Hot Summer Night Ch. 05

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(I recommend reading sequentially through the chapters. Each is readable on its own but I don’t elaborate on the character’s description in each chapter. I will point out that most of the characters in these stories as well as their physical descriptions are accurate. Many thanks to one commenter (I can’t find the comment any more) who said something about my wife hosting last year’s pool party/orgy. I didn’t understand where that comment came from but it gave me an idea that I used to end this chapter and lead into more chapters. Frankly, I was stretching my imagination to the breaking point here.)


As always, I was awake at 6:00 AM. It’s Monday and my wife Carrie, daughter Julia and I all have to get up to go to work. After this past weekend it would be tough to concentrate on the job today. Carrie and Julia will probably get up in another hour. I like to work out in the basement for an hour or so before getting ready. I got out of bed, pulled on my boxer shorts and went downstairs.

An hour later I heard the toilet flush upstairs and I knew the day was starting. I went upstairs to find Carrie already in the shower. She was shampooing her hair as I dropped my boxers and stepped in close behind her. I startled her a little when I wrapped my arms around her and then lifted her big tits with both hands and pressed them together. She reached around to wrap her fingers around my cock which was responding as expected when your hands are full of tit and a soapy hand is wrapped around it.

I moved us around so my back was to the water spray and I put some soap in my hands and started lathering her front from neck to crotch. I spent an inordinate amount of time on her tits before moving down. Carrie was gently stroking my cock from balls to tip using the shampoo as a lubricant. The sensation was incredible. My cock grew to full size and was now pointing at her lower back. She had to adjust her grip as it rose. I moved my hands to her pussy and pushed my middle finger between her inner and outer lips and started lightly rubbing up and down the slit and over her clit.

Carrie moaned and arched her chest upward and her face to the ceiling. I reached lower with my other hand and ran that middle finger down her pussy and into her ass. Carrie looked back and said, “Be careful in there. I’m a little sore from last night. It was a bit of a dry fuck.” I removed my finger from her ass but continued my assault on her pussy.

Carrie turned around to face me and adjusted her hand to continue jerking me off and wrapped her other hand around the head of my cock and lightly stroked around the ridge. I had followed her pussy around and adjusted my attack as necessary. She pressed her large tits into my chest and we kissed each other passionately for a long time.

Carrie broke the kiss and with clenched teeth said, “I’m cummmmmming!” Her hips fired forward to get more pressure from my fingers. I immediately responded by pushing my index, middle and ring fingers into her cunt and rapidly finger fucking her. I could feel her pussy spasm hard several times; each was accompanied by a hip thrust. Her face was contorted and her grip on my cock was getting uncomfortable. She had stopped her jerking motion when her orgasm started. She was in her own world of pleasure and I love taking her there.

As she came down from her peak and her facial muscles returned to normal she noticed that my cock had deflated considerably. She relaxed her grip and began her jerk-off motion again. I soaped up my hands again and washed her back from shoulders to ass. I love her ass and paid much attention to cleaning the cheeks and between them although I left her asshole alone.

When my cock was back to full attention Carrie turned me around to wash the soap off and then moved herself to wash the soap from her back. She gently kissed me on the lips, then on the neck, then on my right nipple, then my navel and then she rubbed my cock all over her tits and then her face. She knelt from her bent position to her knees and while looking up at me, with water spraying on the top of her head, she engulfed my cock in her mouth. My head shot back and my mouth opened with a loud groan. As she pulled her head back the suction was incredible. Her cheeks hollowed and her lips were distended. I looked back down to see this marvelous sight.

Around heavy breaths I said, “Babe! Oh my god! You are incredible!” With just the tip in her mouth she grinned and went back to her deep-throat blow-job. All the way in and all the way out.

I knew from the start that I wasn’t going to last long before I blew my load and I didn’t. She was sucking the cum right out of me and she knew when it would arrive. My body clenched hard. My legs were quivering. Just as the first shot was rising Carrie stuck her finger in my ass. The sensation at that moment sparked every nerve in my body. In anticipation, Carrie pulled her mouth back to the tip and started furiously jacking my cock with her free hand.

I thrust my hips forward and let loose a stream of cum that I thought might blow Carrie’s head off. It must mardin escort have shot straight back into her throat because she had a shocked look on her face and she gagged and then swallowed hard. She never pulled her head off and now fully prepared she received stream after stream of gooey cum. When she swallowed the last shot she pulled my cock from her mouth and pushed the tip of her tongue into my piss-hole to retrieve the last bit.

