Cuckolding was Me Totally Pt. 02

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Jill had settled into the new situation with us perfectly and I think I enjoyed it even more than she did. I had taken control of her web sites and had also created a few personnel sites to help her find men to play with (all with big cocks).

At home Jill was slowly taking control of the house and turning me into the primary domestic role for the house and the kids. Everything just happened and she concentrated on her work, her family and then her extra-curricular activities.

Although Jill had still only played with Paul we were well into chatting with men through the personals on the net and tonight was our ‘accidental’ bump into a friend of mine from school called Hawko. Through Facebook I knew he would be at a semi-local bar famous for Saturday night dancing, pool and great times.

Baby sitter sorted and a short dress for Jill that buttoned up all the way in the front to potentially make it easier for exposing as the night went on. No bra and the skimpiest of skimpy g-sting Jill owned. Thanks to her husband she was smooth everywhere.

Uber to the bar, seats found and then at 8:00 pm in walks one Mr Hawko with a group of his friends from work. Chat, chat, chat and Jill and I join the group of 12 on work drinks – 11 guys and 1 female who really was one of the boys.

We cooked our own steaks, drank and danced with Jill flirting with everyone, especially Hawko. Eventually we settled into an area on the side of the bar and played pool in teams with Jill and the only other female being taken for a dance whenever one of the boys wanted. I didn’t make a point of watching but I did get to see a few of the boys spinning Jill while dancing and noticed that two buttons extra were undone lower on the dress and one to expose more cleavage. We were all drunk and all the boys managed to get a good feel on Jill’s g-sting during dances.

Just as we planned; as the night went on I got a call and told Jill that, although everything was OK, the baby sitter had to go home. We chatted with the group and with Jill feigning how upset she was as this had been her first night out in a year we decided to leave her partying and I would head home – of course, with a promise by Hawko to look after her.

After I left Jill kept dancing and playing pool and eventually the two ladies were teamed together and played a game for their panties, they lost and Jill quickly removed her panties in front of everyone while the other girl got upset and left.

Jill left her panties on the table and with new teams formed she joined another team – I wasn’t too sure how but it seemed to make sense to her but she would get an extra attempt to get the ball in the hole if she gave the boys a good flash of pussy while she shot.

She was bending over the table and spreading her legs, lifting a leg, anything to get the boys to accept she deserved another shot. Slowly the boys also began to leave and Jill was left with Hawko and another man and when it came time to head home they headed out side.

Jill was aware but let it play out when the boys got in a taxi with her and as she sat in the back, spread her legs and placed a hand each onto her pussy they just gave an address that wasn’t ours.

When they got upstairs Jill asked for drinks and turned some music on and started to dance. When the boys returned, Jill told me she just undid her dress and dropped it on the floor and continued to dance naked while they watched. Jill then went over and knelt on the floor between then and with one hand each coaxed them both to undo their jeans. Once their cocks were out she took turns sucking them and while sucking the other she would keep them hard with her hand.

The night turned into her sucking while the other fucked her and both Hawko and his mate gave her a great fuck. Jill said they were both huge and she had orgasm after orgasm with both men cumming in her. Both men were gentle with her and both checked if they could cum inside. With both men exhausted Jill told them she had to get home and when she left got both their numbers and asked if they could do it again soon. Both said yes.

As Jill got in her Uber she texted,

“Pussy stretched, well used and full of juice for you. Be there soon.”

When Jill got home she pushed me onto the bed and straddled my face explaining to me what she had done and how her pussy was so well used it needed a good cleaning. After sometime of licking she did something different.

Jill rolled onto her back and told me to fuck her, saying,

“I need you to feel how stretched I am and how your cock just won’t be big enough for me anymore.”

I felt the feelings of humiliation as she said this but also a huge throbbing in my cock. I pushed into Jill and she was right, I just didn’t feel any tightness around me at all. Jill started to laugh once she knew I had realised how small I was to the others.

“It’s OK,” she said, “you have other roles that service me Darling. Some Wives even put cages on their small cocked husbands so they know how useless their cocks are.”

Just as Jill was mentioning cock cages I ejaculated and without missing a beat she motioned me to lay back batman escort and straddled me again, this time to clean my own cum from her.

