The Fishing Trip

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It was late spring when myself, Toby and Robert decided to take a fishing trip one weekend. The weather was warmer and drier than normal so it was the perfect time. We all like outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and fishing. We thought a weekend fishing, which meant two nights camping, would be a good break from an abnormally busy spring work schedule.

I wasn’t out at work, but not because work’s anti-gay. I simply don’t like to mix work life with home life. Toby and I have worked together for a couple years while Robert was the ‘newbie’, only having worked with us for a few months.

Both Toby and Robert had girlfriends at the time. And while Toby wasn’t my type, he was a good guy and fun to be around. Robert on the other hand — he was totally my type. Shorter and younger than me, with green eyes and dirty blond hair. Our uniforms we wore included button up shirts which allowed you to see some skin if one doesn’t button the top button. His blonde chest hair poking out turned me on something fierce.

Friday came and Toby told us his girlfriend forbade him from going out on the weekend as it was their anniversary. Toby can be absent minded. So it was just Robert and myself. That excited part of me, as it meant, maybe, Robert and I could have a ‘Brokeback Mountain’ moment, but I wasn’t holding my breath.

Friday afternoon came and, after work, we met at the park around 730PM or so. We made out way to the campsite, set up camp and hit the lake shore. We fished for a while, catching nothing of consequence but talking like high school girls. I learned Robert is, among other things, the youngest of five, the only boy, and has a girlfriend that’s controlling. I wondered how he got away for the weekend but didn’t ask.

After a few hours, around midnight, we decided to get some sleep. We each crawled in to out tents and got ready for bed. I was tired. And when I get tired, I get horny; always have. No idea why. I laid in bed wondering what Robert was doing in the tent next door, thinking about him sleeping, probably hard, next to me. I closed my eyes allowing my imagination for run wild. I reached in to my boxer and rubbed my hardening dick when I heard my tent zipper. I jumped and shot straight up. It was Robert.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

Robert crawled in without saying a word, and sat next to me. He pulled out his phone, opened an app, and spun it around. I saw a picture of a headless man. My mouth dropped when I realized what it was.

I few weeks ago, I was horny and trolling for a piece of dick on a hookup app when I came across this photo. This ‘guy’ and I chatted for a few but after a while, he stopped talking to me. Which happens on these apps when someone finds another, but someone ‘hotter’ comes along.

“What’s that?” I asked naively.

“Me” he whispered. “That’s the photo I use on mu profile” he said turning his phone back around to his face, its light lighting up his shirtless body. The light shown his hairy chest in all its glory. Long, thin dirty blonde chest hair covered his chest and collar bone, but nothing down on his stomach, which was not only flat, but curved with abs.

“We chatted online a couple weeks ago. I wanted to say something but not at work. This is the first time we’ve been alone to talk about it” he explained.

I sat there not saying anything.

He continued: “You’re hot and when I figured out it was you, I chickened out and stopped talking to you on here” pointing at the app.

Thinking back, he did get quiet at work right after this, but I didn’t put two and two together well enough. Hell, he has a girlfriend so, while I found his sariyer escort cute and sexy, I never thought anything more about it.

“Okay….so now what?” I asked, being secretly disappointed that his phone went dark and I couldn’t see his body any longer.

“I thought we could hook up now!” he said.

I unzipped my sleeping bag and sat up. “I didn’t bring any thing with me” I replied.

Shining his phone in to his fanny pack, reached in and pulled out a bottle of lube and a rubber. “I grabbed these when I knew Toby wasn’t coming. I was….hopeful?”

I turned over and flipped on my lantern light, which was just bright enough to see his shirtless body. His chest hair was long and covered in his dirty blonde hair, which juxtaposed against his smooth four pack stomach. His hairy legs stuck out of his boxers, which wasn’t something I expected. His arms were covered in very small, very fine blonde hair and, while his stubble was visible, it was sparse. I also noticed he was already hard.

I was already shirtless, wearing only boxer briefs which was already tight thanks to my hard cock. I pulled him down on top of me and covered ourselves in my sleeping bag. I ran my hands down his back. It was smooth and his soft skin covering a surprisingly muscular back. As I got to his lower back, I felt a bit of fuzziness growing up from his ass.

