The Nude World

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Double Penetration

The characters in this story are all over 18 years old.

Hannah gently opened her blue eyes to see the sun shine through her window. A gentle breeze blew the curtains slightly apart, as a few birds chirped outside. Saturday. A day where she didn’t have to worry about school. A day to relax and do as she pleased. She had planned a shopping trip in the morning with her mother, and in the evening, her brother, his friend, her mother and herself were all going to go to the cinema together.

Hannah’s father, Steve, was out of town for the month on a business trip to Spain. It felt a little odd without him in the house. Hannah’s mother, Christine, missed him the most, but she kept in contact with him via Skype and would keep Hannah and her brother, Robert, up to date on how he was doing from time to time.

It was 9:30 in the morning as Hannah rubbed her eyes to awaken further before letting out a big stretch. As she lifted her arms over her head, letting her hands brush against the lavender painted wall behind her, she noticed something odd. She felt a bit colder than usual, and her whole body felt somewhat awkward. Then she realized why…

She was naked.

Hannah’s heart skipped a beat. She was sure she put her pajamas on when she went to bed. Her blue checkered ones that buttoned up. She quickly placed her hands over her chest above her blanket. She stopped for a second and gently shifted her body around under the blanket. Yep. Definitely naked. Did someone come in and undress her? Did she slip them off in her sleep? If she did, where were they?

Outside of her bedroom door, she could hear movement in the corridor. Hannah could tell it was her mother. There was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Hannah honey, you up?” Christine called out.

“U-uh yeah, just waking up now.” Hannah replied, pulling the blanket up to her chin so her entire body was hidden in fear of the door opening and being caught in the nude.

“Okay sweetie, don’t forget, you and I are going to the mall soon and we’re going to the cinema at 5 o’clock tonight.” With that, Hannah could hear Christine walk away and down the stairs.

After she had left, Hannah grabbed her glasses that were sitting on her bedside table, brushed her messy brunette hair out of her face, and got out of bed to search for her pajamas. She searched all around her bed; at the foot of the bed, underneath the bed, under the blanket. Nothing. As weird as it was to suddenly wake up stark naked, she figured that maybe she just forgot to put them on after she got ready to go to sleep the night before.

Hannah began to brush the issue aside, she can always buy new pajamas. She made her way into her en suite to have a shower and brush her teeth. She stood at the bathroom sink and looked in the mirror. Her hair was a mess but she still liked how it looked. Hannah never really saw the appeal in having straight hair, but she didn’t want it to be curly. A constant ‘bed head’ was her favorite type of hair style. Her round blue eyes looked tired under her somewhat furrowed brow.

Hannah picked up her toothbrush, ran it under the water, squirted a line of toothpaste on to it, ran it under the water again, and finally began to brush her teeth. It felt a little odd to be brushing her teeth naked. Her 34C breasts jiggled with every movement of the brush.

After she was done with her teeth, it was time for the shower. Hannah removed her rectangular glasses and placed them on the counter before getting in the shower. The cold water turned warm, and the warm water turned hot. Hannah rubbed the water all over her body, starting with her stomach. She wasn’t particularly skinny, but she definitely wasn’t fat. Her stomach was flat enough but not very shapely. Her breasts were nicely shaped however. Not too pointy, not overly round, and not at all flat. Her breasts housed a cute pair of pink nipples on top.

After she had covered her front with water, she moved to the back. Hannah’s ass was something to be admired. Although she didn’t particularly like having such a big and round booty; mainly due to the fact that it was hard to find pants that would fit, she couldn’t deny that it looked good.

Once Hannah was drenched enough, she began to cover herself in soap, making sure to clean every crack and crevasse. The soap made its way around her entire hairless body. Everybody says that having pubic hair is the sign of a mature woman, but Hannah always hated having hair anywhere below her head. 18 doesn’t exactly qualify as ‘maturity’, so why should she need to have pubic hair? Being waxed down there was more appealing to her. Having no hair around her pretty pink pussy allowed it to breathe.

