Female Sexual Response: Subject 334

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This is Part Two of this series. If you haven’t already, please read Part One “Female Sexual Response: Subject 326” first. This is written from the perspective of another girl in the story, Subject 334.


I was mad at my roommate Kinsey. But then I wasn’t. I was so confused. I don’t know how I let her talk me into doing this. She was the one who saw the notice first. She didn’t want to do it by herself, she was too chicken. And I find it hard to believe that I agreed to do it for something as stupid as vacuuming. She said she would vacuum our dorm room for the entire month if I went with her. Vacuuming! How could I be so stupid?

It seemed like an easy $500, but nothing was worth that. The humiliation, the shame, the embarrassment, the pleasure. The intense, overwhelming pleasure. But for some reason, I didn’t drop out of the study. For some unknown reason, I decided to wear the home monitoring device for the second week. I had been forced into having orgasm after orgasm in front of complete strangers, I had let a woman fondle and then suck my nipples, I had been teased and tormented until I cried, and yet I still continued the study. I had it figured out by now. As long as I only wore the device when I knew Kinsey was in class or at work, I could bear it. I could bear the frustration of not being allowed to orgasm because I knew at the end of the week, I would get to experience it again. They would hook me up to that thing and I would be experiencing nirvana in its purest form. I was good at blocking things out, and as I lay there, naked and exposed, I could block out the doctors and the nurses as they watched me orgasm again and again until I was begging for them to stop.

But I was still mad at Kinsey because she always wore her device when I was there. She forced me to listen to her while she moaned and cursed, instructing it where to lick and kiss and suck, as if it could hear her. I would always leave, sometimes for hours but when I came back, she would still be wearing it. By then she wouldn’t even notice me in the room. I would put on my headphones and try to ignore her. But I couldn’t ignore the smell. Her smell. She was a true exhibitionist, I found out. She was the only one who walked around the showers naked. She even brushed her teeth naked. We’ve had full political discussions while she was naked as I tried to keep my gaze above the neck. She was beautiful. If I had her body, I would flaunt it too. If she was taller, she easily could’ve been one of those Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, although her breasts were probably too large. But after this week, I didn’t want to talk to her. Or look at her. At all.

But she always wanted to talk about it. When we came back from that first exam, I couldn’t tell if she was more in love with Dr. Matthias, or the nurse who had fitted her device, or if she was actually in love with the machine. “Wasn’t that amazing?” she gushed. “That was sexiest experience of my life!” But I didn’t want to talk about it. “Did the nurse use her mouth on you?” I told her I didn’t want to talk about it. “Did you think you were going to die when you came in front of all the other girls in the waiting room?” Silence. “Could you hear me screaming down the hall? Because I could totally hear you.” Mortification.

We were both freshman psychology majors. It was a requirement that all psych majors participate as a subject in a certain number of research studies to graduate. I knew I should have chosen one of the studies where you watch a short movie and then you have to list 50 round objects that you saw, or do some simple geometric puzzles while heavy metal music blared in the background. That would have been easy. But somehow I let her talk me into doing the Female Sexual Response study with her.

As I left the lab after the second appointment where I was forced to have 10 orgasms in front of about 20 doctors, I was handed a sheet with instructions for this next week but I just stuffed it into my backpack as I walked back to the dorm. It wasn’t until later that night that I saw it and decided to read it. Immediately, my heart started racing.

This week, please wear your device in a public setting where there are other people within 20 feet. Your device will be able to pick up ambient heat that other people will emit. For example, you cannot be in your car sitting in traffic, or at a park where people are too far away. You can wear the device at your home as long as there is someone else there. You must wear your device for at least one hour at 3 of the following: restaurant or cafeteria, class, a store or work. Please log the location you have chosen for each day. As usual, wear your device for your next appointment and put it on 30 minutes before your scheduled time. Thank you again for your participation.

Oh, crap. If only I had a boyfriend. I could wear it in front of him and be done with it, but that was one of the qualifiers. You couldn’t be in a relationship Bahçelievler escort if you were going to participate in this study.

The next day I left early without the device and went to class. I was gone pretty much the whole day. When I got home, Kinsey was just taking her device off. I heard a pop as her nipples came loose from the suction cup inside the bra. “Have you done it yet?” she asked. Her body was covered in sweat.

