The Widow Wore Black

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the storyline is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early sixties and seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


It was a typical Saturday morning in December with temperatures hovering around the high seventies, very humid, with a breeze blowing off the gulf to make life along Florida’s west coast more bearable. I was delivering my lawn mowing crews around the retirement community about thirty miles north of Tampa. My crews were high school students who liked the opportunity to make money by working a few days a week. I paid them more than the minimum wage and they didn’t have to spend their weekend nights flipping burgers at Fat’s Burgers and Shakes. It was a win, win for everyone; I made money to get me through grad school and the kids made spending money.

I drove through the neighborhood slowly keeping a watch out for the older seniors in their golf carts who would carelessly pull out into traffic without looking or stop in the middle of the street to say hello to friends. I saw Dave and Anna in front of their home waving as I passed. It looked like Dave was going to play golf, but more than likely he would spend most of his time in the bar at the clubhouse. Anna, Dave’s beautiful wife, was wearing a short kaki skirt and halter top; her straw hat and gloves indicated that she was ready to work in her flower beds and on her deep, copper tan.

If you have read, As Luck Would Have It, my previous post, you already know how I met Dave and Anna and that I was very familiar with those areas beneath Anna’s bikini that were still untouched by the rays of the Florida sun and lacked the deep, copper tan of her exposed skin. Within a few hours of our meeting, Anna and I consummated our relationship in the front seat of Dave’s Buick Roadmaster and began a long-term , lust charged adventure; an adventure that included a wide variety of locations and people.

After dropping off the work crews, I headed out of the subdivision via Dave and Anna’s; if Dave was gone to play golf, I could stop by and see Anna. She just might need me to help her on the flower beds as she worked in her short skirt or she might need me to rub some suntan lotion on her shoulders and legs.

As I turned onto their street, I noticed the flashing red lights of an ambulance up ahead; as I hurried closer I could tell that it was in their driveway. I pulled alongside the curb just as EMT’s were removing a sheet covered gurney from the house; judging by the size of the person beneath the sheet, it could only have been Dave on the gurney.

I walked into the house, Anna let out a wail and rushed into my arms, “It’s Dave; he’s dead, Will.” I held her close and tried to console her as she sobbed.

A few minutes after the ambulance quietly left, the people who had gathered outside dispersed and went about their business. I walked over and closed the front door then returned to Anna and wrapped her in my arms.

“Is there anyone you want me to call for you? Anything I can do for you?”

“No, just hold me, please,” that was an easy request.

Many times since our first encounter in Dave’s Buick Roadmaster six months earlier, I had held her in my arms; her soft, curvaceous body pressing against me. Anna’s heart may have been mourning, but her body was yearning. She was still dressed in the short, kaki skirt and halter top she was wearing earlier when she and Dave waved at me as I passed by.

“Let’s move into the kitchen in case someone walks onto the front porch,” I told her.

The six months since we first met wasn’t really that long ago, but during that time we had logged many Saturday or Sunday afternoons together, usually at my house. We did not exclude Dave either; the three of us got together at least once a week for one of Anna’s delicious Italian meals or we traveled to Tampa for a dinner out. This often gave us the opportunity for some under the table fun or kitchen play while we waited for him to turn in.

I made the mistake of telling Anna about the married woman who used to sneak me into her bathroom through the window for some soapy fun while her husband was busy watching television (See: Homemade Pie). That gave her the idea of sneaking me into her bedroom since it was at opposite ends of the house from Dave’s room. We enjoyed it a few times, but parking my car a block away and walking to their house then having to get up before dawn and walk back to my car got to be a bit too much, but we had fun for awhile.

Our relationship was strictly sexual and we both had very active libidos. Anna had already experienced much of the sexual exploration of the sixties and was a willing and sexually charged partner; I had not had that much sex with one partner since my divorce from Marlene two years earlier. We were by no means exclusive partners and, also, enjoyed sharing our konak escort stories about our other experiences.

A few weeks after we met, we had our first experience with multiple partners. It happened purely by accident when we were spending a Saturday afternoon together at my house. We were sprawled out on a comforter on the floor of the den completely naked recovering from one of our marathon fucking sessions; the sliding door to the patio was open to let a cool breeze flow through the house.

