Fill ‘Er Up

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Part I

Chanice dreaded coming to work on Thursday nights. Although she’s been working as the night clerk at the Filler Gas Convienent Store and Filling Station for over a year, she’d been required to drive 40 miles away from her home to a completely different area. In fact, it was in another city. She’d been working at, as she often put it, “the store in the hood” eversince she began the job. But when a few of her coworkers quit their jobs two months ago, the manager/owner of the franchised stores would schedule the beautiful mocha skinned 19 year old to fill in at his other store on Thursday nights. At first, she didn’t mind until she realized that the other store was in a completely different atmosphere than she was used to. That is, it was in a predominantly white rural area. To make matters worse, she would often encounter the usual drunken guys trying to flirt with her simply because she was the only black person in the store, if not the entire area itself. However, she had her way of dealing with them. When her boyfriend was concerned, she simply told him,”Baby, I grew up in the hood so a few white boys shouldn’t be much of a problem for me. Besides, those shrimp dicks can’t handle a sistah like me anyway.”

On a snowy November night, Chanice figured that it would be no different than any other night. She’d come in exactly at 9:50 PM, punched in, and position herself on a stool behind the cash register. She chatted with her coworker, Eric, just before he’d punch out and leave for home. They all shared a radio to listen to during the long boring evenings and nights and just before leaving, Eric informed Chanice of a possible snow storm.

“Be very careful, Chanice. The news reported that we may be having a snow storm coming later in the night. If you need anything out of your car, I would get it now if I was you. Try not to leave the store. Just stay here where it’s warm.”, Eric warned her.

“Thanks Eric, I’ll be all right.”, replied Chanice, “I’m just going to sit my happy ass in here and read some of the magazines as I do every night.” Approximately 20 minutes later, Eric left for the night, leaving Chanice alone with the few customers there to purchase gas, cigarettes, and beer. The major items sold during the graveyard shift.


The night was going pretty slow as usual for Chanice. There weren’t as many customers as usual. It may have been due to the fact that the snow had picked up tremendously since she began her shift. Chanice noticed that the weather was not looking very good. “There is no way in hell anyone should be out here in this weather.”, she thought. That was until 2 AM, when the Beckums men walked into the store to prepare for their monthly hunting trip. “Oh great, it’s the redneck boys.”, thought Chanice. The Beckums, Hank, Hank, Jr., and Sam headed towards the coolers to stock up on beer, cold cuts, cold drinks.

“Hey girlie, I see it’s your night to be here again.”, the older Hank told Chanice. She hated listening to them talk so she would say very little to them when they spoke to her. She could tell that they were only trying to be nice to the lil black girl behind the counter.

“Yep”, is all she replied.

“Pretty cold out, huh? I’m hoping we can get to the hunting camp before this storm hits.”

The three men were there what seemed like forever to Chanice. Suddenly, the powerful snow storm caused the lights to go out in the entire store, except for the emergency lights in the rear of the store that led to the office and restrooms. Knowing that the automatic security system caused the front doors to lock as well, Chanice didn’t feel very comfortable. Not that she was scared of the Bechums in any way, she just didn’t like them very much.

“Guys,”, she proceeded to warn them, “I’ll hate to say this but we might be here a while because the doors are locked.”

“Just turn the latch, Sugar, and open them. That’s all, right?”, asked 20 year old Hank, Jr.

“I wish it was that easy but it’s not. You see, only two people can open them. And that’s my manager or the security company but I can’t call any of them because the phones are dead. So just take it easy until this storm pass. Maybe it’ll lighten up to a point that the electricity will come back on and you guys can be on your way.”, Chanice assured the Beckums.

“So what can we do while we wait?”, asked 18 year old Sam.

“Nothing but chill out. The heater is a gas heater so as long as that stays lit, at least we can remain warm.”

However, the guys began getting bored with the first 30 minutes. They’d already gone through a couple of six packs of beers and were about to get rowdy.

“Guys, please calm down and wait this out. You won’t be here that long, I’m sure. Just chill out.”

The younger Hank said, “Sugar, we’re bored. We’re going to have to find something to do until this shit is over. And I got just the thing.”

“What’s that, sir?”

“It’s mersin escort a game me and my brother, Sam, here likes to play.” Sam drank the last swallow of his beer and began laughing. Hank continued, “We like to call it, Pin The Cock In The Black Girl. That should keep us going for a few hours until day break.”

