Fall From Grace BWWM

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Fall from Grace BWWM

It was one of those nasty chilly days, raining like a cow pissing off a flat rock and an eight to ten mile per hour wind that ceased to relent, I knew as I pulled up, I was going to dread exiting my warm dry vehicle. To top things off some young rookie had blocked the street a half block from the crime scene meaning not even we detectives could park near. Looking in the rearview mirror one last time I wondered why I cared, even with an umbrella my hair would be ruined, clothes wet and my body shivering within ten minutes.

What pissed me off the most was the fact that I’d been to the beauty shop just three days ago, all that time and money wasted. I normally had my hair straightened and styled every two weeks, even covering my hair with an umbrella and hoodie it was going to be a mess, some of the other black ladies in the department did the weaves and extensions which looked good on them, it just wasn’t for me. Stepping out of the car with my hood up and hunkered down under the umbrella I made my way to the police tape, showed the officer my detective badge and found one of the guys on my crew.

Frank looked at me and said loud enough to be heard over the rain, “Morning LT. Two gang bangers dead in the alley, one black one white, both wearing the same colors so I’m thinking they were ambushed.”

Though I wasn’t in heels, (thank God) the puddles were still deep enough that my feet were wet, tucking the back of my skirt under my legs I squatted to look at the first guy. As I looked up checking for cameras on surrounding buildings I noticed a young beat cop looking at my legs, my thoughts were, *good luck sonny, they’ll never be wrapped around your body*. Franks voice broke my chain of thought.

“Hey LT, come look at this.”

The forensic people were arriving, so we let them do their job while we looked around for shell casings or any other clues. As the lead investigator of homicide in our precinct I normally wouldn’t have had to be out in this nasty weather, but a female investigator off for her mother’s funeral left us shorthanded. With a budget as tight as saran wrap, we were expected to make do with what we had, which in my opinion was always too little, we were always expected to make silk purses out of sow’s ears.

I remembered these streets, in fact I’d grown up near them, had it not been for an uncle helping me get out I’d have likely ended up on these streets, or dead. As a young black girl growing up I was blessed to have a two parent family, both mom and dad had fairly good jobs, and while we didn’t live IN the ghetto, we were close enough that some of the crime and danger spilled over into our community. I was fortunate on two levels, first I had two older brothers who let it be known that if anyone attempted to hurt or lead me astray they would answer to them, both were large athletic intimidating figures.

The second is that I’m big as well, not heavy or chubby, just big. Five foot ten, wide shoulders, strong legs, lettering in volleyball, basketball, fast pitch softball and music. Yeah, I know, you don’t need to be athletic to letter in music, but it was an accomplishment I was proud of. As I neared graduation I was conflicted as to what I should do, I seldom ever went without anything growing up, but mom and dad didn’t have the kind of money for me to go to a four-year college.

My uncle Steve had been in the military just shy of twenty years and was getting ready to retire when he came home for grandma’s funeral. Over a burger and fries he talked with me extensively about my future encouraging me to enter the military with the GI Bill in mind, I could also take college courses on most bases. I enlisted in the Air Force three weeks after I graduated, following boot camp I was assigned to a Military Security Police unit, instead of partying and carousing like most of the other airmen, or women if you’re politically correct, I spent my time studying and taking college courses in Criminal Justice. Ever notice how it’s called *criminal* justice and not justice for the victim? I digress, my apologies.

I liked being a cop and decided I would make it a career after my enlistment was up. I was a half year away from my bachelor’s degree when I was honorably discharged, within a month I had been accepted into the police academy and on my way. Being a woman helped get me in, but it didn’t keep me there, I was still expected to pass all the requirements, there were no different standards for females in those days, sadly that came later. I say sadly because if you’re going to be hired to do a certain job you should be able to do it.

Upon graduation and being hired as a probationary rookie I was headed in the right direction; within a year I had finished my degree and was looked at favorably for future promotions. I have a keen eye for details and the ability to think like the perpetrators we apprehend, my rise within our precinct was rapid, and while I had been accused more than once of advancing on my knees and back none of it was true. Though my career denizli escort was being *fast tracked* not once did I use my body to advance, I was so paranoid about it I wouldn’t even go for a drink after shift with less than six people present.

