His Friends Small Penis Ch. 02

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Steve awoke to the sun beaming thru his window lighting his room up, taking a deep breath he looked to see if Todd was really there hoping last night wasn’t just a dream. As he turned to look a huge weight was lifted when he saw Todd sound asleep. Looking further down the sheets he could see Todd’s morning wood tenting and he decided to give his friend a great morning wake-up call.

Sliding the sheets down gently until Todd’s huge cock sprang out, Steve savored the site for a few minutes. Steve after admiring Todd’s manhood, lowered his lips to his best friends cock. Using his tongue he licked Todd’s cock like he was licking the ice cream from a cone, slowly taking in each inch. Finally lowering his mouth he sucked Todd’s hairy balls as his right hand began stroking that hard cock.

Todd’s eyes suddenly opened as he wiped the sleep from his eyes he saw his friend taking care of his needs and said, “Oh shit what a way to wake up, you must want a treat before breakfast.”

Pulling his mouth from his friends balls Steve looked up and said, “I figured your salty cum would be a great way to start the day.”

Todd taking his friends head in his hands pushed his mouth towards his penis and said, “take care of me my friend and I will take care of you next.”

Steve opened his mouth taking his friends cock inside slowly until reaching his tonsils, with one breath he lowered onto that huge cock taking it deep inside his throat.

“Oh shit that feels so fucking good Steve,” Todd said.

Steve began pumping his mouth up and down his friends shaft pulling it almost out and then ramming his head down taking the entire shaft inside with each downward movement Todd pushed harder trying to push his cock deeper. After a few minutes Steve could feel Todd’s cock begin to pulse inside his throat and he started going faster until cum began spurting out. Steve milked every drop of cum he could swallowing it all. When his friends cock stopped spewing his salty warm cum Steve released it from his mouth and began licking it clean making sure he got even the tiniest bit of cum remaining.

“Come here,” Todd said as he pulled Steve’s mouth to his sticking his tongue deep into his friends mouth.

The 2 men remained in an embrace for several minutes as their tongues explored each others mouth. Todd breaking the embrace lowered his mouth to his friends flaccid cock taking it into his mouth holding it inside as it grew. Once totally hard Todd began sucking his friends cock reciprocating his friend for the earlier blow job he received.

Steve looking at his friends head bobbing up and down his shaft said, “God I wish we started doing this years ago, you suck cock so well.”

Todd just continued fucking his friends cock with his mouth wanting so bad to taste his cum again. Within two minutes or so Steve’s cock started shooting streams of cum down Todd’s throat which he gladly swallowed.

The two men showered and met downstairs for breakfast which consisted of two pop tarts each and a glass of milk. After they were done they cleaned their dishes and turned on the tv sitting on the couch together.

“So what do you want to do today?” Steve asked.

“Well I don’t have to be to work until tomorrow afternoon, I do need to get some clothes today though. Would it be ok if I stayed tonight again?” Todd answered.

“Yes of course, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to. Why don’t you go home and get your clothes and we can do whatever you want today,” Steve said.

“Cool I’ll tell my mom I stayed here last night and will be staying again then I’ll be back by say 11 or so, is that good?” Todd said.

“Yeah that would be great, do you have any idea what you want to do tonight?” Steve asked.

Todd reached his friends kaçak iddaa crotch grabbing it and said, “I’m sure we’ll think of something.” Then reaching in he kissed his friend saying, “I’ll see you in a while.

Looking at the clock Steve saw it was 8:30 thought, “shit what am I gonna do for 2 1/2 hours?” Still horny from earlier this morning he 1st thought maybe he would go upstairs and check out his gay magazines again, but he had looked at those so much he decided to go to the porn shop in New Haven. In 1976 there wasn’t much choice where you could go to get gay porn back then, but there was a great place he found about 15 minutes from his house that had viewing booths and lots of porn magazines and even porn novels.

Walking inside he showed his id which the guy at the counter just glanced at as he had done the other times Steve came here not even taking the time to see he was only 18. Walking into the back to see what was showing in the booths, there were three straight movies, 1 lesbian & 2 gay, but the gay booths both had the curtains drawn and the movies playing so he walked over to the gay magazine area.

As he looked thru them a man walked up, maybe a 40ish guy who was a little skinny and a bit girlish looking. As the man walked by he ran his hand lightly over Steve’s ass and said in a very girlish voice, “if you need anything taken care of I would gladly do it for you.”