“Find a nice shinny cage for your cock, I think you like that idea,” she said laughing at how fast I ejaculated.

Jill wasn’t back on shift till Monday morning so the weekend went as usual again except that her sister was dropping in to see the kids and to have lunch on the Sunday. Jill and I chatted a lot about how things were going and what else we needed to do, we also invested some time on the internet squaring away meetings the next week while Jill was on day shifts.

On the Sunday Jill’s Sister arrived and we all chatted and laughed as the kids played. Lunch was sorted and I served what I had prepared, Liz said jokingly,

“My, you have him well trained these days.”

“If you only knew how well trained and obedient he has become of late you might just be surprised,” Jill replied patting me on my arse proudly.

We all ate and after finishing the two girls went out on the back porch while I cleaned up. As I did the dishes I heard the two of them giggling and joking but couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying. I snuck a little peak and the two of them were giggling over something on Jill’s phone. Liz said,

“No fucking way, this is fucking amazing,”

“They are huge aren’t they, was amazing,” Jill replied.

As I walked out to join them Jill said,

“Hawko just sent some pictures from last night. Liz is jealous that you support your Wife fucking guys with big cocks.”

They both giggled and were obviously drunk when Jill said,

“Liz hasn’t ever had oral, will you clean her one day after Mike fucks her?”

“Yes Jill,” I replied.

“There it is settled,” Jill said to Liz, “A pussy full of cum and John will clean it all for you.”

Jill took Liz into the office to play with the PC and show Liz what we were doing and what sites we were using. The two giggled and chatted as Jill had me show her and during it all more pictures were texted by Hawko on Jill’s fun on Friday night.

Out of the blue Liz mentioned that she read some article ages ago about a Lady who takes her husband, in his cock cage, to a beach where women take their cuckolds. She said the husband had to be naked around others and all the men there, besides any cuckolds, had huge cocks.

Jill had me search straight away and eventually we found a few links to a nudist beach about 2 hours away from town. The beach was tagged as ‘cuckold day’ the first Saturday of every month. As we all read Liz said,

“Can I come too, please?”

Jill replied, “You help me find him a cage, help me put him in it and you can join us. Who knows, we might both get some big cock there for John to watch.”

That week Jill started to meet men we had connected with on the net. The first few were weird but she didn’t expand except to say it wasn’t until she approached each meet as a job style interview that she felt she was on track.

Five men over five nights, we agreed she would not fuck any of them first off but meet, assess and then progress. Jill said Thursday night’s meet was the best and outlined that he would be a regular once the situation presented itself.

Jill had a lot more confidence now and her approach to the sites after having actually met the guys was very different, in fact kind of direct and cold – do as I request or you are blocked.

Tuesday morning though, after Jill left for work, I was just settling in when she texted,

“Liz on way, lay on bed naked and do as she says – enjoy cleaning her of your brother-in-law’s cum.”

I did as Jill said and just as I moved from unlocking the door for her to lay on the bed I heard her car pull into the driveway. House door open and shut, house door lock engaged. I lay on the bed and decided to just keep my eyes closed till she straddled me and could hear her undress silently, then movement on the bed and then the feel of a very gooey pussy lower onto my face.

I started licking as I positioned myself and set to work to give Liz the best orgasm she had ever had. I could tell she was loving it as I worked her clit and pussy with my tongue while I cleaned out all of Mike’s cum in her. She moaned and moved her body, every now and again moving so I would play with her arse and this did bring a very loud moan of enjoyment.

I counted her body shudder 10 times to what I thought were orgasms till finally she rolled off me and said,

“Get me a water cuckold.”

I came back with her water and she pointed to the floor and said,

“Sit there, did you like my husband’s cum?”

“Yes Liz,” I replied.

“Good, I will be wanting more from you. I had more orgasms then than I have had in my entire marriage – you did excellent cuckold,” Liz advised.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I have a very wicked mind sexually and I will now need you to be my victim while I explore this in addition to the other things Jill and I will be doing with you. Jill asked me to print out a picture of the cock cage we have decided is perfect for you,” Liz continued walking bayburt escort over to her purse and taking out a page with printing on it then handing it to me, “this is how you will look now, do you like it?”

I looked at the steel cock cage and didn’t really know what to say but did reply,

“Yes Liz.”

