Family Issues part 3

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Falling asleep between two warm, beautiful, naked women was like a dream come true. Jason finally drifted off with a shit-eating-grin plastered across his face, but when he woke up the next morning he was alone. He felt the disappointment like a hollow pit in his stomach, and for a few moments, it was hard to believe that it hadn’t been some disturbingly erotic dream.

He had never came more than twice in a single night with Rachel. After the second time, his cock usually became useless, but last night was something else. Watching his aunt make his Mother cum with her talented tongue, something he had failed to do, was so sexy that it got him hard a third time. And since Rachel’s ass was already in the air, so he couldn’t resist getting some of that tight little pussy.

Rachel came three times in the first five minutes. Jason’s cock was just so thick, and commanding, her body wanted to orgasm the moment he slid inside her, and he knew exactly what drove her crazy. She was so tight, and he was so big, long, slow strokes drove her completely nuts, and every time it pushed her over the edge, her body started to shake and convulse.

Rachel was gasping, groaning, and howling in release, but Nikki was starting to get frustrated, so she grabbed her sister’s head and held it in place as she ground her pussy into her face. Jason liked that desperate, aching desire in his mother’s eyes, so he decided to help her out a little. He grabbled a handful of Rachel’s hair, something he already knew that she liked, and just held himself still inside her as Nichole’s face started to light up.

Watching his mother’s face as her orgasm built and then exploded was almost too much for him. She was gasping and writhing on the bed, so wanton and completely… open. She was always so controlled and proper, seeing her like this was like seeing into her soul for the first time. When she finally came, she broke into the most genuine, care-free smile that he had ever seen on her face, and he wanted to join her.

On pure impulse, Jason shoved Rachel out of the way, and Nikki gasped in surprise as he shoved her legs back and sank his thick prick inside her. She had a split second to marvel at how wonderful if felt to have a cock inside her again, and then she was just trying to breathe as Jason started to pound the hell out of her. It felt like he was driving into her with every ounce of strength he had, and she screamed as another orgasm tore through her body like it was going to rip her apart.

“Oh my fucking God!” Nichole screeched.

Jason jerked out of her as his balls clenched, and his cock pulsated in his hand as he sent arching ropes of cum splattering across her abdomen and chest. Then he just collapsed and watched as Rachel licked up all his seed, slurping up a little, and then transferring it to Nikki with a deep kiss.

She didn’t stop until she licked her sister clean, and then they all snuggled up, just to take a break.

The next thing Jason knew, it was almost one in the afternoon, and if his cock wasn’t so sore, he wouldn’t have believed that it really happened. He got up and took a quick shower before he went downstairs. He didn’t see his mother anywhere but Rachel was hanging out on the couch, watching television and looking miserable.

“You look like death,” he told her as he sat down on the loveseat.

“Thanks for noticing,” Rachel told him dryly before she took a drink of ice water and shut off the television. “But we have a bigger problem than my hangover.”

“What?” Jason frowned.

“Regret,” Rachel told him simply. “Nikki and I were pretty drunk last night, and she’s ashamed of what we did. She told me that she didn’t know how she was ever supposed look at you again, and she asked me to move out.”

“What?” Jason repeated in disbelief.

“You don’t really know her very well,” Rachel struggled with how to say it. “She’s like two different people. The woman you’ve always known is a persona she created to deal with the responsibility of being a single mother. All she does is worry, and think, and worry some more. She’s almost rigid because she feels responsible for you, and she only wants what’s best for you, and now she’s afraid that she’s ruined you.”

“And then there’s the woman I saw last night,” Jason sat back and sighed heavily.

“That’s what happens when she just gives in and lives for the moment,” Rachel nodded slowly. “That’s the happy, funny, sexy sister that I grew up with, and I want her back. How do we fix this?” She asked with tears in her eyes. “We have to fix this.”

“Where is she?” Jason asked quietly.

“She hasn’t come out of her room since she dragged me out of your bed this morning,” Rachel couldn’t stop the tears, and her voice trembled slightly as she looked at him with pleading eyes. “She told me she hated me, Jay. I can’t have her hate me. She’s the only thing on this Earth that I’ve ever loved.”

“I’m going to fix it,” Jason promised as he got up and gave her a light kiss on the forehead before heading back upstairs.

Now he just had to figure out how.

