The Piano

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Being a musician, Brian collected instruments; but not for long. Just long enough to acquire the next better thing at which point the earlier “must-have” would be listed on Craig’s List for sale. He thought to himself at times that it was kind of like a mania of sorts. To be totally and completely committed to obtaining “THAT PIANO”, and then after buying it, when something better came into his sights, to abruptly become totally absorbed in getting the next one. He wondered to himself sometimes if he would ever truly be so satisfied with a piano he bought that he would never again lust for another.

‘You would think,’ he thought to himself with a laugh, ‘that at forty five years of age, I could get my priorities straight.’

He shrugged to himself and continued to write the ad on his PC.

‘For Sale: Used electric piano. Several acoustic and electric piano voices, organs, horns and others; effects bank; weighted keys so it feels just like a full sized acoustic piano. For more details e-mail the address below.’

He perused the wording for a moment and then uploaded it to the site; that done, he pushed it out of his mind and then went on with the rest of his day.

He was surprised when he returned from grocery shopping to see that his ad had already scored a hit. He opened the e-mail and read.

‘It sounds like your piano is exactly what I’ve been looking for. When can I see it?’

He hit reply and wrote that anytime this weekend would be a good time and then sent it off. He was even more surprised when he got a response to it within minutes. In it, there was a phone number and a name, Rachel Williams. He went to his phone and dialed and the call was answered almost immediately.

“Hello,” he heard a girl’s voice say.

“Hi, is this Rachel?” he said.

“Yes, is this Brian?” she said excitedly. “Are you the one with the piano?”

‘That’s right I am.”

“Oh I’d love to see it! Can I come over this afternoon?”

Brian thought for a moment and agreed. He gave her the address and she explained it might take her awhile to get there because she’d be taking the bus. He told her not to worry about it because he didn’t have any concrete plans, so she should get there whenever she could. She sighed with relief and then hung up.

Brian went about his business, preparing a meal so he could eat and clean up before her arrival and changing into some casual shorts and a loose button-down shirt. It was hot and, although the AC was going full blast, there was still a lot of heat and humidity in his apartment.

He settled down to watch some TV and eventually got bored. He decided to play some computer games for awhile and was soon lost in his own world; so much so that he was surprised to hear a diffident knock on the door.

He turned off his game and then went to the door. Standing in the hall was a girl with brown hair pulled into a ponytail and glasses with dark brown rims; she looked to be in her early thirties. She had a full skirt on that reached to her shins and a small tank-top that was soaking wet from the heat outside. She was also carrying a button-down sweater over her arm and he guessed she had worn it to cover up the tank-top. She didn’t look like the type to wear a small chemise like that in public, In fact, Brian’s first impression when he looked at her could be summed up in one word; mousey. She had obviously underestimated the heat of the day before she left her own place.

“Come in,” Brian said with a smile. “You must be Rachel.”

She smiled shyly and stepped through the door. Her facial expression immediately changed from aggravation from the heat to relief as she felt the cooler air in the apartment. She smiled and sighed as she walked through to the living room and turned to Brian.

“Wow,” she said, “I can’t believe how hot it is outside!”

“I know,” Brian said. “It is pretty warm out there. Can I offer you a drink? I have lemonade or I could make some coffee.”

“Oh yes!” she said gratefully. “I’d love a hot coffee!”

Brian smiled and offered her a chair and then went to the kitchen to start the coffee machine up. After that he guided her to the piano in the music room.

“Well here it is!” he said with a flourish. “You can look at it and play it as much as you like while we wait for the coffee.”

Rachel’s eyes lit up and she touched the piano lightly with one hand, gently running her fingers almost the whole length of the keyboard and looking down at it lovingly. She sat down and tentatively played a soft chord; the sound of the piano made her smile and she began to play a piece that Brian recognized but didn’t know the title of.

He watched her as she became more absorbed in her playing. She was studying the keys in front of her, her fingers fleeting lightly from one to another, her touch becoming more and more certain as she played. The sound of her playing eventually filled the entire apartment and, he knew, could probably be heard in the hall outside as well.

