Happy Halloween – Part 2

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Big Load

This is a fictional story of a busty young lady who doesn’t realise the effect she has on her co-workers until her and her younger cousin go to a works night out and she finds out what they think.

The story contains scenes of hardcore sex. Please be warned.

I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected]

Happy Halloween – Part 2

Wendy had come out for some excitement before the weekly boredom of being back at work but having had her mouth fucked by boys she assumed were the new apprentices she knew she would have to wait a little longer as her heels clicked and the street lights cast shadows up the street behind her as she walked towards her house through the Council estate.

She turned a corner to see a group of Goths, unless they were just in makeup again for Halloween, she couldn’t tell! They were crowded around a doorway laughing and smoking. They immediately turned to look in Wendy’s direction and she knew instinctively that they were talking about her and appraising her rather revealing outfit and (hopefully) her sexual potential. This idea excited her tremendously after the night she had had and she knew she would have to walk past them to reach the alleyway across the streets. She hoped that they would try to chat her up and maybe even give her a surreptitious feel as she squeezed past them to get on her way down the alleyway, a short cut through the estate.

Wendy could feel the hairs on the beck of her neck rising as she approached the group and as she had expected, the goths, ghouls and ghosts jostled round her when she reached them.
“Trick or Treat wicked witch!” Said a man, in a Scream mask.
“What’s your name?” Said a ghoul while another made kissing and sucking noises at her.
She laughed suddenly slightly nervously. “My name’s um…….. the wicked witch of The North and I want to go down the street!” She giggled as they stood in her way.
“Want any company?” Another ghoul asked.
Wendy’s wig swung easily around her shoulders as she twisted her head around to look at the questioner. He was about 20 and despite his heavy white and black makeup he was very good-looking. Wendy’s blue eyes flashed and flirted boldly with him, as if to say she wouldn’t mind his company, but her words came out differently and slightly more drunkenly than intended.
“Thanks all the same. But I think I will be okay!” She slurred.
“But you might run into some ghosts!” He countered and there was general admiring laughter which drowned out something he then said to her. He was standing directly in front of Wendy and he spread his arms to stop her getting through and into the alleyway. But one of his ghoulish friends pulled him away.
With a smile Wendy proceeded and walked down the alley but could feel their eyes on her and as she looked back and laughed. They all had their heads poked round the corner to watch her progress.

Wendy stopped and flicked her witches wig provocatively before continuing down the narrow passageway adding a soft seductive swing to her hips. This made her buttocks move suggestively under her short black skirt.
“Sexy bitch!” One of the men shouted out after her.
“Just look at those legs!” Said another!
“And did you see the fucking tits on it?” Another piped up and there was a lot of agreement that they had, and had taken note of them.
“I could lick those legs all the way up to her cunt!” Another said loudly enough that Wendy could just hear it.

Her mind was now buzzing as she listened to their lewd remarks and her pussy was becoming wetter with each step she took.
“I bet she’s got a really tight little hole!” Shouted another.
Wendy giggled and paused to fix her shoe bending down and glanced back at them. She had already begun to fantasize that they would follow and abuse her sexually in the alley but they didn’t seem to be moving. Feeling slightly disappointed she walked on. As your heels clip-clopped down the alley between the houses she squirmed at the thought of them crowding around her offering their stiff quivering cocks to her mouth and hands. Almost without thinking she lifted a hand to her breasts and began to circle her nipple with a finger.

The scene behind her went quiet and she was just about to exit the alley into the next street when a hooded demon suddenly blocked her exit.
“Trick or Treat…………………. Wicked Witch!” He growled.
Wendy yelped in surprise before seeing the others that she had just left crowding around her again. This time she felt hands groping secretly on her thighs and buttocks.
“You like this little girl?” Came a older voice.
“Oh, don’t touch me… please!” She gasped, squirming more from pleasure than protest and her eyes sparkled in the excitement of the moment.
The ghoul suddenly slipped his hand around her and pulled Wendy against himself. “How about a kiss then Wicked Witch?” He was a whole head taller than Wendy and reluctantly she twisted her head away as he bent down to nuzzle her perfumed throat with his mouth.
“Ah she’s playing hard to get!” Came a loud voice from behind the group.
“Well it’s hard, she’s going to get!” Said another member and the group laughed.

