Meeting Maggie

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{This is a “woman has sex with other guys” story in the cuckold/wittol/stag genre. All you angry, bitter, sad people who hate things and feel righteous about it enough to 1 bomb stories, including with fake, multiple accounts, have at it. The rest of you who just read what they like and decide for themselves, enjoy!}

Sometimes serendipity strikes when you least expect it (or in a way, how I met your mother!)

“You fucking slut!” he yelled at her, his eyes bulging, his face red with anger at the woman seated at the bar next to him.

“Because I’m wearing an outfit that you yourself loved on our first date?” She responded tersely, “because other men have the gall to find me attractive?”

I recognized this many times before, in previous relationships. Jealousy, people seem to not be able to avoid it. For me, it was the women who were the jealous types. I…not so much as you’ll see. Now, the woman at the bar DID look like a slut, to be fair.

“Look at your tits!” he continued, “they are hanging out of that dress, the bartender can’t keep from drooling every time he comes over here!”

I had noticed it as well. The bartender, an attractive 20 something had been paying special attention to the woman. He seemed the type who’d have no problem bedding the woman, if not for the man berating her in front of everyone. I saw the bartender eyeing them suspiciously, as if he was about to intercede on her behalf. I wondered if he had also noticed that I had been an interested onlooker who had been shamelessly ogling her since I’d walked in.

“Randolph, stop making a scene,” she huffed. “We have only dated a few times, you hardly own me.”

Yes, his name was Randolph and he looked like one, too. He was a middle aged businessman with a thick belly, thinning hairline and buddy holly glasses.

“You probably would give the bartender or THAT guy a blowjob the first time you meet them, like you did ME!” he said, his face red, pointing directly at me. “Put your jacket on!” Randolph insisted.

“Or what?” the woman said, with obvious disinterest

“Or we’re DONE!” he insisted, as if that should mean anything to her. He was NOT reading the room correctly.

“Oh, we’re done,” she said smoothly. “We were done the moment you started this diatribe.”

He looked startled, as if he hadn’t expected resistance. “Fine!” he huffed as he picked up his jacket and stormed away.

“Good riddance,” I thought. “Last thing a woman needs is a controlling relationship. I’m always amazed how often they willingly get into them.

“That’s exactly why I need to be single,” she said aloud, to no one in particular.

I toasted her from across the bar and she acknowledged the toast by raising her own glass. Normally I’d have let her be, honestly I would’ve, especially after that scene. But, the way she looked at me with…I swear was a bit of a wink made me make the move that I did, thankfully.

“Having fun?” I said with a wry smile after moving next to her from my former position at the end of the bar. There was something about her, well, besides the slutty attire. There was an intensity and a spark.

“Sorry about all that,” She said as she sipped on the new drink I’d just supplied her with. “Men get so jealous. Can you believe he actually picked out this outfit for me? He asked me to wear it because he’d enjoyed it on a previous date.”

“I can see why, it’s….lovely,” I said, which gave me a legitimate reason to ogle her ample and inviting cleavage. It would be unfair and understatement to call it just a “little black dress.” Her boobs, which were either a C cup, pushed together, or a D cup, slightly restrained. Her tits formed that perfect cleavage line down into the top of her sleeveless dress.

I was guessing the woman was in her mid to late 30’s. Her hair was blonde, perhaps dirty blonde is more accurate. There were patches of lighter and darker blonde in it. I also guessed that most of the lightness came from a bottle. Her face would be the attraction even if she was wearing a burlap sack. She had round, sexy, hazel eyes which seemed to look deeply into my soul. She had thick, luscious lips which she accented with a very arousing shade of pink lipstick. She reminded me of an older sister, perhaps, of someone like Jennifer Lawrence.

I’m 50, right off the bat, I wasn’t in her league, in the normal world. My daughter and her friends always say I’m on the way to being a silver fox. My hair is graying, but only at the temples. I’m fit, a former athlete, but this woman was a stunner. She was clearly a class or two ahead of me in the ratings game. One thing I am, though, is a clever pervert. If she let me “in,” who am I to argue?

Back to the bar. Her eyes had an intense, all knowing quality. As she observed me, I sensed a great knowledge under that smooth, cool exterior.

“I’m Brent,” I smiled.

“Maggie,” She offered.