In my nineth year on the force I was promoted to Lieutenant and moved to the thirteenth precinct as lead investigator, I now had a team of six others under me. On that team are two white guys, a white woman, two black women and a Korean guy. From the very start I made it crystal clear that I would not tolerate anyone thinking they had a leg up because of race or nationality, anyone who couldn’t or wouldn’t get along would be transferred. Of the seven precincts in the city our team had the second highest number of solved cases.

Following statements from possible witnesses, doing a few door to doors and gathering as much evidence as possible in the downpour I headed back to the warmth of my car and the precinct. I looked and felt like crap the rest of the day, pulling into the driveway I was once again disappointed when I noticed the house was dark and cold looking. I thought for sure Albert would be home and have dinner started by now, his last class to teach was done at four and he seldom had to meet with students after class anymore, as a tenured professor those days were over with.

Walking into the kitchen my phone pinged that I had a text, it was Albert telling me he wouldn’t be home until later, he and two others were brainstorming about a new curriculum. Somehow I wasn’t surprised, over the past ten years we had grown apart, we still had a love for each other, we shared our home but not a bed and were grandparents to the grandkids, while he was quite content with things as they were, I was not. We were two people living different lives in the same house, I cared for his wellbeing and in some sense of the word I guess we loved each other, we just didn’t like each other.

It started shortly after our youngest was born, he didn’t share the same level of intimacy I did, in fact he didn’t see a need to be intimate more than once a month, if that. Albert is nine years older than me, at the age of 60 I knew he wasn’t cheating, he couldn’t get it up any longer even with the little blue pills, whereas my hormones, what I had left of them, were raging. It was three years ago when I had my first affair, it was with another detective in my old precinct, he was handsome as hell, we’d flirted with each other for years without doing anything about it, mainly because we were in the same precinct and fraternization amongst the ranks was not allowed. When I was transferred to the 13th precinct that was no longer an issue, John and I had an on again off again fling that lasted short of a year. I had recently been seeing a guy from out of town, it was going nowhere, I ended it.

John was divorced with a son living at home, I’d met his son Oliver a few times when we dated and knew he was a nice kid, I’d been invited to his graduation/birthday party, it was then I really began to notice him. At fifty I no longer had what are now referred to as *perky* tits, there was a bit of sag to my once tight ass, I’d managed to lose the baby tummy after our last child but I was in no way ripped. My long torso and ample chest were my two biggest assets anymore, I was sporting a 36C bra as I had for years, they weren’t mammoth, but then anything bigger on my frame would have looked out of place.

On a Sunday afternoon I attended Oliver’s graduation/ birthday party, he had turned eighteen four months prior, deciding at the time to celebrate both occasions when he graduated. Albert had a golfing engagement he refused to miss and wouldn’t consider going along, which was okay since I generally had more fun without him, I showed up at the party just after four. Knowing I would be alone at home I hung around until it was just John, Oliver and another lady I didn’t know, when John announced he was going to take her home about eight I volunteered to help Oliver clean up. Watching that specimen of male humanity was like eye candy to me, over six feet, strong athletic build, long sandy colored hair tied in a ponytail, he belonged on a surfer calendar.

I’d worn a sun dress that ended just below mid-thigh and was making sure young mister Oliver was getting an eye full, when I ask about his dad, he told me he’d be gone several hours with his new girlfriend. I was sure John was sliding the salami to someone else, I just had no idea whom until that moment, with that revelation I began to ponder my situation. John was good in bed, I wondered if his strong handsome son was any better, I decided it might be as good a time as any to find out.

Sitting on the counter watching him put food away I asked if he was dating anyone at the time.

“Nope, had a girlfriend but she chose to break it off for one of the new teachers last year after she graduated. Aint been with anybody steady since.”

Feeling brave I told him to come to me, when he was within inches diyarbakır escort I opened my legs enough for him to stand face to face with me. I put my arms around his neck and told him to kiss me, he was clumsy about it, more so than I thought he would be, as I opened my legs wide enough to straddle his hips I pulled him into me.

“So, has it been a long time since you got laid?”

His response shocked me, “Never been laid. She wouldn’t let me do anything but feel her tits occasionally and then only through her blouse. I guess that makes me a virgin.”