Someone was behind Wendy rubbing his crotch against her bum cheeks through the thin material of her skirt but she could feel it as the erection lengthened and stiffened. Panting softly she instinctively circled her bum cheeks against it by moving her hips. Her assailant, the Scream, gripped Wendy’s trembling stocking clad thighs and bent his head down to her ear.
“Ever been fucked in your pretty arse?” He whispered hoarsely into her hair.
“No, don’t…please!” She moaned in mock despair. A Ghoul took her hand and tugged it down between their bodies and rubbed it over his erection.
“You had one as big as that little girl?” He whispered and Wendy giggled. She felt herself being carried away on an irresistible tide of lust rising swiftly inside her and had already forgotten the events of earlier.

A car passed and Wendy glanced up and immediately recognised the driver. Thomas, Wendy’s next door neighbour pulled up and looked over at her.

Feeling slightly embarrassed but desperate to stay in control of herself she tried to free her hand turning as she did so to where the car was sitting. Suddenly her heart skipped a beat. In a brief gap between the jostling bodies she saw him looking directly at her. An icy shiver of excitement crawled up her legs and through her body almost to the roots of her hair. Impulsively, still looking at Thomas she began to fondle the hard cock.


Thomas şişli bayan escort hadn’t been looking for this or her. Being the perv he was he liked to drive around alone at night and with the added advantage of being a cabbie gave him the perfect excuse. But this was something else now. Wendy was the girl of his dreams and fantasies. He wanked continuously over her in his voyeuristic ways and she seemed to be in all his fantasies and especially her tits. But he couldn’t believe it now, he had seen her and she him. And this dirty depraved little slut was putting on a show for her dirty old lecherous neighbour!
What a fucking slut!


“Yes, that’s it!” The ghoul breathed heavily. The bodies shifted briefly and another thrill went through Wendy as she saw Thomas again. The idea that he would look at her while she was wanking off a total stranger excited her enormously. With a little stifled moan of arousal she tugged down the Ghoul’s zipper before worming her small hand into his trousers to extract his throbbing erection. He stiffened in surprise.
“Give me it!” Wendy panted excitedly. “I want to wank it…!”
“Jesus Christ!” He gasped as it unfurled into the coolness of her hand.
The ring of ghoulish bodies tightened around her as the others realised what she was doing.
“Christ! She really is a cock-happy slag!” Someone said. “Let’s take her into the alley!”
“No…!” Wendy gasped furtively. “I want to do it here… like this!” Expertly she slid the ghoul’s foreskin back and twisted her slender fingers round the root of his prick. Slowly she began to masturbate him.


Thomas’s cock was rock hard at the show that his slutty neighbour was putting on and he released it from the confines of his trousers, not even considering the drunken Sally who was asleep in the back seat of the taxi. Thomas held his cock shaft tightly in his grip and started to slide his hand slowly up and down.


“Fuck, the sexy bitch is wanking him off!” Someone whispered to his mate at the back and they craned forward hoping to catch a glimpse of Wendy’s small hand as it picked up speed pumping swiftly up and down on the Ghoul’s rigid rippling man muscle. Wendy moved her hands making a screwing twisting motion that showed her captive she had done this countless times before.

“Hey, boys, she’s a left-hander!” One laughed nervously, before sliding his hand up the back of Wendy’s black top feeling for the ridge of her bra strap and getting even more excited when he realised there wasn’t one there. The Vampire directly behind her moved round to her other side.
“If you’re a left-hander then put your right one round that!” He grunted, catching Wendy’s free hand and trying to bring it to the bulge in his trousers. She pulled her hand away and used it to push him to one side. “One at a time!” She panted. “I am enjoying this.”

The crowd of monsters stood around her and she caught the occasional glimpse of Thomas’s contorted features in the taxi across the road. Each time she saw him she stopped and quickly licked her palm making the Ghoul gasp as she screwed it briefly round his slippery knob again before sliding it slowly through her forked knuckles. She then began to wank him again. Finally she squinted up at him expectantly. “Like it?” She panted softly. “Making spunk?… Uhh?”
“God, yes!” He gasped. “Don’t stop. I’m going to come in a minute.”
Wendy suddenly shivered violently as her pussy contracted and oozed juices into her panties in her excitement. Her stockings began to rasp softly as she rubbed one leg up and down the other to try to soothe the hot pulsing itch in her cunt. Warm bodies and groping hands were supporting her now as she swayed precariously on one slender high heel clenching her thighs feverishly while she masturbated the Ghoul relentlessly and eager for his spunk. She turned her head again to squint at the gap desperately trying to refocus her eyes on the spot where Thomas’s head kept appearing. Now, more than ever she wanted him to look at her when the cock she held began squirting warm slime over her hand.

