Finding Trisha Ch. 03: Spank Me

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“Trisha, the Bank of America has called several times for you this past week. It wasn’t a robot and the woman said she needed to speak with you directly. Something about your credit card. Probably a scam, I know, but I wanted to pass it along,” Greg said while getting dressed in their bedroom for work in the morning.

“OK, thanks. I’ll call them back today,” Trisha responded, cool as a cucumber.

In her head, of course, things were not so cool. That credit card is the one that she had used to purchase two steamy nights with world-renowned sex coach and “sexiest man alive,” James Hamilton. Was there a problem with these purchases?

Oh dear, she thought, there’s at least one problem, which is the fact that she’s now regularly spending thousands of dollars of money that she does not have so that she can cheat on her husband with a professional. Hmm, she thought, this is not something that she’s going to be able to sustain…

Trisha concluded that she’d call back the bank, see what the problem was, and go from there.

After Greg had left for work and the kids had left for school, Trisha called back the number for the bank. A friendly Asian-sounding woman answered, letting her know that this call may be monitored and/or recorded for quality-assurance purposes.

“Good morning, Trisha. How are you today? I am Marcia and I am here to help you,” said the friendly woman from Asia, who was most likely not really named Marcia…

“I’m fine,” Trisha reported. “What is going on?”

“There are two charges on your credit card that have been flagged as possible fraud. They were posted in the past four weeks. Each was for $1,000 Canadian dollars. They were for a company called ‘Toronto Sexual Healing.’ I am not sure why, but this business has had some problems in the past and all charges to this business are flagged for potential fraud.”

Trisha’s heart sank. The fact that this call was potentially going to be recorded didn’t help. This conversation put a real face to what all Trisha was doing, and it didn’t feel good. She’d spent about $1,400 US dollars, charged to her credit card, no less, for sex. And not only that, but these charges were being tracked, recorded, and investigated, with phone calls pertaining to them coming back to her residence. Trisha shook with nerves upon this realization.

“It’s OK,” Trisha said nervously. “Those charges are correct. Is there anything else I can help you with, Marcia?”

Marcia gave what was clearly a canned response. “OK, thanks for this information. If you have any additional questions, or are interested in hearing about our rates for a line of credit, please stay on the line. Otherwise, have a good day.”

It was 9:45 and Trisha was still in her nightgown in her bedroom. She looked in the full-length mirror, seeing herself looking generally unkempt. And full of guilt and angst. What the hell was she doing?


Trisha jumped into the hot shower. The shower always provided a place for her to sort her thoughts out. While scrubbing away with a bar of Dove, she got thinking.

Her main realization was this: She couldn’t continue to pay for James’ services. Doing so would be fiscally irresponsible of her. She and Greg were comfortable, but not much better than that. And their kids were on the verge of starting college in the next few years. Dropping thousands of dollars a year on sex with James just didn’t feel right in this context.

Also, the phone call from Bank of America made one thing abundantly clear: This information is tracked. While her credit card account is in her name only, the fact that her husband was receiving and relaying phone calls from the bank to her specifically pertaining to the charges to Toronto Sexual Healing was simply frightening. While her husband wasn’t given the full details regarding the bank’s concern, these phone calls put James Hamilton on the radar within her household. This was simply too risky.

Trisha grabbed the shampoo, wet her long brown hair, and began to lather. And think some more.

She could simply end things with James. Their relationship, after all, was of a business Betturkey nature in a sense. And there was no expectation that she would continue as a client. Trisha sat with this thought for a moment, with a head full of white bubbles.

She shook her head. For better or worse, she was madly and uncontrollably in love with James. Cutting things off clean was, in her mind, not a possibility. James had her feeling like she hadn’t felt in years and years. Beautiful, vibrant, and fully, madly, head-over-heels in love. Plus, the sex was amazing. Absolutely amazing. She knew that she could not end things even if she tried.

Suddenly, she had a thought. She would put in a request to talk with James. If anyone had an idea on how to solve this existential crisis of Trisha’s, it had to be him.

As soon as she was dressed for work, Trisha ran to her laptop, opened up James Hamilton’s site, and started typing in the “Contact me” section. This situation, she decided, was nuanced enough that it required an actual conversation. She put that in the message, along with her cell phone number, and then she figured she’d wait.

Trisha looked in the mirror, happy to see the bright, curvy, vivacious version of herself looking back. She smiled, thinking “what a pickle!” And she headed toward the garage to go to work.


