Farmer Pt. 06

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Part 06. The Union of Motherhood and Sexual Lust

Special thanks to the Literotica member for editing assistance and excellent creative input. Thanks to the efforts of merrySM, new colors have appeared in this story.


While other people were doing shopping, having fun at the water park, or dropping out to the ocean to sunbathe on the beach, Farmer was busy with everyday chores. Together with the business partner who came to him, they discussed the affairs of the owner of the house and the friend’s advice was not superfluous for Farmer. But on Monday, everything returned to its normal rhythm.

On this day, Bisoye succeeded Joseph in his daily worries. They chatted before breaking up when Joseph’s phone rang and he sat down on a bench. His friend, standing behind, saw a number glowing on the screen that seemed familiar to him. Bisoye heard this conversation and easily realized that the woman was calling and the conversation was clearly piquant. His friend too openly promised his girlfriend an intimate meeting and called her a “red-haired angel.” After the conversation, Joseph, seeing a dumb question in the eyes of the Nigerian, actually confirmed the hunch with a joke – “I met an interesting sex toy here – I hope to work with her tomorrow.” A few minutes later the friends parted. But the telephone number that the Nigerian seemed famous now haunted him. He wrote it in a notebook, and later compared it with the contacts in his own list. And he realized that he was mistaken – the phone of the laundry manager where he sometimes washed, differed by two digits from the recorded one.

A young Nigerian settled in the courtyard and moving from tree to tree, cleaned up dried branches and leveled the crowns of trees. Elena was initially frightened when she saw her black friend so close. But later she calmed down and she and her husband continued to clean the house. She tried not to look through the fence and once again did not leave the house. Elena’s mother, as usual, was playing with her granddaughter, and Elena’s duties were limited only to feeding the girl. However, the appearance of Bisoye did not pass without a trace. Elena’s husband, who was never a great garden care professional, suddenly showed interest in these activities. A couple of times he went up to the fence and a black gardener patiently answered all his questions. In the end, she had to worry a lot when, after another conversation, her husband suggested she change their plans – today the prospect of paying attention to their own garden did not make her happy. She tried to resist, but in the end she had to obey.

Farmer smiled when he saw a young family in the process of clearing a thick bush near the gate of the house. The young man was clearly a layman in this matter. And the way he mercilessly and ineptly cut green branches spoke only of one thing – another hour and the landscape of their yard would be irretrievably destroyed. Probably, it seemed obvious,this guy had only ever worked in a warehouse, never out side, bu today took advantage of time off. At first, the Farmer tried not to pay attention to the efforts of the young family. His attention on that day was absorbed by four-legged pets – both dogs loved the old owner and their loud joyful barking during the games testified to this. Nevertheless, when the Farmer saw that Elena’s husband had inadvertently broken the top of the young plane tree, the old man’s patience came to an end. He went to the fence and the conversation, word by word, led by the fact that his neighbors accepted the invitation to visit him.

The prospect of visiting Farmer with her husband made Elena worry. Moreover, Bisoye quietly winked at her several times and mysteriously closed his eyes, hinting at an adventure that connected them. But she could not refuse. Having taken the daughter from her mother’s hands, Elena settled down in the bedroom and the affectionate mouth of the infant greedily grabbed the nipple of her luxurious breast. Submitting to the reflex, the girl eagerly sucked her mother’s breast and tight jets of milk slowly emptied the breast of the nurse. When it came time to give the child a second breast, something happened that Elena did not expect from herself. Obeying a spontaneous impulse, she got up from her chair and went to the open window. Waiting for the moment when Bisoye saw her, Elena openly raised her left breast with her palm and deliberately slowly brought the nipple closer to the child’s lips. They were separated by no more than 12-15 yards and the Nigerian frantically swallowed saliva when the pink spot of the swollen nipple slowly drew an intricate trajectory in space.

More than ten days have passed since they broke up after meeting at the motel. For ten days Elena struggled with herself. At first there was a horror of what happened, then shame came, and then … then, time after time, plentiful juices permeated the fabric of her panties … But she resisted, she did not call this beast with a wild animal cock.