She looked up at the Ghoul again. “Come on then… spunk for me!” She hissed, gritting her teeth as she pumped his erection frantically towards ejaculation. It passed briefly through her mind that his sperm might squirt through her hand onto her skirt and that idea excited her even more. “God, give it to me…!” She practically begged breathlessly. “Give me the lot… It turns me on………so fucking much!”
“Yeah, give it to her Joe! Give her a real handful!” Someone groaned in the background.

Wendy’s wrist was starting to ache but now she could feel the muscle in her hand twitching violently and knew the spunk was on its way. Suddenly Thomas’s face came into view again. Wendy grinned from ear to ear directly at him. “Look at me, you dirty pervy bastard!” She whispered to yourself. “Look at what I’m doing to him!”

The Ghoul’s head fell back and his body stiffened and quivered. With a gasp of triumph Wendy felt his cock spasm uncontrollably. She gripped him underhand between forked fingers ready to receive his cum and rubbing her thumb from side to side over his gland she slowly and firmly pulled him off.
“Awwhh, Jesus fucking H Christ!” He croaked.
Thomas turned his eyes towards Wendy again and as her eyes met his and she felt the Ghoul’s hot spunk squirt up over her wrist and hand.

“Oh, fuck, yess!” She whimpered hooking one leg up and clenching herself in a squirming state of pure filthy lust. The slime continued to pulse warmly into her upturned hand while Thomas watched. He was mouthing words at her but she didn’t care what they were. She slid her hand over Joe’s slippery cock slowly to and fro between her tight knuckles milking the last of his load into her palm. In a moment it was over.

Thomas’s face and the taxi had disappeared.

Wendy looked down at her hand. The spunk that had squirted up her wrist had spilled thickly over her arm.
“Oooo-er, that was fucking dirty!” She crooned with a perverse shudder of pleasure. The Ghoul watched as he tucked his cock away again.
“Like it?” He grinned. Wendy laughed breathlessly.
“Uh-huh. Loved it!” She breathed, eyes flirting with his before looking down at her hand. “Thick… mmmmmm… sexy stuff… the kind I like…!” Wendy had been on the very verge of an orgasm during the wanking session and was still hot and trembling with arousal. She became aware of the others şişli escort jostling around her. Everyone was trying to touch her, to grope and talk to her.
“What a wank!”
“Show us what you did, sexy bitch!”
In the background Wendy heard someone mutter. “Spunk-hungry bitch! Bet she sucks like a vacuum too!”

Someone was crouching on the floor beside her legs and Wendy shuddered violently as she felt his fingers crawling over her stockings. With a sob and a scrape of her high heels she moved her feet apart as the Vampire smiled, knowing his hand would soon move up to the goal. The Ghost who had wanted her to do it with her right hand pushed in front of her.
“Come on then witch, me now!” He demanded urgently. Something nudged her thigh and Wendy looked down. He had exposed his huge curved erection already and it was jerking to and fro against her skirt. A trail of clear slime glistened on the black material. She groaned pulling back suddenly and almost falling over the Vampire who was fondling her legs and thighs. She grinned and willingly reached down for him. His cock was hotter and thicker than the Ghoul’s.

“Mmmmmmmm a big hot dick…!” She giggled as she worked the silky skin up and down the hard muscular core sliding her fingers occasionally over the slippery gland. Her wrist began to ache again but he had been masturbating while she worked on his friend and Wendy could tell from the convulsive spasms in his cock that it would not take her long to make him cum. The Vampire on the floor had his hand up her skirt now and with a moan of pleasure she began to circle her hips wantonly as she felt his fingers touch the moist slippery crotch of her panties. Panting she turned her lust-drugged eyes in the direction of the road and was delighted to see the taxi was back and her pervy uncle had resumed his position as her private voyeur. Her legs were clenching the groping hand between her thighs. This time she knew she would cum if her dirty old neighbour Thomas was watching while the spunk was spurting into her hand.

His face appeared in view again and with a whimpering moan Wendy rotated her hips faster clutching the cock convulsively and jerking it eagerly in short rapid bursts. Suddenly her heart froze in panic. Thomas was not watching, he was getting out of the taxi! Wendy watched as she saw him walking across the road towards the crowd of monsters surrounding her. She released the cock as if it had burnt her.
“Put it away… quick…!” She begged. “My neighbour’s coming!”
The Ghouls gathered round her even more closely to screen her and the ring of monsters did not open up for Thomas when he arrived. Inside the group she hastily wiped her hand on her skirt and pushed her damp wig back into place. For some strange reason she was trembling all over, not through fear but with excitement.

