Controlling the Apartment Residents Pt. 01

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© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me — the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Story Summary: Stacy gets beat up and raped by a younger woman while alone at the gym late one night. Tim, her live-in boyfriend will try to see what to do for protection. (this start to the story doesn’t have as much raw sex as all the other chapters — feel free to mark the story and check back in the next edition if that is all you are here for)

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.


Last week my girlfriend got humiliated by the neighbor in the apartment across the street, getting beat up and forced to submit to her for an hour after the one sided fight.

A little more than a month ago a couple of new people moved into one of the open apartments in our complex, and they just didn’t fit in with the other tenants. Let me explain how – the woman is 175 pounds, 5′ 9″ tall with several large tattoos across her shoulders and chest. One half of her head is shaved bald – and the other is dyed blue. The side that is bald – has a tattoo of something that resembles a devil. Her boyfriend has tattoos on both of his arms and one across his chest that says “in case of emergency – unzip pants – suck hard” in 1/2″ inch letters. This is not the type of thing that can go unnoticed at the Apartment complex pool. He had an evil sort of stare and couldn’t or didn’t keep his eyes off my girlfriend.

Now, we are simple Midwestern young people who like to blend in. We both have nice starting jobs, and are both sporting a college degree. My girlfriend, and neighbors were starting to tease and taunt the new couple behind their back. Nothing really mean or nasty – just snickering behind their back when they go by. They were the hit of the area, and every one of Stacy’s friends were not above making the couple feel totally unwelcome. It might be my point of view; but Stacy and I were the least of the ones that made smart remarks about their bodies, hair, or other points of amusement.

When either of the new couple came to workout at the apartment fitness center everyone tries not to stare – but it was inevitable that their appearance would draw attention. Mika, the blue haired woman, was working out alone late one night when my girlfriend Stacy entered the facility. She thought twice about leaving – but decided that she should stay and get her exercise done instead. She started to warm up in the large open room with mats (that is usually used for aerobics each morning) when Mika approached her from behind.

“I don’t appreciate you and the other little miss stuck ups – sneering at me and calling me ‘SLUT’ behind my back.” Mika warned Stacy. “And, the other day – my boyfriend was talking about you, and said you were coming on to him and flirting when you and him were working out. I bet you expected to find him alone here instead of me tonight.”

Stacy tried to disagree with the blue haired woman, but she wasn’t going to listen.

“You flaunt that little body – in your tight little work out trash – lookin’ all pretty just to work up a sweat. You aren’t good enough to kiss my ass, let alone suck on my boyfriend’s big cock!” Mika threatened Stacy.

“I wouldn’t suck on his cock if it was the last one on earth!” Stacy quickly retorted.

“Oh, are you a dike bitch? Eager for some damp pussy – huh bitch?” Mika taunted Stacy after she showed her disgust for Mitch’s cock.

“Get real – I am not a rug muncher either. But I’m not surprised if you swing that way!” Stacy smarted off to the rough blue haired Mika. “My boyfriend satisfies me just fine – thank you!” Stacy turned her back on Mika and started to walk away. This was not a something that she should have done.

Mika didn’t like Stacy’s dyke comment. But turning her back and trying to walk away after getting the last word in – was a slap in the face to Mika. Mika reached out and latched onto Stacy’s blonde hair and yanked it backward, jerking Stacy’s neck in the process. As Stacy tried to bolt away from the malicious Mika, she tripped over her own feet and fell face first onto the floor mat. Mika straddled her prone body so that she was facing her feet. Then reaching down to grab Stacy’s ankles – she picked up Stacy’s legs and positioned each aksaray escort of her ankles behind Mika’s underarms. Then Mika took one step backward – forcing Stacy’s back and legs to bend at a very strenuous angle.

