daddy!”

“Sorry,” she was too cute. “Look,” her hand left my drooling dick and went between her legs, “I’ve been soaked all day thinking about you using me.”

She wasn’t lying, my fingers ran up her drenched slit and came out covered in her musky juices. “You are a slimy mess huh?” I whispered in her ears, my finger went for seconds greedily tracing every inch of her tight cunt. “You like Daddy playing with your pussy huh?”

“Oh yes!” She suddenly yelled, my finger ever so slowly caressed her clit, “I’m so close Daddy!” her hot body rocked, and her tight pussy twitched with the touch of my long fingers.

My dick was screaming, “fuck her now!” But I knew better, not yet I told him. I continued to make Bunnie squirm and whimper on me pressing harder circling her pink pearl, faster I went, it was music to my ears. Her juices coated my hand as I pinched and rubbed her engorged clit. I wanted to be a conductor today, with my free hand I lifted her shirt then groped her firmly. “Cum for me baby.”

“God!” She squealed in my ear, her hips bucked widely, and she sang the most beautiful song of pure bliss.

My hand felt as if it hit a waterfall, “Wow, I’ve never seen a chick do that, I assumed it was a myth.” Her liquid soaked the couch and our feet.

After a few convulsions on her part those blue eyes looked up at me and she smiled, “I’ve never done that before.”

“It was a neat trick, I teased with a cheeky grin, “let’s see if you can do it again.”

“No,” Bunnie got up, “I want to make you cum.” She kneeled in front of me, her face still candy red. “I’ll try my best,” she pushed her bouncy tits together and licked her plump lips eying me, I’m definitely going to suck those udders later, I positioned myself in front of her, my dick was angry and swollen to the max. Her eyes grew wide, “oh wow,” she grabbed it, “now I know why mom stuck around for so long!” Her stroking forced more precum to ooze out. “It looks like you stole this from a bull!”

I chuckled, “Don’t flatter me little girl, now hurry I want to see what you got.”

“Yes Sir,” she wrapped them around my soda can sized cock, I didn’t mean to let out a moan she just coaxed it out of me! My precum squirted out a bit, it was drippling down my shaft and onto her smothering breasts. “Does that feel good?” Her hands pushed them harder together, “do you like using your daughters’ tits?”

“Fuck yes,” I threw my head back enjoying the attention, when was the last time I didn’t rely on my hand for release?

“Now you need to watch your language,” she loved messing with me, that impish grin pissed me off a little, I grabbed her head, “hey!”

“Watch it Bunnie,” I lowered her head closer to my swollen tip, “use that pretty little smart mouth of yours on something other than talking for a bit.”

She obeyed, her thick tongue lapped up my pre, “Your dick smells so musky, I love it” I didn’t want to blow yet, but my heavy balls wanted to be emptied all over her fucking face. Besides I have all the time in the world to play with her. She belongs to me and I’ll mark her good. Her lips covered my tip and her tongue did numerous laps as if she was licking a sweet sucker. “I want my mouth full of your cum Daddy, please give me all of it.” Her tits moved faster around my stiff dick, “Use me, I’m your toy.”

“I’m close Bunnie,” I breathed, “go faster for me.” My hand stayed on her head, she bobbed on the head of my dick as her tits rubbed it down. Faster. Harder. Faster! Harder! Fuck! I grabbed a fist full of her mane, “Here you go you little cum slut!” I painted her face with thick ropes of my seed. She gagged some but soon accepted my hot cum in her mouth. The kid swallowed every drop she could. “Good girl, don’t waste any of Daddy’s cum.”

“You were really pent up,” she said moving her tits trying to get all the jizz out. “Give me more,” a few extra ropes spurted coating her lips, “That’s it,” she left her mouth open catching it all, “you taste so good Daddy.” She looked me in the eye with a face full of white slime, “did I do good?” She licked the reminder of my potent cum from her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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