We started kissing. His lips were warm and rough, which surprised me. But he knew how to kiss and his tongue work was excellent! And he didn’t have bad breath. Fact is, he must have used mouth wash before he came to my tent. I reached in to his boxers and ran my finger down his hairy crack. His ass was round but not as firm as you’d think based on his four pack. But that was fine — more for the squeezing! Our kissing became loud and wet. Luckily we were in out own area with no one around! I felt his hairy chest scouring against my smooth chest — scratching my erect and sensitive nipples.

I ran my hand down his ass and around to his thigh, which was just as hairy as his rear end, when I felt something wet. I wondered if his bottle of lube was leaking. When I touched this wetness, he pulled back.

“Sorry. I leak a lot sometimes” he told me. My god that was hot.

“Don’t worry. I love it!” I replied as I leaned up and started biting his neck. He groaned loudly and started grinding his crotch on mine. I played in his puddle of pre-cum, wetting all his hair on his thigh. I reached around and found his hard cock trying to poke out of his boxers. The end of it soaked with his pre-cum. I rolled my finger around the large, wet head of his cock. I traced his flared cut dick head as I licked his neck, making my way around to his throat. I could feel his long hairs of his chest tickling my chin as I kissed his Adam’s Apple, feeling his neck vibrate as he groaned and called my name.

I slid Robert up a bit so I could burry my face in that forest of chest hair. It was as soft as cotton. I matted it down with my tongue, trying to find his nipple. He seemed to realize this as he pulled his nipple towards my mouth. When I made contact with his nipple, he collapsed on my, wrapping an arm around my head. I could feel his wet cock on my stomach, smearing his cream around even more. I’ve been with guys that cum less than Robert’s pre-cum.

“Oh my god Mike. I’ve waited for this for weeks!” he cried as I chewed on his nipple. I ran one hand up his side — I could feel his ribs a bit — and found his shoulder. Running my hand underneath, I felt his hairy pit and, his surprisingly large triceps. He was more toned than I ever imagined!

He swung his legs around eskort so he was sitting on my stomach. I rubbed his hairy legs and the hair was as soft as his chest hair, though a lot thicker in coverage. I wondered if his hairy legs, chest and legs meant his balls were hairy as well. My lantern light shown on his chest I wetted with my tongue and his glistening stomach, which he wetted with his own pre-cum.

Robert braced himself on my chest as he leaned in. “I want you inside me” he said. My cock bounced with anticipation and joy as I smiled an approval. Robert leaned over and grabbed the lube while I kicked off my underwear, my cock slapping my stomach with a wet sound as I pre-cum as well. I reached up and pulled off his boxers. His cock sprung out with a string or pre-cum from his dick head to the boxers themselves. His cock, while not the largest I’ve ever been with, was a decent size, especially for someone of his 5’6″ would seem to dictate. What was more impressive was with beautifully thick, and trimmed, bush and his massive balls.

His nuts were easily twice the size of my own, and I don’t have tiny balls. There were smooth, which I didn’t expect by appreciated. And while he was smooth above the waist, save for his chest, he was wonderfully hairy from the waist down. I sat up and spun him around so he was on his back. I pushed his hairy legs back against his chest, which made for a beautiful sight, being backlit from my lantern. All I could see before me was a pair of black hairy legs above my head. I bent down and buried my face in his hairy ass, searching for his hole. When my tongue found it, he let out the groans of all groans. I licked his hairy hole, feeling his quiver as I worked my magic on his manhole. His legs shook and twitched as I prepped his hole.

“Fuck me that’s amazing!” he cried.

“I’m prepping you” I told him.

“For what?” he asked.

“Bigger and better things to come” I replied, feeling pretty confident with myself.

“Shit man. Yeah fuck me please. I want your hot dick inside me!” he begged.

I lubed up his hole as I slapped his inner thigh with my hard cock.

He reached down and grabbed my cock.

“Fuck man. That thing’s big! I’m not sure now” he told me.

I was hard an horny there was no way I was going to let this pass me by.

“I’ll be easy and slow I promise. You never been fucked by a guy before?” I asked.

“Never” he replied.

“Oh Robby. This will be fucking awesome I promise!” I guaranteed him.

I placed my lubed head on his hole and pressed in. My head popped in easily and he gasped, pushing his hands back against me.