After her shower was done, Hannah dried off and wrapped a towel around herself, putting her glasses back on just before she left the bathroom. The towel fell just above the top half of her thigh and she headed back into her bedroom. When she turned to her wardrobe, she figured urfa escort she would have a little hunt around in there to see if she could find her pajamas to confirm her theory that she just forgot to put them on the night before. She opened the double doors to her wardrobe to find…… nothing. Well, not nothing, but she saw no clothes in there at all. Instead, all that was in her wardrobe was a bunch of junk. Her junk. Her skateboard from years ago, an old guitar her grandmother gave to her, a photo album, and many, many more things. Where the fuck where her clothes?!

Hannah dug through as much junk as she could looking for any scrap of clothing; a shirt, pants, even just a single sock would do. Nothing. Okay, first it was the pajamas, and now her entire wardrobe was missing. What the fuck is going on?! Did her mom come into her room while she slept and throw literally every item of clothing into the wash? Was this a prank of some kind. In any case, she decided to leave her room to find out. Hannah tightened her towel around her even more and opened her bedroom door.

Downstairs, she could hear her mother in the kitchen. Hannah walked out on to the corridor and down the stairs. The soft carpet turned to cold tiles under her bare feet as she got to the bottom. The sound from the TV in the kitchen got louder and louder and she got closer. Through the door, Christine was at the sink washing dishes, and just like Hannah was when she woke up, she was completely naked.

“Hey mom, ha-” Hannah froze as she saw her naked mother happily scrubbing the inside of a glass.

“Morning Hannah. Sleep okay?” Christine asked. It was like she was completely oblivious to the fact that she was nude. Like it was totally normal.

Christine stood 5’4″. Her blondish/brown hair was cut in a pixie haircut, which made her head look smaller, and as a result, made the rest of her body look fuller. Her firm 38DD breasts complimented her wide hips perfectly.

Hannah’s mouth hung open. It was as if she had seen a ghost.

“Hannah, are you alright?” Her mother asked in a worried tone.

It took a few seconds before Hannah could finally speak. “Uhh, yeah. W-where are my- I mean your- I mean our clothes?”

“Clothes?” Christine asked. “What do you mean?”

“You know. Clothes? The things we use to cover ourselves, like this?” Hannah pointed at the towel wrapped around herself.

“Why would we need to do that? Hey Han, are you feeling okay?” Her mother asked her.

Hannah stopped briefly. “Hang on a sec.” she replied before running upstairs.

Hannah ran back into her bedroom and closed her door behind her. She didn’t know what was happening. First she wakes up naked, then there’s no clothes in her wardrobe, then her mom is naked, and she doesn’t even know what clothes are?! What the fuck is going on?! Did our family become nudists over night and nobody told her?!

She needed to get some air. This was all getting to be a little bit too much to deal with first thing in the morning. Hannah headed to her window, flung open the curtains, and opened her window just enough to stick her head out and breathe in the fresh air. It was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining overhead, and the temperature was just right. Warm enough to enjoy, but not hot enough to be uncomfortable.

After a few minutes of breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun on her face, Hannah began to calm down a little more. The feeling disappeared straight away when she looked down and saw a naked woman walking her dog. It was her neighbor, Jenny. The fifty three year old was walking on the sidewalk as naked as the day she was born, barefoot and all, without a care in the world. This couldn’t be real. This couldn’t be happening.

Did Jenny become a nudist too? Was there a new law in place that meant it was legal to walk around naked in public now? It was true that Jenny had nothing to be ashamed of when it came to her body. She was slender and her B cup boobs hadn’t sagged at all. Her somewhat tanned skin complimented her shoulder length silver hair. Was she really a nudist? Or… do clothes not exist anymore?

Hannah decided to investigate by going online. If clothes really didn’t exist, then that must mean the internet is just full of naked pictures, right? Instantly, Hannah went to Google Images and typed in the name of a celebrity she had always wanted to see naked, Tom Hardy. She clicked ‘search’ and straight away, every picture that came up was of a naked Tom Hardy.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. His cock was as big and as hairy as she had always imagined. Browsing through different pictures, Hannah began licking her lips. This was incredible. This opened up a world of possibilities. She opened another tab in her browser and looked for pictures of Johnny Depp. Again, hundreds upon thousands of naked pictures appeared on the screen. His cock visible in almost every single one.

Okay, balıkesir escort as weird as it is to see her mom naked, seeing these men naked was a dream come true!

