I’m Now Called Dee Ch. 07

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Coming out to Kate’s parents had been easier than either of us thought, I wasn’t so sure about my parents. I knew the days, weeks and months ahead were going to be difficult. They would turn out to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs and of emotions.

As expected my parents weren’t over the moon when I introduced them to Dee. My father stormed out saying.

“Don’t speak to me until you get this nonsense out of your head. MAN UP!”

Mum, looking crushed and looking over her shoulder at me, followed him out in tears.

A couple of weeks later, Kate had a phone call from mum wanting to know if she and Dee would meet her for coffee in town. This sounded hopeful. On the day, I dressed carefully, conservatively, with minimal makeup. Mum had arrived before us, as we sat, she took my hand, giving it a little squeeze.

She said, “dad doesn’t know we are meeting like this and he mustn’t know.”

Was I reading too much into what she said? Did I dare hope that she intended we meet again? Oh, please I thought, I didn’t want to be completely cut off from my family. We talked for a long time, with her reminiscing, about my childhood. She always thought I was different from the other boys of my age. When the girl next door got a pram and doll, I wanted one. Mum and dad thought I’d grow out of it, dad trying to make me play football, rugby, cricket and other sports. I wasn’t interested. She even told us that when I was about five, she had been out shopping with me, and needed the ladies. Taking me in with her, one of the other women complained about a boy being in there,

“Stupid old bat did she think I was going to leave a five year old child waiting outside? I gave her a piece of my mind.”

“Talking of which, I need to go,” said Kate.

“Me too,” said mum.

Kate looked at me, “Dee?”

“No, you two go, I’ll wait and order us another coffee,” I said.

The cafe only being small didn’t have their own toilets, instead the patrons used the public toilets of the shopping centre.

I could have gone, but didn’t want to push mum too far too soon. Let her slowly get used to the idea of having a daughter.

When they got back, we had that next coffee, a bad idea. I now needed to go. I made some lame excuse about needing a charger for my phone. I set off in the opposite direction they’d come from and headed into a department store to use their toilets. On the way back I stopped at the makeup counter, just looking. I came out with a lipstick, I didn’t need it, but I liked the shade.

When I got back, we agreed to meet again, mum would ring us to arrange a day that coincided with one of dad’s club outings.

In work I was still displaying my male self, gaziantep escort how long I would be able to keep it up I didn’t know. What I did know was I wished I could live 24/7 as a woman.

My life was now busy with change. I’d had a couple of sessions of psychiatric assessment and was now receiving counselling, meeting regularly with a peer support group. It was a relief to know I wasn’t alone and that other people felt the same, be it as M to F, or F to M. I was also offered hair removal treatment, voice therapy and hormone treatment. One thing that was stressed was I could stop at any time, but once hormone treatment started some of the changes couldn’t be reversed and I would eventually become infertile.

I now needed to urgently sort out a visit to a sperm bank. It was also time to start informing friends.

The sperm bank was emotionally draining. My medical history was checked, any communicable disease such HIV or STDs. If I was donating for other recipients, I wouldn’t have qualified on several grounds. I wasn’t tall enough, I didn’t have a degree and I had reddish hair. I was instructed on the best time to donate and how to prepare for the best most potent ejeculate. They also wanted at least six donations for future implantation to stand any chance of success.

I would leave my first deposit that day, it would be tested for any abnormalities and potency and we would be informed of the result in within 48 hours.

I was handed over to a, confused looking, assistant in a white coat. She led me down the corridor to a room, and handed me a small sterile cup. I guess it wasn’t every day that she handed one of her little cups, to a client wearing a dress.

The room was small, sparsely furnished, some pornographic magazines and videos. Kate wasn’t allowed in with me, I was left on my own to masturbate. Although Kate and I enjoyed watching and reading pornography together, today it all seemed too seedy. When Kate and I made love, it wasn’t penetrative sex like a man and woman, but two women making love. That’s what I thought about as I eventually produced a sample.

The next time we went, I asked her to wear her sexiest panties and masturbate as I watched. After orgasming she took her soaking panties off, straightened her dress and handed them to me. I sniffed them put them in a plastic bag, inside my handbag. I would use them later as a masturbatory aid. We then made our way to the sperm bank.

This had the effect of keeping my mind from dwelling on why we were going to the bank. All I could think about was her travelling on the tube and walking around London, with no knickers on.

On the way home she started konya escort to tease, sitting opposite me on the tube, letting her skirt ride up a bit and opening her legs. I found it exciting, and was soon flirting back, caressing my ‘breasts’ and copying her actions. There were some disapproving coughs, I heard somebody say ‘dykes.’

