Family Love Ch. 04

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The rest of the trip went by pleasantly, they listened to music and talked about things of interest. Both Sameer and Veena found that they had a lot more in common than they thought. Sameer had driven quickly the rest of the way and they found themselves entering the hotel lobby an hour ahead of their expected time.

As they got closer to the hotel, Sameer had felt his excitement rise, as his mother checked them in, he looked over her body. Bending forward his mother signed some papers which gave him an uninterrupted view of her ass, and he felt his cock lurch in his pants.

A bellboy loaded all their luggage in a cart and led them to their room. The room was large with a kind size bed, a sofa and two chairs with plenty of room for luggage. Large windows dominated one wall of the room, providing an incredible view of the city. The bellboy put their luggage away and Sameer tipped him at the door.

Closing the door he found his mother with her back to him, staring out the window at the view. Taking a moment to appreciate the view Sameer looked at the clock and saw that it was almost three hours till they had to pick up his sister.

Hugging is mother from behind he took in the view himself, he could feel his semi hard cock poke into his mother’s ass and knew that she felt it too. Glancing down he caught a tantalizing glimpse of his mother cleavage using his right hand he opened the top button of her shirt.

“Sameer…” asked Veena.

“Shhh…enjoy the view.” he said, as he opened the second button.

Veena watched her son’s hand open a third button of her shirt. Her skin flushed and she could feel his cock harden against her ass, as she felt moistness between her own legs.

“Hmmm…this is the view I am interested in.” said Sameer as he unbuttoned his mother’s shirt.

Reaching up he cradled both breasts in his hands, pinching her nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

“Unhhh…” moaned Veena, turning her head back to son she started to speak, “Sameer, I don’t think we have…”

She was cut of midway by her son’s mouth as he kissed her, his tongue snaking into her mouth, stroking her tongue. Breaking the kiss, Sameer turned Veena around reaching down he grabbed her by her ass and lifted. Veena instinctively wrapped her legs around her son’s waist as he carried her over to the bed. His mouth glued to hers as she opened her lips; her mouth tasting hot and sweet. They kissed deeply, tongues rolling against each other as he pressed his body against hers, her soft breasts pressing into his chest.

Lowering his mother to the bed he continued to kiss her as his hands became busy with opening her jeans.

“Sameer…” said Veena.

“Don’t worry Mom, we have plenty of time.” said Sameer.

Veena was soon naked from the waist down, her shirt hanging open, her breasts displayed in her lace bra.

“I want to show you how much pleasure this you are capable of experiencing.” said Sameer.

Moving back until his face was just above his mother’s shaved pussy. With a leer of incestuous lust in his eyes, Sameer lowered his head and kissed the soft flesh of her abdomen.

“Okay.” said Veena as she leaned back.

“That’s better.” said Sameer as he kissed her abdomen once more, “Just relax and enjoy.”

“Unhunh.” Veena replied softly.

Sameer kept his eyes locked on hers as he reached forward and pushed her knees to each side, opening the space between her smooth thighs to give him freer access to her pussy.

Veena watched as her son kissed her just above one knee on the inside of her thigh, then moved slightly higher, trailing kisses as he went. When he got up halfway up that warm smooth thigh, he shifted over to the other one and repeated my tender butterfly kisses.

“Mmmmmm…” she gave a little purr as Sameer shifted back to the first leg and picked up where he’d left off, his warm lips pleasuring her skin on the inside of her thighs.

“Aaahh…” Veena gave a little gasp as Sameer got closer and closer to her pussy. His lips now inches away.

Sameer could smell his mother’s fragrant scent intensely now, the allure of his mother’s intoxicating scent swirling through his senses. He turned his eyes forward and looked at her beautiful pussy, both inner and outer lips absolutely glistening with her juices. Her full inner lips were pink and looked swollen with need. He breathed deeply, the luscious fragrance of her pussy firing his libido. Sameer lowered his mouth to the base of her dripping gash and licked slowly upwards.

“Mmmmmmm…” Veena cooed blissfully.

Sameer pressed the flat of his tongue against her warm sex and lapped the entire surface of her soft warm mound. Her juices settled on his taste-buds as he savoured the delicious flavour of her womanly nectar. Lowering his mouth to her leaking pussy and he slipped his tongue between the hot pink folds of her glistening labia.

“Oh my God…” groaned Veena.

Sameer feathered his tongue inside her pussy, her warm juices flowing into his mouth. He rolled his tongue bahis şirketleri all around in slow teasing circles deep inside his mother, probing all over the soft folds of flesh way up inside her hot canal. His hands on her hips holding her firmly in place, he could feel her squirming beneath his grip as waves of bliss shot through her.