She was so comfortable in her own skin that it made me comfortable as well. We were soon exchanging all sorts adiosbet yeni giriş of thoughts and life philosophies.

“I guess I just am not looking for any serious relationships now, for obvious reasons, they all seem to turn out just like this,” she said, expecting disappointment in my face. “I want to be free to….experience things,” She said, her intentions clear enough to make herself blush.

I said, “me either. I’ve been married, and been in several long term relationships. Also, the women in my life have never been very….open to things….you know?”

I think she knew. I wanted someone more free sexually, I didn’t really even consider a long term relationship anymore, I’d pretty much given up on either.

I saw her eyeing the bartender’s behind when he bent to get a bottle off of the bottom shelf.

“See something you like?” I joked.

I liked that she wasn’t offended….in fact, she gave me a sly wink.

“I was pretty much planning on getting laid tonight,” she said matter-of-factly, “and after Randoph, a girl needs to consider all her options.”

I grinned. I loved her openness and honesty, she could’ve easily just lied and acted innocent while placing the “dirty thought,” blame on me.

“Why Randolph, if you don’t mind me asking?” with me honestly wanting to know the answer.

“I didn’t consider us even “dating,” I guess he did. I thought we were friends with benefits or something. I saw him alone at the bar one night and….well honestly, I felt sorry for him. Gave him that blowjob he just told everyone about,” she chuckled with only a hint of shame.

I think the fact that I was comfortable with her honesty threw her for a minute.

“You…don’t mind that I was openly ogling some young stud’s ass?” She said with suspicion.

“Why should I? Like you told that guy before, I don’t own you.”

“Yes, but most men, in your situation….let’s call it the “on deck circle,” wouldn’t be so quick to give up ANY leverage they have for a chance….to….you know.”

“I get what you mean. I’m here “hitting” on you, another guy who has your interest would blow my chances. First, you owe me nothing, we just met. You are free to ogle, hell, you are free to blow that guy behind the bar. It’s not my business. Second, even if we WERE together, I’d enjoy you taking interest in….certain things,” I said coyly. I wasn’t sure how much of my particular kink to reveal at this early juncture.

She was not going to let that go. “Certain things? If we were together, you wouldn’t mind him ogling me, looking right down my top?”

“Hell no, I’d like it,” I smiled. I just sensed that she was just the type of fantasy woman, in my head. “Could it really be?” I was going to find out. She was going to test me.

“Ok, let’s see,” she smirked. I saw her adjust the top part of her dress, lowering it deliciously so that her tits were nearly popping out of the top part. I swore there was no more space before her nipples would show. She called him over. They made idle small talk and chat while he eyed me suspiciously the whole time, like I was intruding on their private time.

When he walked away she turned to me and grinned, “did you see that? I doubt his eyes ever left my top! And that bulge in his REALLY tight pants….” she chuckled.

“I did,” I laughed. “They ARE quite spectacular,” I admitted. “The bulge….I didn’t pay attention,” I cracked.

“You like?” she teased, cupping them together lewdly before shooting her tongue out at me.

“You are, as the kids like to say, are sexy AF,” I cracked.

She grinned, with a touch of surprise. I guess she’d expected me to be miffed, since it wasn’t my cock she was talking about. Still, it’s one thing to not be jealous when you are two strangers at a bar, it’s another thing if we were in a committed relationship. I could see she was interested, though. At least interested in my “take” on the whole situation. I pressed on.

“So right now you are thinking about him and….what? Giving him your number? Waiting around for him to finish work? How would that work for you?”

I think my directness impressed her, perhaps along with the red wine which can be like truth serum, which made her brutally candid in her response.

“Well, exchanging numbers would mean I wouldn’t be getting any tonight, which is what I’m looking for. I’d probably just want to suck him off,” she said bluntly. “That’s usually how it works for me. I like to get a taste of it first, see if it’s worth pursuing further.”

She was expecting me to bolt at any minute as she clearly was thinking more about HIS cock. I was okay with that. I was more interested in her, what should could be, to me. I’m a patient man, when I see things that could benefit me.

“So, say you suck him off, tonight, how would you do it?”

She could see I was was actually encouraging her. She had that strange look on her face. She was having a hard time judging me, where I was coming from. I also think it was adiosbet giriş turning her on.

“Well, for starters, and nothing personal, but I don’t think he’d make a move unless I was sitting by myself,” She said truthfully. “I’m not asking you move, though, I’m enjoying your company.”

