The Bet

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“How about that guy?”

My girlfriend was pointing at a guy walking up to the door of the rest area. I’d lost a bet, and she takes paying off bets very seriously. I’d bet her that she couldn’t get me off by giving me a blowjob in less than 10 minutes. I was so sure I’d win. See…she’d given me lots of blowjobs. And don’t get me wrong, they all felt great! But I’d never come from one unless I sort of ‘helped’. That is, if I thought about certain extra-kinky fantasies, or if I talked dirty to her, or if I helped it along by stroking myself. If I simply laid there and let her suck, I never even got close to cumming. We’d been discussing blowjobs, and she had said that all men were basically putty as soon as their cock was in a girl’s mouth. I resent the fact that she felt like I was so out of control that this was the case. That’s when I told her that if I were trying not to cum, she probably couldn’t get me to do it.

Well, she was offended that that. It was like I was saying she couldn’t give a good blowjob. I tried to explain that it had been that way with ALL the women I’d been with, not just her.

It didn’t help. “I can get you off, even if you’re trying not to!” She said defiantly. When I just shook my head, she doubled down. “You wanna make a bet?”

“What’s the stakes?”

“Name it!” She said, confidently.

“If I win, I get your ass!” She’d yet to let me fuck her ass, something I really wanted to do. Not just because I liked it…but because I was certain SHE would like it. The last couple girls I dated were crazy for it in their ass. It took care, and preparation, but when done right, they said it was incredible. I wanted to share that with Amy. And I wanted to blow a load balls deep in her perfect fucking ass!

“And if I win…” she let it hang. I knew this would be something significant. “You have to give a blowjob to some guy!”


“You heard me!” She said. “What’s wrong? Afraid to put your mouth where your mouth is?”

“I’m not AFRAID…I’m just not gay.”

“And I don’t want you to TURN gay! But I’d love seeing you suck a dick. And for once, it would be nice to see a guy deal with being expected to swallow a load of cum!”

“You keep saying that’s a big deal…I don’t see why. How can it possibly be worse than having to swallow all those gross things my mom made me eat as a kid. Like spinach? Yuck!”

“So, take the bet!”

“Fine. I’ll take the bet!” I knew there were a lot of loose ends left untied there…but I was so certain I was going to win, I didn’t care. I just focused on tapping that ass.

So that’s how the bet started. And shortly after that, my 6 inch dick was in Amy’s mouth. It felt good, like it always does. And like always, it didn’t feel good enough that I felt in any danger of cumming. And instead of like I’d do when I was TRYING to cum in her mouth, I didn’t think of the normal stuff…like her absolutely stunning slut of a sister, Carol, or her equally stunning mother, Anette. I also didn’t think of Amy’s fabulous tits, or tidy but very thickly haired bush! It was going well, and with only 4 minutes and change left, I thought I had it in the bag. That’s when Amy started talking in between sucks!

“So, are you thinking about my ass? You know there’s never been a cock inside it. Yours would be the first. You’d be the first guy to ever pump a hot creamy load up my ass! I’m sort of getting hot thinking about it. You know, I love sucking cock…I bet you would too…too bad it looks like I’m not going to get to see it. You know, cum isn’t really that gross…it’s warm, and a little salty, but it’s kinda sexy. And the cock itself…you know, it’s hard…but the skin is soft like silk, and the way it feels against your tongue…”

That’s what did it. She kept it up…she’d suck for 10 seconds, and talk for 10 seconds. When she’d speak, she’d rub my cock all over her face, the precum leaving snail trails on her skin that glistened in the light from the lamp that lit my living room. When she squeezed out an extra large dollop of precum, and moaned in fake ecstasy as she sucked it off and swallowed, I was done. At 9 minutes and 13 seconds, the first of several wads of cum squirted out of my traitorous dick and into her mouth.

Amy usually swallowed…I’ll give her that…she never, ever spit out my cum. But this time, she didn’t swallow. She sucked me gently, and worked the last drops up the shaft from the root, like she was milking an upside down cow’s teat. And once she had it all, she leaned back, mouth closed, and let my semi-hard dick go. She moved in a little closer. Her face had wet strips across it, from the precum. Her closed mouth obviously still contained my whole load. She opened her mouth to show it to me, a tablespoon, perhaps, of creamy white stuff, like tapioca pudding, but smooth, without lumps. There was a question in her eyes…’can I kiss you, and give this back to you?’