Stacy was helpless, face down on the mat. Her arms are free – but can’t reach behind her to stop Mika from tormenting her. Her feet are trapped behind Mika’s back and lock in behind those muscular arms. Mika slowly let herself sit down on Stacy’s back while Stacy squealed as all the air was removed from her body. Stacy’s tits were mashed onto the mat – and her legs were being lifted off the ground by Mika. Stacy was being overpowered as Mika calmly wore her down. Mika just kept her hands locked around both of Stacy’s legs and kept rocking rearward so that Stacy had to pull her legs back toward her posterior.

Pinned, but not defeated Stacy cried out all sorts of obscenities at the younger punk who was calmly holding her down.

Mika then stretched her fingers out to ever so easily grip Stacy’s shorts. Pulling the slick fabric into Stacy’s butt crack – she pinched and twisted Stacy’s ass cheeks to humiliate her captive.

After tiring of this nastiness, Mika got off of Stacy and stood up while Stacy lay on the mat rubbing her lower back. Mika stood with her feet on either side of Stacy’s face, and coolly announced “I think if you kiss my feet and say you’re sorry for that comment – I will stop abusing your miserable ass.”

Stacy was floored at that command, and while gritting her teeth and straining to look up from her humble position on the floor she denied that she would ever humiliate herself.

“Suit yourself Bitch – but I won’t go as easy on you now!” And before Stacy could get to her feet, Mika landed a kick to Stacy’s gut – knocking her over onto her ass. Then Mika grabbed Stacy’s wrist and bent it backward so that she completely controlled her prey. A few swift moves and Stacy’s arm was helplessly locked in Mika’s strong arms and thick body. After punishing her arm a bit – weakening it so that Stacy was easier to control, Mika momentarily let her go.

Stacy’s freedom was short lived. She was head locked so that her nose and mouth were smashed into Mika’s underarm which surrounded her face while Mika’s muscular bicep flexed around her neck. Stacy’s right arm dangled lifeless from her shoulder while her left flailed in a worthless move to impede Mika from doing any more harm. Mika was bending Stacy backward at her waist – offering her flat stomach as an easy target to pound her fist into.

BAM! Mika hit Stacy in her exposed gut, quickly driving any air from her lungs. Once, twice, three times Mika pounded Stacy’s vulnerable stomach with her fist, driving it deeper with each blow.

Then dropping to one knee, she bent Stacy’s weak body backwards over that knee and pushed on Stacy’s chin to keep her in place. Mika could hold her prey with one hand, while clawing at Stacy’s exposed stomach, with her other. The blood must have rushed to Stacy’s head, because only a minute or two in this position and she gave up all resistance and dangled lifeless over Mika’s knee. From there, Mika carried my limp precious girlfriend to the corner of the room, just behind a portable screen.

Stacy told me that Mika must have stripped her workout clothes off – and thrust a 12 oz plastic white hand dumbbell in and out of her pussy. Yes, Mika had raped my cherished girlfriend while she was unconscious. When Stacy awoke, Mika was nearly sitting on her face in a 69 position. Since Mika was wearing a one piece black bathing suit, Stacy said that she pulled it to one side and forced Stacy to lick at her damp pussy – while Mika was thrusting the dumbbell into her wet pussy.

Mika called Stacy her ‘Bitch’ and told her that later on she would have to serve her from time to time when she demanded it.

Chapter 2 Stacy came home to our apartment crying and nearly hyperventilating to where I could barely understand what had happened to her. It took nearly an hour for me to piece this whole episode together to make any sense. Imagine if you will – your 5′ 4″ toned beautiful and highly sexy girlfriend says that she was beat up, humiliated, and raped at the gym. Not raped by a man – but by a blue hair punk woman. A rage was building within me. I wanted to show this hussy that she can not push my girlfriend around. But Stacy was warning me not to do anything.

“N – N – No – Oh God she’ll – she will come after me again. She could even beat the shit out of you. No Tim – we can call someone tomorrow.” Stacy stuttered as she fearfully tried to restrain me ataköy escort from going over to this person’s apartment.