“Hello Beautiful,” came the text at 4:00 that day. Trisha was alone in her office plowing through emails and she fully appreciated the distraction. She recognized the 416 Toronto area code. This must be James!

Trisha quickly added James’ number to her contact list. She didn’t want to lose this one! She then replied back.


“Yes,” he quickly wrote back. “Can you speak now?”

Trisha was relieved. She really needed this situation to be resolved sooner rather than later. She got up from her desk, closed the door, and returned to her seat. She quickly checked her makeup, jewelry, and hair and then she then called James via FaceTime. She simply had to see his glorious face. In two seconds, there he was. Absolutely scrumptious. And, conveniently, right in her little iPhone.

“You look wonderful, Trisha. It is a pleasure to see you.” James’ voice was strong and genuine, as always. And his rich, dark face was as handsome as ever.

“As do you, James. It is so good to see you. Thanks for taking my call,” Trisha replied.

“How can I be of service to you, my beautiful woman?” Trisha melted a splash upon hearing this. James had such a way with words.

Trisha summarized the whole money thing. She explained that, essentially, she was looking to see what options existed for someone in her situation. Basically, she expressed that she could no longer pay for his services. Yet she could, on the other hand, not imagine living without his services.

For the first time in their relationship history, she got a strange vibe from James. It was slight, but it was there. He was not happy with this call.

“Trisha, you do realize that this is how I make my living, right? I am not sure if you are aware, but I have four children at home who are fully dependent on my income. Now would it be fair to them if I reduced my monthly income dramatically so as to accommodate a client who was not willing to fairly pay for my services? Do you understand what I am saying? I am surprised, Trisha. Deeply surprised at this request.”

Wow, Trisha was totally not expecting this response. She figured she would try one more time.

“James, the thing is that I have come to, well, to need you. To crave you. To depend on you….”

James simply looked back at her through the phone. She decided to go a step further.

“James, OK, I must admit it, I am madly in love with you. And I cannot imagine living without you.”

Oh gosh, did she really just go there? What kind of response could she possibly expect?

James was clearly thinking. He wasn’t angry. He was practical. He was correct, after all, that for him, this was a business and it was his livelihood. Trisha anxiously awaited his response.

After a full minute of deliberation, James said this:

“Well, Betturkey Giriş there actually may be one possibility. I only offer this to the truly beautiful women among my clientele. Fortunately for you, Trisha, I include you in that elite category.”

Trisha blushed. She had no idea where this was going, but she certainly felt flattered at these words.

“Trisha, the remainder of this conversation must be had in person. Please let me know when you are next in Toronto and we can work out the details,” James said.

“Ok, sure thing!” Trisha replied.

She had to admit to feeling a bit ambivalent as to how that conversation went. But she figured that at the very least, she was going to be able to see her James again. And that is all that mattered.


Two weeks later, business brought Trisha back to Toronto. She was set to stay in the same posh hotel right near the campus of the university. Sure, she was happy to talk with the folks at the university about their upcoming collaborative academic venture. But, mostly, she was excited to meet with James Hamilton. She teemed with feelings of James throughout her body as her plane landed on the tarmac in Toronto.

By 5:00, she was back in her room. She and James had texted and they were going to meet at 6:00. This time, they were going to meet in her hotel room, so she needed to make it presentable. With a bottle of California chardonnay as her companion, she spent the hour getting herself and her room up to speed. She had on a suggestive black silky skirt with a matching top. Black stockings and her sexist black panties and bra loomed underneath. She had time to do her hair and makeup just right. And she felt totally sexy when James arrived with a knock at the door, promptly at 6:00.

James was wearing a smart tan suit and black tie. He smiled and immediately filled the room with light. Trisha welcomed him into the room and offered him a glass of wine.

“Trisha, you are a wonderful client,” he said, putting his arms firmly around her and offering her a gentle kiss on the lips. “I’m going to offer you a deal. And note that this is a deal that I only offer to my most beautiful clients.”

Trisha blushed.

James sat on the edge of the bed and gestured for Trisha to sit by his side. He put one arm around her back and he gently caressed her body with his free hand. Every bit of her body that James touched melted. Her thighs. Her arms. Her hands. Her breasts. Her neck. Trisha was so turned on simply being caressed by James that she felt she would orgasm right then and their. She found herself panting slightly and uncontrollably.

“Trisha, I’d like us to sit against the head of the bed for the remainder of this conversation.”

