Fresh Men: Prologue , Chapter 1

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Hello! Thank you for clicking on this story. A few notes:

This is a setup for a larger series. This series will have a lot of plot once it truly gets rolling, so if you’re just looking for a quick wank, this might not be the place for you. The prologue features no sex scenes, as it introduces some of the characters I will be using for this series. Chapter 1 features the first sex scene. Future chapters might not necessarily feature the same characters as Chapter 1, but all chapters take place within the same storyline. Please leave constructive criticism, additional comments, as well as how you would like certain character arcs to go (this will become more applicable later).

Obviously these will include gay sex. You have been warned, internet trolls.

Back story: It’s move-in day for a group of different college boys. Each one has had a different experience; characters range from Tyler: an out and proud man-whore recovering from bad life decisions made in high school, to Miles: a closeted straight-A football player struggling to accept himself. These are only two stories. There will be several more.

Do not use this story as a hookup resource in the comments. Nothing good has ever come from that, and nobody gives a shit.



Tyler drove up to the massive building that would be his home for the next year. He sized up all of the freshmen boys entering the building, many accompanied by parents or other family members. Tyler sized them up, wondering to himself how many he could bend over and plow by the end of the year.

“Ready to go?” Tyler’s mom broke him out of his stupor.

“Huh? Right, yeah, let’s go,” Tyler said, unbuckling his seat belt. His mom caught his wrist before he could leave.

“Tyler, listen-”

“Mom, do we have do this now?” Tyler asked. He had known that this talk was coming, but he had figured it would happen on the six hour drive.

“I’ll make it fast, I promise. I know how much you want to get a fresh start.”

Tyler’s mom took a deep breath before continuing. “I’m not going to sugar coat this. We both know that you barely got into this school. All that stuff you pulled in high school isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

Tyler made a motion to interrupt, but his mom waved him off. “Honey, don’t even try it. I know you had problems in high school with your father and with Logan… but you can’t do now what you did then. All those drugs, all those random boys you were bringing home, the neighbor-”

“Jesus Christ, Mom. Austin was two years ago.”

“He was way too young, Tyler!” she snapped. She took another deep breath. “Look, I need all of these bad decisions to just be a phase in your life that you have put behind you. I’m not saying I don’t want you to have any fun, but at least try to do some good when you’re here. For me, please?”

Tyler took a long look at his mother. “Let’s just get this shit inside.” Tyler exited the car and squinted in the bright August sun.

Tyler had a reputation as a manwhore for a reason. He stood just shy of 6 feet tall, with dark hair and sparkling green eyes. His very attractive face was adorned by a strong jawline and rugged stubble. He had well defined biceps and pecs, with a light dusting of black hair across the top of his chest. His washboard abs had lost some definition recently, but still remained proud of his body.

Tyler opened the trunk, and picked up his first box and headed inside.

“Name?” A very attractive RA sat behind the check-in desk attentively, his eyes wandering up and down Tyler’s figure behind a set of horn-rimmed glasses.

“Tyler Marshall,” he said, giving him a half-smile he had used to seduce everyone from his hot math teacher to a pair of brothers.

The RA shifted in his chair slightly and returned the smile. “Here’s your key. Your roommate, Nicky, has already checked in. I’m Brock by the way.”

Tyler shifted the box in his arms and in order to shake Brock’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Brock,” said Tyler, while thinking şişli bayan escort to himself: “It will be nice to meat you, Brock.”

Tyler took his first box downstairs to his new room. He walked in, seeing a small group of people. Nicky’s family. The group parted, and Tyler felt like he had been hit by a truck.

Nicky was built like a Greek God. He had flawless tan skin, with perfectly muscular arms. His face had a perfect, yet supremely cocky, smile. Although we was wearing a baggy shirt, Tyler could tell that underneath lie well-chiseled abs and fantastic pecs. He had slightly shaggy sandy brown hair and big brown eyes. In short, he somehow managed to be the perfect balance between cute and hot.

“Hey, you must be Nicky,” said Tyler, setting the box down. He extended his hand and shot him a half-smile. Nicky took a second to react.

“Yeah, I am,” Nicky replied, showing minimal reaction. “Who are you?”

Tyler was taken aback by Nicky’s utter aloofness. “I’m Tyler, your new roommate.”
Something registered on Nicky’s face. “Oh, right.” Nicky accepted the handshake, while showing a clear disinterest in everything around him.

Tyler grimaced slightly. He was living with easily one of the most attractive boys he had ever seen, and he seemed utterly cold at everything around him. It could be a long year.


Miles sat in his room, awaiting his new roommate. He had lived in this room for a month already for football practice.

Miles was a linebacker. At 6’3”, 270 pounds, Miles could easily bowl through almost every single one of the freshmen in the hall. He had a buzzed head, with remnants of brown hair. He had a partially formed beard on his face. Miles was best described as a “thick”guy; not necessarily fat, but enough meat on his bones where he would never be a model.