Nichole didn’t answer when Jason knocked on her door. She was just laying on her bed, fully clothed in one of the cheap, one piece outfits that Rachel called “Mom Dresses.” She just felt dirty, and disgusted with her sister as well as herself.

She just wanted to die.

Nichole continued to ignore it as he knocked louder. He didn’t say anything, but she knew it was him as he tried the door and discovered that it was locked. It was almost like she could feel him out there, but after several moments of silence, she knew he had left. She took a deep, unsteady breath, trying to keep from bursting into tears again, and that was when the door swung open.

Nichole sat up and gaped at Jason in surprise as he came in and shut the door behind him. Part of her wanted to just crumble right then and there, but then “Mom” came roaring to the forefront, trying to stamp out her doubts.

“How did you…?” She faltered at first. “That was locked for a reason, Jason. Please, just give me some time alone.”

“No,” he told her bluntly as he walked over to the bed. “We need to talk about this right now. You told şişli bayan escort Rach that you hate her, and kicked her out of the house. That’s unacceptable.”

“Well, you don’t make the decisions around here,” Nichole sputtered at his audacity. “What she did… What you did… What we did… That’s what is unacceptable. Completely unacceptable.”

“Why?” He demanded. “Because it’s outside the ordinary? Because it’s weird and taboo by social standards? There are people out there who can only get off in ways so perverse, I shudder to mention half of them. Do you know what a scatophage is, Mom? They’re people who get off on eating shit. No one got hurt, and no one is fucking dead people, so lets keep things in perspective when it comes where we rate ourselves on the scale of sexual perversity.”

“Who are you?” Nichole could even believe that he just said that.

“I’m someone that loves you, in every sense of the word,” Jason told her frankly. “But I don’t think that I had ever met the real you until last night. You need to loosen up. You have been an incredible mother, but I’m almost eighteen now, and you’re not responsible for my decisions. You are a beautiful, sexy, funny, intelligent woman, and now, it’s my responsibility to make you happy.”

“What do you mean?” Nichole asked with a bit of apprehension as she instinctively moved away from him as he came over and sat on the bed.

“I mean exactly that,” Jason looked at her seriously. “Last night is going to happen again, and again, a few million more times at the very least.”

“No,” Nichole shook her head adamantly. “It’s incest, Jason. It’s wrong, it’s against the law, and do you know what could happen if one of us got pregnant? Oh my God… we have. We’ve perverted you. She perverted you.”

Nichole was rubbing her hands in her lap like she was trying to clean them, and Jason grabbed her wrists, making her look up at him.

“No one perverted me,” Jason told her firmly. “I didn’t need any help in that department. Aunt Rachel didn’t come home and molest me while she was drunk. She came in drunk, that’s true enough, but all she did was pass out in my bed. I’m the one who molested her, and then let her think that it was the other way around so that I could keep fucking her.”

“Jason!” Nichole couldn’t believe it. “How could you do that?”

“Have you met Rachel?” He chuckled uncomfortably. “Look, all I’m saying is that I was already a pervert, and I only feel comfortable in the company of perverts. So, this rigid, Super-Mom has to let the real you out, or you’re out of the club. I’ll just take Rachel, and we’ll move to Aruba, or Jamaica.”

“You’re not serious?” Nichole frowned.

“Of course I’m not serious,” Jason laughed. “I just want to smile, and be that happy, care-free person that I saw last night.”

“That person was drunk,” Nichole told him pointedly.

“Wasn’t it you who told me that alcohol often brings out the truth in a person?” He raised a brow at her.

Nichole’s mouth fell open in shock. “You have the audacity to throw my own words in my face like that?”

“They were wise words,” Jason grinned. “And the woman I saw last night, her amazing eyes shone with truth. I felt like I could see everything, right down to the core of her being, and the way you lit up with my cock inside you. You can’t hide that from me now. Your breathing is unsteady. You’re starting to sweat. You want me almost as much as I want you, and I am as hard as a rock just thinking about being inside you again.”

“Jason, stop it,” Nichole flushed brightly. “We can’t. It’s wrong.”

“If loving you, or Rachel is wrong, then I don’t ever want to be right,” Jason tried to kiss her, but Nichole recoiled.

“Please stop,” Nichole’s voice trembled as he pushed her back onto the bed, his hands already searching beneath the shapeless dress. She turned her head when he tried to kiss her again, and then she gasped as he started kissing the side of her neck.