James moved to the head of the bed, moved the pillows around a bit, and sat straight up at the head of the bed. He then gestured for Trisha to join him. As Trisha moved toward him, James gently moved her into position. He had her lay on her belly. He had her move so that her legs were swung to the right of his lap. He had her shapely ass facing up, right on top of his lap. Her face was down on a pillow. Her arms lay loosely to her sides. James caressed her back gently.

Suddenly, through the outside of her skirt, James gave a soft pat to her ass. He then caressed her ass suggestively. Oh my god, Trisha thought. She was about to be spanked!


With his hand gently caressing her ass, James was clearly declaring that the conversation was to begin.

“Trisha, you may have noticed a feature of my website. It is the photo gallery. Are you familiar?” James asked, still caressing her ass.

Trisha nodded. She felt so hot, it was incredible. But she was able to concentrate some, she thought.

Yes, of course she was familiar with the photo gallery. She has masturbated to the point of climax simmering to photos from that gallery over a dozen times in the past month, she thought.



James’ spanks through her skirt and panties were heavenly. She found a hint of pain surrounded with pleasure. She absolutely loved Betturkey Güncel Giriş this.

“Yes, I’m aware of it,” she replied, still not exactly understanding where this was headed, but eating the situation up entirely.


Oh god, Trisha thought. She was going to come right then and there!

“Trisha, you’ve been a very naughty girl. VERY naughty.”



James worked to pull up Trisha’s skirt, revealing her beautiful ass covered in black stockings and panties.



The slaps started coming down harder, and Trisha absolutely loved it. She wanted more. Lots more. Yes, she had been a naughty girl and she deserved to be spanked. Hard!!

“But I like you. And you are beautiful. So here is the deal. For women in your situation, I offer a chance to join my photo gallery. Note that if you accept, your identity will be fully protected.”


James worked to pull down Trisha’s pantyhose and panties, revealing her large, round, beautiful ass, which had hints of red from the spanking in the center of her cheeks. Trisha wanted him to spank her bare ass so much. She shook her ass in a way that was asking for it. But he didn’t take the bait. Not yet.

“There is a form, Trisha. You will have to sign it. I will leave it with you if you’d like. You are agreeing to the following terms:

* Allowing me to take photos and videos of any and all of our shared interactions

* Allowing me to post, with your expressed written permission, any excerpts or images that I choose to post, for promotional purposes.

* You will, in turn, be given a rate of 50% off for all of our future meetings.

* You will pay me with cash on the spot before any lovemaking begins.”

At this juncture, James took his hand, raised it high, and slammed it down across the center of Trisha’s ass. SLAP! This felt so amazing. More, Trisha thought, more!

Methodically and rhythmically, James spanked her bare ass several more times, building up a beautiful orgasm within her.

He then stopped. Trisha found herself yearning for more. She shook her ass in an effort to solicit more of these glorious spanks.

But James had more business in him.

“There is one more thing, Trisha.”

Trisha nodded, laying blissfully. And, truth told, only half listening to the legal mumbo jumbo that he was going on about. She was going to be able to remain with James, and that was truly all that mattered to her.

“As part of the contract that you will sign, you will also agree to, at my will, provide services to any and all designees of mine.”

THIS, Trisha caught. And she gulped. What was this about? she wondered. She began to listen more intently.

“Trisha, I have a lot of friends. And you know that sometimes friends owe one another favors, right?”

Slightly confused, Trisha nodded.

“Sharing my most beautiful women with my friends is my way of doing favors for my boys. Do you understand?”

In that second, everything in Trisha’s mind came to a halt.

That photograph!

She suddenly remembered that photograph in the gallery. It was a group sex picture. It was a middle-aged woman, just like herself, taking it from several hot black men at the same time. If she agreed to the terms of the contract, would she possibly find herself in such a position?

“Yes, yes, yes!” Trisha screamed uncontrollably, shaking her ass profusely.

SPANK SPANK SPANK came James’ hand, as Trisha let out a massive orgasm then and there.

“Trisha, I will take that as a yes, my beautiful.”

I will leave the paperwork on the desk. Please look it over when you can, sign it, and send me an electronic copy prior to next Tuesday. And don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


Ending this conversation with an intensive crescendo of spanks on Trisha’s bare ass was unbelievably hot. She moaned deeply and wildly in an extended state of climax. She never wanted this to end.


“Trisha, stay in that position until I am out of the room. And I will see you next time, my lady.”

As James maneuvered his way out of the room, Trisha lay face down on the bed with her eyes closed. Feeling so unbelievably sexed up and satisfied. And more deeply in love than ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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