Carrie stood and took the soap and lathered me all over and then we rinsed ourselves off. I turned off the water and we each grabbed a towel and dried each other top to bottom. We then moved to our separate bathroom sinks to get ready for work. By 8 o’clock we were all ready to leave for work.

Carrie usually drops Julia at work and then continues onto to her job. I drive my own car. Carrie usually picks Julia up after work but today Carrie knew she would be working late and it might even be as late as 9 o’clock. Julia worked part-time at a warehousing company downtown. Hannah, Julia’s best friend worked there too. Julia and Hannah have been inseparable since grade school and they will be room-mates at University starting next month. Julia had asked us to pick her up at Hannah’s house after I got off work so I would need to arrange my schedule to accommodate her. Hannah’s dad was going to pick them up at work around 1 o’clock.


When Julia walked out the front door of the warehouse offices, Hannah’s dad honked the horn of his nine-passenger van to signal where he was parked. Julia waved and walked over to the passenger side sliding door, slid it back, stepped up into the van and maneuvered between the front seats to sit in the passenger front captain’s seat. Julia said, “Hi, Jim. Thanks for picking us up.”

Jim slurred, “You’re welcome Julia. Are your parents picking you up later?”

Julie responded, “Yes. My dad thought he could pick me up around 5 o’clock.” ‘Great’, she thought, ‘Jim is bombed again. He’ll kill us all.’ She could see an open beer in the cup holder up front and there were several empty beer cans rolling around by her feet.

Jim honked the horn again to signal Hannah when she came out. Julia had not seen Hannah all day as Hannah works in the warehouse itself. Julia groaned when she saw that Hannah was wearing what she called her “fuck-me jumper”. Hannah stepped into the van and bent over to slide the door shut. Julia had rotated her captain’s chair around to face the back and when Hannah bent down to shut the door the hem of the jumper pulled up to her hips. Julia could see that Hannah had no panties on.

Julia said, “Jesus Hannah. Did you go to work like that?” Hannah glanced at her dad and motioned for Julia to move back to the third row bench seat, way in the back. Jim started the van and drove out of the parking lot. When both had settled, Hannah said, “No, I didn’t go to work without panties on. I had to take them off after the break and I just left them off.”

Julie asked, “Why did you have to take them off?”

Hannah responded, “Well, It’s real tough to fuck with them on.”

“What are doing fucking at work?” Julia asked.

Hannah said defensively, “Well, I hadn’t intended to, but my dress came up over my hips while I was kneeling on the floor sucking John’s cock during the break. Russ saw us and came up behind me, pulled my panties down and shoved his cock in me. God, Julia. His cock is huge. I loved it. Then John pulled out and cummed all over my face and then Russ cummed all over my ass. I had to use my panties to clean up. So, I just threw them away.”

With a look of disgust on her face, Julia said, “Jesus, Hannah. You are unbelievable. You never get enough. You’re a nymphomaniac.”

Hannah smiled and said, “Yeh, I guess I am. My mom says ‘like mother like daughter.'” She reached her hand down and ran her fingers the length of her pussy and then pushed her fingers into her mouth and sucked on them. “Yummy.”

Julia just shook her head and both girls sat back to watch the road. Hannah’s dad was certainly drunk and he was all over the road. Hannah turned around to look out the back window and happened to see a police cruiser sitting in a parking lot. She watched it and sure enough it started rolling toward the exit and moved in behind the van.

Hannah jumped up and moved awkwardly to the front of the van and bent down to say something to her dad. Julia watched Jim glance in the rear view mirror. Julia turned around to see what was going on.

When the red and blue lights from the cruiser came on Hannah was still standing beside her dad. Julia moved up to sit in the passenger seat facing Jim. Hannah’s dad pulled to the side of the road, put the van in gear and stumbled out of the seat. He staggered to the back and lay down on the seat. Hannah immediately sat in the driver’s seat acting like she had been the one driving. The van’s black-out windows hid all this movement from the policeman who was just coming up the driver’s side of the van as Hannah settled in.

The van escort cop was a baby-faced, good looking guy in his late twenties. He asked Hannah for her registration and driver’s license. Hannah promptly handed him both.