“Wendy!” Thomas called. “I’m taking you home!”
“All right!” She answered. “Just a minute!”
Thomas thrust his hand between the monsters’ bodies and grasped her slender arm. “Not in a fucking minute. We’re going… Now!” He said firmly before yanking her out.
“Hey leave her alone old man!” Started the Vampire looking down at Thomas.
“Fuck off!” Came the swift reply as he physically dragged Wendy over to the taxi. There were cries of protest and threats from her admirers in the group but she calmed them down.
“It’s all right boys!” She laughed easily shaking back her wig and continuing to flirt with your eyes. “He’s always like this. Bye-bye, boys! Hope you all get what you want. See you again sometime?” She giggled.

Thomas half-dragged Wendy to the taxi door and she stumbled after him as best she could on cobbles in her high heels.
“You won’t be seeing them again – ever!” Thomas muttered angrily.
“Let me go, Thomas!” Wendy wailed. “You’re hurting my arm!”
“I’ll hurt more than your arm when I get you home, you little scrubber! And if you’re not careful I’ll tell your parents what you’ve been up to!”
Suddenly Wendy realised she had had enough, lift or no lift!
“You’re not taking me anywhere! What the hell am I supposed to have done?” She squealed out at him.
“You were up to something with them. What were you doing, eh?” He turned looking angry.
“They were nice boys and they were just having a bit of fun!” Wendy protested as Thomas quivered with anger.
“Having a feel were you? A feel of their cocks? Like a fucking………………. fucking…………slut!” He scorned. “And you were letting them like a dirty little whore!”
“Don’t you call me that!” Wendy was angry now. “You of all people, you fucking perv!” She was on a roll now. “Yes……………!” She declared to the group from across the street. “My lovely neighbour wants to fuck his neighbour’s daughter and her younger cousin!”

Thomas suddenly saw red and struck Wendy across the face with his open hand knocking her witches hat flying off her head. She clutched at her reddening cheek and burst into tears. “You bastard!” She sobbed and Thomas suddenly realised he had gone too far. Maybe she had just been flirting.
“I… I’m sorry, Wendy. I didn’t mean it!” He protested softly.
“Fuck you!” Wendy hissed back viciously. “Get out of my sight! Go and get yourself some whore to fuck tonight, because you’re not having me and I don’t want a lift in your fucking scabby taxi!”
“Look, I’ve said I’m sorry. Now just come home quietly and we’ll forget it. I’ll take you home safely to your parents!”
Wendy wasn’t having any of it. She suddenly saw she had the chance of being fucked out of her mind by five Vampires, Ghosts and Ghouls and she didn’t want to miss out.
“I’m not going anywhere with you Thomas!” She firmly declared as she turned to looked at the shocked monsters on the other side of the road flashing them a dazzling smile before turning back to her much older neighbour. “So just fuck off and leave me alone or I’ll tell my friends what you did to me!”


Thomas knew it was useless. Reluctantly he walked to the driver’s side of the taxi and got in. As he started the car and drove off leaving her standing alone in the street he glanced in the mirror and froze as he realised Sally was awake and looking back at him.
“Hey hunney!” He smiled his face reddening slightly.
“What was that all about Thomas?” She questioned.
“Oh it was nothing!” Thomas lied. “You know what Wendy can be like sometimes!”
“And what did she mean?”
Thomas glanced in the mirror again and saw Sally’s eyes looking straight back at him.
“Mean Hunney? What?”
“About you wanting to fuck her…………….and me!” She purred as she felt her panties start to dampen.
Thomas mecidiyeköy escort was speechless!


Wendy turned and looked at the teens across the road and smiled again.
“Now, where were we?” She giggled as she headed into the alleyway followed by the hungry teen monsters.
“You were holding this!” Declared the Vampire as Wendy’s fingers closed around his thick cock shaft once again and she let out a low seductive giggle. Suddenly another cock was in her other hand and she felt another pair of hands snaking their way up her back before sliding around to the front and closing tightly over her massive fun bags and nipples.
“Get her onto the floor!” A voice said and Wendy felt herself being pushed down roughly onto the cobbled of the alleyway.
“Now open your mouth, you little slut!” Came another voice and she instinctively parted her lips with a smile before feeling a thick cock head being pushed inside.  She almost gagged on the intrusion and felt the hands of many as they start to strip her of her tight top and skirt touching every inch of her body as they did. Hand and fingers caressed her, fondling her juicy fat udders and pulling at her young tender nipples. Wendy squealed with delight despite having a mouthful of cock that seems to be growing bigger by the minute. They lifted her top up exposing her naked fleshy jugs which were only visible by the dim light of a nearby lamp in the street. Teasingly Wendy put on a shy act as if she haven’t done this type of thing before but her breathing was increasing in pace with the anticipation and excitement. The horny monster’s were now really taking advantage of her as she felt the cock in her mouth explode shooting hot strings of cum down her throat. She felt it slide from her mouth as cum trickled down her cheek. She smiled as the other monsters all still masked up were now naked from the waist down!