I couldn’t see any bruises on Stacy’s body. No bloody lip or nose, or any sign of a fight. She only was weak and terrified. Besides I didn’t know which apartment that this woman lived in. At nearly 2 in the morning, I sure couldn’t go banging on doors trying to find out which was hers.

We put ice on Stacy’s arm and she took some pain killers for her abused pussy. It was nearly 2:30 in the morning before she fell asleep and nearly 3 am before I drifted off too. The whole time I kept thinking what could I do? Call the police? No – Stacy didn’t want a record of her embarrassment. Confront the woman and threaten her? Maybe – but who would take my side if I really did beat her up? I was 6′ 3″ 205 pounds, and no matter what I would do – I was in a no win situation. If I fight and beat her up – she may retaliate. But what if I was to LOSE? If this tough woman beat me up – I would never hear the end of it. After all she did pick a fight and totally humiliate and frighten my girlfriend.

When I got up the next morning I decided to pay a visit to the superintendent of our apartment complex. When I briefly explained what had happened to Stacy, he went to a video recorder and popped in a tape and by rewinding it found the whole fight scene just like Stacy had described it to me last night. The only parts that were not on the tape – was when Mika had carried Stacy’s limp body to the corner of the room behind the screen. This is where Stacy had said Mika had raped her with the 12oz white hand dumbbell, and forced her to lick her pussy by sitting on her face. All of the other scenes were there, and watching my girlfriend get demolished by this solid woman caused me to have to adjust myself in my chair a few times. There was something so animalistic and exotic about this one sided battle. My dick was hard. My brain still wanted some revenge and to take this tape to the police would prove that Mika had attacked Stacy.

I glanced over at Derrick, the superintendent who was also intently watching the video, to see that he must have a hard on too. His mouth was hanging open and his breath was short. My god – why was I looking at this guy’s crotch? Just because he liked what we both saw on that tape, I wondered to myself just how excited he was getting and if he would really give me the tape to protect Stacy. Or would he watch it and jerk off his throbbing meat at the sign of Stacy getting her ass kicked by the blue haired woman.

“Let me have that tape – I will use this as proof for her abuse.” I told Derrick.

Refusing to allow me to take the tape he explained what it was for and that he would have to get the apartment owner’s permission to let me show this tape to anyone else. Derrick mentioned that the apartment owner personally allowed this woman to move in, saying that she may not look like much – but she was to be treated extra special. This comment really didn’t make an impression on me at this moment, but it would prove that I wouldn’t have as many people on my side later on.

“Then let me make a copy.” I told Derrick.

“No, I don’t think that would be a good idea yet either. Mr. Harold is out of town this week, and since he’s my boss – let me talk with Mr. Harold so I don’t get in trouble for showing you the video.” Derrick explained.

“You shouldn’t get into trouble for showing me this – you merely checked to see if what I told you about this woman was true. And since what happened on that tape is nearly exactly what Stacy told me – the only thing we are missing is the audio and her rape. But surely this video is to protect the tenants” I surmised.

“Not really” Derrick explained. “See this machine only clicks on when there is motion detected in the room or gym.”

“Keeping this for yours or his private viewing is against the law isn’t it?” I guessed.

“We are not using it to spy on the people who live here, it is used to prosecute someone for damaging the workout stations or the room.” Derrick reasoned. “But I will see what I can do for you.”

I left, and knew that this woman needed to be knocked down a peg or two. But how could I do it without getting myself into trouble? What will happen to Stacy when she recovers? Will she want to move?

Chapter 3 Two days later – apparently just after I left the apartment early in the morning – Mika paid a visit on Stacy. Stacy thinks she knew I was gone – because it was just moments after I left and since the door was locked, and someone opened it with a key, Stacy didn’t bother ataşehir escort to come out of the bedroom where she was resting on the bed. I swore that I had locked the door, so maybe Mika picked the lock, or maybe I hadn’t shut it all the way? But in any case, Mika entered our shared bedroom and surprised Stacy.