Now. Standing by the window, she looked bursa escort at the Nigerian and her determination evaporated with each passing second. He understood her too. Going unnoticed, Bisoye took a phone from his pocket and showed it to Elena. She turned her head in the negative, but the Nigerian left her no other chance. He slowly traced his palm over the enormous long bulge that pulled his shorts on, and again showed off the telephone. This was the last argument for the white young mother. She will call him. Not today, but she will call … Her nod of her head showed her defeat. And she returned to the room – the Farmer was waiting for them.

Bisoye set to work with renewed vigor. These days were his test too. The desire to fuck this luxurious white doe again mercilessly pursued the Nigerian. Again and again, the pictures of her breasts and the taste of milk from her nipples came to life in his memory. And again and again the call of the ancestors awakened in him the bestial desire to crucify this young woman from a stiff white gringo family on a black cock. The wild delight of the black slave of the owner who raped his wife was too great, and centuries later his descendants persisted in this thirst mercilessly to seed white pussies of respectable mothers. In these desires there was no place for cheap white whores – the pedestal belonged to angels that exuded the smell of expensive perfumes.

* * *

The Farmer cordially greeted the guests on the doorstep of the house. Both his dogs lay peacefully at the gate and only lazily raised their heads, responding to the noise near the porch. Speaking with young neighbors, Farmer invited them into the gazebo, where on the table stood glasses for juice and chilled fresh fruit. While all the guests were seated at the table, one of the dogs ostentatiously slept under the shade of a luxurious shrub, while Rothwell stood up and stood a little indecisively toward the house. In the noisy bustle, no one noticed how the dog jumped onto the porch, and then squeezed inside the house through an ajar door.

Elena was not enthusiastic about this visit. While her husband talked animatedly with Farmer about options for decorating the area around their home, she was clearly uncomfortable. The presence of Bisoye in the garden and her fear that his unexpected appearance near the arbor could lead to unpredictable and dangerous accidents for her – did not give her rest. Outwardly, she diligently demonstrated interest in the conversation of men, while her nerves were strained like strings and she counted the minutes in anticipation of the completion of this visit. Relief came for the young woman when the Farmer invited her husband to take a walk in his garden and continue the discussion with concrete examples. It was a chance to hide from danger.

Farmer kindly took her to a house where she could watch some films from his collection in a small cinema. Pressing the remote control button again and again, Elena randomly opened the video recording files, but the series of video frames did not attract her attention. Another portion of the video was reflected on the TV screen. A fairly full woman in a yellow swimsuit was sitting in an armchair and a large black dog rubbed against her knee. Something familiar was in the setting of the room where the two were. But the only thing Elena drew attention to in these seconds was this swimsuit – it was clearly small for a blonde and, in addition, the camera lens indifferently fixed dark spots of nipples under a thin cloth. This observation quickly melted in the mind of Elena, who rose from her chair and went to the open window. In the far corner of the garden, she saw her husband next to the Farmer and then her gaze settled on the clock. Time dragged on, only 12 minutes passed and everything said that their visit could be delayed. Bisoye was not next to them. It could be assumed that he continues to prune trees around the corner.

Turning to the TV, Elena tried to press the buttons for changing the TV channels, but … As if a loud click sounded in her head and this mirage of an unexpected click made her startle. On a large screen in a darkened room, events acquired completely different colors. The luxurious blonde was now lying on the floor with her legs bent at the knees, and a black dog with his tongue sticking out hung over her and rested his paws under her breasts. Some pillows lay under the woman’s hips, making her hips almost a foot above the floor, and her hands held the dog’s paws on the lowered bra cups. The white legs were wide open and the body of the dog vibrated between them in a frantic dance. No, this dog did not try to break out … No, this dog did not tremble in an uncomfortable stance … The black dog performed a wild dance of intercourse between a dog and a bitch. But the female partner in this case was a woman! And the ugly sharp dick of a dog with a swollen ball of a knot dived into the open pink pulp of the inseminated woman over and over again.