“Aaahhhh……aaahhh…” Veena was moaning continuously as her son expertly licked and sucked at her pussy.

She could feel her juices flow readily onto her son’s waiting tongue as he deftly lanced it deep inside her. After a few minutes, he slowly withdrew his tongue and teased it provocatively all around her pussy, his tongue slowly licking higher and higher. Until he was at her erect clit, He slowly circled the sensitive organ, bathing the area in his warm saliva before tenderly pressing his tongue right on the tip of the swollen enflamed bud.

“Ohhngggghhh…” Veena groaned loudly as Sameer circled the fiery clit with his bathing tongue. Slipping his lips right over it, Sameer started to suck, his vacuuming mouth giving the sensitive node a delightfully embrace.

“OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD…” Veena groaned as a shattering climax shot through her body. Her body started shaking and convulsing. Sameer kept sucking on her throbbing clit as her hips bucked up against his mouth.

Her hands clasped firmly onto her son’s head, her fingers pulling him even closer into her gushing cunt. Sameer could feel her juices oozing out of her and latching his mouth to her flowing pussy Sameer started to catch the flow in his mouth while his mother’s whole body shook under his oral assault.

“Aaaaahhhhhnnnnn…” A final gasp of contentment escaped Veena lips as she released her son’s head and collapsed back, here lush body sagging as she gasped for air.

Sameer withdrew his mouth from her enflamed pussy.

“Oh Sameer…” said Veena in a raspy voice, “that was wonderful.”

Sameer climbed over her body, taking her face in his hands he kissed her, Veena opened her mouth to deepen the kiss and found her mouth flooded with her own juices. Veena eagerly drank her own juices.

“There is more where that came from.” said Sameer smiling devilishly. Moving back between her legs he lowered his mouth and feathered his tongue between the swollen petals of her glistening labia, eagerly licking up the remaining discharge.

“But Sameer, I….I……..Ohhhhhh…” Veena words of protest died on her lips as he settled in and put his mouth to work on her once more.

Sameer slowly and sensuously ate his mother out. He worked her over, torturing her by taking her to the brink of orgasm many times before slowing his oral assault and then slowly re-building it until she reached the next shattering crescendo. Every time Veena orgasmed he filled his mouth with her juices and would then feed them back to her.

For the next half hour, he kept his mother squirming about on the bed, his mouth plastered to her pussy as he licked and sucked, taking her to three more orgasms, feeding her, her own juices. Sameer finally drew back from her exhausted body.

As Veena recovered, Sameer quickly shed his clothes lying on the bed next to his mother naked his hard cock standing up straight. Veena turned her head and saw her son’s beautiful cock and moaned deep in her throat. Without any encouragement she turned over and took her son’s cock in her mouth.

Kneeling between her son’s thighs she took hold of his cock from the base and took the head in her mouth. The taste of her son’s flesh intoxicating.

“Mmmm…” She moaned softly, licking the tip tentatively, swirling her tongue around the end of her son’s cock before pushing forward, sinking four inches of his hard cock into her hot, wet mouth.

“Mmmmmmph!” She moaned loudly around her mouthful of cock as she felt the head press against the back of her throat once more before she slid almost completely to the end, her tongue flickering wildly as she sank back down.

Setting up a rhythm Veena slowly bobbed her head up and down the length of her son’s cock, taking half of it deep in her mouth as her hand squeezed and jacked the other half. Keeping her eyes on Sameer’s as often as she could, between glancing down at his cock and occasionally squeezing them shut as she slammed the spongey tip against her throat, Veena watched her son’s face turn from one of wonder to one of agonised pleasure as she bobbed away happily.

Slurping and sucking, the room was filled with the wet noises as Veena sucked her son’s cock and the deep moans of pleasure from Sameer as he drew breath sharply because of how good his mother’s mouth felt. Pushing her face down until her lips met her fingers Veena’s tongue wrapped around every inch of Sameer’s cock in her mouth as she worked her mouth on his cock. Her cheeks sucked in and out lewdly as her lips travelled up and down the hard surface in a perfect, lustful ‘O’.

Bobbing her head up and down his dick, her hair gently swayed. Sameer her hair to guid her up and down his cock. bahis firmaları Her tits heaved as Veena breathed heavily through her nose, rising, and pushing against her bra.

