Denny’s Mom

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(author’s note – this experience occurred after being introduced to sex by my best friend’s mother. You may want to read the previous stories first – Dennis & Mrs. Green Chapters 1 and 2 )

My sexual experiences with Mrs. Green gave me an abundance of confidence when dealing with members of the fairer sex. Before her, I had been a shy, inexperienced introvert. She, while giving me so much pleasure, had made me believe that I had quite a gift for pleasing women not just because of what was between my legs but that I was a terrific, caring lover. She constantly claimed that no other man had ever given her so much pleasure. She in turn couldn’t stay away from me and as I said in a previous story, even though her son, Bobby, hated my guts now she still arranged to rendezvous secretly in motel rooms, in her car and even once in the bathroom of a local restaurant. I’ll tell more about some of these sex romps in future stories but now I’d like to show how my training had paid off.

I started to date some of the local talent both from my old high school and from the local college that I attended. Breaking the cherries of the younger girls was gratifying sexually but I felt bad because I was only using them for self-gratification. I seemed to need the challenge to prove myself in every liaison.

The college girls were much more experienced and showed their appreciation when I made them cum. Many said that their previous boyfriends had only been interested in getting their own rocks off. This pleased me immensely but I couldn’t see myself committing seriously to any one of them. Once I had impressed them with my prowess and they seemed hooked on me, I felt the need to move on to new challenges. I was seeing several girls at the same time and this seemed to bother my mother.

She never had anything good to say about any of them. She seemed to think that they were looking for a man to take care of them. She warned me over and over to use protection not to trust the girl to do it. She worried that if I got one of them pregnant I would drop out of school to support them and the baby. It seemed that this had had happened to my grandmother and she had given birth to my mother when she was only 16. My grandfather had quit school to support my gramma and my mom. Subsequently he became a bitter man. He never forgave my gramma. He thought she had trapped him into marriage. As some sort of rebellion against her father, my mother, I knew, had gotten pregnant her first year of college. My grandmother wouldn’t let them quit school so she took us all in. Gramma looked after me so that my mom could finish college. Mom had gone on to become a high school teacher and doted on me.

One afternoon I had invited my latest conquest, Laura, to my house assuming that my mother was at school. We had proceeded to my bedroom and I had gotten her shorts and t-shirt off. I pulled her white thong panties off to the side and started to finger and then lick her clit. This elicited quite a lot of moisture. She hadn’t taken long to cum!

“Denny, stick it in me! I want it in me now! Don’t make me wait any more!” With that she grabbed my rock-hard dick and started to pull it towards her vagina. Up and down my shaft went her one hand while her other hand took a firm grip on my balls as she brought me to the entrance to her cunt.

“Wait… wait.. I’ve got to get a rubber, ” I sputtered.

“No.. no.. now, Denny. Fuck me now! You don’t need one! ” With that she had the purple head pushing past the opening. The feeling was intense as my resolve weakened.

“DENNIS GET OFF THAT GIRL THIS INSTANT!! ” Oh, my god! My mother had come home unexpectedly and had walked in on us. Obviously, we had been so involved in fucking that we hadn’t heard her come in. However, Laura had her legs locked around my back as she had pulled me into the hilt. We were like dogs in heat. She was so caught up in our fucking that she hadn’t even heard my mother and continued to hump her body back up into mine. It felt so good that I knew that I had to come so I couldn’t obey my mother’s command.

“DENNIS STOP IT NOW! ” she screamed. But I was almost there. I could feel my cock juice starting to boil over. In and out I was forcing my cock. Just one or two more thrusts and I would be there… With all of her strength my mother grabbed my shoulders and yanked me backwards as I was just about to drive my way in for the final cum-blast.

“Holy sh… i… i… t! I’m cum… m… ing! ” My cock left Laura’s cunt just as it started to erupt. Jets of cum flew through the air and landed all over Laura’s belly and tits. A second explosion blew all the way up to her face. Mom’s eyes widened as she looked at my erupting dick! Her eyes seemed to linger there.

Laura continued to hump dead air space and cried out as she opened her eyes, ” Why’d you pull out you bastard?” It was then that she saw my mother and screamed. “Oh my god! Oh my god! “

By this time my mother had grabbed Esenyurt Escort Bayan Laura’s shorts and t-shirt, threw them at her and admonished her with, ” Get out of my house, you little tramp! Get out of my house you little whore! ” As she went to slap Laura I finally came out of the euphoria of orgasm and grabbed her arm.