The reddish malatya escort cock of a dog with dark blue veins and a shaft of furry skin at the base quickly plunged into a large wet pussy and characteristic sounds merged into the continuous melodia of bestiality … The hoarse breathing of the animal and its saliva flowed abundantly onto her flaccid white breasts, the woman’s moans and her hands on the canine paws, this thick and sharp dick twined with blue veins – everything merged into a picture of the triumph of the forces of hell! It was terrible, but … Elena looked at the screen and did not try to turn it off. Overwhelmed by an unfamiliar excitement, she watched the events and felt how the panty liner between her young legs was filled with sticky moisture.

The creaking of the door made the woman turn around. Black Rothwell squeezed into the slot and stopped in indecision. The dog looked around the room, and the woman winced as their eyes met. Slowly and confidently, a huge dog headed for a frightened victim and stopped nearby. Elena’s heart was breaking out of her chest, she wanted to scream, but the fear to provoke the animal to aggression interrupted this impulse. And only the sharp sounds of the guttural howl from the side of the TV broke this silence. The plot of the film reached its climax – the orgasm was torn with a scream from the blonde’s chest, and the motionless black dog on the screen was breathing heavily and the yellowish sperm of the animal with sticky drops came off from the swinging cock.


The movement of the female body was not left unattended by Rothwell and the dog came close to the petrified Elena. From above, she saw the black body of the animal and cried out when the dog’s nose pressed against her legs. Hot breath burned her legs and suddenly a new wave of horror pierced the unfortunate – tongue licked her bare legs. The dog walked around a motionless figure and began to sniff the edge of a short skirt. After a few seconds, the denouement came – the wet nose of the dog flawlessly rested under the woman’s belly and after a push began to squeeze through the fabric towards the entrance to her bosom … The search for answers and horror became allies for Elena – the riddle ceased to exist. The room on the screen and the Farmer’s cinema, the dog from the film and the Rothwell are nearby – the common characters of the film and reality now. And the obvious truth is that the Farmer did it all! The farmer recorded this film in his cinema and this was his dog who fucked this unfortunate woman!

* * *

On the eve, a visit to the Farmer’s house brought Elena a lot of emotions. But in the end, her losses were minimal.

Caught unawares in the neighbor’s cinema, and not daring to scream, she was horrified at the touch of a formidable dog, but salvation came from a completely different direction.

“Fu! Go away!” – after shouting Bisoye, the dog recoiled from Elena and a second later disappeared behind the door.

“You got scared?” – Nigerian palm raised her chin.

“I almost died of fear. This dog could tear me apart. I watched a movie and did not see the appearance of this Rottwell. You brought me back to life.”- Elena said these words with a patter, but she clearly did not want to be truthful in everything. Her fingers looked for a button on the remote control, and this did not go unnoticed by her secret friend. He took the remote control from her palm and turning to the screen, turned on the repeat of the last playback.

“WOW! Is my girl addicted to bestiality? ” – he mockingly asked this vulgar question. Naturally, she tried to protest, but the next movement of the young Nigerian broke all her attempts to justify herself.

Pushing the young woman away from the door, the man pressed her against the wall near the window, and his free hand unceremoniously slipped under her skirt. With a rough movement, his palm freed her hairy pubis from her panties and after a second, black fingers slipped between the guest’s relaxed labia. A broad smile spread over his black face as plentiful juices flowed down those rough fingers. The man slowly examined the vagina of the young mother and wife, and while several fingers absorbed the juice of her shame, his thumb unmistakably rested on the swollen protuberance of the young clitoris. In the ensuing silence, she dutifully succumbed to this perverted caress and a light blush of contamination painted her cheeks.

“Yes, a whore was born in my girl” – with these words his hand left her pubis under her skirt. But he did this only to print a wet trace of a rough palm on her face. Continuing to press the woman against the wall, Bisoye ran his tongue over her wet face and the fire of a predator lit up in his eyes.

“You are a very juicy bitch. And the juice of your cunt is sweet like the milk from your breasts. I hope you brought me milk?” – with these words he jerked free from her bra, her breasts. And thick black lips encircled the nipple of the young mother. çanakkale escort

She tried to break free, but quickly gave up – emptying one breast, the beast sucked the second. Quite unexpectedly, she suddenly thought with a smile – “I’m smart. I managed to express milk for my daughter.”

