Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 08

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Walking through Loblaw’s market on McArthur Avenue in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario, Fatima Sayyid practically sauntered about, a coy smile on her lovely face. The tall and curvy, beautiful and conservatively attired, Hijab-wearing Arab Muslim woman packed her cart with healthy food and walked unfazed through the throngs of customers moving about. I feel good, Fatima thought to herself, still a bit sore from the sexual whammy that her lover Raul James laid on her a mere hour ago.

“That man’s got the dick of death and he’s going to kill my pussy,” Fatima said to herself, her core still burning from Raul James unique brand of passionate lovemaking. The tall, handsome and fearless Haitian stud had to leave early for work, having been summoned all the way to Renfrew to do a drywall job for some rich folks. In his absence, Fatima went to do a little grocery shopping, intent on cooking a traditional Haitian meal and surprise her lover upon his return.

From numerous trips to Haitian restaurants around Ottawa such as Soleil Des Iles and Creole Sensations, both of which were located in the Vanier area, Fatima Sayyid had learned a lot about Haitian cuisine. A people’s culinary arts told a lot about said people. In the Haitian people’s case, their cuisine was hot, spicy and fearless, like the Haitians themselves. Raul James introduced Fatima Sayyid to Haitian cuisine, and now the Arab Muslim MILF couldn’t get enough of it. Having looked up some Haitian recipes online, Fatima felt confident that she could whip up some tasty dishes that would make Raul melt…

“Someone sure seems happy,” came a masculine voice, and Fatima turned to see who had spoken to her. The owner of said voice was a tall, slender Arab man with dark bronze skin and a grayish beard. Fatima blinked as she recognized Salim, a former associate of her late husband Salman Sayyid. Fatima narrowed her gaze, and looked Salim up and down. She had never gotten along with Salim, whom she thought of as a weasel. What did the fool want with her now?

“Any reason why I shouldn’t be?” Fatima retorted, hands on her hips, and she looked at Salim haughtily. In the Middle East, women might be expected to be polite and downright deferential in their dealings with men, but not here in Ottawa. After a lifetime spent in the Canadian capital, Fatima had learned a lot from local women and didn’t believe in putting up with men’s bullshit. Arab or otherwise, Fatima saw no reason to kowtow to the male of the maligned human species.

“Well, Fatima, people talk, they say you’re involved with a young Black man, I didn’t want to believe it, since mardin escort I know you to be a good Arab Muslim woman, I reserved judgement until I saw it for myself,” Salim said, and he smirked at Fatima, as though he’d caught her doing something wrong. Fatima’s reaction surprised the both of them. In an instant Fatima crossed the distance between the two of them, and she stood mere inches from Salim, who blinked in surprise.

“Salim, I do whatever the fuck I want, and yes, I’m seeing a Black man, and you know what? He’s ten times the man you’ll ever be,” Fatima retorted angrily, and as Salim sneered, about to utter a vicious comeback, she slapped the fool hard across the face. It was the slap heard around the world. Everyone on the Loblaws floor turned to look at Fatima and Salim as the two of them squared off. Salim rubbed his face angrily and looked like he wanted to hit Fatima, but she glared at him menacingly and without a hint of fear in her brown eyes. Shaking his head, Salim walked away.

“You’re a whore, Fatima, and you will pay for this,” Salim said, and with that, he stormed out of the Loblaw’s market as though the Devil himself were after him. Fatima watched him go, then sighed deeply. All she wanted was to live her life without the damn rules of Arab society, or indeed any rules other than her own. She’d wasted enough time being married to Salman Sayyid, a brutish man whom she did not love. Now, in her fifty seventh year upon this earth, Fatima finally found love, in the unlikely person of Raul James, Haitian student at Algonquin College, and amateur contractor. Why couldn’t fools like Salim and his ilk leave her alone?

Fatima forced herself to be calm, unwilling to let this harrowing episode ruin her day. She put a smile on as she headed to the cash, and paid for her purchases with her BMO debit card. Returning to the parking lot, Fatima got in her car and drove away. Upon arriving home, Fatima set her grocery bags on the kitchen counter, and immediately began cooking. A couple of hours later, the meal was well underway.

After cooking, Fatima sat in the living room, and watched her favorite show, The Strain. After watching its epic finale, Fatima went to take a shower. When she came out of it, the sound of jiggling keys at the door startled her. A familiar figure strode through the newly opened door, and Fatima smiled at the handsome countenance of Raul James. Tall, dark and handsome, clad in a faded gray sweatshirt and blue jeans, Raul James smelled of drywall, and wood, and masculine sweat. All good things, as far as van escort Fatima was concerned. Thus, wearing only her bathrobe, she went to greet her man with open arms…

“Salaam, Habibti, the job was smaller than I expected, but things went well,” Raul James said, gently stroking Fatima’s chin as the two of them embraced. Fatima smiled at Raul, and kissed him on the lips. They went to the living room, and as he began to tell her about his day, she stopped him by pressing her index finger against his full lips. The Haitian stud looked at his favorite Arab MILF, puzzled by her reaction.