“Stop it mom! Laura didn’t do anything wrong! ” I pleaded.

“Oh yeah! “she replied. “Then why didn’t she let you put on the condom when you wanted to? ”

Remembering her admonitions about getting girls pregnant and not trusting them I had no response. “Maybe you better go Laura. I’ll phone you later. “

“Get out bitch and leave my son alone. Go find yourself another man! ” With that she looked like she was going to attack Laura again so I wrapped my arms around her as Laura raced out of the room. I could hear her slam the door on her way out.

Mom was crying now so I held her tenderly whispering ” It’s OK, mom, she’s gone. ” We sat huddled like this for several minutes as I rocked her back and forth. It was then that nature started to take it’s course. My penis started to rise. I smelled my mother’s long and soft brown hair. The firmness of her breasts was irresistible and I started to knead them. I had never thought of my mother in a sexual way before but now I started to admire her attributes. I had been so involved in my own growing sexuality that I had never appreciated her beauty. It was something that I had never even considered. Mothers are not sexual beings so why would I have ever thought of her in that way. I guess that I had convinced myself that only a pervert would think of his mom in that way.

I started to take stock of what I was holding in my arms. My mom was an attractive 36 year old woman with long, silky, brown hair. She had a great figure that only my friend’s had admired up until now. I suddenly remembered my best friend Bobby saying that my mom was a fox and he asked me what her measurements were. ” They’ve gotta be 35 or 36 on top, waist about 24 or 25 and hips about 34 or 35! ” he claimed. I remember telling him to shut up and not to talk about my mom in that way. Isn’t it ironic that I had fucked his mother and hadn’t realized that he had wanted to do the same to my mom. And now here I was horny as hell, holding on to my own mother!

My mom seemed in a state of shock as I continued to caress her boobs through the thin material of her white sweater. I was shocked when I realized that my mother wasn’t wearing a bra. How long had this been happening? Her nipples started to harden and I knew that I was having the desired effect. The friction of her firm ass made my cock even harder and I was shocked that my mother stayed where she was. She even seemed to be rubbing her buns slowly back and forth over it. Was it my imagination?

I couldn’t stand it any longer so I decided to take the plunge.

” Mom, take your clothes off and let me make love to you ” I urged. With that I started to pull her sweater up over her head.

She seemed to come awake slowly by half-heartedly trying to stop me saying, “No Denny. We can’t do this. It would be wrong. “

“Please mom look at the effect you’re having on me! ” With that I took her free hand and placed it on my cock. Instinctively, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and started to work it up and down.

Suddenly, she stopped. ” No Denny this isn’t right! “

“Mom you know the song we used to sing, it can’t be wrong if it feels so right. Feel my penis and tell me that it doesn’t feel good. ” With that I placed her hand around my cock once again and she squeezed it and cupped my balls with her other hand. I knew I had her now. “Kiss me mom “

Our lips touched and our mouths opened to allow our tongues to explore each other. Her will to fight what was going to happen disappeared and an urgency seemed to take over as my mom started to stick her tongue farther down my throat. In the meantime I had started to caress her womanhood under her skirt. She was sopping wet! I caressed her clit and stuck a finger into her cunt.

“Oh, Denny, that feels great!”

In and out I pushed first one, then two and finally 3 fingers. She hissed, ” I’m going to cum… don’t stop… you little bastard… I’mmmmmmm cumming… ” With a forceful push of her cunt against my hand she orgasmed with an incredible shudder and released a copious amount of fluid onto my hand. I had never had a woman come like this before.

Her body relaxed and I took the opportunity while she was in this state to divest her of the rest of her clothes. I was now treated for the first time to the natural wonders of her beauty. Her tits were large and firm although they sagged slightly. The nipples were hard and the size of silver dollars. The only pure white spots on her were her breasts and pubic areas. The rest of her was golden tanned. Her belly was perfectly flat but I had known that because she was a Girls’ Avcılar Escort Bayan Physical Education teacher at the local high school and she constantly challenged me to sit-up competitions which she almost always won. Her long tanned legs were the legs of an athlete and I remembered now that she had always looked good when she dressed up and put on her high heels.