“Fuck!” he yelled.

“Just relax Robby…relaxed” I said slowly as I pushed more in to him. His hold tried to resist but I wouldn’t be denied. Robert slapped the ground as I eased in every eight of my thick inches. His ass squeezed my cock so much I thought he was going to pinch me in half, but I eventually got myself buried deep inside him with relative ease.

As my balls rested on his hairy cheeks, I felt his body relax. I pulled his hairy legs up on my shoulders and braced myself by placing my hands on his chest, deep in that bed of blonde hair. I looked down to see his massive balls resting next to his hard cock that seemed to be constantly coating his stomach with Robert-juice. As I pulled back out of his ass, his balls fell down to the side. I wonder how I’d fuck him without hurting his balls, but figured I’d cross that bridge if I came to it.

I pushed back in and I watched his dick shoot out more cream as his balls slid up to nest beside his leaking cock. I took that as a sign beyoglu escort and started fucking him. He cried in pain. Or pleasure. Or both. I wasn’t sure but he didn’t ask me to stop so I didn’t. I pounded that hairy ass as hard as I could. Being there was no one around, we both got loud. He yelled and cursed, I moaned and groaned. He begged for more.

As I pulled out for a break, his hole made that suction noise tight, virgin holes make the first time they’re fucked. I sat back and looked at his breathing hard. His hairy chest rose and fell with each breath he took, his giant balls, hanging down to the side.

“Come here” I said as I pulled him up. He winced as he said up on his butt, which told me I did something right. I laid down in his position, and pulled him on top of me.

“Sit on my dick Robby” I commanded.

He straddled me not knowing what to do so I held my slick cock and guided his hole to my pole. He I could tell he was over me, I slide him down on me quickly. His eyes bugged out a bit and his cock blew out a glob of pre-cum, landing on my already wet stomach. Once down on me fully, I pulled him forward and placed his hands on my chest. I started pumping in to him. He twitched a bit before he got used to it, then, to my surprise, he started to ride me more like a pro than a virgin. His cock bounced around through pre-cum every where. I could see shots of it in the light of the lantern. His giant balls bounced like pale and smooth basketballs. I was concerned he’d hurt himself but didn’t mind what he was doing if he didn’t.

I reached up and grabbed a hand full of chest hair and pulled hard, holding him in place as I slammed in to his hairy, and now worn, hole. His head, which has previously been thrown back, was now looking directly at me. His breathing increased — I could feel his chest rising and falling as I held on to his chest hair like I was riding a bucking bronco.

“Fuck man! Oh God…I’m gonna shoot my…” and before he could finish his sentence loads of thick, white juice erupted from his swollen cock head. Cum literally went everywhere before I could grab his bouncing, exploding cock and directly at me. If his hole was tight before, it was like a vice grip now, I didn’t want him to squeeze my cock out of his hole so I released my handful of chest hair and held him down on me and held his cock. As he emptied his juices on to me I pulled out and blew my own load up his back and on to his hairy ass. As I finished my last shot, I slide back up inside him and slammed in to his used hole even more. I fucked him as hard and fast as I physically could. He cried as I thrusted in to him, his cock still drooling juices on to my soaked stomach — I even had some on my face.

As I slowed and pulled out of him on last time, he collapsed on to me, his cum, unbeknownst to me, cementing us together. But I didn’t mind. As he rolled off of me, his chest hair matted first with my spit and now with his semen, peeled off of me like Velcro.

We both laid there breathing heavily, our cocks softening, leaking man-spackle. I looked over to him, his stubble never looking more sexy, his eyes wide with contentment.

“You okay?” I asked between breaths.

He looked at me and smile. “Hell yeah — never better!” he replied with a laugh. “If I would have know this was waiting for me, I would have said something a long time ago!”

“Well, I’m glad we went fishing without Toby” I replied with a smile.

“We can’t say anything about this to anyone. Any one!” he said.

“Of course not. Our secret” I reassured him.

And I never did. Until now.

Robert broke up with his girlfriend soon after that first night, realizing girls can’t satisfy his itch. And while we never ‘dated’, there were other ‘fishing trips’ we took together for the remainder of the summer — almost every other week. What a great summer that was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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