Looking at the man Steve said, “sorry but I have a date coming over my house in a bit, but thanks for asking. I hope you find someone you can take care of.” Then winking at the man turned to begin looking at the magazines again.

As the man walked away Steve did think how daring it would be to meet a stranger in a place like this and getting a blow job from them, but wanting to get back to Todd he decided on two of the magazines and went to the counter to pay.

Getting home around 10:30 after stopping at the store to get some soda, Steve saw Todd sitting on his doorstep. The two guys went inside and after a while had lunch.

As they sat on the couch watching tv Steve told Todd about the porn store he went to and they sat looking through the magazines. They stopped at a picture of a dude with a huge cock pushing it inside a tiny guys ass. Both men got hard as they stared at it, Steve decided to tell Todd about the guy he met who wanted to suck his cock, at least that’s what he thought he wanted. Todd’s gazed into Steve’s eyes as he described the older man.

After Steve finished telling the story Todd said, “Steve why didn’t you take him up on it?”

“I wanted to get back here for you,” Steve said.

“Hell we should go back there, if he’s there maybe he’ll blow both of us. Who knows maybe we can both fuck his ass like that picture.” Todd said.

“If we did and he wasn’t there we could go to the back and check out the gay movies,” Steve said.

“Can we go back now?” Todd asked.

“If you really want,” Steve answered.

“Yeah I’ve never been in one of those places, didn’t even know they existed,” Todd said.

They went back to the store, walking in they both showed their id’s and again the clerk just looked and let them in without even checking how old they were. Once inside Steve looked around to see if the guy was still there, but unfortunately he wasn’t. Telling Todd he wasn’t they decided they would check out the booths, but first Steve had to get quarters from the guy behind the counter figuring $5.00 would more than do it.

Steve showed Todd the booth area and was happy to find both gay movie booths empty. Todd looked at the movies and decided he wanted to see the one about two blond gay college students. Putting in $2.00 worth of quarters the movie started as two well built guys were blowing each other as kaçak bahis they lay on a bed.

“Fuck look at that one guy his cock must be 9 inches,” Todd said.

“Yeah I’ll bet you’d like to suck that one,” Steve laughed quietly.

Looking down at each other both men saw each other cock bulging inside their pants. Todd reached for Steve’s pants and unzipped them taking his hard 6″ cock out. Looking around the booth he could see spots of dried cum on the floor where men shot their loads, but not caring knelt down in front of his friend and began sucking his cock.

“Oh crap that feels good,” Steve said as his eyes were still rivetted to the screen.

As Steve watched to man on the screen begin to shoot his massive load his own cock began feeding his friend many streams of his own hot load. Todd cleaned up his friend and sat back on the small bench next to him.

The two men kissed as they kept one eye each on the action on screen. The movie stopped and Steve put in another $2.00 to continue watching. They saw the guy with the big cock hover over the others ass and after putting on lube pushed hard driving his shaft inside the guy.

As his cock bottomed out as they watched Todd said, “do you think that hurts?”

“I don’t know, I guess it would have to at least the 1st time but I guess maybe you get used to it.” Steve said as one eye still watched the movie.

“Do you think you would ever want to fuck me?” Todd asked Steve with a whisper.

“After watching this movie, shit yeah I would. Are you asking me to fuck you?” Steve whispered back.

“Yes I would love to have yours be the 1st cock inside me,” Todd said.

“You mean like now?” Steve said as he could feel his cock growing.

Before Todd could answer a mans voice came from the hall outside the curtain asking if the booth was taken. Todd yelled back, “Yes it is can’t you tell with the movie playing, geez.”

“Well you didn’t answer,” Steve said.

“I want you to fuck me but that broke the mood, would you like to go home and do it?” Todd asked.

“Yes God yes, I was hoping you wanted it right here, but home is fine let’s go quickly,” Steve said.

As they pulled the curtain back Steve saw the man outside the curtain was actually the same guy he met earlier and he nodded to the man.

When the man noticed Steve he said, “so this is your date, nice ass. If you two boys need anything I can service you both.”

Steve looked at Todd then back at the man and said, “I’m sorry but we have somewhere to be, thank you for your offer who knows maybe we’ll take you up on it someday but we have something to take care of.” Then taking Todd’s hand the two walked away.

“You two enjoy you 1st fuck,” the man said smiling at the boys.

Steve & Todd looked at each other laughing as the realized the man heard the conversation they had in the booth. Before they left Steve bought a tube of lube they had at the counter for later and left.