‘The escort vip neighbors will know it’s not me playing.’ He thought to himself with a chuckle. ‘She’s much better than I ever will be!’

He went to prepare the coffee and listened as she continued to play. It was obvious that she loved music and was making the piano do things he had never been able to do. Brian was strictly what he liked to call “a banger”, someone who hammered out chords while the rest of the band made it sound good.

After a long time she sat back and sighed heavily. She looked at Brian with a big smile, her eyes lighting up briefly, and then she blushed.

“I love it!” she said with feeling. “It sounds beautiful!”

Brian nodded and sat back to sip his coffee. She continued to look at him and Brian could sense there was something she was not telling him, at least not yet.

“You like it then?” he said.

“Oh yes, it’s wonderful!” she said. “I have a small problem though.”

Brian cocked his head to one side and tried not to let the internal grimace he was feeling show on his face.

“Oh?” he said blandly. “What kind of problem?”

She blushed again and frowned as she looked at the floor. She looked back up and but her bottom lip.

“Well…” she stammered. “I want it! I really do! But… I only have three hundred dollars.”

She blushed a deep red when she said it and she had a pained expression on her face. She looked at the floor once more and Brian felt kind of bad for her. He could see that the coming conversation was going to be painful for both of them.

“The price is five hundred.” He said in an even voice.

She looked at him again and grimaced, her eyes darting from one side of the room to the other. She bit her lip again and the pained expression returned to her face.’

“I know it is,” she said with a whine. “I just thought that you could, you know, lower the price a bit. You know, negotiate a little?”

“Negotiate?” Brian said with a frown. “That’s only a little over half of what I’m asking for it. I’m willing to negotiate, but I’m not going to cut the price almost in half!”

Rachel’s face fell and she stared at the floor for a long time. When she looked up Brian could see the beginnings of tears welling in her eyes.

‘Oh no!’ he thought with an internal groan, ‘now she’s going to start crying!’

He forced himself to meet her eye without showing any emotion. He knew he could let himself get caught up in her emotional state and end up practically giving her the piano. He steeled himself and waited for her to speak.

“Isn’t there something you could do?” she asked in a pleading voice.

Brian shook his head and frowned again. He pursed his lips and looked at her again just in time to see her making a fanning motion with the bottom hem of her skirt. She was trying to cool her self off and, in doing so, had shown Brian what appeared to be a very nice pair of legs.

‘Mousey or not,’ he thought to himself, ‘this girl has a killer body!’

He raised his eyes to look at her once more and frowned again.

“I don’t know what it is you want me to do?” he said. “I’m asking for five hundred dollars; what is it you’re expecting me to say?”

She drew her lip into a pout and turned to him with a sad expression.

“I know,” she said, “it’s a lot to ask and I’m sorry. I was just hoping we could, I don’t know, barter or something.”

“Barter?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. “What kind of barter? What have you got to trade?”

The hopeful look that gleamed in her eye for a moment died suddenly and she looked from side to side in desperation as she tried to think. As she did so her hand went to the top of her chemise. Without thinking about it she started fanning herself again and Brian caught a few glimpses of her cleavage; enough so that he knew without doubt that she was not wearing a bra. His eyes were drawn to the outline of her nipples which had begun to pucker and get hard. With an effort he raised his eyes once more to meet hers.

“Well?” Brian said, “What can you trade for it?”

Her eyes became intense then and she bit her lower lip fiercely.

“I could trade services for it!” she exclaimed, her eyes going wide with excitement.

Brian creased his eyebrows and frowned.

“What kind of services?” he said dubiously.

“I could cook!” she said eagerly, “or clean; I’m very neat!”

Brian gave her a doubtful look and shook his head slowly.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I don’t have a big place and I can keep it up just fine by myself.”

She grimaced again and slapped her hand on her thigh. She adjusted her skirt again, fanning her legs again and stretching her feet out in front of her. This gave Brian an unobstructed view of her legs all the way up most of her thighs and he felt his cock twitch as he looked. Completely absorbed in her thought process, Rachel was oblivious to what she was showing as she fanned herself.