“Well, maybe we can both get what we want here,” I smiled. “I have an idea, if you are up for it,” trying hard to hide my wolfish grin.

“Oh god,” she muttered. I could see it was having an effect on her, a very deep effect. She adjusted herself in her seat, it almost seemed like she wanted to touch herself when she fanned her skirt out.

The, “oh god,” sounded more like an invitation than fear.

I took the gamble and boldly whispered my idea in her ear. I’m sure if anyone was watching they saw her eyes widen with surprise. I winked at her.

“Totally up to you,” I said before I returned to my former spot at the end of the bar.

She actually looked at bit flustered, but determined to respond to the challenge. I saw her fiddle with the top of her dress again, to allow more cleavage to show. She called “Paul,” the bartender back for another drink. I saw her flirt unabashedly, and though I couldn’t hear the conversation, I could tell it got quite steamy at times between her blushes and his raised eyebrows.

He came over to me a few minutes later.

“Get shot down?” he grinned cockily, motioning towards Maggie.

“Not exactly,” I said without divulging my place in the whole situation. “After that whole scene earlier I just wanted to cheer her up, last thing she needs is another guy trying to possess her,” I said, trying to gauge his interest in the whole matter.

“Too bad,” he smirked, “I think she’s totally INTO being possessed, at least tonight anyway.” He walked away with an arrogant grin. He had every right, though, it was HIS cock who would experience that pleasure first.

I saw them laughing and giggling together again before Paul walked off and disappeared, apparently on a break. She left shortly after. I just smiled. I waited an appropriate amount of time before I left cash on the bar and walked out.

It was a dream, really, just a fantasy, a hope. I never expected her to be there. After all, I’d just encouraged her to flirt outrageously with a very attractive young man and told her to find a way to get him outside so she could suck his cock. Any woman would run, escape when she could so she could tell her friends about that “creepy guy at the bar last night.” I looked around the parking lot, it was quiet.

I smiled, though. It had been a beautiful fantasy, to find a woman with the same perversions as me. “Oh well, it did make my dick stir,” I smiled to myself. “I might have to take care of the old guy later.”

“So,” came a husky voice behind me, “do you still think I’m sexy as fuck?”

I turned to look. She looked like a live action version of an X rated Jessica Rabbit. The top of her dress looked stretched, maybe even ripped at the top. Her ample tits were heaving from obvious exertion. There was something glistening between her tits, disappearing into her cleavage. That’s when I noticed the bottom of her dress was also torn, she’d been holding it together in the front. Shyly, with embarrassment, she let it fall open, just for a second, exposing her bare pussy to me.

“He ripped my panties off,” she said, red faced. “He said a slut like me shouldn’t even wear them.”

“Fuuuuuck,” I groaned. She looked like a perverted angel. “Yes, I’d say you look even sexier.”

“Oh my, like THIS?” she smirked while doing an overly dramatic twirl, which allowed me to see her bare ass in a flash. “Most guys wouldn’t even offer to call a cab for me, like this.”

“What happened to your voice?” I asked, pretty much already knowing the answer.

“I dunno,” she shrugged with a smirk, “might have something to do with having a rather large cock shoved, balls deep into my throat, or the gallon of cum that followed.”

“Wow, how did all that happen?”

She blushed. “Pretty much how I thought it would happen when you fan the flames of a young, aggressive alpha type. Do you still want to….talk about it? I can’t exactly go back inside like this,” she said softly.

I nodded.

“Where’s your car?” she asked.

“No, I like it out here, like this,” I offered, opening her eyes to my type of perversity. “I like the potential embarrassment, the exposure.”

“With my dress ripped and cum on my chest?” she asked, wide eyed.

“Yes, if you want to act like a whore I want people to see it. I want them to look at you, like you are, and know what happened to you.”

“Jeez, you ARE dirty.”

Still, I noticed she didn’t move. She was willing. “I told you if we were together I wouldn’t mind you ogling other guys, or sucking their cocks, or even people passing us by seeing what a whore you’d been.”

“Oooo,” she said, her mouth forming an “O.” She was obviously aroused by my candor and my kink.

Just adiosbet güvenilirmi then a couple started to walk past. We both saw the woman eye Maggie up and down. She got a hint of a scowl on her face as she walked by.

