My Best Friend

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(This is the first ever story I have written in my life, it is based on a true experience which happened about 2 years ago.)

My panting started to quicken, my breaths coming in short and shallow huffs. My fingers started working faster, feeling the walls close in tighter around them, I knew it was coming close then finally my whole body started to tingle and ahhh……the oh so familiar rush of feeling wracked through my body. As it happened I let out a low moan of satisfaction. I then removed my fingers from my slippery wet pussy and brought them to my mouth. Mmmm they tasted so good as always. Then I laid my head down on my pillow and while massaging my still hard nipples I recalled the images I fed through my mind. Tonight’s “session” was started by the Wimbledon tennis match, Daniela Hantuchova was playing and she looked as hot as ever. She was really pretty, but that wasn’t what turned me on the most. I was already semi-horny by then and the sight of her nipples poking through her shirt was too much. This was the fifth time this happened this week. And it was still only Wednesday. I began to think I was becoming addicted to masturbation. I pulled my pajamas down over my wet pussy, licked my fingers one more time and went to sleep.

Hi, I am Nicole and I wouldn’t call myself the prettiest chick in school, but then I wouldn’t say I am ugly either. However, I never had a boyfriend in my life and thus I was still a virgin.

After my routine masturbation on that Wednesday night, I woke up as usual the next day and got ready for school. As I stepped out of the shower, I admired my petite slim frame in the mirror. I was quite short, about 5’3 at that time. I combed my streaked brown, black hair and tied in into a ponytail then used the towel to wipe off the remaining drips of water around my neatly trimmed pussy and slim legs. I got dressed in my school uniform and headed towards school.

Just as I entered the school compound I heard someone calling me. I spun around and saw an athletic looking girl jogging towards me. Her flowing black hair was tied into a ponytail as usual and her 32B breasts were covered in a black sports bra that showed clearly izmir escort through her white blouse. Although they were not huge, she was definitely more well endowed when compared to me. She was also slim and was slightly taller than me and attractive. She was Stacy, my best friend since forever.

We chatted for a few minutes then the bell rang and we both went to class, the same class that is. School was boring as usual until our last period, where we had PE. I got changed into my normal PE clothes, a T-shirt and long track bottoms. Stacy meanwhile wore a white jersey which I found really attractive. Through out PE in which we played some soccer, I was watching her without her knowledge of course. Her sports bra didn’t quite conceal her nipples which were poking through the jersey fabric. I was really turned on and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet and soak my panties. She caught me staring one time and winked at me. At the time I was confused but I was soon to find out what it meant.

Our PE session ended just as the bell rang. As the school had no showers we headed back to my house as usual as she stayed quite far and wanted to freshen up before she went home.

After a 10 minute walk we reached my house. It was about noon then. As usual she went into the guest room and I went into my room and began to undress. I admired my sweaty body in the mirror for a while, running my palms over my 28A breasts and I let out a low moan. I then grabbed a towel and went into the shower.

I didn’t lock the toilet door as I felt comfortable with Stacy and I was shocked when suddenly she walked into the toilet. I was behind the shower door then and it was a frosted door, so I could only see the shape of her slim teen body. I hadn’t turned on the shower yet then when she pulled open the door. She was also naked, for the first time I saw her dark brown nipples, they were small but perky like mine and her pussy was shaven clean. She didn’t seem to realize me checking her out.

“Hey Nic, the soap and shampoo’s finished” she said, staring into my eyes.

“Uhh…,” I tried my best to reply but to no avail, my throat alsancak escort suddenly felt dry.

“What’s the matter,” she said as she stepped into the shower, putting her hands on my shoulders. “Like what you see?” she whispered into my ear as she began running circles with her fingers around my lower back.

I was still in a daze and just closed my eyes, enjoying her feeling me up. She began to lick my ear, blowing softly every once in a while while her hands made their way up my back and into my hair. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw that she was staring straight at me and she then pulled my head firmly towards her and our lips mashed. I sensed she had done this before and she explored my mouth with her tongue, probing my mouth. I hadn’t kissed anyone before this and thus I didn’t know what to do but enjoy her tongue. It felt so good and my nipples started hardening again.

I had to tilt my head upwards to match her height and we were both moaning simultaneously. She pulled me in closer towards her and for the first time our naked bodies touched. Her nipples crushed into my upper chest and mine touched her upper stomach. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my clit and I was really getting very wet now.

We finally broke the kiss and she used her fingertips to slowly circle my perky nipples, trying to make them even harder than they already were. She laid me down into the bath tub and slowly moved lower, her mouth over my left breast. She began to blow softly on it while her left right hand massaged my ear. I was beginning to moan slightly louder now and had this burning urge to just finger the hell out of myself.

She suddenly became aggressive and started assaulting my nipple with her mouth, tugging on it roughly with her teeth. Pain turned to pleasure and soon I was writhing on the bath tub floor, moaning loudly. She quickly moved down to my dripping pussy and sucked hard, her mouth covering my entire opening. My back arched, smashing my pussy into her mouth I let out a high pitched squeal and my hands gripped her hair tightly.

I thought I was about to orgasm right there when she buca escort stopped. Frustrated, I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was smiling, I knew what she wanted.

“Please,” I mouthed. She licked hard onto my clit. My whole body jumped. She then looked up again and grinned, some devilish glint in her eyes. “Please,” I said again, this time much louder. She put her head down again and this time bit my clit, softly. I screamed but she stopped again. I didn’t look down now and I almost shouted “Please. Please fucking lick my pussy.”

She seemed to be pleased and began to suck my juices out of me and flick her tongue over my clit. I was in heaven then. I mashed my breasts together and pulled hard at my nipples. I had never even imagined this before and here she was giving me the first sex of my life. She expertly tugged and licked my clit. Flicking her angelic small tongue all over my pussy. I knew I was going to come soon. I tugged on my breasts even harder pulling my hard nipples away from my body. Her hands were squeezing my butt as she did this and suddenly she inserted one finger slowly into my anus. Just as it popped in my head started to spin. I could feel my pussy walls contract onto her fingers and my whole body was starting to heat up. The most powerful rush I had ever felt washed over my body, lifting my pussy up into the air as far as it could go.

“STACY I’M COMING!” I shouted as my pussy erupted. I had this pissing feeling that I have never experienced before. My eyes flew open and I saw my pussy squirting out some clear liquid. My whole body was shaking and it seemed like an eternity before my back finally touched the floor again. I looked up at her and she was soaked in my juices.

She smiled at me then crawled up towards me and whispered into my ear. “I’ve heard of squirting, you’re the first one I’ve actually seen.” She then licked her lips, got up and went out. I was still in post-orgasm and I was trembling on the bath tub floor. My nipples felt sore from all the tugging but I felt so satisfied. I didn’t realize but I was still moaning softly.

When I finally gained enough strength to stand up and go out. Stacy had gone home.

She called me later that night and discussed the sex we had. She masturbated with me over the phone and we both climaxed at the same time. When I was about to sleep that day was then I realized that my doubts that I was a lesbian was confirmed. I was happy about it though and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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