I didn’t really want to kiss her. But I could tell she wanted it…and generally speaking, I liked giving her what she ankara escort wanted. I am not some insecure dweeb that lacks self-confidence…I wasn’t afraid I’d turn gay. I just didn’t find a mouthful of my own cum desirable. But I nodded slightly, and her lips closed as she smiled, and moved in.

Our lips met…and then hers parted…and because I knew that’s what she wanted, I let my own lips part. Her tongue moved through the airlock…from her mouth to mine, bringing some of my cum with it. My own tongue tasted it, and she’d been right. A bit salty.

To get it over with, I sucked a bit…and got a bunch more. Some tongue and cheek manipulation on her part, and I got it all. With all the cum in my mouth now, her tongue and mine swam in the creamy load…and I didn’t spontaneously explode, or die, or all of a sudden decide I didn’t like girls. I swallowed…all of it…and kept kissing her for a minute.

“Oh, wow!” She said, as we parted. “You really did it. I’ve never snowballed a guys load back to him before!”

“It’s a first for me, too!” I told her.

“Did you hate it?” she asked. She wasn’t mean, or a dom, or trying to cuckhold me! Amy, above all, wanted her men to be equals. She was with me because her last boyfriend couldn’t handle a woman with a will as strong as his own. The guy before that was a cheat. I wasn’t either of those, and she respected that. For my part, I loved Amy because I could talk to her. I could tell her that her breath stunk, if it did…I could tell her when a particular dress didn’t look good. She didn’t mind that at all, as long as I also told her when she looked beautiful. And as long as she had the same freedom to tell me my breath stunk. I’d had needy girlfriends…I much preferred Amy! She was just as hot, when she wanted to be, but she didn’t need constant reassurance, coddling and pampering. She didn’t have a meltdown if we didn’t agree, as long as we were both adults about it. We’d been together about 8 months…and she’d moved in with me when her lease was up two months ago. We were happy.

But Amy was competitive…really competitive. She didn’t like to lose. When she did, she took it like an adult, and paid the price. But when she won, she expected the same. We’d bet. I lost. She expected me to pay up. And I knew, at some point, I’d have to!

But right then, it wasn’t about paying the bet. She was curious…did I really hate getting snowballed? Did I SORT OF hate it? Did I like it? I didn’t answer her right away. Not because I was hesitant to tell her…but because I had to figure out how I actually felt about it. Did I hate it? Well…actually…no. I didn’t want to give up baseball for another mouthful of my jizz, but it wasn’t that big a deal. And I found, like I’d told her, that it actually wasn’t as bad as spinach!

“No, I didn’t hate it.” I told her. “There wasn’t much to it. Like you said, a little bit salty, and sort of smooth and creamy. I don’t think I want it on my cheerios, but…”

“Oh wow!” She said again. She was silent for a bit, getting up to sit on the couch, and then leaned back into me. “This opens up possibilities!”

“Such as?”

“Will you lick me clean after cumming in me?” She asked. “I’ve always wanted to get licked clean after being filled with cum!”

“Seriously?” I asked. “You’ve never said that before!”

“I’ve never met a guy I thought would consider it. I think you would!”

I did consider it. “I guess so. It might take some coaxing…but yeah. I could do that for you! But I don’t want to do it every time we fuck!”

“Unless you decide you love it!”

“Probably not much chance of that!”

“You do know that you’re going to have to pay the pet off, right?”

“Yes, Amy…I know. But about that…”

“What about it?”

“How am I supposed to go about it? I’m certainly not going to do it to any of our friends. And I’m not going to proposition some stranger and then get my head smashed!”

“Leave that to me!” She said. “I have that all figured out!”

That had been a week ago. Now we were driving to her parent’s place. Her mom’s birthday was in two days, and we were going to stay the weekend. I’d met Amy’s folks a couple times, and found them to be really nice. They seemed to like me, too…which wasn’t always the case with my girlfriends before Amy. To some people, I was intimidating…I am 5’11” tall, which is just a little bit above average. But I’m about 215 lbs, and not a lot of that is fat. Yeah, I have a bit of a spare tire…but I grew up on a farm, and most of that is muscle from working on that farm. My hair is dark, and so are my eyes, and my resting face is sort of stone-like. I smile when I hear something funny, and I laugh when it’s really funny. But at amost any other given time, I’m expressionless. It made me a formidable poker player, but it unnerved people that didn’t know me.

Not Amy’s folks. They liked me. They liked my sense of humor. And they really liked the way I treated Amy as if she was my equal. I got the impression from them ankara escort bayan that Amy’s exes were real dicks.

