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It had only been two or three weeks since I had had sex with my mom for the first

time, and we had used a condom every time we had sex, then and since. Two or

three times a day! We used a lot of rubbers! I had also had sex several times

with two of my aunts and a cousin, and those times I had also used a rubber. It

was just too risky to have an unwanted pregnancy. (This was 1952, no “pill”

back then!)

I usually got home before my dad and today was the same as usual. My mom was in

the kitchen washing dishes. She usually wore a blouse and slacks but today she

was wearing a cotton house dress. It came down to a couple of inches above her

knees, was buttoned all the way up the front, and from my point of view it was

nicely snug around her butt! She looked really sexy and I was getting a hardon.

I walked up behind her and put my arms around her and grasped her boobs and

squeezed them, nibbling her ear and neck, and rubbing my hard pecker in the

crack of her ass.

She said “Oh Honey! I’m glad you’re home! I have terrible cramps and I need

some good hard sex to get my period started.”

Well, I was a good son, and whatever my mom wanted I was happy to do it for

her. Especially when it involved sex. I was like a vending machine as far as my

mom and sex was concerned. If she said “I’m horny” I got an erection and my

clothes came off.

“OK!” I said, “Let’s go in the playroom!” (The playroom was a downstairs

bedroom with two double beds pushed together and the frames fastened to each

other where we “Played”!)

“No Honey, we can do it right here. Just pull up my skirt and drop your pants

and we can do it sort of doggy style.”

Usually we took our clothes off and got on a bed, or a couch, or a chair, or

even the floor, but always with our clothes off. At least so far! I had never

done it it with our clothes on, or standing up.

“Uh, OK. Have you got a rubber?”

“We won’t izmit escort bayan need one, Honey, I’m starting my period so I can’t get pregnant.” (I

learned a little more about female physiology!) “Just slide my dress up and

fuck me. Hurry!”

I didn’t need much foreplay to get ready, and apparently mom didn’t either

right now, so when I dropped my pants and shorts my cock popped up ready to go.

I pulled up her dress over her butt and she leaned over and rested her chest on

the edge of the sink. I could see the puffy lips of her pussy peeking out

between her legs and the brown circle of her asshole looking right at me. I

leaned down and kissed her asshole and tried to stick my tongue in it, and

licked it. “Quit fooling around, Honey! Fuck me! In my cunt! NOW!” my mom said,

rather commandingly!

I obeyed! And I didn’t hesitate, because I really wanted to fuck her. Of all my

relatives that I had, and have since, fucked in the pussy, ass or mouth,

fucking my mother’s cunt was my most favorite thing to do.

Pre-cum was oozing out of my cock and I got some on my fingers and wiped it on

the lips of her pussy. Then I slipped a finger into her and the juices started

oozing out. I placed my hands on her nice round butt cheeks and slid my cock

between her legs into her crotch and rubbed the head against her slippery cunt

lips. I felt her hand grab my cock and put the head into the entrance to her

hot pussy and pull me toward her. I just kept moving and slid my cock quickly

into her warm body. I had never felt a woman’s cunt on my bare cock yet, and it

was a wonderful sensation. It was warm, wet, and soft. It was tight, and

started squeezing me when I was about half way in. Mom let out a long sigh as I

slid deeper into her. As I pressed hard against her butt she tightened her cunt

around my hard cock and moaned, “Oh yes, fuck me honey, fuck me good!”

I pulled out a little way then pushed back izmit eve gelen escort in, pumping her pussy with short

thrusts. Not fast, just about the speed you would rock in a rocking chair. Mom

was moaning rocking her hips back and forth and grunting every time I smashed

my hips against her butt. I sped up used longer strokes and soon I was pounding

her like a jack-hammer. “Oh yes, fuck me hard, baby!” she moaned. So I did.

I heard my dad’s car on the gravel driveway and knew that he would be in the

house in a couple of minutes. Mom gasped, “I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming!” and

I felt her pussy throbbing and squeezing my cock, and I fucked her even harder

and faster. Just as my dad walked into the kitchen I started cumming. “Oh

Mommy!” I gasped, and she knew I was cumming and she started too. I shot my

first load into her clenched pussy and she started screaming and sobbing as her

climax took control. Everytime I pounded my cock into her depths and shot more

cum in her she screamed again.

My dad knew what was going on and didn’t ask any questions. He put his feet,

one at a time, up on the kitchen stool and quickly took off his work boots.

Then he dropped his overalls and shorts and stepped out of them, and then

stepped up behind me. As I thrust my last thrust into Mom and nearly collapsed

over her back, Pop grasped me around the waist, picked me up, and sat me on the

stool. “Good job, Son,” he said, as he turned back to my mom.

I watched as Pop lined up his big cock with my moms cunt and started to enter

her. He had no trouble as my cum and her juices were dribbling out of her

pussy and running down the inside of her thighs. I never ceased to marvel at my

dad’s cock. It must have been 14 inches long at least. I held it in both hands

when it was hard many times and it was much longer than the combined width of

both of my fists, and it felt like I was holding izmit otele gelen escort a baseball bat. My Aunt Gina,

his sister, and my mom were the only women I knew that could take it all in the

cunt up to his balls, and my mom was getting it all right now!

She moaned “Oh daddy, oh sweetie, you know what momma needs!” and she bent over

even further, almost double, as Pop grabbed her by the thighs and started

pounding into her as hard as he could. I had never seen him, or anyone else,

fuck mom so hard, but she was making noises like she was enjoying it. Screaming

and yelling and urging him on while she was flopping around like a rag doll.

She was full of my cum and her own juices and as my dad pumped her there were

sloshing noises as the juices ooozed out and ran down both their legs.

Finally my mom started screaming about god and jesus and mary and that she was

cumming and my dad started grunting like a steam locomotive pulling a long hill

and started shooting his cum in mom’s cunt. As fast as he shot it in it would

slosh back out and there was even more juices running down their legs.

Finally they were finished and Pop reached down and pulled Mom up to her feet

and hugged her to him. She asked him to get a napkin from the bathroom because

her period had just started. I looked at the juices still running down their

legs and could see that it had a slight reddish tinge to it. Pop set her on her

feet, pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy, and headed for the bathroom.

Mom came over to me, got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. After a

bit, when I started getting hard again, she looked up at me and said, “You did

a great job of fucking me, honey. I think my period had already started before

your dad got here. Thank you!” And she went back to sucking my cock.

Pop came back with a pad and a pair of panties pretty quick. Mom put the pad

between her legs on her pussy and pulled the panties up. “Why don’t you two go

take a shower and get ready to eat while I see if I can find something for

dinner?” So Pop and I went and took a shower together, and that is another


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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