“Damn it!” she said. escort rus “I’ve just got to have this piano! It’s perfect for me! There must be something I could do for you!”

Brian shook his head again and shrugged.

“I honestly can’t think of anything that I need you to do.”

Rachel sighed heavily and opened her handbag, looking wistfully at the envelope containing the wad of bills. She knew there was only three hundred dollars in there and that was still going to make paying her bills a little difficult for this month. There was just no way she could take the extra two hundred dollars from her bank account. She wouldn’t be able to pay the rent if she did that. She crossed and then uncrossed her legs then stretched them out in front of herself again, then began fanning her upper chest with her tank-top again.

“I’ll tell you what.” Brian said finally, unable to remove his gaze from the cleavage she was intermittently exposing. “There is one thing you could do for me.”

Rachel looked at him with renewed hope, her face expectant and exultant.

“Yes?” she said eagerly.

“Have sex with me.” He said simply.

Rachel’s face froze. She continued to stare into his eyes, looking for the tell-tale signs that what he had said was a joke. There were none; he met her gaze and his expression didn’t change.

“What?” she said quietly.

“Have sex with me,” Brian said, “and I’ll let you have the piano for three hundred.”

Rachel sat back and inhaled deeply. She could feel the piano at her lower back and she looked around the room with the sudden realization that she was alone in a strange man’s apartment wearing just a loose skirt and a flimsy little top; a top that she knew was probably showing off a lot more of her than she normally would. She swallowed nervously and blinked a couple of times, trying not to panic as the fear in her rose. She thought she could scream if he attacked her, but there was no telling if anyone would respond to her cries for help if she tried. She looked at him again trying to gauge his mood. Was he angry? Would he attack her and ravish her? Would he even let her leave this place alive?

Visions of TV shows and movies where young women found them selves in dangerous situations were fleeting through her mind and she gave a start when Brian stood up.

“I’m going to get some more coffee.” He said in a friendly voice. “Would you like some?”

She nodded nervously and tried not to show her fear.

“You know,” Brian called to her from the kitchen as he fixed the coffees for them, “I can tell that’s not something you’re prepared to do so just forget I mentioned it.”

She watched him as he returned. He was carrying the two cups and he smiled as he placed hers on the table to her side. She began to tremble as Brian approached and gave a start when the cup was placed on the table. She didn’t take her eyes off of him as he moved away. Despite his friendly smile, she was more fearful now than she had ever been in her life.

‘Oh my God!’ she thought frantically, ‘he’s just like a serial killer, smiling sweetly and being charming, just like you see on CSI!’

Brian looked at her curiously, realizing that his suggestion had been a shock to her, but unable to understand why she looked so nervous right now.

“I can tell you’re pretty uncomfortable,” he said with a friendly smile, “and I’m sorry if I upset you. I wouldn’t be offended if you wanted to leave.”

She blinked again and a tear welled in her left eye as she stared at him. She was trembling and clutching her handbag fiercely as she stared at him, her eyes as big as saucers.

“Seriously,” he said gently, “if you want to leave you can. I can see that my offer has you a little freaked out.”

She continued to stare at him and stood up slowly, afraid he would tackle her if she moved too quickly. He smiled and stood up and then went to the door. She closed her eyes shut, expecting in her fear that he was about to block her way to the door and the only way to freedom.

Instead she heard the door open and she dared to open her eyes again.

“Thanks for coming,” he said casually. “I’m sorry we couldn’t come to an agreement.”

She shuffled slowly to the door, expecting any minute for him to slam it shut and then laugh demonically. Instead he smiled and offered his hand as she reached the doorway.

Almost in a daze, she shook it and then she was in the hallway and the door to his apartment was closed.

She walked slowly at first and then more and more quickly toward the front door of the building and then she was at the door leading to the outside. The heat and humidity hit her in the face as she stepped through it and she tried not to hyperventilate.

With her limbs trembling and her breathing still ragged from the feelings of terror she had just experienced, she walked quickly to the bus stop. When she got there she looked back to the apartment building to ensure she was indeed safe. Brian had not escort elit followed her outside and his apartment was on the opposite side of the building so he couldn’t possibly be watching her from his window either.

