First Date

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Rubbing his cock, Derek was deciding what to wear. Should he wear something conservative, or something more casual? Definately loose in the crotch area. His penis, though not too large, was big enough to hurt when the little guy strained his jeans. His partially hard shaft jumped in his hand as He decided to be casual.

Grabbing a pair of jeans and a muscle shirt, he put them on. the jeans were tight and showed off his ass, he knew because he always got a lot of comments when he wore that particular pair. He spent time in the gym, and it showed. Although he was 45, he had the body of a man half his age. This helped when he dated younger women, as he was about to do tonight.

Derek met her at a party a few nights before, and this was to be their first date. He really knew nothing about her, except that she was younger, by almost 20 years, and that she was built. Small waist separating a nice bust line and flaring hips. She had long blond hair and it was thick. He could picture himself yanking it back as he rode her from behind.

He picked her up at her apartment, and they left for dinner. The conversation went from the mundane to the sultry. They ate in relative silence as they contemplated what to do next.

Teena ate her shrimp linguine thoughtfully as she pondered his true age. She had guessed that he was around 35, and he laughed and said that he was older than that. She shivered in anticipation. Teena’s best friend, Lalaine introduced them at her party. She knew that Teen had an interest in older men. Being only 27, she had been with men her own age and decided that they were too boring and unmotivated. This was most definitely not the case with Derek. He was handsome, older, owned his own business, which employed over a thousand people, and he was intoxicating.

He watched her full, pouty lips; imagining them wrapped around his cock, her full breasts straining against the soft cotton of her blouse. She was dressed to kill, a micro miniskirt to show off her long shapely legs, just barely covering her ass, and a blouse that was thin enough to show him that she wasn’t wearing a bra and it was open halfway down to show off her cleavage.

Teena turned and the tip of one nipple barely peeked into view as she watched as someone walked by. Derek’s hard on became fully erect and demanded to be satisfied. He closed his eyes and ran a hand over the bulging hardness and whispered, “don’t worry, you will be serviced tonight.”

Derek and Teena finished their dinner and he helped her into her seat. Her skirt rose slightly, showing off her bare ass. He smiled thinking, “either she has no panties on, or she is wearing a g-string.” He was determined to find out in the next hour or so which it was.

Getting into the car himself, he gave her a once over to let her know that he appreciated her appearance. She blushed prettily and he knew where he was going to take her. His place. More specifically, the basement. He knew how to make her come out of her shell. Since he knew from the previous conversation that she had no work for the next three days, he could do everything leisurely Just the way he liked.

“I think I know where to take you next. Do you trust me?” he asked her.

“Yes, I think I do. I don’t know why, but I do. Is that so strange? I find you both trustworthy and yet dangerous at the same time. It is a potent combination.” she said, stressing it by opening her thighs and wiggling her hips a little. Her lips were bare. He could see them now. Bare and wet.

He shifted in his own seat to accommodate his own arousal and put a hand on her thigh. Rubbing it slowly, he made his way slowly up to her skirt. She tilted her head back and moaned. He continued driving as he slid his fingers into her hot cunt. She spread her legs even more and moaned even more loudly. Her hips rocking back in forth in time to his fingers plunging into her cave.

She stopped just before she came and pushed his hand away. Teena grinned at him before leaning over and unzipping his jeans with her teeth. She gasped in surprise as his penis popped free finally and nearly hit her in the nose. She jojobet giggled and licked the head of Derek’s dick until it glistened in the streetlights. Mewing like a contented kitten, she guzzled his entire penis into her mouth and he had trouble keeping control of the vehicle.

She sucked hard and kept the pressure the same as she slowly pulled back, creating even more suction just by pulling back. She ran her tongue around his head and inserted it into the sensitive hole. As Teena was pulling up, her fingers followed her tongue, putting light pressure on his engorged member as he moved to accommodate her better under the steering wheel.

Not soon enough they arrived in his driveway. She disengaged herself after he felt his balls tighten and his creamy white cum spewed into her mouth, sucking it greedily down her throat, licking him clean. She twitched as her own orgasm hit her and he sat back and watched her as she writhed in her seat, keeping his cock nice and hard.

He led her out of the driveway and into the house, he then blindfolded her and led her down…down…down. She shivered in anticipation. He stopped, let go of her, and she heard some movement. Teena felt his cool hand propelling her forward until she met resistance. Her thigh had bumped into a table of some sort.

Taking off her blindfold, he allowed her to see his basement for the first time. She blushed as she saw different items, knowing their use, but never having used them or had them used on her. Shyly, she looked at him and saw that he was wearing nothing but his birthday suit.