But that wasn’t what I was thinking about now. I was thinking about what Amy wanted. She wanted to see me suck a guy’s dick. A stranger’s dick. She’d just pointed at a guy who’d gotten out of a Chevy Tahoe, and walked into the men’s room. He didn’t look like anything special to me…just some guy. But I wasn’t about to walk up to some guy in a rest area and ask to suck his cock.

“Look…I pay my debts, same as you. I’m not going to welch. But I’m also not going to walk up and proposition a stranger!”

“Of course not!” She said. “I said I’ll take care of that!”

“HOW” I demanded. “You keep saying that. How are you going to make that happen!”

“Look, Ron. All guys want blowjobs. Yeah…most guys want them from a sexy girl. But mostly, they want a blowjob. Now, you’re not gay…so you don’t have any gaydar. I can’t really tell either, truth be told! So, I can’t tell a gay guy from a non gay guy unless it’s totally obvious. But most guys aren’t gay, no matter what you see on the news. And I don’t want you pulverized either! So, what we have to do is play on the guy’s desire to get a blowjob, and his sympathy for a guy who’s girlfriend is being a complete bitch!”

“Come again?”

“When we find a guy that looks like a good fit, I’m going to walk up to him, and ask him if he’ll let you blow him. I’m going to tell him the truth…You, totally straight guy that you are, lost a bet. And the bet was, I got to see him suck dick. You hate the idea, but you pay your debts, and we just want to get it over with!” She smiled, she’d really thought this through. “The guy gets a blowjob, even though it’s not from a girl…after all, it’s STILL a blowjob! And he sympathizes with you, because he’s probably had a wife or girlfriend nagging on him about something, and he’s probably been to the point where he finally does what she wants just to get her to shut the fuck up! As long as no one he knows sees it, he’ll go for it!”

“I think you’re crazy!” I told her. “I wouldn’t go for it!”

“Not even if the guy’s hot girlfriend bats her eyelashes, shows you some cleavage, and practically begs you to get your dick sucked, so they can get back to their normal lives?


“I think you would. I’m betting on it. Tell you what…If I can’t find a guy who agrees in three attempts, then the debt is paid!”

“Deal!” I said.

“So, that guy…” she said again, motioning toward the rest area. It was about 1AM, on a Thursday, and we were on a state highway. Traffic was light, and there were no other people at this rest area.

“Where?” I said, holding my hands up. “In the bathroom? Anyone could come in!”

“No one’s coming in. Besides, there will be a handicap stall…it will fit all three of us!” I just shook my head. “OK, here’s what you do. Go into the bathroom. Go into the handicap stall. Wait. When the guy comes out, I will talk with him. I’m going to give him the spiel. If he wants it, we’ll come in together. If not, I’ll come get you and we’ll leave!”

I kept thinking this would end badly, but I did as she asked. He was just zipping up and moving to the basin to wash when I went past. I looked at him, and he looked back at me. We sort of nodded to each other, and I moved to the handicapped stall. How had Amy known this large stall was here? I guess the woman’s side was the same, and she’d surely stopped at this rest area before!

I heard the door open and he left. My cock started to throb…with what? Anticipation? Fuck, I hoped not!”

The door didn’t sqeak again for a minute or two. When it did, I had no idea what was next. Was it just Amy coming to get me?

No, of course not. It was both of them. She pushed on the door to the handicapped stall, and they came in. Then she closed and locked it.

“Jerry…meet Ron! Ron, blow Jerry!” Jerry smiled, and pulled out his cock.

“Nice cock, Jerry!” Amy said. “Well done you!”

“I’ve been horny as fuck all day!” He said. “And I’m not going to be home till tomorrow. And once I get there, I’ll be lucky to get laid…my old lady barely lets me touch her. So, get sucking Ron…any mouth is better than no mouth!”

“What did I tell you, baby!” Amy said.

I wasn’t kneeling in a public rest area. I sat on the commode with the lid closed. Jerry moved in, and I got to sucking. In all the stories online, the guy is tentative, and conflicted, and stares at the dick trying to decide whether or not to go for it. Not this time. Nope…I had a job to do, and I decided to get it over with. And the sooner this guy came, the sooner I was done.

“Dude…” I told him. “When you get ready, let me know. I’ll take it in my mouth. Don’t start waving your cock around and spraying me with this shit!”

“OK, man!” He said happily. “Haven’t had a chick swallow my load in ten years!”

“I ain’t no chick!” I told him. “I’m a victim!”