Up the street she saw the bus coming and she began breathing normally for the first time since she’d heard Brian’s bizarre proposition. The bus stopped and the doors opened and Rachel climbed aboard, flashing her bus pass at the driver as she walked past him. She took a seat right up front and began to relax.

‘Wow, the nerve of that guy!’ she thought to herself, ‘thinking that I’d actually sleep with him, just to get a piano!’

She sniffed quietly as the enormity of his suggestion started to sink in. She narrowed her eyes and sniffed indignantly again.

‘Who does he think he is anyway?’ she thought.

She shook her head and then thought about the piano. It was a really good one; not the best perhaps, but definitely a good one. The sound it produced was almost as good as a concert grand, which was saying something for an electronic keyboard.

‘Maybe it would be worth it,’ she thought with a slight grin. ‘It sure was a nice piano!’

She frowned and rolled her eyes in exasperation.

‘Now let’s not go there!’ she told herself firmly. ‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s the best piano in the world or that it’s been months since the last time! Exchanging sex for that kind of thing can’t lead to anything good!’

Completely unbidden a mental image popped into her head. She was lying on her back and Brian was on top of her. They were both fully clothed but he was moving his hips rhythmically back and forth. She had her legs wrapped around his waist, her skirt bunched up at her tummy and her arms were around his neck. She could hear herself grunting and moaning in time with his movements, her body responding to his with overwhelming need.

She shook her head quickly, purging the image from her head and then gulped. Her eyes were wide and she found that she was gasping slightly.

‘Wow’ she said to herself. ‘Where did that come from?’

She stared out the window trying to concentrate on the passing scenery. She looked at small shops and apartment buildings of every size and shape. She looked at small parkettes, some with swings where kids played, others that were simply a green space in the middle of the city.

The bus lurched to a stop and she peered around the vinyl barrier behind the driver to see the traffic backed up as far as the eye could see. They were still a long way from the subway station and she sighed heavily and sat back, the stifling heat causing the sweat to bead and fall between her breasts. She grabbed the neck of her tank-top and fanned herself and sighed again.

The stop in traffic didn’t seem to be moving at all and everyone on the bus began to get restless including Rachel. She looked out the windows, trying to find something to look at to no avail. It was a residential neighborhood like any other in the city; small shops and the occasional public building could be seen in the distance. In her boredom, she began to think of music; she was listening to herself play the piano. She was playing a piece by Chopin, her fingers moving lightly but firmly over the keys. She closed her eyes, allowing the music in her head to overwhelm her.

She saw herself playing the piano, bent over the keys from a standing position. She was having some trouble playing and then she saw Brian standing behind her, his pants around his ankles. He was holding her hips with her skirt thrown up over her back and he was driving himself into her, sliding his cock all the way in and then all the way out in time to the rhythm of her playing.

She continued to play, switching now to a Mozart piece, slowing the rhythm and, in turn, slowing Brian’s rhythm down. He was now sliding back and forth slowly, his cock moving in a slight circular motion as he corkscrewed his hips. As he pushed in, he raised himself on his toes and bent slightly to the right. As he withdrew, he bent his knees slightly and twisted to the left. In again and up to the right; out again and down to the left. He moved with an inexorable beat, completely in time with the slow cadence she had set.

She saw herself gasp and then she was pounding out an episode from Beethoven’s fifth symphony, the bass notes cascading one after the other, her hands pounding the keys in the same way that Brian was pounding into her. The keys fell under her fingers, the notes coming in eighths and sixteenths time, the climax to the piece just eight bars away. As he continued pounding her, she increased the rhythm, her fingers flying over the keys. She was breathing heavily and sobbing in time to Brian’s assault on her pussy. As the climax approached, he drove into her with more intensity. With a flourish, she was banging on the keys, playing the final chords to the piece as he drove in the final chords to his performance. She gave a long low moan and sagged, her arms over top the piano and her face resting on the keys.

She opened her eyes with a start to see a black woman staring at her from across the aisle in shock. She swallowed heavily and turned to see the driver twisting around from his seat to look at her as well.

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