Still looking at the documents, the cop said, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Hannah responded, “I assume it was because I was swerving back and forth.”

The cop leaned his head closer to the window and said, “Have you been drinking? I smell alcohol.”

“No sir. This is my father’s van. We just got off work and are heading home. I swerved out of my lane a couple times because a bee flew up my skirt and landed on my leg. I freaked and was paying more attention to the bee than the road I guess.” said Hannah.

The cop said, “Miss, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that excuse.”

Hannah quickly responded, “No really. I can show you where it stung me.” She immediately pushed her door open, almost hitting the cop in the face. She swung her seat around so it was facing the cop. Her jumper had pulled up to her ass when she sat down, so when she spread her legs to show the cop the imaginary bee sting, the cop was looking directly into Hannah’s pussy, which was still gooey from her earlier sex.

The cop just stared at Hannah’s pussy and then did a scan of her entire body. Hannah is a beautiful girl. She is petite at 5’2″ and she has a perfectly proportioned body. Her hair is blonde at shoulder length. She has large, bright blue eyes and a small, button nose. Her lips are inviting. Hannah was pointing to a spot on her leg but the cop had little interest in the bee sting anymore. Julia could see past Hannah and the cop was obviously calculating where he thought the boundaries would be with Hannah.

With eyes glued to the cops eyes Hannah ran her pointing finger up her leg. The cop saw the movement and watched as she pushed her pointing finger into her pussy. In a very sultry voice Hannah said, “I’m sure we can work something out so I don’t get a ticket.”

The cop looked back at Hannah’s face and said, “Miss. Please move to center of the vehicle.” Hannah did as he instructed.

She stood between the two front captain’s chairs and watched as the cop swung the driver’s seat around so he could get into it. When he pulled himself up he closed the door behind him and swung the seat around to face Hannah. Julia watched as Hannah quickly went to her knees and she and the cop unfastened a myriad of large black belts and unzipped his fly. He lifted his ass so Hannah could pull his pants down a little.

Hannah reached into his pants and fumbled around in his underpants and pulled out his cock. She looked from his cock up to his face and smiled. No one said a word as Hannah stroked his rapidly rising and thickening cock. She used only her hands for about three minutes and then she released her hands as she lowered her mouth onto the tip and swirled her tongue around the cock-ridge.

The cop threw his head back and groaned. Hannah slowly pushed her head further into his crotch until his cock was buried in her throat. The only word uttered though this entire tryst was right then when the cop said, “Jeeeeeesus.” Hannah could feel his ejaculation coming so she pulled her head back to the ridge and started jacking him off with her hands again.

She was prepared when the first stream of cum shot into her mouth. She was swallowing it as fast as she could but was forced to pull her mouth off his cock and caught the last stream across her nose and left cheek. She sat down on her feet and wiped cum from her face with her fingers and shoved them in her mouth.

The cop lifted himself and pulled up his pants and refastened all his belts. He bent over and kissed Hannah on the forehead. He didn’t say a word as he swung the seat around, opened the door and stepped out onto the pavement. He looked back as Hannah settled back into the driver’s seat, walked back to his cruiser and sped off. Hannah looked over at Julia and simply said, “That was yummy.”

Julia just shook her head and said, “Let’s get out of here. Your dad has passed out in the back seat.”

When they got home it took both Hannah and Julia to get Hannah’s dad out of the van and into the house. Hannah’s mother, Andie, met them at the door and together they all got Jim up the stairs of their old farmhouse to his bedroom. They literally threw him on his bed. Andie pulled off his clothes and helped him into a robe over his tee-shirt and boxer shorts.

Julia and Hannah went down the hall to Hannah’s room and shut the door behind them. An hour later, Julia and Hannah could hear Jim stagger out of his room and down the stairs. After a while, Julia and Hannah came downstairs with their bathing suits on heading for the backyard to work on their tans. They found Jim passed out on the couch.


I left work at 4:30 PM and headed across town to Hannah’s parent’s house. I have been to their house many times to drop off or pick up Julia, but I have never been inside. Their house is way ankara escort out in the country and it would take a good half-hour to get there. It is an enormous old farmhouse with many extensions added over the years to connect the main house to the barn and out-buildings.