Hannah found herself reaching under her towel and gently caressing her pussy. All of these men that she dreamt of seeing naked and getting fucked by. Seeing their cocks made her fantasy so much more vivid. Hannah stared at a photo of Ryan Reynolds she had found on Google. It was a picture of him at some sort of movie premier. The full body image was big enough for Hannah to zoom in on his crotch without it getting too pixelated.

God his cock looked good.

Gently opening the towel wrapped around herself, Hannah began playing with her left nipple as she massaged her pussy. In her mind, all Hannah could think about was Ryan Reynolds pounding her on the red carpet. Unwrapping the towel completely, Hannah’s naked body was totally exposed and she propped her feet on to her desk, opening her legs. Her left hand was cupping her left breast as her right hand went to town on her pussy. Her fingers swirled around her pussy lips as her thumb played with her clit.

Hannah started breathing heavier as she slowly climbed towards her orgasm. Before she finished, she browsed through a dozen pictures of famous men that she adored, gathered the pictures of them that she preferred, and put them all together in a sort of collage. Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hardy, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt. Just to name a few. All nude. All for her to see.

She stared at her compilation of images and she carried on fingering herself. Her simple fantasy of her having sex with just one of them turned into a heavenly dream of being involved in a huge gangbang with her in the centre of it all. Hannah imagined herself on her back with Ryan’s cock pounding into her, Hugh’s cock deep down her throat, and with a Chris in both of her hands.

Wanting to be covered and filled with all of their cum, Hannah fingered herself harder and faster. Her eyes closed tightly as her muscles tightened. After just a few seconds of violent fingering, Hannah’s explosive orgasm finally arrived. Her pussy contracted immensely as a huge amount of squirt shot out of her onto the carpet, her desk, and on to her computer screen.

Hannah sat there for a moment, basking in the afterglow. Naked. Soaked. Her legs wide open and shaking. Her feet on her desk. Her towel underneath her. She had never felt an orgasm that intense. That good. That powerful. It was… incredible!

It took a while for Hannah to compose herself. Gently, she lowered her feet from the desk and put them on the floor. Sitting upright in her chair, Hannah realized that, although it’s nice seeing men like these naked, it also means that she herself must be naked 24/7 too. It wouldn’t be too bad staying naked in the house all day, but today she had to go to the mall soon with her mom, and then the cinema later in the evening with her mom, brother, and brother’s friend. All of whom will be naked.

Panic started to set in when Hannah realized that hundreds of people are going to see her today, totally exposed. She tried to calm herself.

“Okay, just calm down.” Hannah told herself. “You got nothing to be ashamed of, right? I mean look at me, I look pretty good, right? And besides, everyone else is naked so it’s no big deal…… right?”

Hannah decided she should get used to seeing some naked skin in person. She stood up from her chair, grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself yet again. As much as she tried to tell herself that this is all normal, she wasn’t quite ready for her mom to see her naked… just yet.

Hannah opened her bedroom door and stepped outside. As she made her way to the stairs, she noticed that her brother’s door was halfway open. She could hear music and moaning coming from inside. It was loud. Was he watching porn?! If he was, he wasn’t being secretive about it, which somewhat makes sense in this clothes-less world Hannah found herself in. Inside, Robert was on his back in his bed. The 22 year old had his erect, 8 inch cock in his hand and he was jerking it. Hannah turned away instantly and hastily made her way downstairs.

Christine was still in the kitchen, finishing up all of the washing up.

“Are you alright Han? You seemed odd before.” Christine asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Hannah replied. “Just had a bit of a weird dream is all.”

“Oh baby, don’t worry.” Christine walked over and embraced Hannah in a hug. Hannah’s eyes widened a little. Her mother’s naked body pressed against her felt surreal, yet at the same time, comforting, and oddly slightly arousing. Hannah responded to the hug by wrapping her arms around her mother’s bare back. At the back of Hannah’s mind, she wished she had left the towel upstairs so that the two could press their naked bodies against each other. The thought quickly went away when she realized trabzon escort where she was and what she was doing. What was she thinking?! This was her mother!

“Thanks mom.” Hannah spoke up.

“You’re absolutely welcome Han. Now go and get ready. We’re going to leave for the mall in about fifteen minutes, okay?” Christine told her.

