Chance Encounter Ch. 27

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The departure of Jean’s mom to her bedroom made Miguel feel for the first time since he arrived at Jean’s house all alone. Even though it wasn’t but a minute or two before Jean would walk through the front door he found himself wishing Jean’s mom were there when she did. He felt very anxious; his pulse and breathing quickened, his stomach felt tight.

Standing there in the shorts, t-shirt, and panties Jean provided him, wearing an apron that was he thought rather frilly, Miguel hoped Jean would not see him as ridiculous as he suddenly felt. If he had been a dog he would have been anxiously whining for his master’s return. He heard a car door shut, but for some reason couldn’t bring himself to peek out the window. The waiting continued for another half minute until he saw the door knob turn followed by the door opening. Jean came in, not the least surprised to see him dutifully standing there. Something told him to not approach her, but to wait.

Turning away from him ever so briefly she closed the door. She then looked at him from head to toe and smiled before saying, “I see you wore what I laid out for you. I really like the apron on you; that was my mom’s idea. “

He asked, “Do you like?”

She approached him and as she hugged him whispered into his ear, “Oh yeah, I definitely like. If we were married I’d ravish you right now, but since we’re not you’re going to have to ravish me. Where’s my mom?”

“In her room. She said she was going to take a nap.”

Jean kissed Miguel thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Miguel hugged her thinking how good it felt to have her in his arms. He swore her mouth tasted of cock but instead of repelling him it made him want to kiss her more. They stood there making out for a solid ten minutes.

When they paused, Jean said, “I’m so aroused right now.”

Miguel answered, “Me too.”

She ground herself against his, “You’re wearing it aren’t you? I can feel it.”

He said, “Yes.”

She placed her mouth on his and they began another long french kiss. She continued rubbing herself against him opening her legs and even hiking her dress up until she positioned the metal tube against her sweet spot. He kneaded her buttocks standing there as she humped his caged penis. While he could feel nothing he still felt his desire building; his testicles ached as though they were being yanked on. Jean was breathing hard through her nose as her mouth remained locked to Miguel’s. Her grinding became more frenzied as her orgasm built. Suddenly she stiffened, groaning into his mouth.

She pulled her pelvis away from him and her mouth from his, but leaned her head on Miguel’s shoulder whispering, “That was so hot. Next time I want us both to be naked.”

He whispered, “I’d like that too.”

They stood there. She asked how his week and how his ride went, thanked him for helping her mom, told him she had a surprise for him for helping her out, and said they had a lot to talk about aksaray escort but it would have to wait.

“Right now,” she said, “we need to help my mom out. You don’t mind staying home with me this evening do you instead of going out?”

He did mind; what he wanted to do was go down on his beloved Jean, hear about her sexual exploits, show her his cage, talk about Tommy, find out what was in the letters he hadn’t read, and tell her everything that happened with Father G and ask her if what her mom said was true, that she was done with Leo. And he wanted to know if Father G was the man fucking her in the recording he had heard. What he wanted he reminded himself didn’t matter; it was what she wanted. He reminded himself he was Jean’s rock.

He know he sounded tortured when he answered, “I don’t mind. Just as long as I can spend time with you.”

He wouldn’t know for many hours but his response was exactly the right and only one she wanted to hear.

She suggested they go and sit on the couch and watch t.v. but she wanted to lay down. She asked him to get a blanket from her room which he did. She stood waiting for him and said, “Before you sit down you can take the apron off.” He had forgotten he had it on. He didn’t know why but her comment about the very frilly apron made him blush. He took it off.

Jean said, “Throw it in the hamper in my room. Then sit down. I want to use your lap as my pillow.”

He did as she asked. She kicked off her shoes and stretched out on the couch. Together they covered her with the blanket.

She turned on her side and nuzzled her cheek against his cage.

“Turn on the t.v. Miguel.” He grabbed the remote and the sound of a college football game filled the room.

“Anything you want to watch Jean?” he asked.

“The channel it’s on is fine.” She then whispered, “I just want some noise to you know make it harder for my mom to hear us.”

He answered, “Oh,” wondering what she had in mind.

She opened her mouth and put her lips around the metal lump in his shorts, “I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for doing this for me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Is it comfortable?”

“So far it is.”

“Good. Father said it would take some time for you to get used to it. I want you so bad right now Miguel.”

“I want you too Jean.”

She turned and lay flat on her back. Looking up at him, she said, “Laying here with the blanket covering me brings back so many memories. Remember how we used to do this when we started dating, me covered up in case my parents came home. Would you pet me?”

He answered her by extending his left arm as she lifted her bottom off the couch hiking her dress up a few inches. He put his hand inside her panties and using his middle finger began located her clitoris and began to slowly massage it.

“Put your finger in me Miguel.”

He did. She rolled her hips and soon he had not one but three fingers in alsancak escort her cunt sawing in and out. He used his right hand to massage her clitoris while his left fucked her. She stared up at him and he down at her loving the expression on her face as she got closer and closer to the big O. When she came her body tightened and she dug her nails into the wrist that was strumming her clitoris.