Stacy looked shocked to see Mika in her bedroom. “What are you doing in here? How did you get in? Get out of my house right now!” Stacy threatened Mika “Get out before I have to kill you!”

Mika asked “Do you have a gun?”

Would anyone really know if we owned one? I guess if Stacy had went quickly toward the nightstand – maybe Mika would have assumed that she had one. But as it was – Stacy said “I’ll kick you out!”

This easily acknowledged to Mika that we didn’t own a gun and she was in no danger from a girl 50 pounds lighter, and 5″ shorter. Mika met her half way in the middle of the bedroom. Mika was wearing a one piece navy blue bathing suit with a cover up wrapped around her waist. Stacy on the other hand was in a satin pink baby doll negligee, and a pair of pink panties. When they met in the center of the bedroom, Stacy had reached out for Mika but Mika locked hands with her and kept Stacy back. Within a few seconds, Mika had stretched her hands up over her head and was forcing them back toward Stacy. This strained Stacy to be pushing up on Mika’s wrists and arms while the taller Mika was pushing her down and backwards.

Stacy said that she fell down to her knees but Mika didn’t let go. Stacy’s wrists were bent the wrong way leaving her absolutely powerless to stop Mika’s strong arms and gravity as she was eventually pushed all the way to the ground. Mika stood with one leg on each side of Stacy’s waist and hovered over her as she continued to bend over forcing all of her weight against Stacy’s pinned wrists.

“I struggled as much as I could but I my legs were trapped under me, and she had forced my arms all the way down till they couldn’t go any further.” Stacy later had told me. She described how calm Mika was, and how quickly out of breath she had become frantically struggling to escape the clutches of this woman. “I felt so utterly helpless in this woman’s grasp. I could see it in her eyes, she was methodically putting down any of my struggles as easy as a mother with a toddler.”

Apparently when Mika let loose of Stacy’s bent wrists her hand became nearly useless. So that when Stacy did grab Mika’s arm or leg, Mika was able to unemotionally peal a finger off, and release the feeble grip that Stacy had.

Stacy said that when she got to her feet, Mika got behind her, bent down and bear hugged her around her waist. “That freak picked me completely off the ground. When I was desperately trying to dislodge her grip around my waist, she stuck her knee between my open legs and slammed my whole weight down on my pussy.” Stacy explained while slightly rubbing her crotch. “My god, I haven’t felt that kind of pain since that time I went riding your ‘mens’ bike, and I came off the seat – hitting that metal bar going across. It wasn’t quite as forceful as that, but it is the only way I can explain what she did to me.” Mika apparently let her drop to the ground and rub at her sore privates before hauling her body onto our bed.

“I can’t remember how I ended up on the bed – that is kind of fuzzy at this point. But once I was there, she grabbed my nipples and yanked them nearly off my chest. If was rubbing myself where it hurt, she left my hands alone – but as soon as I tried to stop her from harming me, she would pull my hair, or hit my arm to knock it away.” Stacy refused to talk about what else Mika did to her in our bed. It was obvious that whatever she did – made Stacy very frightened.

When I asked her if we should go to the authorities – Stacy refused, saying they wouldn’t find anything “I already cleaned her cum off my face!”

At this revelation, I pressed Stacy for more information. “Did she rape you again? Did she force you to have sex with her? Did she sit on your face until you gave in and licked her?”

She kept on struggling not to think about it — telling me to go away.

I left the room for a few minutes to collect my thoughts – then stepped back into the bedroom to leave Stacy with one parting thought. “I love you. I want to protect you, and even though I can’t be with you every minute of the day – I still want what is best for you.” Stacy didn’t look up at me – she just sat in the bed clutching a pillow against her chest. I can only assume she heard my heartfelt proclamation.

I drove off – not knowing where to go, and ended up sitting in a park for an hour trying to figure out what to do next.

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