They both laughed. I did too, to be escort ankara honest. I wasn’t really wanting to do this, but why make it harder than it had to be!

So I popped my mouth over this guy’s cock. It was about half hard…and surprisingly, so was mine! His got real hard, real fast though, as soon as I started sucking. I saw what Amy meant…the skin was like warm silk, but it moved freely over the hard boner inside. Jerry’s dick was bigger than mine by a fair amount…like an extra half inch around, at least, and an inch longer. It was cut, and straight, and looked like the sort of dick they used as models for dildos!

He smelled…well, he smelled like guy who’d been driving all day. Sorta ripe…but not offensive. It was the same smell I’d smell on my hand after masturbating. Before I met Amy, I masturbated a lot. After I met her, it was less, but until she moved in, it was still at least once a day. But the point is, the smell was what I considered normal, and I didn’t mind it.

He flowed a lot of precum though. One I got started, it was like he’d opened a tap. It was sort of sweet, too…and I started getting into it.

Amy had her jeans open, and was working her pussy while she watched. At one point, I stopped sucking long enough to look at her face, and her eyes were wide…like deer-in-the-headlights wide. She was leaned against the wall, just a few feet away in reality, but it seemed a lot further with a cock in my mouth.

“I’m a cocksucker!” I thought to myself as I got back to it. I hefted the guys nutsack, and it too was bigger than my own. I felt his nuts move in it. I squeezed, but very gently. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. I found myself wanting him to enjoy it.

And he was. He moaned. His hands moved about sort of loosely, like he didn’t know what to do with them. But at one point, he put them on my head, and just sort of lightly held my head. He didn’t try to face fuck me, or even move my head. He just put his hands on my head, and let me continue to drive.

I couldn’t take more than half his length. I’d gag if it went any deeper, and deep throating wasn’t part of the deal. Jerry didn’t seem to care. I got a little further as things went on, but nothing crazy. And Jerry just continued to moan and whimper like a little puppy.

I found myself enjoying this, and that came as a complete shock…and not really a welcome one. This was a bet…I had to do this, and I wasn’t ever going to do it again. Did I hate the fact I was enjoying it because this was the only time I’d GET to enjoy it? Part of me wanted to hate doing it because it was repulsive. But I didn’t feel repulsed. I felt turned on!

Did it have to be the last time? Why did it? It’s not like I was afraid of what would happen if someone knew! I didn’t particularly care what other people thought. I, like every other guy I knew growing up, had been called a fag at least a hundred times by the time I graduated. It was the ultimate insult back then. It hadn’t gotten me too worked up when I was 16, and that’s when I’d never even looked at a guy. So if someone wanted to label me as a fag now…well, I wasn’t going to get all twisted over it.

I did care about what Amy thought…buthis was her idea! She certainly had no room to judge. My friends would probably feed me a huge ration of shit if they found out about this, but they all lived and worked in environments where they’d been forced to accept gay, lesbian, trans…so in reality, they probably wouldn’t even give a shit. And ALL of them…if they’d been in my situation, would be doing the same thing. Because ALL of them thought Amy was one of the hottest chicks on the planet! If they thought they would get a chance to sleep with my girlfriend by sucking a dick, they’d all pull a gay train so fast it would make your head spin!

So this all ran through my head as I blew this guy. It was a fast internal conversation…I’d been sucking for maybe 4 minutes when he told me he was going to cum!

“Oh, yeah…cum in his mouth!” Amy said, her pants half way down her thighs now, her fingers violently raping her pussy.

And he did…the poor guy must not have cum for a week, because he gave me some nice big squirts of cum. It wasn’t like the stories…where cum backs up in your mouth because there’s no room, and runs out your nose! He came what I figured was twice my usual amount, and I was able to contain it with ease. And as he was finishing, I swallowed it. I used my hand to milk the last drops from him, as Amy had done with me, and I swallowed those, too.

He was bashful, all of a sudden. “Uh…thanks…I gotta go.” He zipped up again, and beat it. Amy dropped her pants some more.

“Fuck me!” She demanded. “Hurry up…do it!”

“Amy, we should go!”

“FUCK ME!” She said again, and that was the end of the discussion. My cock was iron-bar hard, and there was a big wet spot in my briefs. Amy faced the wall, and bent over. I was all the way in in one smooth stroke. I hammered her hard for about a minute till she screamed in orgasm, and I blew into her when she did. I flooded her box, or at least it felt like it, with what felt like ten shots of cum. I knew that probably wasn’t the case, but there was no question the orgasm was epic!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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