Mature Love Pt. 12

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Sunday afternoon, we decided to go for a ride and eventually stop in Louisville for dinner. The foliage was beautiful as we drove through the back roads, so we intended to take photographs.

We were both dressed down, but that didn’t stop us from playing as Nick drove. I had put on a tank top and covered it with a plaid flannel shirt. I chose a jean skirt that zipped up the front and a short pair of leather heeled boots. It gave Nick plenty of accessibility if he wanted to play with my pubes.

I opened Nick’s belt and unzipped his fly, and pulled his cock out of his trousers. I was playfully pulling on him, twisting and using my fingernails to get him excited. I had brought along several soft hand towels to catch his pre-come and sperm.

“Baby, I’m so lucky to have you in my life. We have a great relationship and so many things going for us. Who would have thought I would find a man as perverted as I am,” I teased.

Nick laughed before saying, “We’re not perverted, just adventurous. Let me see your boobs.”

I took off my shirt and removed the tank top. I put the shirt back on but left it unbuttoned and open. I moved closer and made sure I was in reach for Nick to touch me. I returned to playing with his penis.

I began to play with my nipples with my other hand and tell Nick how sensitive they were. “Honey, when I was a teenager, I would lay in bed at night and play with my boobs. I would cum just by pulling my nipples. I bet I could still do that with you playing with them. We need to try that.”

I leaned over and took Nick’s flaccid cock between my lips and sucked it in my mouth. Using my tongue, I rolled it around and withdrew it while gently scrapping my teeth down its length.

Nick slowed down and pulled to the side of the road. He put the car in park and turned to face me. “Let’s get out and take a few pictures.”

He opened his door and stepped out, holding his pants with his hands. I got out on the passenger side, still with my shirt unbuttoned and open. I walked around the front of the car to meet him. We kissed before he pulled up his pants and returned to the car to get a camera out of the back seat.

I checked up and down the rural road and saw no traffic coming either way. Turning to Nick, I lowered my shirt down my shoulders, exposing my breasts. Nick didn’t hesitate in taking photos. I leaned back on the car and reached down to find the zipper on my skirt, and began to open it. Initially, I stopped at mid-thigh for more photos, and then, I brought it up to almost my waist. I slide back on the hood and spread my legs. Nick moved a couple of steps nearer to take close-ups of my shaved pubes. I moved one hand to open my labia.

“Turn around and lean on the car. Raise your skirt, and hold it up. I want to take some shots of that beautiful ass,” Nick instructed me.

I did as told and looked back over my shoulders as I did.

“Sue, you are so hot. I wish I could bury my dick in that ass and ride you to a climax.” He said.

Turning around, I placed my hands on my hips, legs spread, and hopefully giving a naughty look, I continued to pose.

“Sweetheart, I didn’t know you were an ass man. We need to explore that. But right now, I think it’s time for me to suck you Weiner and catch your cum on my boobs.”

We walked to the passenger side of the car. I unfastened his pants and pulled them down to his knees. I knelt and grasped his rod and fed it into my mouth. I sucked and tongued it for a minute or two. “Baby, take a picture of your cock in my mouth. From the top and each side of my face.”

I continued to work on his penis and eventually pushed his testicles, one at a time, in my mouth. I heard the click of the camera several times.

“Hey, someone is coming.” Nick grabbed at his trousers, but I pulled them down further. “Sue, they’re going to see us!” I continued to suck his package.

I heard the car slow as it approached bonus veren siteler us. Never coming to a complete stop, it rolled on.

Not surprisingly, Nick had unloaded a very nice glob of sperm in my mouth. Looking up at him,s I pushed a large portion of his cum out of my mouth, allowing it to fall on my chest.

“You’re so precious! Honey, did you think they were going to get out and pull me away from you? They just got the highlight of their day. Hell, maybe of their life. I wasn’t going to stop short of hearing a siren. I LOVE YOU!”

I stood and waited for Nick to massage his cum over my boobs. He didn’t disappoint me and kissed me repeatedly as he spread it over and under each boob.

I retrieved a hand towel from the car and cleaned Hick’s cock the best I could. Putting everything where it seemed to go, we got back in the car. I leaned against the passenger’s door, my shirt open and my legs splayed.

“Baby, I wish we were going on vacation tomorrow. Can you imagine your lover walking around in the hotel lobby in a micro bikini? My breasts on display, with barely a tri-angle of material from being naked? I bet you Wiener would be leaking as you watched me. I would be wearing my lucite heels and sunglasses. I can see others looking at me. Damn, that is going to be so hot!”