I’d have yelled, “yeah, the slut just sucked a cock behind the bar, you should try it if you can get that stick out of your ass!” but I didn’t need to get in a fistfight over it.

“Now, tell me what happened, do not leave out any detail,” I ordered. She had that look of a teenager (18 for sake) who got busted by her dad fooling around with her boyfriend in her room. She was holding the bits of her dress together for a vestige of modesty.

“Well, after you told me to see if I could get him out back and suck him I really laid on the flirting. I remembered your words, “suck his cock, be the slut you want to be.” By the time he took his break he pretty much knew what he was going to get. Like you said, I was obvious. I told him I saw what he was packing and I wanted it in my mouth.”

“Good start,” I joked. “That would get me out back as well.”

Two more couples passed us as we talked, all of them eyeing Maggie as they passed. One guy flashed me the “thumbs up,” no doubt thinking I’d been the one who had defiled her so.

I took her hand and led her around the corner, for just a little bit more privacy. We were still in the parking lot, however. People were still milling about.

“So, the first thing he did when I met him back there was pull the top of the dress down. I heard it rip immediately. He got my tits out right away. He said, “you’ve been flaunting those puppies all night, I want them OUT.” It instantly got me wet. “Then he kissed me deeply, his tongue was halfway down my throat. Meanwhile, his hands mauled me. You can see the result,” she said, showing me the tears in her dress.

“So, he’d been with you for what, a minute, before he’d ripped the top of your dress down, and split it up the sides?”

“Yes,” she said with a shameful grin. “That’s when he reached under there and just tore my panties from my body in one motion. He said, “sluts like you don’t deserve to wear panties.” Then he pulled me into him by my nipples and kissed me again. Fuck, I haven’t been treated like this since….well since college.”


“Yes, I was promiscuous back then. I missed those days. I especially liked the fraternity parties, speaking of the rough treatment.”

“Ah, one of my particular favorite fantasies. Then what?”

“He shoved me down and told me to “suck that cock like the pro I know you are.” So I did. I was on my knees, sans panties, tits hanging out, kneeling on the concrete. I wasn’t two minutes in before he got urgent and started taking over. That’s when he got that damned thing all the way down my throat, like I said, I haven’t done that since college, it’s been awhile since I practiced my deepthroat skills,” she said with a blush.

“I can’t believe you did all this,” I said with awe. “I mean, I hope you don’t blame ME for it,” I joked.

“Hell no, I don’t blame you. I want to THANK you. It was amazing. I thought of you the whole time. I thought of you sitting there, knowing you kind of sent me out here to do it. I wished you could get to see it. I sense you are a voyeur.”

“Yeah, I’d have loved to see that, however, much of it is in my mind. As long as I’m involved in some way, and get to hear about it, experience it afterwards, I’m good.”

“That’s amazing. Most guys would’ve just wanted to pick me up, using my “breakup” as a way to horn their way in. They’d have blown their load in me in the parking lot and left without exchanging numbers. You, on the other hand, are here, seeing what was done, and are still talking with me about it.”

“I think we understand each other better now, ” I said. Do you want to….continue this talk at my place?” I asked hopefully.

“Listen, I think I do have a better idea of what both of us might enjoy. I just want to be clear. Tonight is something I’ve wanted for so long. I’m not going to go back to “dating” per se. I want THIS,” she said, pointing at her ripped dress and the drying cum on her tits. “I’ve ignored my needs for too long. I…can’t see jumping right back into a relationship. I….I’m a slut, as you can clearly see. I really don’t want to be anything else right now. The bartender knew it. He knew just what I needed, and how I wanted it.”

“I think so, too. I’d want you to be nothing more, or less.”

“I still want to…get to know you better, though,” she said optimistically. “You aren’t like anyone I’ve ever known. You are okay with me being…like this?”

I smiled. “I’d encourage it. In fact, did the bartender get your number?”

She turned red. “No, he was too busy zipping his pants up and getting out of there to do anything else.”

“But you want that cock again, don’t you?”

“Yesss,” she purred. “He could’ve had me any way he wanted me. All he had to do was take it. I think he just wanted to take my mouth, though.”

“Can you hold your clothes together enough to go back in there and give him your number?”

“Oh my god,” she groaned. “That’s going to look SO bad,” she realized aloud.

“It is. But isn’t that what a slut like you needs, what you deserve?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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