Chanice stood up from her stool in an attempt to defend herself but it was to no avail. Hank, Sr. grabbed hold of the 120 pound girl and carried her over his shoulder to the rear of the building. The three brought Chanice to the office where they found the desk and an old couch. Since the light was out in the office, as with the rest of the store, they left the door open in order to allow the emergency light to better they’re ability to see. Chanice, tried as she might, put up a protest but the three over powered her. Hank laid her across the desk. As his older son held her arms over her head, Hank began removing Chanice’s jeans and panties from her tight teen body. Across the room, Sam began to quickly undress himself.

“No, no please. Don’t do this to me.”, Chanice pleaded. “Please guys, I’ll do anything you want but please don’t rape me.”

“Sorry, girlie”, Sam replied, “but my cock’s all ready for our lil game with you. Now you’re going to have to be a team player with us or else it’ll be no fun. Hank, go on and make her a team player for us.”

Good idea, lil brother. Come and hold her for me while I prepare her for the fucking of her lifetime.”

Sam replaced Hank and held Chanice’s arms tightly above her head. The desk was not very large and while Chanice’s waist reached the edge of the desk, her head hung over the other side. Suddenly, Chanice was face to face with Sam’s semi-hard cock. She was staring directly at the largest white cock that she’s ever seen. As a lil girl, Chanice used to sneak into her parents’s bedroom and find their stash of porn mags. Her Mom kept a small collection of Playgirls along side of her vibrator while her Dad would have a larger collection of videos. She remember seeing the pictures of white guys in the Playgirl magazines and laughing at the size of their cocks. Some were no bigger than her index finger. But Sam stood at her head sporting at a solid 8 inch cock that was the width of hitting end of a baseball bat. She doubted that her hand would wrap around it, let along her mouth. Then she raised her head to watch Hank, Jr. disrobe as their dad held her sexy black legs open. To her surprise, Jr. was carrying a cock that was just about the same size as his younger brother.

“OH MY GOD, please. You can’t do this. I just had my period and I’m not on the pill.”, she begged.

“Fine girlie. I’ll go to the front and get some rubbers for my boys to wear while Jr. is working you over.”, the dad said.

As the older Hank left to retrieve comdoms from the store, younger Hank sat on the office chair and placed Chanice’s legs on his shoulders. He was now face to face with Chanice’s beautifully shaved pussy.

Younger Hank began unbuttoning Chanice’s uniform blouse and removed her tight bra from her lovely 36 DD breasts. “We’d better get this off of you, lil girl, so that you can breathe easier while I eat that lovely dark chocolate pussy of yours.”

Chanice now knew what they had in store for her. In all of her 19 years, she’d never had her pussy eaten before and here she’s about to be eaten by someone whom she doesn’t even know very well. Although she’s sucked a few cocks since her early teen years, she’s never had the favor returned to her. “God”, she thought, “Please don’t let me become addicted to these white boys and their pussy eating.”

Just as Hank, Sr. returned with the comdoms, Jr. placed his tongue on Chanice’s slit and began running his tongue up and down. Instantly, Chanice could feel her pussy getting wetter second by second as he licked her slit. Behind her cries and pleases, she’d began moaning lightly. Then she felt his tongue part her pussy lips and find her clit. This brought Chanice to an instant orgasm that she’d not expected so soon.

“Oh shit. Fuck, that feels so fucking good, sir.”, she moaned. “Please don’t stop. Eat my pussy, sir.”

Lil Hank proceeded to stick his tongue deeper into Chanice’s pussy that caused her to scream in complete estacy. As her head flew back and over the side of the desk with her mouth opened from screaming, Sam quickly stuffed his now hard cock down her throat. Without being told, Chanice sucked his cock like it was the last cock in the world. She shook her arms to ask Sam to let go. When he did, she used one hand to stroke Sam’s cock as she sucked and used the other hand to push Jr.’s head deeper into her pussy.

“Damn boys,” the father began saying, “You two are gonna wear her out before I get to her. Damn, she’s a hot little piece of black ass.”