All of a sudden the screen door opened and we immediately heard, “Oh my goodness, I’m sorry; I didn’t know you had company.”

The tall, shapely, forty-something woman standing in the doorway was a friend, lover, and former co-worker where I used to teach. Her name was Casey; she was a somewhat attractive woman with a slightly masculine style she called her tomboy look. She was dressed in a pair of cutoff, bib overalls that displayed her long, tan legs and a skimpy tank top that showed off the sides of her ample breasts. The sides of her overalls were unbuttoned exposing her tanned torso down to the top of her hip hugger panties. Her dirty blonde hair was parted on the left side and combed over much like a man’s style

With a smile from ear to ear, she looked at Anna trying to cover herself with cushions from the sofa, “Darlin’ I’m sorry I embarrassed; I should go.”

As she was about to turn to leave, I said, “Or you could just come in and join us.”

Casey quickly smiled and stepped closer; she looked at Anna, “Is that what you would like dear?”

Anna smiled and stood up, “Yes, of course; I’m sorry I reacted that way, I was just startled for a moment. Please join us.”

“Well then, you will have to help me get out of these clothes.”

I did the introduction as Anna unfastened the cutoff, bib overalls and let them slide to the floor. Casey quickly lifted her skimpy tank top over her head, leaving Anna with the task of removing the white cotton, hip hugger, bikini panties with a tiny pink bow on the elastic band. The elastic band spanned from hip to hip almost without touching her flat tummy except at the center beneath her belly button. Her flat tummy made her pubic mound appear more prominent.

Without hesitation, Anna’s hands slipped under the elastic and slid the delicate garment over Casey’s curvy hips and bottom . She knelt down to slide them down the long shapely legs; her face was just inches away from the downy soft, light brown patch of pubic hair and Casey’s partially hidden treasure. Once Casey stepped out of the garment, Anna, knowing my proclivity for enjoying the aroma of such garments, handed them to me.

I don’t think I need to go into great detail about all the possibilities of enjoying the company of two shapely, sexy, naked women on the floor of my den. I can assure you that we each completely enjoyed all the possible ways a man and two women can have and give pleasure to each other; let your imagination run wild and you will probably get the picture. By late afternoon, we were all completely sated and in need of a respite.

As we rested and sipped wine, Casey told Anna about her first threesome with my wife, Marlene and I; that led to Anna telling us about her first bi-experience with a young woman who came to her door selling encyclopedias. Of course, I had to add the story of Anna and me in Dave’s Buick.

It would be impossible to tell you about all the adventures that Anna and I experienced in the span of six months in anything less than a very thick book about the size of War and Peace. We wondered if Dave knew what was going on and didn’t care, or if he was just oblivious to our antics. Either way, we had fun and enjoyed ourselves, and others, immensely.

On the fateful day of Dave’s passing, it was almost noon when I left Anna to pick up my mowing crews and head back to town to drop them off. Once I returned, we picked up where we had left off, in the kitchen with Anna’s skirt pushed up, the crotch of her panties pushed to the side, slowly riding my shaft as tears streamed down her face. I guess it’s true that everyone mourns differently. As the news spread, friends and neighbors stopped by to offer their condolences and leave food.

Anna and I had spent most of Sunday packing up clothes and personal items in the master bedroom where Dave had slept alone for the past ten years or so; I moved boxes of his belongings into the garage to be picked up by the Salvation Army later in the week. The master bedroom took on a more feminine look and aroma as we moved Anna’s clothes and furnishings from the room that had once been their daughter’s before she left for college. Of course, we also found time to enjoy each other’s company as we worked.

Anna and I were up early Monday morning. We enjoyed a playful shower together with soapy hands gliding over each other’s bodies; we had to get dressed before the mortuary delivered Dave’s casket for the wake.

After our shower, Anna güzelbahçe escort smiled at me and gave me a delicious kiss before she began fixing her wavy, coal black, shoulder-length hair. As her arms moved about to brush and style her hair, her grapefruit sized breasts jiggled and swayed; her half-dollar sized, light brown areola and long, thick nipples danced in front of the mirror. By the time she finished her makeup, I had an erection as stiff as a wrecking bar.