Miles heard a light knock on the door. Standing before him was the tallest person he had ever seen in real life.

“Hey, I’m Garrett,” said the extremely tall boy. Garrett was lanky, standing at least six and a half feet tall, probably more. He had an unruly mop of black hair. Other than that, Garrett had a very average body type, neither skinny nor muscular.

Miles stood up and shook Garrett’s hand, and in that exact moment, he realized that they were both trying their hardest not to be as socially awkward as they usually were. The two quickly dropped eye contact.

“So… um… want some help?” Miles asked meekly, hoping to end the brief awkward silence between them.

“Sure, yeah,” Garrett responded. The two boys, one large, one tall, headed outside to bring in more boxes.


Tom pulled up his truck outside the building. Unlike almost everyone, he would be moving in completely solo. He quickly got out of the car and grabbed his fridge.

Tom caught a lot of looks on his way in from various girls. He stood at 6’4”, with blonde hair and some facial hair. Despite not being especially wide, Tom was ripped, every inch of his young body bulging with muscles. Tom ignored all of the onlookers, the iciness in his eyes stopping many in their tracks.

Tom entered the building. “Tom Doakes,” he said to the RA behind the desk.

“Hey, you got a single! Here’s your ke-.” Tom snatched the key to his room and rumbled down the hallway to his room. After setting his fridge down, he heard a knock on his door.

“Hey man, looks like you got other single, no?” The voice had a distinguishable South American accent to it. Tom turned around to see a smiling face.

Before him stood a beefcake South American boy, with a round happy face. He had short curly black hair on his head, covered by a baseball cap, with trimmed sideburns and a chin goatee. His pecs and stomach could be seen through his tight t-shirt, clearly proud of his thick build. His smile dazzled, and Tom felt his eyes softening.

Tom walked over and shook his hand, noticing that he was at least 6 inches shorter than him.



“We lucky, no? No roommate to leave when we want to get with şişli escort the ladies?” Diego laughed, and Tom cracked a small smile with a slight nod.

“Or the gentlemen?” Diego added with a wink, before adding another laugh. “Just kidding bro, I let you unpack.”

Diego left the room. Tom poked his head out the door, taking a look at Diego’s juicy bubble butt in his tight shorts as he walked away.



Tyler laid on his bed, utterly exhausted. After hours of unpacking and orientation, he wanted nothing more than to lie on his bed in nothing but his boxers. That wasn’t entirely true. What he really wanted to do was fuck Nicky’s brains out, but since that seemed unlikely, he would settle for Nicky going to bed so that he could jack off.

Nicky entered the room after a shower in just a towel. Tyler could feel his cock twitching in his boxers as he fought his inevitable boner. Getting hard looking at your new roommate wasn’t the best first impression that could be made.

Tyler was right about Nicky’s body. He had no body hair aside from his armpits, and his chest was defined pecs and abs. Nicky dropped his towel while turned away, nonplussed at his own nudity. His ass was tanned and muscular, and his legs were also beefy, with light amounts of hair spread across them. As he reached up into his closet, his back muscles stretched out, causing the ass to dimple. Tyler stuffed his hand down his boxers to flatten his now complete erection. He tried to look away, but couldn’t.

Nicky turned around with a fresh pair of boxers. His semi-hard cock stood at 3 inches, with a drop of pre-cum dripping from it. His pubes were well trimmed.

Tyler realized just how obviously he was staring at his new roommate. Nicky looked up.



“Hey man, if you’re not ok with me being naked, just tell me.”

“Nah, dude, you’re fine.”

Nicky looked a little surprised. “So… you’re ok if I sleep naked then?”

“Yeah!” Tyler said a little too quickly. His mouth was almost watering while looking at Nicky’s very casual nudity.

Nicky shrugged, turned off all of the lights except for one lamp, and crawled into bed.

“Fuck, it’s hot.” Nicky said, turning up his bedside fan.

Tyler couldn’t help himself. He didn’t care how straight Nicky was. He had to start working him over.

“So… little fun in the shower then?” Tyler asked, adding a laugh at the end.

“Fuck you, dude, I’m horny as hell,” Nicky shot back. “And no, for your information, I didn’t very far. Public showers suck man, how the hell am I supposed to get any work done, you know?”

“Yeah, man, I know what you mean. I had to share a room with my little brother for awhile, I could never get laid or do anything back at my place,” Tyler said.

“Ha ha, I never had that problem back home. I was getting a piece of everyone during high school.” Nicky’s dick twitched slightly after he said this.

“Everyone? So all the guys too?” Tyler was waiting for this. This is where he would start planting the seeds for some experimentation.