“No,” I answered.

“It’s wild! It actually–“

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I cut her off.

She just smiled. “Where are you going to wear yours? Are you going to stay here?” She seemed really excited about that.

“No, I’m going to the movies,” I answered without looking at her. It seemed safe to wear it there. It would be dark, I could sit in the back row and not be noticed.

She laughed. “Have fun! Make sure it’s a loud one.”

I took the box and took it to the bathroom with me so she wouldn’t see me put it on. I was very modest, although I’ve been told that I’m pretty and have a great body. I always thought I was pretty average-looking but Kinsey always commented on how great my hair was, or how pretty my eyes were. She even once told me how much she liked my breasts, especially how perky they were. At the time I just brushed it off, but after these past few weeks, I really think she had a thing for me, which made me very uncomfortable. I scoffed at her comment to me. Make sure it’s a loud one. Ha! I was proud of my self control. At the weekly appointment when everyone was orgasming in the lobby, all the other girls were moaning, but I just sat there quietly. I was proud that I was able to climax without making a noise, although I couldn’t keep quiet while I was in the exam room as Kinsey had joyfully pointed out to me.

I put the device on in the bathroom stall, making sure my nipples were hard enough and that the phallus fit snugly in my pussy and the clitoral stimulator was in the right place. I was already wet, but I ignored it. I would do this, and I would not let it frustrate me like last week. This thing wasn’t going to beat me. I wouldn’t let it.

As I walked towards the movie theater, it turned on. Slowly at first. Walking was difficult but I managed as the phallus fucked me and the mechanical mouths were licking and sucking my nipples. The vibrations on my clit and my g-spot were slow and deep at this point, which were leading me where I didn’t want to go, but I knew I didn’t have a choice. I started conjugating French verbs in my head to keep my mind off the delightful ministrations that were happening under my clothes.

The sidewalk was crowded and I kept getting bumped by someone. Everytime someone bumped me, a jolt of electricity went through me, concentrating on my clitoris. Someone from my dorm stopped to talk for a little bit, but I have no idea what I said back. But he didn’t look at me funny so I think I fooled him. By the time I arrived at the theater, I was at a high state of arousal. Probably an 8, but nowhere near an orgasm. I kept waiting for it to turn off, but it just kept going. It would slow down, always at a moment when I wanted more pressure, or faster fucking, or more vibration. Like it knew what my body wanted and it was going to deny me.

I bought my ticket and entered the crowded theater. I was counting on an emptier theater, especially since it was in the middle of the afternoon, but almost every row was filled up. I took a seat on the right side in an aisle seat towards the back while I was being fucked and sucked and licked, almost to a point of no return. But I realized that everyone on the other side of the aisle could see me, so I moved over two seats, hoping to blend in to the dark velveteen seats. I knew I was breathing erratically and suddenly I felt like I was too hot, but I didn’t want to take off my jacket. I sat still, trying not to move because any slight movement would bring a tongue or a finger closer to a pleasure point. It was quiet in the theater, and not as dark as I would have liked. People were whispering to each other, eating their popcorn and drinking their sodas while I sat there, tortured.

The lights dimmed and the previews started as I was taken closer and closer to the edge. I was breathing quickly now, taking short little gasps. I closed my eyes, concentrating on my breathing. When was it going to shut off? It would shut off soon, I knew it would. This was always the point when it shut off. Wait, it was taking me farther now. Even if it did stop, I wasn’t sure I would. I started to panic. It felt so delicious. Oh, so delicious. And then everything stopped, just as the preview came to an end. It was quiet in the theater. Too quiet. I could only hear my heavy breathing. I was certain everyone could hear it. It took everything I had not to make a sound. I slowly eased my grip on the armrest as I felt my orgasm back off, relieved and yet tormented at the Bahçeşehir escort bayan same time.

