Just Not Enough: A Gay Cuckold Tale

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“Ooh, yeah, fuck me, baby!” Dawson screamed, as his husband was fucking his hole. But for Christian, it was just another rote fuck with his husband. He loved that Dawson was a verbal bottom who loved getting his hole plowed, but Christian wanted to top sometimes too, and Dawson didn’t like foreplay either. He wanted to get right into the fucking. Still, Christian came in his husband’s ass, but knew that something was going to change soon.

He downloaded Grindr again and quickly set up his account again. Dawson and he had made a big deal about both deleting the apps on their phones on their two-year anniversary, and here Christian was now, eight years later, swiping left and right, trying to get a guy to fuck him. He was looking for a specific guy he wanted to have sex, someone who would really show Dawson what he was missing and what his husband actually wanted. Christian finally matched with a guy. He made the first move.

“Hey, Trevor, this might be an odd question, but are you open to cuckolding?”

“Yeah, dude, I’ve always wanted to see the look on another dude’s face as I’m plowing his husband right in front of him.”

“Then I think I have a deal for you.” Trevor and Christian talked a bit more, and the two of them made a plan to meet up at Christian’s place the next day, at 4 P.M. Dawson got out an hour or so later, which meant he would be walking into the bedroom at the perfect time. When the date and time finally rolled around, Christian answered his apartment door. He was only wearing rainbow colored briefs, when compared to the fully dressed Trevor. However, the muscle tee and tight sweatpants only turned Christian on more, and his briefs began to tent a little bit.

“Wow, you’re even fuckin’ hotter in person,” Trevor said, leaning down for a kiss. Christian kissed back, and it soon turned into a steamy make-out session. Trevor’s shirt was taken off, and Christian felt all over his lover’s chest. He loved the thick and meaty pecs and all eight abs. Trevor Beylikdüzü escort also had this musk about him that turned Christian on even more. Trevor pulled down the briefs, revealing a sizable cock hiding underneath there. “And you want to bottom?” Trevor asked.

“Yeah, I want to feel a big black cock of yours inside of me,” Christian responded, playfully, as he dropped to his knees. He pulled down Trevor’s sweatpants and underwear, revealing the stud’s massive black cock. It was still pretty much flaccid, and Christian couldn’t wait to take the whole thing in his mouth. He took the cock in both hands and began stroking. Trevor moaned as someone else stroked his dick and got it rock hard. Once it was fully erect and topping out at a good nine inches long, Christian spit on it a few times and prepared to suck on it.

It could barely fit inside of his mouth, but he didn’t mind. Both Christian and Trevor loved the sensations they were feeling. Despite the massive size, Trevor didn’t feel any teeth on his cock, and Christian knew how to use his tongue. The black stud was also turned on by Christian slurping on his cock and all the spit that dripped from the sides of his mouth after Trevor pulled out. Christian was even able to deep-throat Trevor’s cock, and held it down his throat for a few seconds before he needed to breathe again.

After sucking on his dick for quite some time, and tasting quite a bit of his pre-cum, Christian pulled away and didn’t place his mouth back on Trevor’s dick. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I want to feel your big black cock in my ass,” Christian said, in a sultry tone. He stroked Trevor’s cock a couple more times as well before he led the way. He hopped up on the bed and went on his back, exposing his tight and pink asshole to Trevor. Trevor grabbed a condom and some lube Christian had already laid out for him on the bedside table, and got ready to fuck the stud. But first, he was going to give Christian a rimjob.

Christian moaned when Trevor’s Beylikdüzü escort mouth connected with his asshole, his tongue darting around inside of his hole. He continued to moan as Trevor licked around his hole and breathed on his asshole a little bit. The bottom’s cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum by now, and Trevor hadn’t even put his dick inside of Christian yet! Finally, the black stud was ready, and with some extra lube on the cock, pushed it into Christian’s hole.

Instead of moaning, Christian screamed as his asshole was being spread open. Dawson hadn’t done anything with his ass for a long time, and he hogged all the toys they had bought together as well. However, the screams of agony soon turned into yells of joy as Christian remembered just how good it felt to have a dick up your asshole. Trevor fucked him hard and fast, his balls slapping against Christian’s ass and thrusting in and out every second. It was during this intense fuck session that both men heard the front door open.

Normally, both men would have stopped fucking, and Trevor even did that for a couple seconds. “Continue!” Christian screamed, hopefully loud enough for Dawson to hear it. As Dawson walked to the living room, he could have sworn he smelled sex. He brushed it off, knowing that both Christian and he liked to jerk off in here sometimes. However, as he walked closer to the bedroom, the sounds of fucking were unmistakable. And it wasn’t just Christian using a dildo. Dawson could clearly hear two voices moaning and groaning. He opened his bedroom door to find his husband getting fucked by a massive black stud!

“Hi, honey,” Christian said, with a devilish smirk on his face as Trevor continued to ram his cock into Christian’s hole.

“Chris, how could you!? We’ve been together ten years!”

“I think he wanted to try something new,” Trevor explained, not missing a beat as he fucked Christian still. “And I don’t think you really mind all that much,” he added, noting Escort Beylikdüzü Dawson’s cock. He looked down, and sure enough, his khakis were beginning to tent, the sight in front of him incredibly hot.

“So, what if I’m turned on by this? It’s still fuckin’ wrong, Chris!”

“But honey, don’t you just want to free your cock and start stroking it to the sight of your husband getting fucking by a muscular black man?”

“Unh, yeah, I do!” Dawson announced, his lust taking over as Christian pushed all the right buttons for him. He walked over to the other side of the room, where they had a chair by the window. He turned it so that it faced his husband and Trevor, and he took out his cock and began stroking it. Trevor chuckled when he saw it.

“You like that thing in your hole, Christian? No wonder I’m making you scream!” The fucking continued for a few more minutes, until Trevor was finally ready to cum. “Where you do want it?” he asked, taking off his condom and ready to stroke his cock a couple more times.

“All over!” Christian moaned. Christian and Dawson watched as his body was covered in rope after rope of Trevor’s thick and creamy load. He didn’t stop cumming for a solid twenty seconds. After he came, he helped his bottom out and stroked Christian’s cock. It didn’t take long for him to come as well, the copious amounts of pre-cum that leaked from his dick providing some lube for Trevor. Finally, Dawson came not long afterwards, not even caring that he was cumming all over his work clothes. It was such a fucking hot sight to see, his husband getting fucked by some strange guy.

Trevor smiled as he looked around the room. “Call me if you ever want to do this again. Having another guy in the room watching me was pretty fuckin’ hot!” He left the bedroom and went to grab his clothes from the living room. Dawson then hopped into bed next to his husband.

“Why didn’t you tell me you want to get fucked?”

“Because I know that you like to bottom, and besides, I wanted to cuckold you anyways.”

“Really!? You were planning on doing this anyways?”

“Yeah, but the fact you get turned on by it is even hotter. I think we can strike a deal to save our marriage, can’t we?”

“Let’s do it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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