I’m There for Mom and Dad Ch. 05

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Monday morning, there was a knock at my bedroom door. It was Dad. “Son, I just got a call from work and I have to pack right away so I can make the flight at noon. If you drive me to the airport, you can use my car for the week.”

I rubbed my eyes, and threw off the blankets. “Sure. But what is the hurry?”

Dad was buttoning a shirt as he answered. “There was an accident at one of our plants in England and they are assembling a team to go investigate it.” I got up right away and made my way to the kitchen to get breakfast before we had to leave.

Mom was in her housecoat, sipping on coffee when I got there. Another mug, half full, was next to her at Dad’s place setting. I yawned, and then said, “I guess it’s just you and me for the week, eh?”

Mom stopped, mid sip, and had that far away look in her eye. Then she answered, “Yeah, it looks that way, doesn’t it?” I felt a bit of a stir in my pants, but knew that I was a long way from bedding down with Mom again. Dad probably wouldn’t be ready for another twenty minutes, and then the drive is more than an hour to the airport. I wouldn’t likely be back before early afternoon. I pulled out a bowl and poured Frosted Flakes into it, filling it up with milk.

Dad came down fifteen minutes later and sat to hurriedly drink the rest of his coffee. He checked his phone and set his luggage and laptop by the front door. “Are you ready, Pete?”

I got up, gave Mom a quick kiss, and said, “I’ll be back just after lunch.”

Dad came into the kitchen as Mom got up, and the two held each other before he announced, “Well, Pete, I guess you’re the man of the house for the week.” He kissed Mom deeply and said, “I should have this all wrapped up by Friday. I will call you every night.”

“I love you baby. And you,” she pointed to me, “don’t be driving like a madman on the highway. I will see you later.”

I picked up the luggage and laptop for Dad and waited at the front door. Mom smiled and said, “Behave while bursa escort you are in London.”

Dad offered, “Yeah, as if,” and the two of us were off.

In the car, Dad thanked me for helping them through this ‘rough patch’, as he put it.

“Things were just getting fun when this came up. I hope you and Mom enjoy the week together.” He looked for my reaction, but I kept from showing my glee at having unfettered access to Mom.

“I’ll take good care of Mom for you.”

Dad laughed a bit. “I’m sure you will, Pete.”

Traffic was heavy with road construction, and it took quite a bit longer to get to the airport and back home. Mom’s car was in the driveway so I checked the backyard first but she wasn’t there. The downstairs was quiet, and I figured Mom was either in bed awaiting my arrival, or maybe just masturbating. I had no idea how constantly horny she was until the past few days.

I went upstairs and her bedroom door was closed. I turned the knob silently, and pushed it open quickly, hoping to catch her with a dildo buried in her pussy. What I saw in their bed looked almost like the last time I entered their room – Mom on all fours, with her head buried between a pair of legs.

I knew it couldn’t be Dad, and for a split second I wondered who the guy was that Mom was sixty-nining with, who had such supple legs. I tip-toed closer, and recognized by the hair who was tongue deep in my mother’s puss… Julie.

“Fuck,” I said softly, completely shocking the two women who were clearly enjoying eating pussy.

Mom rose up and turned her head to face me. “I invited Julie for coffee.”

Julie called out from beneath, “And I stayed for lunch!” Both women laughed and went back to what they are doing. I stood in disbelief for a few seconds before Julie looked up at me and said, “Get your clothes off. We need cock!” I wasted no time getting naked.

Julie parted Mom’s labia with her thumbs for me while she licked away at Mom’s clit. bursa escort bayan I stood at the foot of the bed and slapped my half-hard cock on Julie’s forehead. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth to provide a wet cavern to fluff me for my Mom. My cock lay in her mouth, Julie’s tongue swirling all about it, and soon enough I was rigid enough for entry.

Mom, still on hands and knees, with saliva glistening along her pussy folds, called out, “Get up here,” and nudged Julie. The waifish blonde slid from under Mom and turned her body to line up with my mother’s.

There, in front of me were two pussies side by side. Mom’s wider, dimpled ass and sodden pussy wriggled slightly, awaiting stimulation. Brushing Mom’s right hip was Julie’s almost boney ass, barely half as wide as my mother. Julie’s pucker is much more pink than Mom’s, and her labia hangs like curtains of shaved ham – pink and thick with soft meaty folds. Just below, a silver spike pinned Julie’s clitoris; a toy that helps her squirt like a fountain when sucked on.

It had been a while since I had my dick in Julie, so I climbed up behind her and settled my cock in her butt crack and slid up and down over her pink pucker. Julie’s left hand played with Mom’s right nipple and I couldn’t resist slapping Mom’s butt cheek. This caused her to moan and wriggle even more as I watched her cheek redden. I drew my fat cock down Julie’s cleft and slid it between her moist piss flaps and into the sopping heat of her womb.

With my right hand on Julie’s tramp stamp, I used my left hand to cup Mom’s pussy, inserting two fingers into her sloppy hole. Mom waggled her ass even more while I strummed her anus teasingly. I started a slow, careful rhythm into Julie for a dozen strokes or so, then pulled out of her; my cock glazed in her syrup. Shuffling across, and behind my mother, my pole slid in like a corncob through butter, to its depth. Mom’s fingers reached under her to flick her bean.

I escort bursa took hold of Mom’s ass cheeks and plunged into her with gusto, striking bottom with each thrust. I savored the sound of Mom’s labored huffs of air each time I plowed into her cervix. Julie rolled off the bed and took her place at the foot of the bed on her knees, watching my mother’s fingers moving about her lady erection.

Julie batted Mom’s fingers away and replaced them with her right thumb, which flicked at the meaty clit with abandon. Mom began to drive her hips back into both my thrusts and Julie’s manipulations. I stopped moving and let Mom do all the work pounding into my fat cock. It was then that I felt Julie’s face press into my ass; her tongue pushed its way into my tender anus. She tongued me until she heard my heavy groan; my cock began emptying its milky load into Mom’s sopping vagina.

After the last shot of semen escaped, I viewed my wilting pole as it withdrew from her warmth, bathed in Mom’s syrup and my creamy ejaculate. Beneath the purple cock head as it fell from my mother’s womb, appeared Julie’s face, while she wriggled between us to receive my snotty cum from Mom’s labia. I stood back and witnessed Julie’s tongue scoop globs of silvery fluid that had created a ring of froth on Mom’s meaty folds.

While Julie refocused on my mother’s wanting clit, I dropped to my knees and sucked on the jeweled knob of Julie’s clitty. Mother soon had enough of Julie’s metallic tongue stud, and collapsed onto the bed, leaving me to finish off our new found third. Julie’s cries signaled her climax as she drowned my face in her sweet pussy cream.

“Jesus, that was fantastic,” announced Mom from above us. She got up and took Julie’s hand and the two walked naked toward the bathroom with Mom calling back, “You can have the shower once we are done.” Their giggles and moans could be heard for another fifteen minutes before the spray of the shower turned off.

By then, I had gathered my clothes and was waiting by the door when they came out. The two smiling faces brushed past on their way back to Mom’s room. After Julie disappeared inside, Mom looked back at me and added, “Rest up, Sweetie, Julie’s friend Michelle is visiting later.

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