When I pulled into the driveway I expected that Julia would be bounding down the front steps like usual. I sat patiently for five minutes. I thought, ‘Maybe she doesn’t know I am here. I shut off the engine and stepped out of the car. Walked up the front steps and knocked on the door. I waited 30 seconds or so and knocked again. Nothing. I looked for a doorbell but there wasn’t one. I knocked harder. Nothing. The Van and Andie’s little sports car were both in the driveway so I knew someone was home.

I walked down the steps and went around to the side and continued around to the back of the house. Hannah’s mother, Andie, Hannah, Julia and Hannah’s 18 year old adopted sister Rachel were all lying in lounge chairs sunning themselves. The sun was still high in the sky this time of year but the surrounding trees were about to bring shade to their entire backyard. Hannah and Julia both had their bikinis on. Andie had bikini bottoms on but no top. This was obviously the norm because she had no tan lines. Rachel had nothing on at all and she had no tan lines anywhere.

My footsteps through the grass, twigs and old dried up leaves revealed my approach. Andie and Rachel didn’t even move except to acknowledge my presence. Julia sat up and said, “Hi daddy, we didn’t realize it was so late. I’ll go change and be right out.” She got out of the lounge chair and headed for the back door. Hannah followed close behind.

I hadn’t seen Rachel in years and I couldn’t help staring at her. She had blossomed into a beautiful girl. She is about 5’7″ tall and her breasts are very large for her frame which is slim and lean. Her pubic hair was trimmed to form an arrowhead pointing down to her clitoris as if it was a neon sign pointing to heaven. I needed no directions. She has long wavy dark brown hair that she had bleached at some point. She has a wide face with a strong jaw. Her eyes are set further apart than average. She doesn’t have that cutesy look that Hannah and Andie have. She is extremely attractive in a more classic beauty way. She watched me as I sit down in a chair to talk to Andie.

Andie didn’t even attempt to put a top on. I had the pleasure of seeing Andie up close and personal two days ago at the pool party when she gave me an incredible blowjob and then she fucked me silly. Her tits are larger than Hannah’s at a “C-cup”, I would guess. They are very firm and don’t sag much for a woman her age. Everything else about her is the same except Andie’s face obviously shows a few “wisdom lines”. She is very attractive.

Between Andie’s tits and Rachel’s everything, my cock was getting hard and I had to adjust myself accordingly. Andie said, “Julia said that Carrie will be working late. Would you like to stay a while? I can fix you a drink. What would you like?”

A quick thought ran through my mind as I glanced over at Rachel, ‘I already see what I like.’ I said, “It’s very nice sitting here in the sun. Do you have scotch?”

“Certainly.” She said and pulled herself out of the lounge chair and walked to the backdoor. When she disappeared inside it was just naked Rachel and me.

I scanned her from head to toe and my cock jumped again inside my pants. I said, “Rachel. It has been years since I have seen you. You have grown into a gorgeous woman.”

Rachel responded, “Why thank-you.” She looked me up and down like she was trying to decide which end to eat first. “You look delicious too.” She continued. She tipped her head back on the lounge chair, closed her eyes and smiled. That was the end of the conversation.

Andie opened the backdoor and, still topless, brought two large glasses of Scotch and water. She handed one to me and took a sip off the second. I tapped the rim on my glass on hers and said, “Cheers.” We drank two of these drinks before the sun had descended enough to put the entire backyard in deep shadow. Rachel got up and strode, with ass swaying, into the house. She looked back over her shoulder to see if I was watching. I knew she was messing with me.

Andie said, “Well that’s it for the tanning. Please, come inside. I don’t think you have ever been in our house.”

I said, “Thank-you. That would be nice. I could use another of these.” I handed her my glass and we both got up and went inside. Andie showed me around the house on the first floor. There were many rooms and they had been restyled but they kept their rustic look. Andie said, “Go sit in the living room and I will bring you another drink.”

When I went into the living room there was Jim passed out on the couch. I sat in a chair across the room and waited for Andie to return with my drink. I was getting buzzed. Andie came back with another round of drinks. She was still topless with bikini bottoms. We talked and Andie never even mentioned the elephant in the room; that being Jim’s lifeless body lying on the couch. Julia and Hannah came downstairs and said she was ready to go. It was nearly 6 o’clock. The drinks were feeling pretty good and I said to Julia, “We don’t have to leave yet. I’m having a nice visit with Andie. You guys can keep doing whatever. I will call up when I’m ready.”

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