“We have ordered it so it will be here in a few days, then it is on and we can all go to that beach where Wives take their cuckold’s and real men with big cocks get to meet us. I can’t wait to get a huge cock inside me,” she said as she walked into the ensuite and began to shower. Yelling from the shower Liz said,

“Next time I want a lot more attention to my arse, get your tongue right in there. I have a very sensitive arse so you will need to attend to that. Have you ever sucked a cock or been anally played with?

I replied,

“Yes, I will tend to your arse and no I have never had any male/male interaction nor has anyone played with my arse.”

Liz said back,

“Good, I can take your cherry, I can’t wait. Mike loves some arse play and I love giving it but he won’t let me peg him with a strap-on.”

Liz stopped talking and got dressed and just left leaving me to continue my day with thoughts of my cage and the things she might do with me.

The cage arrived and on the Saturday Liz came over after Jill got home from work, to put it on me with her. They had me wank for them, they washed me and on it went. It was stainless steel and like a cage rather than something solid, balls circled behind which provided the connect, they both giggled as they teased me to see how it impacted on me.

The cage was uncomfortable but both Liz and Jill assured me it would be OK with time, I just had to get used to it and who I was now. I sorted dinner and drinks for the girls and apart from me being naked in a cock cage and the girls laughing over pictures of strap-ons and women pegging men the evening was just normal. They both checked their commitments and a trip to the beach was arranged for two weeks away.

Liz left in the morning and Jill and I had a normal Sunday with the cage getting less and less of an issue. That night, me back being naked sitting with Jill, the doorbell rang and Jill said she would get it and for me to chill as I was. A short time later in walked Jill with our neighbour from across the road Trevor. We were very close to Trevor and his Wife, I was so scared I froze. Jill said,

“Don’t worry John, Trevor was my Thursday night meeting, the one I said would happen at some time. He knows about you and is now going to fuck me whenever Suzie is away on an overnight flight. They both have passes to play if apart so Trevor is playing with little old me now.”

“Great cock cage over there John, I can see why Jill needs by big boy,” Trevor said laughing, “Hey, Jill said not to worry about being nice to you either so I am going to make a habit of humiliating you.”

“One thing first Mr Eager,” Jill said, “Out with that cock and let’s see if it is as big as you say.”

Trevor started to undress and when naked his limp cock was bigger than mine when it was erect. Jill told me to get them a wine each and when I got back she was sucking his cock and it was huge.

“Here or upstairs,” Jill asked Trevor as they sipped their wine.

“Upstairs,” Trevor said, “Suzie wants some pics of cuckold here cleaning my cream pie too. Oh, look how embarrassed he is, bit too close to home Mr Caged Cock?”

Before I could answer Jill cut in, “Not at all, he is a perfect host and a true cuckold. Follow us up and watch.”

Jill led Trevor up to our bed and I stood at the door watching him seduce and then fuck her, she screamed and her body shuddered from his cock and I began to understood why she craved such big cocks. Jill kept looking at me smiling when she could and after what seemed like hours Trevor ejaculated into her and rolled off, Jill yelled,

“Get over her on the bed quickly.”

I got onto the bed and Jill stood over me while Trevor got his camera and she slowly lowed herself down telling me to lift my head a bit so people could see it was me. Drips of cum were falling into my mouth as Trevor snapped and then Jill lowered herself down and I went to work. I could hear Trevor talking and then he said,

“Jill, raise up a bit Suzie wants to just have a look, we’re on Facetime.”

As Jill raised slightly Trevor pushed his phone forward and I could see Suzie’s face and she could see my cum and pussy juice covered face where I was eating her husband’s cream pie.

I could see Suzie laughing on the phone and then Jill lowered herself down and I went back to work licking her.

Jill slid off after a while and moved to kneel before Trevor again, she beckoned me to kneel next to her. Jill then proceeded to lick and suck Trevor’s cock clean but would do a little lick or a little suck and then make me kiss her or lick her tongue before revisiting. Then she just said,

“Open up for the last bit.”

She then pulled my head to Trevor’s cock which she now held in her hand and put it in my mouth.

“Look up at Trevor,” bebek escort she said and as I did Trevor took some pictures of me with his huge cock in my mouth, “Finish off cleaning him,” she continued and stood up and chatted with Trevor till I had finished.