“Stop me,” Jason told her as he rose up to look down at her. “Hurt me. Slap me. Tell me that you hate me, like you did her.”

Nichole just looked at him with tears in her eyes. “How could you ever love a thing as broken as me?”

“Sometimes broken pieces fit together,” Jason growled as he fumbled his hard cock out of his sweats, and ant then slowly pushed himself inside her hot, wet pussy.

“No…” Nichole whimpered, and shuddered, gripping his shirt as she leaned her forehead against his chest. “How can you want something when you know that it’s so bad?”

Jason held the side of her face and made her look at him. “One look into those eyes, with that desire shining the way it is right now, and I was lost. I already felt like I was falling in love with Rachel, and I know she loves you in a bit more than sisterly way, but the connection with you was instant, almost like this was meant to be.”

“A pervert with a poem in his heart,” Nichole chuckled as she rolled her eyes at him.

“There she is,” he smiled. “Let that twisted little goddess out to play. She needs to breathe, damn it. She needs to have fun and be happy.”

“You’re insane,” Nichole laughed at him, as she shifted suddenly, and used his own weight against him to roll him over onto his back. She sat up, wiggling as she accepted as much of his length into her as she could. It was still a few inches shy of balls deep, and there was a gleam in her eye as she smiled. “Want to play a game?”

“What kind of game?” Jason frowned.

“Orgasms for ass,” Nichole giggled at his expression. “If you can give me three orgasms before you cum, I’ll let you fuck Mommy’s ass. How does that sound?”

“I almost lost right there,” Jason told her in disbelief. “Game on.”

“Not just yet,” Nichole actually wagged her finger at him. “There’s no reward without risk. If you win, you get to fuck my ass, but if you lose, I get to fuck yours.”

“You get to what?” Jason asked in surprise.

“You heard me,” Nichole told him seriously. “I have a cock too. He’s not as impressive as you, and he’s made of latex, but he’ll get the job done. His name is Bruce.”

“You can’t be serious,” Jason wasn’t sure what to think.

“I am always serious about fucking,” Nichole told şişli escort him frankly. “That’s the game. Now, do you want a shot at this tight little ass, or are you afraid?”

“No other rules?” Jason hesitated. “All I have to do is make you cum three times before I get off?”

“No, that would be cheating,” she put a finger to his lips as she realized what he was thinking. “You have to make me cum with this fat cock.”

“Fuck it,” he growled as he sat up and rolled her over onto her back. “The risk is worth the reward.”

“I was hoping that you would see things my way,” Nichole groaned as he started to fuck her.

The problem was, Nichole was absolutely incredible. Jason was utterly fascinated by the contours of her delectable body, and he couldn’t stop touching her. Her breasts were small, but they were perfect, soft and natural, and he could have sucked on her thick pink nipples all night long. Unfortunately, his fascination with her breasts was just making things harder for him, and his mother wasn’t as easy to get off as his aunt.

Jason had her knees pinned to her chest and was drilling the crap out of her when she finally came the first time, and she wasn’t shy about letting him know. “That’s it!” She squealed in delight as he rammed his cock into her as hard as he could. “Harder! Harder! Oh God, I’m fucking cumming!”

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” Jason felt her pussy clenching at him, and he quickly gripped the base of his cock so tightly it hurt, just like Rachel had taught him. “I might be in trouble here.”

“Nicely done,” she smiled as the tension in his face slowly bled away. “Only two more to go.”

They switched to doggy style, but after just a few minutes, her delicious ass was almost too much for him. She kept rolling her hips, and thrusting herself back into him forcefully, and he had to switch positions again before it was too late.

Jason fucked her in just about every position that he could think of, and she seemed to enjoy herself immensely, but she only seemed to get close when he was fucking her so hard, he was nearly about to lose control himself. He was getting worried that he was going to get fucked in the ass, but then he got lucky.

He was fucking her in the missionary position, and on impulse, he pushed her legs together so that he could straddle them. It made her pussy seem even tighter than before, but his cock was now applying constant pressure on her clit, rubbing it back and forth, and the faster he thrust into her, the crazier she got.

“Oh shit! Fuck yes!” Nichole howled, her back arching up off the mattress as she twisted and squirmed beneath him. “Fuck me mother-fucker! Make me fucking cum! Yes! Yes! YES!”