Finally, after sucking solidly on his cock for five minutes Veena pantingly pulled her mouth from his dick. Her hand continued to jack up and down furiously the entire wet length.

“Mmm, you like that?” She asked as she wiped saliva from her soft reddening lips.

“That was amazing.” Was all Sameer could breathe and Veena smiled.

Veena’s lips latched back on to Sameer’s cock. Back and forth, up, and down, her head bobbed swiftly, sucking, and licking.

“Oh yeah, Mom!” Sameer moaned, his stomach tensing as Veena’s warm, wet mouth worked his cock.

Veena moaned loudly around the mouthful of cock and proceeded to push her mouth down his cock, smacking her lips with her fist as she jacked up and down. Up and down, up, and down, she pushed her face down forcefully. Slobbering wildly on his cock Veena sucked and fucked her mouth as hard as she could in time with her fist.

Veena’s lips gripped Sameer’s cock like a vice, snugly fitting around the hard shaft as they slid rapidly up and down his cock, her tongue lashing out and wrapping around every inch of his hard cock deep in her mouth. Her fist jacking up and down as she almost willed him to cum in her mouth. That thought only made her hotter and she could feel her own juices starting to seep out her cunt.

Over and over the beautiful mother fucked her mouth, her face, on her son’s cock, hoovering as much of his cock deep into her mouth as possible, before pulling almost all the way off only to push her face down again. She pumped her face up and down his cock, her eyes watering but locked on his as he gazed down at her.

“Aggghhhhhh Mom!” Sameer cried out, throwing his head back as his hand, tensed in her hair and he thrust his hips forward in time with her sucking until the two were in perfect unison. “Suck my dick! YES!”

Finally, the hot mother pulled her mouth from his cock, gasping and wheezing for breath, but this time she didn’t stop. Licking up and down the soaked shaft Veena caressed the sensitive tip with her tongue as she smiled up at her son.

“You like the feel of mommy’s mouth?” She asked breathlessly as her tongue slid up his shaft to circle around the fat head.

“Mom, I’ve never felt anything like it!” Sameer replied breathlessly.

“Not even with the other girls you have been with?” asked Veena, as she licked up his cock.

“No, one comes close. You are by far the best.” said Sameer, and he meant it. His mother was a natural born cock sucker, it was surprising how good she was considering that she had never does this before. He looked forward to making more use of his mother’s cock sucking skills.

Sameer’s words of appreciation gave her a sense of pride. Veena took as much of his cock as possible back into her mouth. Sameer threw back his head in pleasure as he was wracked with intense feeling by his mother’s mouth around his cock. Veena’s hair swayed in time with her cock sucking and her tits jumped and jiggled.

Staring down at his beautiful, mother Sameer watched in awe as Veena ran her mouth up and down his hard cock, her mouth a perfect ‘O’ as she sucked his dick between her lips, flashed her tongue over his thick shaft, again and again. Her lips were wet and slippery yet stuck fast around his rod. Her tongue flew and danced until Sameer was amazed that she could keep up with how fast her head bobbed back and forth.

Her long, beautifully hair fell lusciously around her gorgeous face, held tightly in his hand as he helped guide her up and down his cock, while her firm tits were trapped in the confines of her bra as she knelt between his legs. Groaning Sameer flexed his hands in Veena’s hair, making sure that they didn’t block his view, he made a mental note to make sure that his mother had a scrunchie whenever she went down on him.

As he pulled her face back down onto his dick, pushing his cock deep into her mouth before letting her pull her head back to wind her tongue around the thick head of his cock. Lashing and thrashing all around the sensitive tip wildly. Sameer couldn’t believe how hot and wet his mother’s mouth was! And with how hard she sucked she felt better than any woman who had ever sucked him before.

“Ohhhmmmmmphh!” Veena purred as she slid her lips all the way up the long shaft and began sucking happily on the fat tip, her tongue rolling around madly as she swished and circled around the sensitive head.

“Ohhhh, God! Oh damn, Mom. You’re so much better at sucking my cock than I ever thought you’d be. Nnnnnghh!” said Sameer tightly, his voice seizing up as Veena sucked harder on his cock.

Veena made a pleased sound as she hummed around her mouthful of cock then went right back to sucking, her lips sliding down the length of his cock and sliding almost all the way off again and again.

“Shit…you’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that!” Sameer groaned kaçak bahis siteleri and Veena sank as much of his cock as possible into her mouth, moaning as she swallowed every inch.

“Mmmmph! I want your cum!” She purred hornily as she slipped her lips from his cock long enough to lick all the way around before taking it in his mouth again.