I found it interesting that he would be so cavalier with his vocabulary and attitude, but then the day and age he’s grown up in are so much different than mine, apparently using words like tits in front of a grown woman was no big deal. Being at the edge of propriety I chose to dive in with a splash.

“Then I guess it’s safe to say you’ve never been with a black girl.”

He tensed a bit and pushed back slightly, he looked confused as I loosened my hold on his neck.

“Mrs. Lindsey are you asking me about sex, cuz if you are, I already told you I was a virgin.”

Since I’d jumped in with both feet it was time to sink or swim, “Oliver, would you like to know about sex? I’m old enough to be your mom but I can still rock your world young man. If you’re interested in learning, I’m interested in teaching.”

“But Mrs. Lindsey, didn’t you and my dad have a thing going?”

Pulling him to me again I looked into his eyes, “We did but that was a very long time ago, besides, you just told me he has a girlfriend, there’s nothing between your dad and me. I’ll ask once more and then I need an answer. Would you like to learn how to screw from an old broad like me or do you think I’m gross?”

“I would love to Miss Lindsey but I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong. To be honest it kinda scares me, but I want to, yes, I want to. I just don’t know what do first?”

“Just so you understand Ollie, this stays strictly between you and me, none of your school buddies, not your dad, no one can know about this but you and me. Don’t forget, I’m a lieutenant and the lead investigator for the Homicide Division at the thirteenth, if you spill the beans, I’ll know it. So …. young buck … can you keep your mouth shut?”

I could feel his cock against me, it felt hard, it felt huge and eager as it throbbed against my thigh. He was having difficulty catching his breath and finding the right words to say, putting my hands on his chest I told him to breathe, which he did as he calmed down.

“Yes, I can keep my mouth shut, I just never dreamed somebody as hot as you are would want to fu… have sex with me. I’ve watched some porn but I still don’t know what to do.”

“It’s okay to say fuck Ollie, I wouldn’t use it in public, but if you and I are going to get naked together, it will be just fine.”

I pulled him tight placing my soft plump lips on his, kissing lightly, then a bit harder and finally with passion, I was pleased by the way he responded. As my tongue swiped his lips, he opened his mouth invading mine with his tongue, he was excited and overly aggressive as I broke the kiss.

“Slow down Oliver, this isn’t a race, take your time, girls like to be kissed and made to feel wanted, shoving your tongue down my throat won’t do that. Soften your lips, mm-hmm, like that.” Breaking the kisses, I continued. “This time softly probe my mouth with your tongue, there’s a time to eat each other’s face off, this isn’t one of them. Okay, let’s try again.”

Within a few minutes and encouragement from me he was doing much better, more sensual, taking his time making me want more, I let him know when it was right and what to do to make it right when it wasn’t, I’ve always been a sucker for kissing and foreplay, my panties were getting wetter by the minute. I pushed him back, put his hands on my shoulders, my hands on his hips and spoke softly.

“That was very good Oliver, there’s a reason to kiss and make a girl feel wanted, it gets her ready for what happens after that. Listen to me carefully and do as I say, move your hand off my shoulder and put it under my skirt. Good boy, now slide it up until you touch my panties. Do you feel how hot and wet I am, that’s what kissing and foreplay will do.”

He was groaning, his fingers wanting to explore but knowing better, I sensed by his breathing he was close to a climax. I pushed him back as I slid off the counter, dropping to my knees I grabbed his shorts, tugging them and his underwear down at the same time damned near fainted when his cock emerged. Bobbing up and down, side to side was the biggest cock I had ever seen, and I’ve seen a few. Knowing the average penis size in all races is between five and six inches I was aghast, he looked to be nine inches, maybe more, with a more than adequate girth, the cut head looked like a plum, veins bulged and pulsed along the shaft.

Before he could protest, I forced that monster into my mouth, antalya escort I say forced because my brain was telling me there was no way I’d get the head past my lips. With my hands on the back of his thighs I was pumping him in and out of me, as big as the head was I could feel it getting even bigger and knew he was ready to fill my mouth with cum, pushing back slightly I locked my lips around the head and sucked for all I was worth.