Jason very nearly lost it right then and there. The look on her face was like pure rapture, lost in a haze of pleasure so intense it almost hurt, and at that moment, he completely understood the feeling. He was gripping his cock so tightly that it felt like he was going to rip it off, but as her orgasm subsided, he had another burst of inspiration.

Gripping her hips tightly to keep his cock in place, he rolled over with her until she was on top of him again, but this time his leg were spread wide with her still between them in what is known as the amazon position.

“You wanted to fuck me, so fuck me,” he growled at her. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Nichole grabbed his calves and pushed his legs back as she thrust against him, and he felt her shiver as she kept her pace slow and steady. He had only ever seen this position done in porn, but it felt better than he thought it would, and from the gleam in Nichole’s eye, she liked it too. It stood to reason that if she wanted to fuck his ass with a dildo, she would enjoy being in a position of dominance, but he knew that he couldn’t allow her to control the pace.

Nearly desperate, Jason grabbed her hips and used the leverage to thrust back at her, and in a matter of seconds, the strain became evident on her face as she struggled for control.

“You like fucking me, you dirty bitch?” Jason was to the point where he almost didn’t care who won. He entire body was screaming for release, and he made a last ditch effort that he knew could easily backfire on him. “Fuck me!” He growled before he slapped her in the face. “Fuck me harder with that sweet cunt!” Give it to me!”

Nichole jerked and shuddered as Jason rained a flurry of slaps on her breasts and face as she fucked him harder, and harder. She could tell that he was so very close himself, but he had found her weakness.

“Oh, you bastard,” Nichole leaned forward and dug her nails into his chest as the mother of all orgasms started to shake her very foundations. “Oh… my… fucking.. God!”

Jason literally roared in triumph as her pussy clutched at him, and he stopped fighting it as he finally joined her. His balls clenched almost painfully as he came so hard, it felt like he might have ruptured something. His cock just kept jerking and pulsing as he pumped his hot cum deep inside her, and at one point, he actually thought that his balls might have actually turned inside out.

They collapsed on the bed, breathing hard.

“That wasn’t fair,” Nichole told him after she caught her breath. “You found my Kryptonite.”

“It was an act of pure desperation,” Jason admitted with a laugh. “It felt like your pussy was trying to suck my balls out through my dick.”

“Well, I suppose I owe you some ass,” she giggled. “Think you’re up for it?”

“I might need a rain check on that,” Jason chuckled softly. “I’m kind of wore out. I actually think I could use a nap.”

“That sounds good,” Nichole sighed as he spooned up against her and pulled her into his arms. “Feel free to cash it in anytime you like,” she sighed. “But only if you promise to give me a rematch.”

“Your wish is my command,” Jason chuckled as he kissed the nape of her neck.

Jason closed his eyes, and he thought that he would go to sleep, but he just lie awake thinking about what he had gotten himself into, long after his mother had fallen asleep at his side. Not that he regretted anything for an instant, but he wasn’t stupid. If he wasn’t careful, this could all blow up in his face, but a woman that liked playing games like “Orgasms mecidiyeköy escort For Ass” was well worth the risk.

Just thinking about it made his cock stir again, and Nichole’s perfect, creamy white ass was peeking out from under the covers. He was completely exhausted, but sleep continued to elude him, so he rolled over and rummaged through her nightstand. She said that she had a dildo, and sure enough, there it was along with a bottle of lube.

Nichole didn’t even stir when he slipped his lubed finger into her asshole. She was completely relaxed, and her body just opened up for him as he added another finger. Unable to wait, he squirted a liberal amount of lube on his rock-hard cock, and then spreading that perfect ass, he got the head of his cock started, and then just pulled her hips into him as he pushed.

Nichole came awake with a gasp as Jason’s thick cock sank deep into her ass. She threw the sheet off as she twisted to look at him with wide eyes, but it was too late to even protest. His huge cock was balls deep in her ass, and she gasped as he pulled her back tightly against his chest and started kissing her long, slender neck.

“Oh, you little bastard,” Nichole growled, shuddering as he body struggled to adjust to him. “Easy baby, give me a minute to get used to that monster in there.”

“Take all time you need,” Jason growled against her throat. “If you wiggle too much right now, I might waste my free ass card.”