“What in the world are we going to do with this before mourners begin showing up?” Anna asked with a playful look as she held it in her hand.

I chuckled, “I guess I’ll have to tie a brick on it to keep it down,” I told her as I stood up and stroked it a few times to show off.

I sat on the bathroom counter and watched Anna fasten a black, satin garter belt around her waist and adjusted it just right. She lifted a foot to the counter, stretched a rolled, black stocking over her foot, and began unrolling it up her shapely, tan leg. I was completely mesmerized by the thick, dark patch of pubic hair that didn’t completely hide her exposed, pink labia as she unrolled the stocking higher up her leg and fastened it with the suspenders of the garter belt. She repeated the process with her other leg then looked over her shoulder into the full-length mirror on the wall to ensure her seams were perfectly straight.

The image reflected in the mirror was one of an exquisite work of art; the individual mounds of flesh which formed her beautiful bottom was perfectly framed by the arch of her garter belt and tops of the black stockings she wore. The same frame in the front displayed the beauty of her perfectly shaped triangle of thick, dark pubic hair at the bottom of her gently curved torso and rounded thighs as the apex of the triangle disappeared between her legs; the Greeks would have described it as her Delta of Venus.

We moved into her bedroom where I took a seat on the bed and sipped my coffee as she removed a pair of full cut, black, lace-trimmed panties from a drawer and stepped into them then pulled them up her long shapely legs and over the suspenders of her black garter belt. She wiggled her hips and bottom to get just the right fit then snapped the elastic waistband against her tummy

As all good things must come to an end, Anna picked up the black, lace trimmed bra from the bed, slipped her arms through the straps, and covered the bare breasts I had so often kissed since meeting her six months earlier when Dave invited me to join them for dinner. I helped Anna get her black dress over her head without messing up her hair then I began to dress.

The mortuary delivered Dave’s casket about ten o’clock that morning. Once it was placed in the living room, they pulled the drapes to give the room a more solemn setting then arranged the flowers and set up the guest book close by. The reception and wake were scheduled to begin at one o’clock that afternoon; because of Dave’s military service, the internment would be Tuesday morning at the National Cemetery about an hour’s drive north.

Shortly after the funeral director departed, the doorbell rang. The beautiful widow fully dressed in black, adjusted the veil over her face and made her way into the living room where her husband’s closed casket lay; tears streamed down her face as she began receiving condolences from friends and family.

I made a quick trip to the airport in Tampa to pick up Anna’s younger sister, Reggie, who was flying in from Norfolk, Virginia where her husband was currently stationed. I had met Reggie two months earlier when Anna and I drove to Orlando to see her when she visited the Naval Training Center there. Reggie had helped Anna through the tough times after she caught Dave cheating on her so the weekends away helped mend her broken heart.

In the evenings they went to the Officers Club on base for dinner and dancing where they could meet handsome, young naval officers who were only there for a six-week school then back to their home stations or ships. The sisters would invite a couple of worthy warriors to their room for a nightcap; the young officers would quickly drop anchor and do some muff diving and sail trimming. Being in the close quarters of one king-sized bed, it was only natural that they would sometimes have very close contact with each other’s partners; sort of a bait and switch or even a twofer if the sailors were willing.

Our weekend away with Reggie, two months earlier was very eventful. Reggie found a handsome young naval officer who was adventuresome and willing to obey a naval officer’s wife. The king-sized bed proved to be just big enough for everyone to enjoy a wide variety of activities and both ladies got to enjoy their first double penetrations . It was a wonderful way to meet someone’s sister.

It was easy to spot Reggie at the baggage claim area; she was a few inches taller than Anna and had a lighter complexion sprinkled with freckles gaziemir escort and curly, strawberry blonde hair. She did not have Anna’s curvaceous body, but she had plenty of curves of her own. Reggie was also opposite of her sister in other ways too; Anna was the sensible brunette while Reggie was the impetuous redhead, outgoing, bubbly, and foul-mouthed, “You like fucking my big sister?” She asked not more than ten minutes after we first met.