Intoxicated by affection, her lips met his black lips and the last white drops dissolved in a passionate kiss. The tongues of the lovers merged in a dance of lust and she unzipped his shorts when he lifted her skirt. Deprived of lingerie, she pressed against his body, and her leg obediently moved to the side when the black palm rested on her young unshaven pubis.

Black fingers glided over the thick folds of the labia and gentle touches massaged the clitoris of a young woman moaning with pleasure. Her thin fingers encircled the phallus of a wild Nigerian stallion and this was the first masturbation of her life that she gave to a man.

A wave of perverse pleasure swept over both, and the sweet poison of debauchery filled their blood. “Take me. Please take me now.” Her whisper sounded a plea for mercy.

“No. I’ll fuck you tomorrow. Tomorrow your white pussy will be ripped by my black cock. Just tomorrow.” – This dirty whisper deprived her mind and filled her with despair from her unfulfilled desire. Her eyes filled with tears and she whispered again – “Fuck me. Please fuck me now.” But Bisoye prepared a different surprise for her.

The man shook his head. His tongue slid drops of her tears, the beast fire familiar to her flashed in his gaze, and his hoarse voice repeated, “Tomorrow I will inseminate you. But today … Today you will do what I want.”

Under the sharp jolt of his hands, her shoulders fell down and a woman, broken by an unexpected flash of aggression, fell to her knees. Grabbing his hand with her hair on the back of his head, he deliberately slowly lowered his shorts with his other hand. Before Elena’s eyes was a picture of a naked muscular abdomen with small rings of coarse hair on the pubis. A rough calloused palm was caught by a black cock swollen with excitement, whose sharp light brown dick head rested on her lips. She tried to turn away, but the pain of hair compressed into a bun made her give up.

Bisoye furtively peered out the window near which he had broken the resistance of the coveted booty. The Farmer and her husband of this white bitch were quite far from home and Bisoye had a real chance to take advantage of this moment. He confidently pressed the cock-head to her lips and, with the next impatient movement, parted them.

“Open my mouth, my dear. Do not try to resist – make your boy nice. You promised me that.”

In the first seconds, when this large black anaconda squeezed between her lips, Elena was paralyzed by panic. Fear of suffocation stopped her breathing when, over and over again, new shocks plunged this thick hose deeper into her throat. And what happened then, she could not explain to herself. The persistence of the Nigerian, his violence against her and at the same time his affection with which he carried out this violence, were awakened in her by the most shameful instincts. Time stopped. His hands swayed with locks of her hair, and her body swayed to the back of his hands lay the back of her head. In her mind a picture of what was happening appeared absolutely vividly and contrastingly – a black sweaty African was fucking a young white woman in her mouth and this woman instinctively wrapped her hands in his bare buttocks. And she was exhausted from enjoying in the maelstrom of perverted shamelessness.

At the peak of the approaching finale, Bisoye saw two men approach the porch. With unrestrained enthusiasm, he understood that he had no more than a minute left, but this time was enough. The hips of a young man roughly outlined a wide arc, the push of a powerful cock in the throat of a young beauty struck deep and an abundant stream of sperm splashed into the immaculate cradle. Choking on cough, Elena swallowed a caustic mixture of harmonics and, with strong arms, she was standing in front of the open door.

“Meet your husband! If he asks, answer that you are hot,”- with these words the Nigerian pushed her to the stairs.

Seeing nothing and not regaining consciousness, she staggered down to meet her husband and bright splashes of fireworks flashed in the depths of her eyes and in her inflamed consciousness. In this kaleidoscope, a dark corridor flickered with the steps of a staircase, the face of a husband in a hurry to meet him, the surprise of the Farmer. But she did not see her recent sex partner deftly climb over the windowsill, hang on outstretched arms and then jump to the ground from a height of 3-3.5 yards. “I am thirsty” is all she could say to her husband.

A few minutes later, the young couple and the Farmer stood in the gazebo and the black Nigerian Bisoye carefully poured orange juice into glasses. Elena greedily drank her glass of juice and the black gardener immediately filled the second glass. He was very attentive to the young lady and the blush on her cheeks answered him with a hint of gratitude. Soon, the young couple said goodbye to the Farmer and returned home. The first thing Elena did – she sank into a warm bath and felt she herself safe – for the first time in these hours. Next to the bath was another glass of juice..

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