He smiled and led her to the bed, it was a large comfortable bed, with a canopy. Attached to the rails on each of the four corners were ropes. She felt her juices surge at the thought of being tied up and helpless in front of this man. He kneeled in front of her, and she straddled his face and he licked her bare pussy. He reached around and grabbed her ass as if she were the man and he the woman giving head. He squeezed and she leaned into him, holding his head. She ran her fingers through his slightly thinning hair and grabbed a handful. It was soft and felt wonderful in her fingers like that.

Spreading her thighs even more, she felt the stirrings of her first orgasm at the tip of his tongue. Screaming a primal scream, she shuddered and gyrated as he held on tightly, refusing to stop. She tried to push him away, but her orgasm took too much out of her. She weakly fought him as he continued to lick her swollen nub and slide his fingers in and out of her slippery hole. Her juices running down his arm as she pulsated around his fingers.

With a final grunt, Teena collapsed. Derek held her closely as she continued to spasm. when she finally finished, she looked at him with complete adoration and wonder.

“No one has ever been able to do that to me. Wow! Let me reciprocate. If you lie down on the bed, I can do a better job than in the car.” She commanded.

She got up and led him to the bed. Throwing him down she jumped on top of him. His erection already evident as she licked him starting at his feet. She licked his toes, then sensuously moving upward to his knees. SHe nibbled on the spot just behind his knee that was usually ticklish, but made him feel sparks with each nip. Agonizingly slowly, she reached his inner thighs.

She licked and sucked as her fingers found his scrotum. She began to gently roll his balls between her slender fingers, causing him to shiver with pleasure. SHe continued to move upward to his belly, sucking and licking his navel as her breasts brushed against his thighs. Her taut nipples teasing his skin as they caressed him. Suddenly she was straddling his hips, he could feel her wet lips on his cock, but not allowing him to enter her.

She giggled and grabbed a rope and quickly tied his left hand to the bed, he was able to sneak a lick on her erect nipple as she bent over his head to confine his hand. SHe quickly moved to the other hand and he let her, knowing that she would release him if he asked. He flicked his tongue on her other nipple as it was dangled in front of his face. jojobet Giriş

Kissing Derek, Teena slid her hands down his sides to his hips, and then slid down; licking and sucking the whole way down. She spent time at each nipple, pulling it and sucking at one as she tweaked and pinched the other. His chest was well defined, but not overly muscular. She ran her fingertips over his skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever she touched.

He rocked his hips and she slid down further, until her lips met his manhood. Teena ran her tongue over the pale shaft and nipped the head just before sliding down to tie his legs part. He was completely helpless. At her mercy. Just the way she liked it.

Derek had never been restrained, and he found it erotic. He never understood what his women had liked about it, but now he understood. No pressure. He could just relax and enjoy everything. It was a new sensation, one that he greatly enjoyed.

With Derek spread eagle, Teena could do what she wanted. She slid up his legs until her breasts were on either sid eof his pulsing cock. SHe squeezed them and began rocking back and forth. She rubbed her wet clit on his thigh as she titty fucked him. She heard him moaning and felt his balls tighten up just before he was about to cum. Teena drew back and looked at him, struggling with his bonds to grab her and finish the job.

Teena smiled and bent over, engulfing his entire penis in one swallow. He could feel her throat muscles working their wonder as her tongue wrapped around his cock and she sucked until her cheeks were as sunken in as she could get them. Then, pulling back she created even stronger suction. She was doing this entirely to please him. Up and down went her face, up and down went his hips. He felt his balls tighten up again under her fingers and this time, she let him spray his cum into her throat, swallowing it each time he spurted.

After he stopped spurting, she licked him clean and sat back. His wilted penis resting on his inner thigh, his chest glistening in the dim light. The most beautiful male specimen she ever encountered. She untied him and asked if he was all right. He said yes, and they went upstairs, naked as the day they were born, and got something to eat.

AFter they ate, Derek led Teena back downstairs. He led her to a pole that was about waist high and had a bar going a cross the top, forming a T. He bent her over it and tied her hands at her feet. He then backed up to view her. Her ass was perfectly rounded and her wet lips puffed out as she was exposed like never before. Her legs were slightly parted and this also parted her pussy so he could see where he was going to go. Her pussy lips excited and wet, glistening more and more as the first drops of her pussy juices started to run down her thigh. This and more made his heart beat faster and his cock rise to the occasion.