She described their differences, “I got my looks from my Irish father and Anna got hers from our Italian mother.”

On our way home from the airport, we talked about how Anna was dealing with Dave’s death and our weekend meeting two months earlier. I laid my hand on her stocking encased thigh, but as soon as I moved it to the smoothness of her bare thigh just above the top of her stocking, she blocked my hand, “I was a bit naughty on the plane so I’m rather messy down there.”

I attempted to reassure her, “Well, I’m not one to let messy interfere with delicious.”

To my surprise, Reggie reached over, unfastened my slacks, reached into my fly, and tugged on my fast swelling cock. Once it was completely out, she studied it a moment.

“How long has it been since this was in my sister?”

I did a quick calculation then replied.

“About three hours ago.”

She lowered her head and kissed its shiny knob; I felt the warmth of her mouth as my cock sank deeper and deeper. I let out a moan as her head began to bob up and down my shaft. There wasn’t much traffic on U.S. Highway 301 after we left the Tampa city limits and headed north so I laid one hand on her head and gave in to the pure pleasure of her warm mouth. When I felt the stirrings throughout my body, I quickly pulled onto the shoulder of the road and stopped. I laid my head against the seat and let the flood of semen fill her mouth. When I looked down, I saw her cheeks dimple as she drew the last drops from my cods. She gave me a quick, rather salty kiss before I pulled back onto the highway.

“Wow, you are very good at that.”

Reggie chuckled softly, “Thanks, I’m the one who taught my big sister how to give blowjobs,” she chuckled again and added, “Two days before she married Dave; I got a neighbor to let us practice on him.”

When we pulled into the driveway at Anna’s, Reggie headed into the house through the garage and straight to the bathroom; I followed with her bags.

Anna was coming out of one of the bedrooms adjusting her veil as I headed down the hall. She immediately turned a bright shade of red when she saw me; she had one of those looks you see when someone gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar. When I leaned close to kiss her, she only reluctantly gave in; it was quickly apparent, it wasn’t a hand caught in the cookie jar look at all. The salty taste of male fluids in her kiss told me it was a, I got caught with a cock in my mouth, look.

I had to laugh, then I gave her another kiss and a pat on her lovely bottom, “Somebody got mighty lucky.”

“I’m sorry darling, an old friend stopped by and I . . . .” The door opened again and a man stepped out trying to get his shirt tail back in his pants as Anna stammered to explain and introduce her “old friend,” Carl.

I stuck out my hand and introduced myself to Carl while Anna, still red-faced, stammered to put her words together.

I leaned closer to Carl and whispered, “You might want to zip up your fly.”

Carl and Anna both turned a deeper shade of red as he made the adjustment then headed toward the kitchen to be with his wife. I was happy to know that Anna was spreading her love; I liked knowing that our relationship was on a solid, sexual footing.

I gave Anna another kiss then we headed toward the master bedroom to see her sister. When we entered the room, the door to the master bath was open and Reggie was sitting on the toilet peeing, her “messy” panties lay on the counter; I resisted the temptation for a closer inspection. Reggie smiled at us, completely at ease, as she finished her business then moved over to straddle the bidet. Anna and I stood at the door and talked to her as the water from below sprayed her undercarriage; she took a bar of soap and washed completely then rinsed with another spray of water before drying off. Reggie and Anna greeted each other with hugs and kisses as I adjusted my swollen cock and wondered if Reggie got the same salty kiss I got.

Anna confessed, “I’m afraid I have been a bit naughty today.”

Reggie chuckled, “Good for you; so have I. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“We need to be discreet tonight, the kids will be home in a little while and I have never mentioned Will to them;” she made sure the sliding glass door was unlocked so we could come and go from the outside without being noticed, then she left the room to get back to the guests. I watched in awe as the widow in black seemed to glide away from us.

Reggie wanted to freshen up and change her clothes so she asked me to unzip her dress. A minute later she was only wearing a garter belt and stockings as she dug through her bags looking for whatever it is that women need to freshen up. As I had done numerous times with Anna, I sat on the counter and watched while Reggie touched up her make-up and redressed. I was desperate for another taste of her sweet nectar.

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