With that, Hannah went back upstairs. Walking past her brother’s room again, she quickly glanced through the door. This time, she didn’t turn away instantly. Hannah stopped and watched for just a few seconds. Wow, Robert was really going for it. He was beating his meat faster than the speed of light by the looks of things!

The porn played loudly on his TV. The video showed a guy on his back with a girl riding his cock and a second girl sitting on his face. As the guy fucked one pussy and licked the other, the two girls were making out with each other on top of him. The funny thing was that the threesome wasn’t happening in a bed or a living room like standard porn usually is set in, but instead, the threesome was happening in the middle of a busy park. Dogs were chasing frisbees with their owners. Couples were walking by. Old people on bikes cycled through. Everyone was totally oblivious to the sex act happening right there in broad daylight.

Hannah considered slipping a hand down between her legs yet again as she watched the porn play. Not only was the porn catching her interest, but so was Robert’s cock. 8 inches. Hard. Dripping with pre-cum. It looked delicious. Hannah’s eyes would dart back and forth between the screen and his cock. Before long, Hannah snapped out of it. Fuck! This was her brother!! How could she think about him in that way?! It’s not like Robert was unattractive. 6’2″, brown-ish blonde, short spiky hair. He wasn’t the most muscled guy. He didn’t have defined abs or anything of the sort. His body was rather plain. Were he not related to Hannah, she would find him cute enough to date at least. But, they were related.

Hannah, feeling somewhat ashamed and embarrassed, quickly headed back into her room. She started to get herself ready to go out to the mall. Her hair had already dried a little, but she still used her hairdryer to finish the job. Leaving her hair somewhat messy, Hannah moved on to her makeup. Simple black, smokey, eye makeup, and a touch up to her eyebrows was all that she needed to do.

Once her hair was dry and her makeup was applied, Hannah was ready. Well, almost ready. Her towel was still wrapped around her. If she was going to make it through the day in this naked world, she at least had to look like she belonged. Taking a deep breath, Hannah grabbed the top of her towel, gently undid it, and let it drop to the floor, leaving her bare. She stood there in the middle of her room, mentally preparing herself to walk out of her bedroom. After a moment of collecting herself, Hannah stepped towards her bedroom door yet again, turned the handle, opened it, and stepped out.

It felt a little odd to be naked outside the safety of her bedroom. Hannah had walked around the house in the nude a few times in her life, no more than four or five times, and only when she was 100% certain that she was home alone, but to be out here in the nude when she was aware of company felt odd.

Walking towards the stairs, Hannah yet again stopped in front of her brother’s bedroom. There was a new porn on his TV. This one showed a girl getting fucked in the ass on a busy street. Again, everyone in the background of the video didn’t seem to care or even notice the act. Robert’s cock with drenched in pre-cum. His pacing had changed from the last time Hannah saw him. Rather than jerking as fast as he could, it looked like he was edging himself.

This time, Hannah had no towel to block her hand from her pussy. While staring at Robert’s pulsing cock, Hannah’s hand instinctively went towards her crotch and the tips of her fingers gently brushed over her clit. Her nipples slowly hardened. Hannah’s eyes stayed on Robert’s cock. She licked her lips when she noticed just how wet it was from pre-cum. God how she wished she could lick it clean.

Hannah’s left hand found its way on to her left breast and she began fondling it while rubbing her pussy. It felt so strange to be doing this so openly, and next to her own brother no less! But at the same time, it felt so right. Brother and sister, both naked and masturbating just a few feet apart from each other. Hannah gently dropped to her knees and spread her legs further apart, with her eyes still glued to Robert’s cock.

After a few more minutes, Robert’s hand stroked faster and faster until his whole body tensed up. Cum exploded from his cock. Strings of semen flew over his stomach, chest, and even on to his own face. He was covered in his own cum. Hannah’s eyes had never been so wide. She had just watched her brother masturbate and cum on his own face. Not only that, but she was masturbating to it all! As Robert lay there catching his breath, Hannah quickly stumbled back up on to her feet and made her way downstairs.

Christine was already by the front door with her handbag at the ready. She was looking in the mirror and sorting her hair out, gently brushing it straight.

“Ready to go?” Christine asked cheerfully at Hannah.

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