Someone sat down next to me and I looked to see if they were looking at me with a weird or concerned look, but he just smiled and sat down. Shit. I recognized him from my dorm, and he was really cute. I cringed. I’d seen him at a party a few weeks ago, instantly feeling attracted to him, but I was too shy to talk to him. And now he was sitting right next to me. I thought about getting up and leaving, but then it started again. Hard. I felt like I was being punished somehow. “How dare you feel attracted to him?” it seemed to be saying as it pounded into my wet pussy, over and over again. “He can’t fuck you as good as this.” I slunk lower into my seat, hot and ashamed as it started biting my nipples and my clit as it tortured my g-spot. “I’m sorry,” I thought to myself. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” But it was still punishing me as it continued fucking me, relentlessly dragging me higher and higher. I closed my eyes as I felt the inevitable come closer. I could see the cliff rising above me, but I was no longer holding back now. I was running towards it. I wanted to fly off the edge and soar above myself. But just as I reached it, it held me back as I tried desperately to free myself and jump.

No! I was so close! Both times, it had taken me just a millimeter to the point of no return. It was testing me. Seeing how close I could get without release. The movie started with soft piano music playing. At least I thought it was piano music. Images flashed before me on the screen. Blues, and greens, and then yellows back to blues and grays. I couldn’t make anything out. It was just an abstract movement to me as I just sat there and stared.

Then it started again. It was softer this time, slower. Almost remorseful. It apologetically swirled magical tongues up and down my wet slit, circling my clitoris lovingly. Mouths sucked my nipples, softly. Tenderly. By the time the gentle fucking started, the images on the screen had started to take shape for me. There were trees, and sky. A little house by the water. Two people were sitting in a boat, talking, laughing, kissing. Then slowly, so slowly that I didn’t realize it had started, it started rubbing my g-spot. I started to get confused about the characters in the movie, the images started to blur again, and then I realized that I was being led closer to the edge. This time it was enticing me to follow, and I did, willingly.

I was no longer watching the movie now. I concentrated on the caresses on my nipples, my clitoris, my g-spot. I freely followed wherever it wanted me to go, letting it take control. I was climbing higher and higher, but so slowly, that I didn’t even realize how far I’d gone until it was almost too late. I watched the colors on the screen go by, I listened to the sounds of voices, although I didn’t understand what they were saying. All I could hear was it coaxing me higher, leading me farther, encouraging me to let go. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t moan or cry out or scream. I couldn’t even move. I was a prisoner now. It had tricked me into presenting my wrists and then it had tied me up. I hadn’t even struggled as it seduced me to lie on the bed. And now as it was torturing me, forcing me to reveal all my secrets, I wasn’t sure I could hold out. I was taking short little gasps, concentrating on the feeling of my breath against my lips as I breathed in and out, trying to ignore the sweet torture.

But it was unyielding. It wouldn’t stop. It knew me. It knew how long I could hold out. It knew how much I needed before I would surrender. The mouths were eagerly lapping up everything it could, my hard nipples, first the left and the right, then the left and right, faster and faster until it was licking both at the same time. The phallus was fucking me hard, knowing how fast and deep I liked it, needed it. Oh, how I needed it. The tongues were swirling on my clitoris, moving in expert circles around my secret pearl, coaxing it out to play. I didn’t think I’d be able to hold out much longer before giving it what it asked of me. I didn’t want to surrender. Not here, not like this, but I knew I was weak. And it knew I was weak. Finally, I gave up. I let it all go. My orgasm hit and I felt the ground shake. Over and over it rocked me, drowning me, but I didn’t care. I had finally arrived, I had finished the race.

But there was more. It knew exactly what to do as it took me to a second peak, and a third, fourth, fifth, rising higher and higher with each one. As I slowly came down, I came to my senses. It was loud. There was an explosion on the screen, and sirens and people yelling and screaming. Running. Now I knew what Kinsey had been trying to tell me. I looked around and no one was looking at me, pointing, laughing. I glanced to my left and the cute guy was looking at me, concern on his face.

“Are you allright?”

I smiled, Escort Bakırköy tentatively. “I’m fine. I don’t like movies like this,” I whispered.

He looked away, satisfied with my answer.