When he began to erupt he threw his head back and literally roared as shot after shot was swallowed by me, I was gulping hard enough it could be heard, I refused to lose a drop of that warm creamy young boy honey. Looking up as I let his dick fall from my mouth with an audible POP, I made eye contact with him, opened my mouth to show him it was all gone and smiled as I stood. With my arms tight around his neck I whispered.

“Now kiss me.” Which he did with vigor. “That was lovely Oliver, you had lots stored up waiting for me, didn’t you? It was delicious, we’ll do this again, but right now we need to get you presentable before your dad comes home.”

He began to speak, “Mrs. Lindsey”, I stopped him.

“Call me Laura when we’re together alone.”

He timidly gazed at me, “Laura, aren’t we gonna have sex? I didn’t do anything for you. Don’t you need to climax too?”

I couldn’t contain the joy I was feeling now, he’s young and yet knows it’s about more than pump and dump. It will be a joy teaching him new things.

“If we were going to make love then yes I’d want to get off, the reason I sucked your cock is you were ready to explode and I wasn’t going to see it wasted, it needed to go inside me. I’ll sit on the counter, you can lift my skirt up and play a little to give you a taste of what’s ahead, but that’s it, I need to leave soon.”

He stared at my throbbing panty clad pussy at least twenty seconds before he timidly touched the mound, the soft patch of hair was pushing my panties out a little which seemed to enthrall him. He wanted to take my panties off, and I wanted to let him, but not tonight. Reaching down I moved the gusset to the side and gently pushed his head toward the center of my being whispering to him.

“Lick my pussy a few times so you get a taste for her, she’s hot and wet just for you studmuffin, go ahead, lick her.”

I wanted to get him used to using words like cock, pussy, cum, and fuck. He licked a half dozen times or so when I took hold of his ears and pulled him up mashing my lips to his.

“Mmm, my pussy tastes good. Do you like her?”

“Oh God, I love your pussy, I want to do that some more. When will you teach me to eat your pussy the way you like it?”

“Patience Oliver, patience, put your number in my phone, I’ll get ahold of you tomorrow and we’ll set up our first time together alone. Sound okay to you?”

“Oh my gosh Mrs. Lindsey, I mean Laura, I can hardly wait, and mums the word. Do I need to buy some rubbers?”

I chuckled, “No rubbers in this pussy Ollie, it’s skin on skin or nothing, I’m safe, you won’t need to worry, you can fill my pussy with as much cum as you want to. I need to go, one more thing, don’t be whacking off, that cum is mine, I’ll make sure you don’t have blue balls. Kiss me and walk me to my car.”

We hugged like friend’s at my car, we waved, as I pulled away I noticed some old busy body peeking around the curtains at us, glad I didn’t stroke his cock at the car like I wanted to. I couldn’t wait to get home for relief, lifting at the stop sign I yanked my panties off jamming two fingers inside my aching cunt. With visions of his nine inches of white throbbing cock stuffed inside my black steaming pussy until he was balls deep, I came not once but twice before I realized I was on my street. I’d driven seven miles and had no idea how I’d gotten from point A to B.

Different colored cocks weren’t new to me, I was more foot loose and fancy free in the military than I should have been, I wouldn’t let anyone fuck me without a condom, but I still enjoyed a variety, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and a guy from Samoa who until I sucked Oliver had the biggest dick I’d ever seen.

Through experience I came to realize in a very short time that most cocks are about the same, guys can talk about how big they are but the proof is in the pudding, for the most part they were average, the Samoan was the biggest I’d seen. I made sure I measured him, he was almost eight inches, unfortunately he didn’t know how to use it properly, he was always in a hurry and hurt me each of the three times we’d fucked. Once I was out of the military and married, I stayed true to Albert until he basically stopped caring about me and our love life, I determined not to purposely hurt or humiliate him, but I needed more than my pink dildo.

In the ten years our marriage had been stale I’d only been with three guys, all what I would describe as short term flings with John being the longest, Oliver on the other hand, I intended to bed this young man as long as we could make it work without destroying lives. There was so much I intended to teach him knowing he would in turn learn to satisfy me, and, whatever young lady would be fortunate enough to marry him. Knowing Albert would be late yet another night I pulled out the biggest dildo I owned, a nine-inch-long thick veined bright green monster with a head at least as big as Ollies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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