“I had a bit of an adventure at the Loblaw’s market this morning after you left,” Fatima said hesitantly, and Raul nodded, urging her to continue. Fatima bit her lip, and then told him…everything. When Fatima got to the part about Salim the creep accosting her, Raul’s handsome face contorted in anger. Abruptly he rose, and demanded to know where Salim lived. Fatima looked at Raul James admiringly, and shook her lovely head. In the Arab world, lots of Arabs had a die-hard hatred of Black men, and the Black man’s inherent masculinity and strength was at the root of that hatred.

“Babe, I don’t care if this fool Salim has friends, I’ll fight any man who disrespects my woman, and I don’t give a fuck what culture or religion he’s from,” Raul James said angrily, and his dark brown eyes blazed with anger. African guys might be intimidated by the Arabs back in Africa and the Middle East but Raul James was of a different breed. The Haitian people defeated the French and had no fear of pale-skinned bozos who thought they were invincible. Raul wouldn’t think twice about hitting Salim and anyone else who was riding with him, Fatima could see it in his face.

“Forget Salim, my love, I made you a fine Haitian-style meal,” Fatima said, smiling at her lover, and with that, she rose and took Raul’s hand, leading him to the kitchen. The handsome Haitian stud followed his lady love to the kitchen, and smiled when he saw and smelled the goodies she’d made in his absence. Haitian-style white rice with brown bean sauce and goat meat. Raul took Fatima’s lovely hand and brought it to his lips. This woman was simply amazing. How did he get so damn lucky?

“You are too good to me, my love,” Raul replied, and with that, he pulled Fatima into his arms and kissed her. Fatima’s bathrobe slipped, revealing her curvy, bronze-skinned body. Raul caressed Fatima, and just like that, the two of them began making love, right there in the kitchen. Fatima found herself lying on the tiled floor, ankara escort stark naked, thick legs spread. Raul buried his face between her legs and ate her out, working his tongue into Fatima’s pussy.

“Hmm, Habibi, I made a fine Haitian meal for you but I think you prefer to eat Arab food,” Fatima said, smiling wickedly at Raul, as he continued to eat her pussy. The Haitian stud voraciously ate Fatima’s pussy, and all the tension which she’d been feeling ever since that incident at Loblaw’s melted away like ice in the sun. Fatima soon found herself moaning and crying out in deep pleasure. Raul definitely knew what Fatima liked, and he wasn’t shy about rocking her world like only he could…

“It’s your fault, I’m addicted to you,” Raul paused to say, and Fatima laughed out loud, loving his candor. The Haitian stud put her on all fours and spread her thick ass cheeks wide open, and began tonguing her asshole while fingering her wet, hairy pussy. That’s when Fatima’s moans turned into happy squeals. The curvy and very voluptuous, big-bottomed Arab Muslim woman absolutely loved getting her ass eaten, and a certain Haitian stud was counting on it…

“Oh fuck yes, eat this ass, mon prince noir,” Fatima squealed, and Raul slapped her big ass as he ate her booty hole. Later, he kept her in that same position as he began to fuck her silly. Fatima spread her ass for Raul, who rubbed his long, dark dick against her booty hole without pushing it in. Fatima groaned in frustration, not liking Raul’s tease one bit. Laughing, Raul pushed his dick into Fatima’s asshole, using none other than the cooling brown bean sauce she’d cooked as personal lubricant. How naughty was that?

“That ass is mine,” Raul cried out as he grabbed Fatima’s hip with his left hand while fisting her long, curly dark hair, which was sans Hijab for once. Just like that, he worked his dick into the depths of the Arab MILF’s butt hole, and Fatima began to scream passionately as her backdoor was invaded. With slow, steady and deep strokes, Raul worked most of his dick into Fatima’s asshole, and he filled her hole nicely. The two passionate lovers established a nice, easy rhythm as they continued their unique style of lovemaking. They fucked and sucked the day away and didn’t stop until exhausted, hours later…

“Welcome home, lover,” Fatima said to Raul, who kissed her, then helped her to her feet. She reached for her discarded bathrobe, but Raul batted her hand away, and instead pulled a chair for her at the kitchen table, like a true gentleman. Naked, Fatima sat opposite her lover, and the two of them began to eat the sumptuous Haitian meal she’d prepared. Raul James winked at his beloved Fatima, thankful to high heaven that he had such an amazing woman in his life. Fatima was his beloved, and Raul would defend her with his life. Let angry Arab guys everywhere beware, the proud Sons of Haiti have no fear of their kind…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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