Walking up to just behind her, he pressed a finger in her pussy and rubbed her clit at the same time. Massaging her quim, he slowly entered her with his rock hard penis. She grunted as he slid all the way in, his cock stretching her and filling her up. He rested his head on her cervix and reached over and squeezed her breast. Leaning over, he grabbed the other one and began to slide in and out. With each thrust in, he stretched her breasts back as he was using them for leverage. He pinched her nipples until they hurt and she cried out. SHe reared back to meet him thrust for thrust, as much as she could. Teena felt his balls slapping her thighs each time he thrust forward. Slap! Slap! SLap! they went as he drove into her hard.

He knew he was going to cum, but instead of letting it flow over him, he stopped. She tightened around him, begging to be fucked more. He untied her and led her to the bed. He laid her down and spread her legs. Bending her knees and raising her hips, she beckoned him to enter her. He positioned himself between her thighs and slid home. She grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples as he fucked her so hard that the bed rocked against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his hips and grabbed his ass, pulling jojobet Güncel Giriş him deeper and deeper. Teena felt herself cumming and she dug her nails into his ass trying to get him as deep as he could go. He complied and drove himself until he was hitting her clit with his pelvis, causing yet another orgasm. Her vaginal walls pulling him further in and squeezing him. He exploded deep inside her and he thrust deeply and stayed there. She pulled him down on her and they fell asleep like that. Exhausted.

Teena woke up spread eagle and bound. She struggled against her bonds and Derek was nowhere in sight.

“Derek! Where are you?” Teena called as she looked around. She pulled on her arm restraints and knew that she was stuck…at his mercy. SHe could feel her cum drenched pussy beginning to swell as she added her own juices to the mix. Her breasts were chilled and that made her nipples pucker. She called him again.

“Derek! Come here baby! I need you now. Come fuck me. Fuck me now!” She begged. Knowing that she was open for anyone to enjoy, she was turned on. She heard footsteps on the stairs. She looked that direction, and was alarmed to see a man with a deep seated hunger in his eyes. He was hungry for her. Teena struggled with her bonds and squeaked as he made a beeline for her.

“I watched you sleep for a while, knowing that I would take you this way. Know that I am in control and you are at my mercy.”

He slapped her clit with an open hand and she jumped as far as her bonds would allow. Biting on her puckered tip, he clamped something cold on the other. She looked and saw a nipple clamp, with a vibrator. He attached something entirely different to her other nipple. A suction cup with a tube. Wet with his spit, the suction cup was stuck to her until he decided to take it off. No accidentally knocking it off.

He turned on the vibrator and she moaned. Arching her back she begged for more. He turned on the machine that sucked her other nipple. Thus satisfied, he moved down to her bare pussy. He slid a finger in, pulled it out and tasted it. He had felt that she was wet and slippery enough for anything. Scooping out a little bit of their combined cum, he spread it on another toy. He made sure it was slippery before he drove it home.

He turned on the vibrator and strapped it to her thighs, keeping it in place. He then took another suction cup and licked it, applying it to her already swollen clit. The effect was immediate. SHe writhed under his toys and he stood back and watched with great interest. She begged for him to take them off, but he refused.

He wanted to watch her cum once more from a distance before he slid inside her and slam fuck her.

She felt her body contort as she had several orgasms in a row. Screaming with need, she was beyond help. SHe wanted to feel his penis thrusting in and out of her. She was denied. Cumming again, she could barely move. WHen she had cum enough times that she was a mass of quivering jelly, he gently removed the vibrator from her wet slit.

Her sigh of relief was short lived as he slid inside her. Tight from all her orgasms, he felt like he had come home. Pulling on the vibrating nipple clamp, he felt her tighten even more around him as a tiny orgasm hit her again. A great moan bursting from her lips as he removed the suction cup from her nipple and bit it. Her heavy breathing allowed him to lay still and pull her nipple at the same time.

He slowly began to move inside her. All the way out, all the way in. ALl the way out until the tip of his penis barely touched her, thrust hard back in. He kept that pace up until she came around him again. His desire stoked by her thrusting back at him, he yanked off the nipple clamp and began to slam into her.

His thighs slammed into hers as she heard the slapping of wet bodies and felt his penis stroking her G-spot. She knew that she couldn’t last much longer and she was right. With an animalistic scream, she felt her vagina squeezing his penis and his penis buried deeply and pulsating his own orgasm.

Still quivering, Teena fell asleep. Derek removed himself from her and admired his handiwork. He knew she had never cum like that before. She looked beautiful to him, covered in cum, glistening with sweat, totally open and naked to him. He gently removed the ropes from her legs and wrists and let her sleep in comfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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