We didn’t care we were having fun teasing and succeeding in arousing the men, judging by their trousers. Women were better at hiding their arousal, so we weren’t sure about them. One woman across the aisle was showing an interest, mimicking our actions and smiling at us. If that was an invite, it wasn’t one we were going to take up. Kate and I only had eyes for each other.

We gradually introduced our friends to Dee, some were supportive, some took a while to get used to the idea. Others dropped us completely, as if I had some sort of communicable disease.

I had hoped that by Alex’s wedding, I would have started my hormone treatment, but that wasn’t to be. I did get to be one of her bridesmaids. It was one of the best weddings we’d been to, I could relax and enjoy myself without fear of discovery. Most of us were known to each other and we knew each other’s preferences. I did make one contact, John, an IT manager. He told me he would keep me informed if any position became available in their organisation, should I feel the need to move. He didn’t think a woman with my IT experience, would have any problem landing a job with them.

Once I’d made my six deposits, I started hormone treatment. My support team were helping me with getting my documents changed to reflect my preferred sex.

Mum was now used to having a daughter and enjoyed helping me choose when we went shopping. She’d always had good taste and would tell me if something didn’t suit me, often saying,

“Try this,” or “that would look good on you.”

She even told dad, saying things like,

“I went shopping with Kate and Dee today,”

“Our daughter did…”

“Dee is visiting the doctor today, for a checkup.”

Dad just hid behind his paper, occasionally grunting a reply. At least he was being kept up to date with my progress.

The hormone treatment kicked in within three days, I don’t mean physical changes but, my emotions seemed to be more intense swinging from high to low. Three months in my chest felt achy and my nipples were swollen and itchy

Both Pamela and Kate told me I was going through puberty. Pamela saying that the women in work were beginning to notice some change in me, but hadn’t yet worked it out.

“Perhaps you should come clean in work, or start somewhere else,” Pamela suggested.

After kayseri escort a lot of thought, I decided on a clean break and I’d speak with John again. My plan was to give a months notice, then take a few weeks off to have my Adam’s apple shaved. I was fed up of dressing to hide it, besides if I was growing breasts, I wanted to give people a hint of flesh. Hell no I wanted to flaunt them!

I had my ears pierced, let my hair grow longer. I was reinventing myself, now I was a 24/7 woman, there was nothing to stop me.

Over the months my body changed, hair finer, skin smoother, breast buds became small breasts.

One was smaller than the other, despite all I’d read and all that the support group told me, I still worried I’d end up with different sized tits. My penis and balls shrank. I was losing muscle, not that I had much to start with. My figure was rounding out.

I’d settled into my new job, made friends with the women I worked with. What put the icing on the cake for me, was a simple request, that no other woman would have given a second thought to.

Ruth, coming out of the ladies said, “I’ve just put my money in the tampax machine and the sodding thing has jammed! Have you anything, a liner or tampon, I can borrow?”

She may have only asked me because I was the first ‘woman’ she came across, but I felt as if that was another hurdle crossed.

It had been almost a year that I’d been a 24/7 woman. My breasts had grown to a B cup. OK some might think them small, but they were all mine and I was delighted with them. When aroused my nipples enlarged and stiffened, the feeling seemed to go right down to my groin. As far as I was concerned I didn’t need breast augmentation, or top surgery.

At home Kate would catch me admiring my breasts in the mirror, cupping them, squeezing them together to give myself a cleavage. When we made love she paid special attention to them, caressing, fondling, licking and sucking.

I was still undecided about bottom surgery, but as soon as I could I would go on the waiting list, after all I could stop at any time. Some days I wanted surgery, it was only a bit of flesh that I no longer needed. Other days I thought of the videos I’d seen, and Alex’s video diary, and was afraid.

Various scenarios played through my head.

I would never have to worry about tucking, or if there was a bulge in my clothing, where one shouldn’t be. Not that there ever had been, but it was always at the back of my mind.

Revenge sex, I imagined laying in bed and revealing to Craig he’d just fucked his ex work colleague, Dave. Was ever likely to happen? The thought of the look on his face was almost worth the risk of him possibly turning violent.

What if I tried penis in vagina sex and preferred it to what I had with Kate? I loved her, She was my safe haven and I hoped that wouldn’t happen.

All these thoughts and fears I discussed with Kate, but for me the positives were outweighing the negatives and I knew it would only be a matter of time.

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