Trevor got dressed and Jill told me to walk him out as she headed for the shower. She also told Trevor she was here anytime his cock wanted some fun and that I was here if Suzie needed a good cleaning.

Just after leaving Jill’s phone beeped with Trevor sending his pictures of me eating Jill’s cream pie and sucking his cock. Jill sent them to Liz who responded,

“We need to see a lot more cock in this cuckold’s mouth.”

Jill’s meetings continued when she could and she outlined to Liz on the day we went to the beach about what she had decided. With Paul from work, Hawko and his friend (who was actually his boarder for a while) and Trevor she was going to concentrate more on clubs or groups and connections that can get her into them. Several of the men she had chatted with mentioned clubs where groups got together for gang bangs and nights of fucking and partying.

We arrived at the beach and walked our way down the path with signs warning people of nudity. When we got to the actual beach area it was amazing, the beach itself was about 100 metres long by 50 meters in depth. As we walked onto the sand there were about 30 males naked and 7 or eight females. We made our way to an area towards the end of the beach when we saw a lady with a man next to her who also had a cock cage on.

“Hello there, you three look new to the beach,” she said, “Happy to help you settle in if you are OK joining me?”

“That would be great,” Jill responded, “Hard to know what and where.”

The Lady laughed and we settled down next to her and her cock caged off-sider. Introductions followed with names of Mary and Steve her husband. After pleasant introductions, the three ladies walked off leaving me with Steve. Steve was great and we instantly clicked and just chatted about life and each other’s place in their relationships, eventually shifting to sport and work.

The three ladies walked away into a large group of guys which Steve advised was a local group from a classy club in town where men with big cocks went and the ladies who wanted that visited.

As I listened and chatted I saw Mary, Jill and Liz having sun tan lotion applied to their bodies by two males each and they were all chatting and giggling away. Their appliers were sure to get every part of their bodies and at one stage I saw both the guys applying Jill’s do several applications to her pussy.

“You two, come over here,” Mary yelled to Steve and I and we both walked over.

“Stand there and take turns applying sun screen to each other,” she said pointing to a spot that placed us in the middle of the group.

Steve went first and took his time applying the lotion, he has so gentle in how he did this and made sure to get the lotion everywhere. When it was my turn I did the same and then Mary said,

“Now our little cuckolds, apply some cream to these nice men’s cocks. Don’t forget to thank them for allowing you the honour.”

As the whole group laughed the men in the group began to stand and Mary said,

“You first my cuckold and then your friend can copy what you do, now hurry up.”

Steve put lotion on his hand and then massaged it into the first male around his cock and balls. After this he thank him for allowing him the honour to touch his huge cock. I looked at Jill and she said,

“Don’t you dare embarrass me, do what Mary has told you and do it now.”

Again, laughter and I moved forward to comply. I applied lotion to 6 cocks and Steve to 8, all up the 14 men chatting with Jill, Liz and Mary all welcomed the service. When we had finished, Mary told us to walk around the beach and offer the other 4 men still there (a group of guys and some ladies had just left) the same service and invite them to join the group.

As we moved around Steve also explained the rules on the beach and outlined that on most days there would be 10 to 12 cuckolds, all with their cocks caged like us. He said they were all great guys and that he stayed in contact with most of them on a personal basis as well as meeting up here, hopefully I would be allowed to also link up – Steve suggested I asked Jill and she could link with Mary.

Only one took up the offer which Steve did but they all moved over to the group, Steve explained that they were newbies and probably a bit hesitant of another male touching their cocks. He outlined that most ‘bulls’, as they were called, didn’t think of cuckolds as male or female, just cuckolds. This meant they used us as objects for anything they wanted – some with manners and others as pigs.

Steve explained aspects of the club that the group Jill was chatting with belonged. They invited women and those who had cuckolds gave them to the club to assist. Serving at the bar, waitering, cleaning, sucking cum from the women, general servants for the time they were there and also to be used if the bull wanted a male. Steve explained my arse, mouth and hands could be used any way they wanted if my Wife joined their group. Steve explained that he wasn’t originally attracted to men but some of the interaction is incredible, but others just forced themselves on us so aggressively it was terrible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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