Jason instantly realized that he shouldn’t have said that, because Nichole seemed to take it as a challenge. She winced and gasped as she wiggled and ground her ass against him, and the things that came out of her mouth…

“You want to cream my ass you perverted little bastard?” His mother moaned when he grabbed her breast tightly and trapped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Give it to me. Cum in my fucking asshole. Blast me full of your hot cum, baby. Please fill me up! Pump me so full I can taste it!”

Now, Jason had seen girls talk like that in movies, but most of the time, they sounded like they were phoning it in. To hear it coming from his own mother was an unexpected thrill, and Nichole actually sounded desperate, like she was about midway between rapture and agony as she ground herself against him. He could actually feel her gripping at him with her ass, on purpose, and he got his other arm under her body so that he could continue to play with her nipple while his other hand reached down to rub her clit.

“No, no, no,” Nichole gasped as she reached down and pushed two of his fingers into her dripping wet pussy. “Now grip, and shake,” she gasped as he did what she said, and she reached back to dig he nails into his ass as she bucked her hips back into him.

“Fuck yes!” Nichole squealed. “That’s it! Fuck my tight little ass. That’s your fucking ass, Baby! Take it! Give it to me! Give me that fucking cock!”

She squealed as Jason rose between her legs, raising her left leg high into the air as he straddled the other, and it looked like her eyes were going to pop right out of their sockets as he started to fuck her with short, hard strokes.

“Yes!” Nichole gasped as she reached down to play with herself. “That’s it! Take it! Take that ass! Oh… Fuuuck! Cum for me, Baby. Please cum for Mommy!”

Nichole’s eyes rolled up as she started to quiver and shake, so Jason really started to pound her. She tried to get away from him as her body went into sensory overload, but he had her leg trapped, and he just kept thrusting into her so hard, she could hear her ass clapping against his abdomen.

“Gaaaah!” Jason sounded like he was about to say “God,” but that wasn’t what came out as his entire body went rigid. His hand clamped down on her breast as a shudder went through him all the way down to the foundations. Then, to Jason, it felt for all the world like his balls crawled up his ass, surged down the length of his cock, and then erupted deep into her ass.

Nichole smiled as she watched his face drop, his mouth hanging open as if he were in complete shock at the intensity of his own orgasm. Jason thought he might actually pass out as his body spasmed, giving Nichole short micro-thrusts with each spurt as he emptied his balls deep into her bowels.

“Merciful Heaven,” Jason gasped as he rolled off her onto his back. “That was fucking awesome. My balls actually feel empty. I think a part of me might have actually turned inside out there at the end.”

“I was right there with you,” Nichole chuckled as she curled up against him with a low growl like a purring cat. “Fair warning though; Pull that on me without a free pass, and one night, I’ll wake you up the same way, Baby. Tit for tat, J-Bird. Tit for tat.”

“I think that you may be the perfect woman,” Jason told her with a hint of awe.

“I think I might go to work with Rachel,” she told him out of the blue. “I mean, she makes twice what I do in half the time, and I think I’d like to get reacquainted with my sexuality.”

“Hmmm,” he growled against her throat. “My stripper Mom. That sounds sexy.”

“Good Lord, is that what time it is?” Nichole chuckled as she looked at the clock on her nightstand. “No wonder I’m starving. Are you hungry? I’ll go make something to eat.”

“Does that mean I have to let you out of bed?” Jason pulled her to him more tightly. “My stomach says yes, but not just yet. I need you to promise me something first.”

“What’s that?” Nichole chuckled, flushing a little as her stomach growled loudly.

“You can be yourself, and still be Supermom,” Jason whispered in her ear. “You are Supermom, so promise me that you’ll stop worrying so much, and just be yourself. Let your freak flag fly!”

“I can try,” Nichole laughed. “Anything else, or do you just plan to keep me here until we both starve to death?”

“You owe Rachel an apology,” he reminded her as he let her pull away.

“I know,” Nichole chuckled as she went to her closet.

“No,” Jason told her, and Nichole squealed in surprise as he grabbed her from behind. “I want you to go naked. If you’re going to be a stripper, you have to get used to being naked, right?”

“You’re bad,” Nichole giggled. “I mean, truly naughty, through and through.”

“I think Rachel might find it easier to forgive you,” Jason chuckled before he nudged her toward the door with a swat to the ass.

“You might have a point,” Nichole laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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