I laid her back on the bed and knelt on the floor. I spread her legs and pulled her pussy closer to the edge. I looked at the opening that I had come from which was surrounded by brown curly hairs and couldn’t wait to taste her. I didn’t want to just fuck my mother. I wanted her to beg me to fuck her! I wanted to be the best fuck that she had ever had. I needed to make her tell me that I was the best – even better than my dad!

My tongue inched out and licked the tip of her clit. She jumped. “Oh my god, Denny, you mustn’t do that! It’s dirty! You’re father won’t even do it!… but… but… it… feeeeeeeels so good. Why does it feel so goooooooood? Ohhhhhhh! Don’t stop! Oh Christ! Stick that tongue up my pussy you little prick! Don’t tease me!!!! Please don’t tease me!!!!! “

Her words shocked me and I hesitated for the briefest of seconds while she continued to grind her mound against my face. She grabbed my hair and pulled my tongue as deep into her snatch as humanly possible. She arched her back and wrapped her legs around my head and I could tell that she was going to cum again.

“Oh… oh… ba… by!!!!!! Suckkkkkkkkk… it… youuuuuuu… son… of… a… bitch!!!!!! Suck it! Suck it! Eat me! Eat me! Oh my god! Oh my god! You motherfucker… you’re… makingggggg… meeeeeee… cummmmm… again… !!!

Oh Dennis! You… fucking… wonderful boy… THAT’S IT… HERE… IT… CUMS!!!!!!!! “

With that she totally lost it and another torrent of her cum juice washed my face. I couldn’t lick her fast enough to keep up with her orgasms. She shook and shook and shook.

When she had recovered she asked, “Baby where did you learn to do that? That was incredible! I can’t believe your father, who’s not a bad lover, has never done that to me. That is the best cum I’ve ever had! ” There it was, my ego soared as did my cock!

My mom noticed it too. ” I know you might think it’s dirty, baby but I’ve got to taste you. Please let me and don’t think badly of your old mom. ” With that she pushed me onto the bed and took my spot on her knees at the end of the bed. “Let me do this sweetheart! “

Looking down my cock disappeared as my mother’s long dark hair concealed what she was doing. “Let me watch mom. Look at me while you’re doing it. ” I implored. As her beautiful eyes sought out mine she touched the tip of my glans and tasted my cock for the first time. She started to lick it up and down and teased it by trying to stick her tongue into the opening in the head. Pre-cum started to appear at the opening and mom lapped it up continually. If she had never done this before she was a natural born cocksucker. If she had done this with my father, he was one lucky son-of-a bitch! I was in heaven.

” Put it in your mouth mom and grab my balls at the same time. ” I had barely gotten this out when she gobbled the head into her hot, moist mouth. “Farther mom! Deeper! Take more in mom!! Suck it mom! Suck it! ” She did as she was told. She was obviously getting more excited as I noticed that she had started to finger herself!

“You’re doing it! You’re sucking me! I can’t believe it! My own mother’s sucking my cock! Un-fuckingggg-believable!! That’s it mom! Eat me!!! Take it all!! ” I was holding off as long as I could. It was so fucking fantastic!

I raised my legs up into the air forcing my cock out of mom’s mouth. “Why’d you do that, Dennis? ” she asked.

“Lick my balls, mom. Suck them and play with them. I don’t want to come just yet. “

“You’re self-control is amazing, Dennis. Your dad would have cum in my mouth by now! ” This statement increased my sense of pride.

My mom’s tongue washed my testicles one by one all the while stroking my engorged cock. She nearly made me lose it when she took one of my balls into her hot mouth and started to suck on it. She then did the same to the other ball. She squeezed the base of my cock and somehow this kept me from cumming.

The next thing she did shocked the hell out of me. She ran the tip of her tongue down to my anus and proceded to lick it! I couldn’t believe it. None of the other girls or Mrs. Green had even gone near my asshole and now my own sweet fucking mother was tongueing it! She then started to force her tongue into my asshole. This was an incredible feeling. I would never have thought of it as a sex act. In and out she pushed all the while pulling and squeezing my cock. “Suck my asshole mom! Suck it! Lick it! Oh my god!!!!! I’ve got to cummmmmm! “

With that comment she moved her mouth back to my cock and stuffed it in. She grabbed my ass cheeks and started pulling me in and out of her mouth! She pulled my cock out long enough to scream at me, “Fuck my mouth, Dennis! Fuck it! Fuck my face! Give me your cum little boy!!!!!! “

I could no longer have stopped if I’d wanted to. Which I didn’t obviously. My cum started to build up in my balls and I knew it was going to be a massive cum! ” Suck it… bitch… suck it… eat my cum… I ‘m… fucking my mother’s face and I’m going to cum in her mouth! Oh my god mom!!!! Here… it… cumsssss!”