She signaled for him to stop. He removed his fingers from her vagina pulling her panties back up.

“Thanks Miguel, I needed that.” She yawned, “Now I need a little nap. You should take one too. We have a big night ahead of us and I don’t want you tired, but before you do, smell your fingers.”

He brought them up to his nose and sniffed. They were sticky. He immediately recognized the smell, cum. Tommy had fucked Jean.

He was going to ask her if he could lick them clean when she said, “Put them in my mouth.” She cleaned each of his fingers sucking them down to the knuckle, “I don’t want any of it to go to waste.”

What he remembered most was how much his balls ached at that very moment.

Satisfied they were clean Jean asked him to bend down and kiss her. He did savoring the taste of her juices and Tommy’s on her breath. When they finished which was some minutes later, she said, “Now we both need to get some rest. You’ll thank me for it later.”

She was out within a minute and he within five noting as he drifted off how filled and taxing his day had been.

Jean’s mom woke them up several hours later apologizing as she did, “You two need to wake up. My guests will be here in a half hour.”

Jean got up and said they both needed to change, but she would go first as she didn’t need a shower hinting that all the sweating he had done helping her mom made him need one. She left the room taking the blanket with her. Fifteen minutes later she returned from her bedroom with a different dress on and freshly applied make up and brushed hair. She told Miguel it was his turn, “You can take a shower in my bathroom. Wear the clothes you had on when you saw Father.”

He closed the door to her bedroom and entered the bathroom stripping rather hurriedly. He needed to urinate and for the first time since being caged emptied his bladder. Aiming was problematic as he had to line up the tube and his penis and aim his stream through the rather small slit at the top of the cage. He decided it would be less messy if he sat down to urinate. He felt a kinship with the female sex noting he now peed like they did, sitting down.

Shaking his penis wasn’t much of an option as urine clung to the cage forcing him to use toilet paper to wipe it dry.

He got in the shower and realized cleaning his genitals was no longer so simple. He couldn’t really clean his penis. Getting out of the shower, toweling off, he noticed on Jean’s vanity a sticky note.

It read, “Miguel, use my blow dryer down there. amasya escort And don’t forget the baby oil I don’t want you to chafe.” A smiley face one eye winking was how she signed her note.

He did as she suggested. He had never been very conscious of his scrotum but the chain wrapped behind his sac got his attention. His balls seemed swollen, tender. He sensed it would take some time before they got used to being pulled up so high and stretched.

A few minutes later he was dressed and joined Jean and her mom in the kitchen. Jean’s mom explained their roles for the evening. He was to do the cooking and serving while Jean and she did the entertaining. It was a long evening but as it turned down an enjoyable one. The ladies all oohed and aahed over him telling him they were jealous of Jean and her mom wishing they had husbands or sons in law as helpful as Miguel. One even asked in a very joking manner if Miguel did housework. Jean’s mom answered saying he did. Another blurted out, “Does he do foot massages?”

Jean answered, “Yes he does, but only mine,” lifting her foot up to emphasize her point. The ladies all burst out laughing reminding Miguel for some reason of a flock of hens.

Waiting on people came naturally for Miguel. Jean was by at least two decades the youngest woman there. After dinner when they began playing cards, their inhibitions lowered by alcohol, the conversations seemed to focus on relationships or sex. It seemed the women weren’t much different than the men he knew; they were merely less crude about it. The setting provided them an opportunity to vent about their husbands’ shortcomings, selfishness in bed, unwillingness to pitch in with the housework, and generally crass behavior. They teased Jean hoping they weren’t scaring her out of marriage but also pointing out how Miguel was so different in a good way than their husbands. They missed being catered to and they longed for the freedoms their husbands seemed to have. As for wanting other men as sexual partners it seemed nearly all, with the exception of Jean’s mom, wished for someone famous, good looking, and rich, to park his boots under their bed.

Jean had earlier in the evening told Miguel to wait in her bedroom during those times when the guests didn’t need new drinks. With regards to the dirty dishes she didn’t want him in the kitchen cleaning while the guests were there; she instead wanted him to quietly clean the plates off and let them soak in the sink. There was a water filled container he could soak the silverware in. The glasses he could empty and leave on the countertop.

It was 1 before the last guest left. The instant she was out the door Miguel started the clean up. Jean’s mom looked tired, but in a very good mood. Jean looked buzzed, alert, a bit tipsy, upbeat, and Miguel hoped horny as his arousal had continued climbing throughout the evening. Playing butler and now maid hadn’t squelched his sexual longing for Jean but grew it. After one trip to the bathroom he noticed his caged manhood was dripping precum. Being Jean’s helper inexplicably turned him on. He didn’t know if it was because of the reward he was sure to get for being such a good boyfriend or that being there for her left him awash in endorphins.

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