Chanice’s moans graduated into screams and cries as she tried dractically to suck Sam’s cock. The multiple kocaeli escort orgasms that she was experiencing was causing her to loose concentration on Sam’s cock. Suddenly, she pulled Sam’s cock from her mouth and cried out, “OH FUCK, YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH, I’M FUCKING CUMMIIIIIIIING.” With that, she slammed her waist into younger Hank’s face as he continued lapping up the juices from her sweet black pussy. Chanice came for 5 minutes straight until she was nearly exhausted from the orgasms. Finally, she fell back onto the desk, body nearly limp. Sam, showing no compassion other than for his cock, rammed his cock back into her young mouth. Chanice was breathing hard from the screaming orgasms and had little energy to suck his cock so Sam held her head down as he gave her a well earned face fucking.

Hank, Jr. stood up and pushed the chair away. “It’s time for your prize, little girl.”

“Wait up, boy.”, the father said as he tossed a 3 pack box of condoms to Hank, Jr. “You boys put your raincoats on. She’s right. We don’t need you two to knock up some black girl here. Ain’t no telling what people would say if they knew what we were doing here. You know how people talk about white boys fucking black girls in this part of town.”

With that being said, Jr. tore open a condom pack and rolled one over his hard white cock. Chanice found enough energy to remove Sam from her mouth, bend her head forward and tell Jr., “Thank you, Sir.”

“Thank me? For what? I haven’t started yet.” Before she could explain why she’d thanked him, Jr. placed his positioned his cock at the entrance of Chanice’s wet pussy, slid it up and down her slit, and then rammed forward. The force literally took Chanice’s breath from her throat as she screamed, “OH FUCK!!! OH SHIT!!! MOTHER FUCK!!! Awwwww, fuck me, fuck me hard, sir.”

Jr. knew that she was constantly calling him “Sir” because she didn’t know his name. But it was something about her saying it that made it hotter.

Chanice couldn’t believe how exciting the night has turned out since she’d gotten to work. Here she was getting the shit fucked out of her by a skinny redneck and she’s getting paid for it since she was currently on the clock at her job. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to have to fuck the other two as well. As far as she was concerned, it didn’t matter. She could handle them. For a short time, however, she thought about her girls in the hood and what would they say if they knew she was getting her pussy pounded by these white guys. But that thought was easily pushed aside as another massive orgasm was building up. Chanice screamed for the younger Hank to “ram all of that white dick in me, sir.”

Then she proceeded to continue sucking Sam’s cock, though her pussy pounding made it hard for her to concentrate. So she tried to simply jack Sam off until she felt Hank, Jr.’s cock suddenly expand inside of her and younger Hank tensed up. Her pussy gripped his cock tightly as if to suck every ounce of life from it. Then it happened. Hank’s balls emptied into the condom that covered his cock. He pumped his cock into Chanice for another 2 minutes before finally pulling his flacid cock from her tight convulsing pussy. The condum was so filled that it was only hanging from the head of his cock as he pulled out of Chanice. Once out, the condom fell off of his cock and onto the floor. He reached down to pick it up and went to the restroom to flush it down the toilet.

After the great fucking and sucking that she’d receive, Chanice was terribly exhausted. She simply tuned onto her side and proceeded to rest. “It’s not nap time, my lil black fuck. It’s my turn. But I’ll tell you what, you can change positions if you like.”, Sam told Chanice. Then he turned Chanice over onto her stomach and pulled her body closer to him. He rolled his condom onto his cock and entered Chanice soaking wet pussy from the back. Much like his older brother, Sam showed no mercy to the young, black girl either as he rammed his hard cock into her pussy with one push and continued fucking her harder and harder. The office was filled with screams from Chanice as she continuously enjoyed being the fuck slave for these rednecks.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me. OH FUCK YEAH!!! Fuck me hard, sir.”, Chanice screamed.

She had to hold onto the desk and bend the back of her legs onto Sam’s back in order to keep from sliding off as Sam rammed her pussy extremely hard. He literally show absolutely no mercy as he continuously rammed all 8 inches into her pussy. Unlike his older brother, however, Sam wasn’t going to provide Chanice with a long lasting fuck of her life for he began cumming after 10 minutes. He later explained, “Son of a bitch, that’s the tightest pussy I ever fucked.” He pulled his condom covered soft cock from Chanice’s mocha colored pussy with a slight popping sound. Then he proceeded to go to the restroom, as well, to toss his spent condom.

When Hank, Jr. samsun escort had returned from the restroom, the father said, “You boys go out to the store and keep an eye on everything while I finish off our gracious little host.”