“Lie down witch!” Came an order and Wendy lay on the clothes as she felt her skirt and panties being peeled away completely along with her top. She was now lying naked except for stockings and heels. The Monsters gasped at her beauty as they looked down at her and once again she watched and felt them running their hands and eyes and lips and tongues all over her curvy young body! With her eyes closed Wendy let them do as they wished and her excitement increased. Her nipples were now hard as mouths closed over them both! The monsters loved it and so did Wendy. The Taller of the 4 turned her over and parts her thighs, spreading her arse cheeks. Then, with his index finger and thumb he unveiling Wendy’s clean and tight looking young female anus. Wendy could only imagine in their souls the devilish glory of a foreseeable conquest and her desperate panting showed them that she was ready to satisfy her own dirty lusts aswell as theirs. She hoped and wanted the boys to lick, suck and fuck her like real men fuck, hard, fast and dirty, with no regard for her, just her holes! Wendy almost came as these thoughts spun through her mind as a Ghost knelt before her. Wendy smiled knowing she was desperate to suck again while the rest of her holes awaited filling with the other hard cocks. And she want all of the 3 remaining monsters to cum deep within her body ant to leave her holes drooling and dribbling with the added attraction of verbal abuse and exploitation by her dressed up work colleagues.

With a tingle of excitement she felt a Ghoul move behind her and then felt him spit down into her bum crack before smearing the saliva over her clean bum entrance. Wendy obliged him his lusts and reaching underneath herself she started to touch her anus with a saliva-drenched finger – circling the rim and pushing a finger in and out and then two.
“Fuck, you are one fucking horny bitch!” The Ghoul exclaimed excitedly.
And soon enough she feel his hands rubbing over her arse up and down and back up again latching onto her exposed moist arsehole. Wendy’s fingers slid out and down then deep into her pussy as she felt the tingles of excitement seconds before another thick cock head is forced into her warm mouth. She let the Ghoul go about his usual business as the Zombie fucked her mouth hard at the same time as reaching below to grab her dangling udders twisting and turning the nipples. The man behind was touching and fingering her as she moaned softly like a deprived sex fiend! She was just desperate for the monsters and for herself to cum so hard.

And then he penetrated her arse and sank his thick shaft deep. All 8 inches of it were quickly and easily engulfed and secured by her inner anal walls expanding and contracting with each wet pelvic thrust that he made as she grunted enjoyably. She enjoyed his love and but within minutes he emptied his load inside her and with nothing more than a slap of her bum cheeks he withdrew his softening cock and stepped back. But then just as disappointment was setting in, she felt something much bigger pushing its way between her stocking clad thighs as it pushed her fingers out of her soaking pussy and started to force its own way in. Soon and deep inside a big hard thick cock was filling her cunt! Wendy gasped and shuddered as the long awaited orgasm finally arrived and she couldn’t help but moan out loud, a sound that seems to echo in the darkness of the alleyway. Nerve ending were on fire as the cock continued its slow pleasurable journey up into her. The monster was humping hard into Wendy and pushing her forwards onto the cock in her mouth as both men work in unison in her body. Suddenly the cock in her cunt was shooting hard and fast as the owner gasped and with the excitement of feeling that wonderful cock expand even larger Wendy came again.

She could feel herself being pushed back down onto her back as the Zombie sat astride her fleshy udders and started to fuck Wendy big bouncy soft 30EE breasts. Obligingly she slid her tongue out for a quick lick each time it reached near to her mouth before disappearing again back into the deep fleshy valley. The Zombie slid his fingers back and deep into her cum filled pussy and with a gasp he blew his load all over Wendy’s face and breasts.


Wendy, now dressed opened her phone and flicked the switch. “Taxi for Wendy?” She said. Thomas paused and lay back on the bed exhausted and now covered in sweat.
“I’ll be there in 10 minutes and you can pay me in kind you dirty fucking slut!”
Wendy smiled and clicked the phone off before starting to walk along the street, her heels clicking as she did so. Thomas eased himself out of his bed and pulled on his jeans tucking his thick cock into his trousers.

“Hurry back Thomas!” Sally, Wendy’s younger cousin smiled up at him from the bed with trails of cum around her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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