Nicky just rolled his eyes. “No really, did you get some with the dude-” Tyler started, but Nicky cut him off mid-sentence.

“Jesus Christ, you’re transparent. If you wanna fuck me, just say so.” Nicky retorted.

Tyler was completely speechless.

“Well? Do you?” Nicky looked at Tyler accusingly.

Tyler was trapped. Was Nicky playing a game, in order to get Tyler to reveal his endgame? Or was he just being blunt. Tyler decided to make a snap decision.

“Hell yeah I do.”

Nicky got out of bed and started walking towards his closet. Tyler immediately knew that he had picked the wrong choice when he reached into his underwear drawer. Until he didn’t pull out underwear.

“Here,” Nicky said, and tossed Tyler a packet of lube and a condom. “But you better be prepared to really give it to me, I haven’t been able to do this for a few months.”

Nicky climbed onto Tyler’s single bed and immediately pulled down Tyler’s boxers, his mecidiyeköy escort dick springing out in all of its glory. Nicky put Tyler’s entire seven inch rock hard dick into his mouth. He swirled it around with his tongue while bobbing up and down with the work of a pro. Tyler was in heaven, gripping Nicky’s brown hair with his hands. He started thrusting into Nicky’s mouth with force, until Nicky stopped sucking.

“Ok, that’s enough of that.” Nicky ripped open the condom wrapper, and slid the condom down Tyler’s throbbing rock hard member. The lube was ripped open and tossed aside, as Nicky slowly stroked the lube onto the condom. He gathered the remaining lube on two fingers and shoved it into his ass with no effort.

Tyler stood up out of his bed and forcefully shoved Nicky over the mattress, bending him over while standing. Normally, when Tyler dominated curious straight guys, he would start slow before pounding their virgin ass like a bass drum during a marching band parade. However, Tyler could tell that this was not Nicky’s first outing.

Tyler spread Nicky’s muscled ass cheeks, taking a brief second to admire his tight hairless asshole, before lining up his rubberized cock and slamming it in in one fluid motion.

Nicky cried out, a smile breaking out over his normally stoic face. Tyler placed a hand on each hip, and retracted his cock up to the head, before slamming into Nicky so hard that the sound of balls slapping ass echoed in the room.

“That all you got bitch?” Nicky taunted. His 6” cock was now completely rock hard.

Tyler took this as a challenge, immediately increasing his pace, pounding Nicky’s ass with as much ferocity as he could possibly muster. Nicky gripped the sheets on Tyler’s bed, his moans getting louder with each passing second.

“Yeah, you little fucker, tell me how much you like getting pounded!”

“Fucking give it to me!” Nicky practically yelled back. “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck FUCK!”

Tyler grabbed a fistful of Nicky’s soft hair and yanked it back, forcing Nicky into a standing position. Tyler lightly bit Nicky’s neck, and rested a hand around his throat, before shoving Nicky back over the bed.

“Fuck yeah, fuck my ass!”

“Take this cock, you motherfucker!”

Without warning, Tyler withdrew his dick from Nicky’s thoroughly worn ass and threw him on the ground, sweat glistening both of their entire bodies. Tyler hoisted Nicky’s legs up in the air, lined up his cock, and resumed his absolute destruction of Nicky’s perfect tight ass.

Nicky put one hand on Tyler’s ass, the other on his own cock, stroking it in pure ecstasy. Tyler reached around and grabbed a hold of Nicky’s throat choking him slightly.

“You like that, you little whore?!” Tyler was also in yelling mode, his cock filling every inch of Nicky’s warm enveloping insides.

Tyler’s cock was splitting Nicky apart at the seams and he couldn’t have cared any less.

“Fuck yeah, I love it!”

Tyler felt an immense pressure build up. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

“Yeah, cum all over me!” Nicky yelled

Tyler pulled out of Nicky’s used asshole, yanked off the condom, and jacked off. It only took a few seconds before Nicky’s abs were showered with cum.

Nicky was soon after, jacking off with such ferocity, as though it were his last time having sex. Nicky’s white-hot jizz exploded all over his chest, balls, and Tyler’s chest.

Both boys were breathing hard as Tyler collapsed on the floor next to Nicky, both completely covered in their own and each other’s sweat. Tyler leaned in for a kiss, but Nicky quickly sat up.

“Alright, thanks dude.” Nicky quickly returned to his nonchalant attitude. He stretched, rubbed his ass, and grabbed a towel. “I should probably take another shower, then I’m going to bed. We got a lot of shit to do tomorrow.

Nicky threw open the door in a towel, with Tyler still completely naked on the floor. Outside stood most of the boys that lived on the floor, all watching Nicky’s door, some with interest, some with annoyance, others with amusement. Only now did Tyler realize just how loud the two of them had been.

Nicky looked at all of the boys in the hallway and cleared his throat loudly.

“You’re welcome.”

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