“What do you mean by finishing me off, sir? You’re not going to kill me, are you? Please, don’t kill me”,. Chanice began crying.

“No, no. Why would I want to kill the best piece of black pussy this town’s ever had? But I can’t promise you won’t die or anything.”, Hank, Sr. began explaining as he began removing his shirt. Chanice noticed that for an older man, somewhere in his 50’s, this guy wasn’t in very bad shape. But when he dropped his pants and boxers, that told a whole different story. He was much bigger than his sons, at least 10 or 12 inches semi-hard with more to grow.

“What do you mean die?”, she asked.

“Well, I’ve had some women nearly die from extreme pleasure as I fucked their brains out. Hell, you’re a lot younger than most women that I’ve fucked so I don’t know how well you can take it.”

That was all Chanice had to hear. She was relieved to know that he didn’t plan to harm her but even more pleased to hear that he’d plan to ravish her with that huge white cock of his. After taking on his son’s and becoming extremely wet in the process, she figured that a few more inches won’t hurt her much, if at all. However, she realized that this older guy, who’s old enough to be her father, was actually bigger than her boyfriend. For a second, this caused Chanice to laugh to herself.

After removing his pants, boxers, and shoes, Hank proceeded to lift Chanice from the desk. She was hardly able to stand on her own so he assisted her as she removed the remainder of her clothes. He then laid her onto the couch and rested one of her fine, tight legs on the back of the couch as the other hung over the side and onto the floor. This gave him full access of Chanice’s pussy and caused it to open slightly for him to make it easier to slide his mammoth size cock in with ease.

Chanice laid on the couch with her head resting on the arm. She was able to look down and see her new older lover kneeling between her stretched out thighs with his massive white cock in his hand. “Here we go, baby girl.”, Hank said as he began sliding his cock between the lips of her tight pussy. Chanice bit her lip and sucked in more air as he began pushing and her eyes rolled back into her head. She began cumming with just the first push. When she opened her eyes, she looked down at his waist as he pistoned his white cock in and out of Chanice’s young teen pussy. The contrast of his white cock and her mocha dark pussy was exciting for the two to see. Within the first minute, there was an orgasm building up inside of Chanice and she knew that there would be many more to come. Hank began to piston his cock in and out very slowly helping Chanice get used to the size better. Being a lot older and wiser than his sons, Hank, Sr. knew that taking it slow and easy would help him last longer and help Chanice achieve more orgasms. He was right. Chanice had so many orgasms that she stopped counting after the sixth one. She reached up and wrapped her hands around Hank’s neck to brace herself for some major fucking. As Hank felt her pussy tightening up more from orgasms and literally milking his cock, he asked, “Are you ready, baby girl?”

Chanice looked up at Hank and gave him a smile of lust, “Bring it on, sir.” For the first time in the months that she’s worked at that store, Chanice noticed that this guy wasn’t half bad looking for his age either. Sure, his redneck accent was like scratching her fingernails on a chalkboard. But other than that, he wasn’t that bad looking and sure knew how to work that big ass white dick of his. She then thought to herself, “If no one finds out about this in the hood, hell I might ask for seconds and thirds from this mother fucker.”

Once he got the Chanice’s approaval, Hank placed her ankles on his shoulders and proceeded to plow her pussy with great speed and power. This caused Chanice to, once again, scream in pleasure and begged Hank to give all that he had.


Hank could feel his cock pushing into her cervix and knew that this was where he would shoot his seeds. “OH SHIT, GIRLIE. You’re so fucking tight. I’m cuuuuuuummminnng” Hank shot a hold load of sperm into Chanice’s tight, sucking pussy. Both moaned loudly as he continued shooting more and more cum inside of Chanice. Finally after what seemed like hours, it was over. Hank emptied his balls into Chanice’s waiting womb.

The older Hank and his teen lover laid on the couch sweaty and heaving out of breath. She looked up at him and asked Hank, “You did wear a condom, didn’t you?”

“Hell no, I wanted to feel that young pussy of yours wrapped around my old cock, lil girl. And I’m glad I did. Damn, you have got to be the tightest little pussy that I’ve ever felt in all my life. I don’t know how you’ll feel about this but I don’t think I can have you just once. But not today. We’ll have to get back soon. What do you say?”

“You’re saying that you want to see me again?”

“Hell yeah, can’t let this sweet nubian pussy get away from me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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