“I love the way your cock feels in my mouth.” Veena purred sexily as she licked her lips and rubbed the well-sucked head against her mouth.

Stroking her hair Sameer grinned down at his mother breathlessly.

“I love the way you suck my dick also.” He replied breathily, his cock tingling as his mother rubbed it over her soft, wet lips. He ran a hand down her soft cheek and back up into her hair tenderly as he stared down at her.

Veena smiled in return and arched her back slightly, giving Sameer a better view of her naked ass. Her butt cleavage looked even better. Slurping on just the head of his cock Veena pressed his thick cock against her lips once more before sliding her lips down his thick shaft.

“Oh, godddd…” Sameer moaned, his eyes locked on hers but staring beyond her as his body began shaking. “I’m going to cum, mom. Keep sucking my dick!!”

Hearing those words spurred Veena on even more and soon her head was bobbing up and down his cock like a whirlwind, her tongue moved so fast that Veena couldn’t even keep up with herself and her cheeks hollowed and blew out so fast. Her jaw was sore, but she kept fucking her mouth faster and harder on her son’s cock.

Sameer groaned louder, matching Veena’s own moans of pleasure and filling the room. Sameer let out a deep grunt and began to buck his hips faster and more wildly, slamming his cock in and out of Veena’s throat. With a loud growl and ragged breaths Veena felt her son begin to tense and buck his cock between her lips and she knew what was coming. Moaning loudly Veena bobbed her head eager to feel his hot seed.

“MOM! YEAH! That’s it… keep sucking…don’t stop…I’m going cum soon… your mouth is so good! You’re so good at sucking cock! I’m gonna cum soon, mom. Right in your mouth.” Sameer said, the desperation and climax clear in his voice as he spoke, until finally the fist in Veena’s hair seized hard and pulled her face down onto his dick with each sucking slam.

“MMMMMPHH!! MMMMMMMMPHH!” Veena moaned, trying to pull her mouth from his cock long enough to tell him how desperately she wanted to taste his cum, but Sameer’s hands kept pulling her back down onto his cock. All Veena could do was bob her mouth up and down furiously and tingle all over with the excitement of what was about to happen.

“Ah! Here it comes, Mom, Unnghh!” Sameer called out, and Veena shivered as she ravenously sucked him, waiting for the cum from his balls. Veena moaned eagerly before Sameer suddenly tensed, and with a loud groan she felt the thick head of his cock expand.

Veena pulled back against her son’s hands. Holding her head still so that just the head and a couple of inches of Sameer’s cock was left in her mouth, Veena felt her son’s hands tighten. Grabbing the rest of his cock with her left hand, Veena jacked her hand as she stared up into Sameer’s face and sucked as hard as she could.

With one loud, grunting growl, Sameer’s cock blasted a huge, thick rope of cum powerfully against the back of her throat, covering her tongue in the hot, sticky seed before another, and then another erupted to splash against the inside of her cheeks.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppphhhhh!!” Veena moaned, rolling her eyes in pleasure as she felt her son blast her hungry mouth with his cum.

Again, and again Sameer’s cock erupted with thick wads of hot cum, shooting over her tongue, coating the inside of her cheeks and throat, and filling her mouth as his balls constricted over and over, until Veena’s eyes widened. How much was he going to cum? With no sign of ending, Veena’s cheeks quickly bulged outwards as Sameer filled her mouth with more and more of his seed until her lips, still tightly wrapped and clinging around his pulsing, hard cock, were going to burst.

And so, keeping her eyes locked on his, Veena swirled her tongue through the warm cum filling her mouth to dance around the spurting head before she began to swallow.

Veena felt her pussy almost explode as she felt her own son’s hot cum sliding thickly down her throat in huge, wads to fill her belly. The more she swallowed though, the more Sameer seemed to pump into her mouth, until with one big gulp that almost made her choke on his cum, Veena swallowed the entire load in her mouth. The feel of it sliding into her belly as Sameer blasted another huge load against her throat made Veena shake and almost cum herself.

“Aghhh, that’s it, Mom, swallow all of my cum!” Sameer growled, looking down at her and Veena tried to smile around her mouthful of cock as she deliberately gulped another huge load down as loudly as she could.

Finally, the flow of cum slowed down and stopped, but Veena kept her lips sealed around the cock head. Sameer lay back on the bed taking deep breaths as he recovered from the amazing blow job, his beautiful mother had just given him. He wondered how good they would be once she had had more practice. He couldn’t wait to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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