I began to run my right hand over my pussy, opening my labia lips and slipping two fingers in my opening. “You sexy lady being watched by men as I move out to the patio bar. I sit on a stool and order a margarita. As I wait for my drink, I watch several men approaching the bar. I can see their eyes going over my body. I can look undetected through my sunglasses.” I am now pushing three fingers into my pussy. My fingers are emitting a sound of suction as they slip end and out.

“Baby, do you want to see me on display at the bar? I bet you would. I begin to talk to the men, laughing and telling them how I love the sun. The bar is without a cover, allowing the sun to bake the patrons. Imagine me reaching in my bag and bringing out the tanning lotion. Without a word, a man approaches and asks if he may assist me. Baby, I tell say ‘of course.’

“I hand him the lotion and turn to allow him to apply it to my back. As he does, his fingers are slipping around and touching the side of my boobs. I bet you would like that. I know I would!”

“As he is caressing my skin, he leans forward and whispers in my ear. I find you at the bar, wink, and then nod to the gentleman’s suggestion.

“Baby, you watch as I slide off my stool, pick up my bag, and walk away with the man. You know what’s going to happen. You also know I will bring back a pussy full of his cum for you to clean out of me.”

I was so wet. I was working four fingers inside my pussy and rolling my thumb in an attempt to slide it in also. My imagination was going wild.

“Gawd, we are going to have so much fun.”

My right hand was in my pussy up to my wrist. I became emersed in my pleasure. I began to move my fingers and pump my arm to enjoy the action. I lowered my left hand and placed two fingers on my engorged clit. I furiously began to rub it. My behavior, unknown to me, had caused Nick to pull into a mall parking lot. I worked to bring myself to a climax. I shuttered and came hard.

I slowly removed my hand from my opening and felt myself relax.

Nick allowed me to recover and then leaned over to me and kissed me.

“Sue, you are the most remarkable woman I have ever seen. We will be so ready for our vacation.”

I had Nick pull into a rest area so I could clean up. Well, attempt to clean up. I spent longer than usual, trying to wash fluids of Nick’s cum. my juices, and trying to make myself presentable to enter a restaurant.

When I got back to the car, I removed the shirt and put the tank top back on. My skirt zipped to cover more. “Baby, I’m sorry I took so long. I looked like a mess. That’s bedava bahis about as whorish I can remember looking.”

Nick, laughing, told me he thought I looked lovely. I smiled at him before telling him he was a devil. And his influence was going to the ruin of me.

As we reached the outskirts of Louisville, I directed Nick to the Shively area. Not the best section of town but, I didn’t want to go downtown. I had stayed at a Holiday Inn there several times and remembered driving by adult theaters and bookstores.

“Honey, let’s go to one of the adult bookstores. Have you been in one before?

“Several years ago. In Chicago. It was dirty as hell. Are you sure you would feel safe?” Nick said.

“With my stud lover, I have no problem. We might find some things we can use to have fun. I know you have some toys, but I want us to have our own. Things we buy together. OK?”

As we drove down Dixie Highway toward Ft. Knox, I picked one out. Nick parked in the rear of the building.

To possibly tease, I took off the tank top and put on the flannel shirt. Instead of buttoning it, I tied the tail in a loose knot.

We walked into the store with me slightly in front. I was holding Nick’s hand. I smiled at the clerk before we started to walk the store. There were so many sex toys we would never see them all in a week.

Nick whispered to me, “A guy is watching you. Stay close to me.” I backed up and reached down to grab his crotch. “Close enough, honey?”

I found the man to who he was referring. The guy appears to be a day over legal to be in the store. I thought about walking into his area, but it would be wrong to do so.

I reached up and found a dildo of sizable length and girth. Taking it down, I turned to Nick, who nodded his approval. Moving on, I saw a strap-on harness and several cocks of various sizes to go with the belt.

Looking at Nick, I said, ‘you pick.” His look was of wonderment. “Honey, I want one for you to fuck me. And I’ll pick one to use on you. If you don’t want that, pick one so you can screw my ass.”

The young fellow had moved so close he had heard my comments. Smiling, I winked at him. He moved away but not so far to keep him from seeing us.

We bought some lubes and other items and moved to check out.

As we laid all of the toys on the counter, the clerk looked me over. The shirt was gaping so he could see my right breast.

“Folks, would you like free tickets to our theater in the back? Complimentary.

“Not today. Maybe we can come back next weekend. Thanks for the offer.” I told him sweetly.

As we walked back to the car, I asked Nick if he had wanted to go to the theater?”

“We’ve got tapes at home. We can have a lot of fun as we watch,” he told me.

“Honey, he didn’t want us to go into the theater to watch films. The guy wanted you to take me in there for sex. Not just you and I, but you, me, and other men.” I explained to him.

