A Half-Caste and Her Mother

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Big Dicks

When he first saw this lovely creature, 25 years old, half-caste, with such lovely hair, he could barely stop thinking about her at night. Her liquid brown eyes had the power to haunt him all day. He met her about twice a week at the club they both belonged to, where he met her mother as well. They went to the same church nearby too, so that could count as three times, in a week that both attended services which was not at all common.

One Sunday after church he tricked her into giving him her phone number and he started on his speciality; seduction by SMS. He started by sending her good morning or good night wishes, gradually moving to more personal questions; by the end of the first week they could exchange as many as 15 SMS in one evening! The young doctor found herself, in spite of her desire to lead a good Christian life, falling in love with this older man, who was even older than her Russian mother, once married to a Kikuyu man. She enjoyed his company so much that they went out regularly.

When she invited him home for supper one evening, her mother karabük seks hikayeleri liked him so much she had her daughter invite him again and again. Little did they know that mother had fallen in love with daughters prospective boyfriend! She now invited him for lunch when her doctor daughter was in the hospital at work. Since he was an IT consultant, he could sometimes make it for her lunches at her house. She could afford to come home from her office at the University, where she worked in the Finance department, since it was only a short walk.

He enjoyed her cooking so much that he praised her every time, leaving her glowing with pleasure. One afternoon he went to hug her goodbye as usual. He held her close and decided to add a kiss to her forehead. They never knew who it was who initiated a second kiss, on the lips this time. This developed into fondling and before they knew it had sunk onto the sofa to continue their explorations of each other’s bodies. His hand unbuttoned her dress and found her tits; hers went to investigate his cock in his trousers. Before long, the hands had brought out cock and tit into the open for more dedicated fondling and caressing. His mouth changed jobs to sucking her nipples; her legs opened wide as if in invitation of his hand to explore there as well, which he promptly did. As soon as his fingers encountered her pussy lips under her panty they went wild. She just had to have his cock right there and then.

Clothes came flying off and were discarded on the pale green carpet. He fucked her fast on the carpet, grazing his knee in his vigour. She screamed, perhaps in Russian or whatever language, as she came deliciously. He felt her cunt muscles milking his cock of every last drop. They barely had time to wipe themselves down before she was late for office.

This midday fuck became rather routine on two or three days a week. She just couldnt get enough of him. Often it was not so much lunch that brought them together, but their hunger for each other. Meanwhile, the doctors heart had overruled her mind’s best intentions; she fell in love with him. When he started keeping her out all night (they would be at his house) the mother did not seem to mind, but the daughter had not yet discovered that he was fucking her mothers brains out, even as he was taking her body to heights of pleasure she had never even dreamed about.

It was only when he got her pregnant that she discovered that her mother was also expecting his baby. The jealousy that would have reared its ugly head was overcome by the close relationship between mother and daughter. Both were intelligent enough too, to realise that any quarrel would result in losing him, which they really did not want. The doctor quickly came to terms with the fact of his being father to both their babies, a fact that could not be simply erased by a visit to the Edit menu on the screen and choosing ‘undo’. It became usual that he could come over of an evening and their house turned into a love boatunbridled sex all night long, especially on a weekend when the doctor was not expected at the hospital the next morning.

By the time the two gave birth to daughters of their own, it was widely known that mother and daughter shared a lover. The talk did not dim their delight in his delicious cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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