When they arrived at Steve’s house they both raced to his bedroom getting naked as quickly as possible. Todd walked to the bed leaning forward on his arms his ass sticking out as if begging his friend to take his virginity. Steve opened the lube slathering some on his cock and putting some in Todd’s ass like the guy in the movie did.

After pausing a second with his cock facing Todd’s ass Steve asked, “are you ready for this?”

“Yes put that thing in my ass, I’m ready,” Todd answered.

With one push the head of Steve’s cock slid in, Todd winced with pain but it shortly disappeared. One more push and Steve was inside, he could feel the heat from his friends ass warm his slick lubed cock. After a short second with his cock buried inside Todd, Steve began slowly pulling it out and then pushing illegal bahis back in.

“Oh crap that hurt a bit at first but your cock feels so good filling my ass, fuck me now fuck me hard. I want your cum filling my ass up please,” Todd screamed.

Picking up the pace Steve’s cock was now jackhammering Todd’s ass faster and faster as Steve’s balls spanked against his ass with each downstroke.

After a few minutes Steve’s cock began to swell and he screamed, “I’m gonna cum, oh God here it comes.”

Suddenly Todd’s ass was being filled with Steve’s warm cum as he buried his cock deep inside holding it there until the last drop was spilt.

Steve’s cock began slowly getting softer as it finally slipped from Todd’s ass once it was out he said, “did you enjoy that my friend?”

“Yes oh my yes,” Todd said putting his mouth to his friends cock sucking his soft shaft wanting to taste what the cum on his cock tasted like after being inside his own ass.

“You like that?” Steve asked.

“Hmmm,” was all Todd could answer as he continued to suck his friends cock.

Releasing Steve’s cock Todd asked, “do you want to feel what I just felt?”

“I know I do, are you up to it?” Steve asked as he stroked his friends hard cock.

“Oh I’m up for it, now bend over boy,” Todd said with a chuckle.

Switching positions Steve now leaned across his bed his ass facing his friends cock. Todd didn’t dive right in like Steve as he lowered his mouth using his tongue to explore his cheeks then working his way to his crack. After spreading Steve’s ass cheeks Todd drove his tongue into his dark warm musky smelling hole wiggling the tip inside as far as it would reach.

“Oh that feels so good,” Steve said wiggling his ass as he spoke.

Taking his tongue out Todd pushed his forefinger inside Steve and began to finger fuck him. Steve’s ass was pushing back against his hand each time his finger went inside begging for something deeper inside him.

“Don’t tease me, I want that big cock in me,” Steve begged.

Pulling his finger out Todd rubbed his cocks head against Steve’s crack and said, “is this what you want?”

“Yes please push it in me, please fuck me,” Steve plead.

Putting lube on his cock and some in Steve’s ass, Todd pushed his huge mushroom head against his opening. Finding some resistance he pushed hard forcing Steve’s ass to open seemingly beyond it’s capability as he slipped inside.

“Shit ouch that hurts,” Steve screamed in pain.

“You want me to stop?” Todd asked.

“No fuck no don’t stop, I need to feel your cock in me,” Steve answered.

Pausing a few seconds Todd could feel Steve’s ass begin to relax, then with one push 2 inches more went in. Todd could feel Steve’s ass tighten up in pain again, but after a few more seconds it relaxed again. One more push forced the remainder of his cock in as his balls pushed hard against Steve’s ass.

“Are you ok?” Todd asked.

“Just wait a second, it hurts but it is an erotic kind of pain,” Steve said. After a few seconds Steve said, “ok Todd it’s better fuck me with that big cock.”

Todd began rapidly fucking his friends ass he was so excited it didn’t take very long, maybe 2 minutes, when his cock began streaming loads of cum filling his ass, so much cum it spilt out running down Steve’s thighs.

When his cum finished he buried his cock deep inside his friend and asked, “did you enjoy that?”

“Yes I did, I am a bit sore but it was such a good hurt. I love the felling of your cum in me, don’t pull out yet.” Steve said.

“Here lets move up on the bed,” Todd said.

The two men moved in unison as they slithered up the bed without breaking Todd’s cock free from Steve’s ass. Once on the bed the two lay down Todd cock implanted in Steve’s ass as they fell asleep.

As they drifted off Steve was thinking back to the man at the video booth wondering if maybe he and Todd could go back taking him up on his offer.

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