I wanted to get up and leave, but he was blocking my way to the aisle. And I was too sensitive to move, and I was scared it would turn back on right when I was in front of him. I no longer had any confidence in my self control. What if I sat in his lap, grinding myself to an orgasm right there? No, it would be better if I stayed in my seat. I glanced at my watch. Wow, almost two hours had gone by. The movie was almost over. And then it ended. By the time the credits rolled, my breathing had returned to normal, but I was covered in a slight sheen of sweat. The cute boy got up and walked out and I noticed he was by himself. As the lights came back on, I knew I had to finally leave. I hoped my legs would be able to support me as I walked back to my dorm.

At first I thought it was just a fluke. It would certainly recalibrate itself and not allow me to orgasm anymore. But everyday I wore the device, it was the same. It would tease me for awhile and then take me to places I didn’t think existed in my small world. I wore it to the cafeteria, I wore it to class, I wore it to work. And each time, I was able to control myself more. I was proud of the fact that I could now climax without anyone seeming to take notice.

Kinsey had named hers Veronica. And she loved to wear it when I was in the room with her. The first time I saw her take it out of the box, it was late. I thought she had already worn hers that day, but I guess I was wrong. I got up to leave.

“No, please stay,” she begged me.

“Why don’t you take it to the lounge? Or the cafeteria – it’s still open for another hour.”

“No, please. This is the only time I have today. Please.”

“Fine,” I said and took out my headphones and a book. But I couldn’t completely ignore her. She lay prone on her bed, her hips gyrating and grinding. I was ashamed of the wetness that seeped onto my panties as I watched her out of the corner of my eye. Pretty soon, I couldn’t concentrate on my book anymore. Her face was so obvious, her hands were pressed down on her breasts, and I knew how that intensified the sucking on her nipples. Every orgasm rocked her hard and I envied her freedom, her lack of inhibitions. After the second orgasm, I could hear her screaming and cursing through my headphones and I cringed, knowing that everyone in the dorms could hear her too. I hoped no one knew I was in the room with her, otherwise they would be thinking we were doing things together.

She wore it three more times with me in the room that week. Each time, it didn’t get easier for me. Each time, I wanted to bring it out and fly with her as we each climaxed side by side. But I couldn’t. It was normal for me to come in front of strangers or acquaintances now, but I couldn’t in front of Kinsey. That would leave me too exposed.

Day 6 had been a busy day and I had left in the morning, not returning to my room until after 10:00 pm. I had to hurry and put on the device to log my one hour. I put on a loose t-shirt and baggy sweats over it. Just as Kinsey walked in, I said bye and left before she could ask any questions. I took a book with me and walked down to the lounge, but it was empty. As I turned to leave, I saw him. The cute boy from the movies was sitting in a chair in the corner near the fireplace. He looked up and smiled and waved me over. I had no choice but to walk up to him as the fucking started.

“So, you survived the movie, huh?”

I smiled as my nipples were being licked and sucked, expertly bringing me there. He introduced himself as I sat down in a chair next to him. His name was Logan and he was from Oregon. He was undeclared but thinking about biology or chemistry. And then I couldn’t hear him anymore. I could only feel the hum on my clitoris as it got louder and louder as I was being fucked harder and harder, taking me to nirvana, and then pulling me back. Taking me closer and then pulling me back. I saw his lips move and smile that gorgeous smile. I think I nodded and spoke at the appropriate times. At least I think I did. He seemed happy with my answers. And then he closed his book and got up. I think he said he hoped to see me around. I smiled back. At least I think I smiled.

I sat there, unable to move. Unable to think about anything except how much I loved being fucked by this thing. No one would be able to fuck me as hard or as good. Not even what’s-his-name. What was his name again? Logan? Oh, yes. Logan. That feels so good. Yes, right there, Logan. Yes. Yes! YES!!! YYEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! As I came, all I could think about was Logan. Not the Logan I had just met, but the Logan that was fucking me just the way I liked it. Just the way I needed it. I was alone so I moved my hips back and forth in the chair, enjoying every last syrupy drop.

Crap, I was alone. I needed to find someone within 20 feet. I couldn’t walk around hoping to run into someone, following them until I climaxed. I had no choice but to go back to my room. I looked at my clock. I only had 30 minutes left. I could endure 30 minutes of utter humiliation. Maybe Kinsey wouldn’t suspect anything. I could be quiet.

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