My hips pushed as far forward as humanly possible. I grabbed the back of her head and without concern for her I forced my cock all the way in. She gagged but never let it go. My cock was like a hot iron. It felt like it was a piece of steel and was red hot. The cum erupted out of my cock so fast and furious that my mother was forced to grunt. Stream after stream spurt out and my mom still refused to release my cock head. Swallowing like crazy she finally was forced to reluctantly let it escape. Pools of sticky white cum spilled out onto her cheeks and chin. She still kept on yanking my cock and even more jets of cum splashed across her cheeks, into her hair and into the corners of her eyes.

Finally just little gobs came out of the head which she rapidly licked clean. She rubbed my dick all over her face and cried, “My god, you’re father NEVER shot that much or came that hard! ” Then she asked me the one question I never in my whole life thought I’d hear her say, ” Do you have enough cum left to fuck me? Do you want to fuck your mother? Can you get it hard again? I need your cock inside me. Son, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before? Fuck your mother, Dennis! Fuck your mother! “

I would never have believed it possible but her gutter language had a definite effect on my cock. Today was a day of firsts. I had never heard my mother use profanity before and now she was acting like a bitch in heat. It was like my dick had a life of its own. It started to rise from the dead! She looked at it and smiled, “Alright my son get ready for the ride of your life. I have never been so horny! Fuck me motherfucker! Make me your whore!”

With that she climbed over me, spread her lips and after playing with my still lubricated dick, lowered her self until it was buried to the hilt. I was transported once again to heaven’s door. Up and down she bounced. It was all I could do to hold onto her hips to keep her from losing my shaft. She was so wanton. She shook her dark hair from side to side and implored me to fuck her even harder. I don’t think that was possible because the bouncing of those wondrous breasts that I had suckled as an infant made me pull her chest down to my mouth and I sucked on each of them in turn. I was getting so turned on again I even bit them so hard that she cried out in pain.

Even though she fought me I succeeded in rolling her over onto her back and brought her knees up over my shoulders as I continued to pound into her deepest hole. In and out… faster and faster.. we humped. Neither one of us caring any more that what we were doing was considered wrong by society. Fuck society! This was the greatest feeling that I had ever felt and I knew I wanted to do it again and again. I looked down into my mother’s contorted face and had to kiss her. She responded by sucking my tongue into her mouth cavity.

“Oh… mmmmm… yyyyyyyy… godddddd! Dennis! You’re fucking wonderful. Fuck me my beautiful stallion of a son! I’m going to cccccummmmmm! Shoot that fuck juice into me! Fuck me like no man has ever fucked me!!!!!! Come on mutherfuckerrrrrrrrrr! “

That brought me past the point of no return. I grabbed her hips and without any consideration for her, I drove my shaft as deep into her hole as I could. I let loose wave after wave of cum as I screamed, ” I… I… I… LUV… YOU… MOM! I’m going to shoot my load into my beautiful mother’s tight pussy! TAKE IT BITCH! TAKE IT ALL! ” The shock waves and euphoria lasted for what seemed like an eternity and I collapsed onto her immobile body. After a few minutes of non-movement I started to worry that I had hurt her. She had tears in her eyes and was crying.

“What are we going to do? We shouldn’t have done it. But it was so good, I won’t be able to live if you don’t make love to me ever again. We’ll have to keep it a secret from your father but I ‘m going to need you to look after my sexual needs from time to time if that’s all right with you? “

What could I say? I too had to agree that it was an incredible experience that I would want to do again but in the back of my head I was already thinking, ” Who can I score with next? ” The forbidden aspect and the pure sexual release had been incredible but my male instincts told me that there were still other sexual targets out there for me to conquer. “Sure mom. I’d like to fuck you anytime but not just when you want to. I want to be able to dictate some times and places not just when it’s convenient for you. Do you agree?”

The look on her face showed that she realized that I was no longer a little boy that she could boss around. If she wanted an encore she would have to play by my rules.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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