“Really? Wow. Would you do that? Have sex with other men in that theater? Nick asked.

“Anything like that would require a lot of discussions and a huge box of condoms!” I told him.

We ended up driving through a fast food place and coming back home. That 85-mile drive was full of questions, a few admissions, and plans to expand our sex life.

At home, we both showered and went down to the den. I had picked up one of Nick’s shirts from the hamper and again, wearing my lucite heels. Nick was wearing only his boxers.

While Nick fixed our drinks, I started taking our toys out of the bags. When he entered, I was removing the strap-on harness from its cardboard container. Placing it on the coffee table, I searched for the three dildos that fit the belt.

We sat on the couch and looked at the items. I waited for Nick to comment, but his words never came.

“Sweetheart, you are always saying how much you want to screw me. I want to feel this extension deneme bonus of you. I want to feel you stroking and the pressure you use,” I told him. “it will be you and me with the help of an extension of your cock. I want it.”

We kissed as his hand went to my pubes. I opened my legs slightly to let him find my clit. I reached to his groin and discovered his prick already leaking.

We kissed and continued our foreplay for several minutes before I stood. jIt was time.

Nick stood and allowed me to adjust the harness to fit his waist. I told him to pick his ‘cock’ from the three on the table. He picked up the first one, a seven-inch, ribbed flexible choice. Its girth was thicker than the average dick. (No complaint from me!).

I helped Nick fit the cock in the ring and then put the harness around his body. We both smiled as his ‘cock’ protruded from his groin.

We began playing with each other. Most of my attention was directed at h Nick’s actual cock. I wanted him to feel he was going to use it.

I began to get wet as Nick manipulated my clit. I raised my right breast and sucked my left nipple. Looking into Nick’s eyes, I lightly bit it. The bite caused me to moan. “Baby, I want you in me. Please fuck me. I need it so much.”

I reached down and touched my pussy. I was flowing with my juices. I began to take them in my fingers and rubbed them on my lover’s thick cock. I whispered how much I wanted him in me.

Finally, I felt I was wet enough to take his cock. I kissed Nick and told and him I wanted him now. I moved over to the arm of one of the lounge chairs and placed my hands on it. I opened my legs to allow his entry.

I felt the tip of his ‘cock’ touching my inner labia. “Mmm, more,” I urged Nick. The penis began to enter me slowly but with a steady movement. He stopped for a brief second and then fulled me completely.

“Baby, that is what I want.” I could feel the harness against my butt cheeks. Nick withdrew a few inches and then filled me again. I was pleasantly tender from my self-fisting earlier in the afternoon. It only caused me to appreciate the dildo.

Nick began a study rhythm of pushing his ‘cock’ in and withdrawing it nicely. I spread my legs to steady myself. I was surprised at the satisfying feeling I was experiencing.

I reached back in an attempt to find Nick’s balls, but I couldn’t find them. DAMN! I began to urge him verbally, hopefully, to stimulate him mentally.

“Baby, that’s feels so good. Your cock is reaching all the right places. Damn, I love the feel of you.” I stoked his thigh before slipping my right hand to find my clit. I slowly began to rub it.

Baby, give it to me. I want to feel it all. Don’t worry about being gentle. I want it harder.” I told Nick.

His pace picked up. I could feel him throwing more of his weight into each thrust. I began to rub my clit more firmly.

“Yea, Baby. That’s it come and get this pussy. Show me how much you want me,” I urged him on.

I start to moan lowly initially but with increased frequency. “Yes, harder,” I said. How Nick was throwing more weight into his thrust. “Oh, Honey, I’m going to cum!” I announced. I began to feel spasms working through my body. I rubbed my clitoris faster and with more pressure.

“Yes, YES, YES!” I exclaimed as my orgasm rushed through my whole being.

We stayed connected for a brief time. Nick slowly withdrew his ‘cock’, allowing me to turn to face him. I grasped his head and kissed him deeply. I felt so loved.

“I guess it’s time for me to clean Mr. Weiner, I teased. I knelt and ran my lips over the dildo. I made a show of sucking the head. I began to slip it into my mouth and took it to the back of my throat. Looking up at Nick, I slide the ‘cock’ in and out of my mouth. He looked at my action.

I felt under the strap-on and found his penis. Nick’s cum was thick on his thighs. I tasted my man’s seed. It was so good.

Nick used his hand to grasp my shoulders and bring me up. We kissed again, this time allowing me to slip my salvia mixed with sperm into his mouth.

I was flush with fulfillment. The day had been sex-filled and ended perfectly.

We slept fitfully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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