A Little Late Ch. 02

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Hello again. I hope everyone enjoyed part 1 and is ready for part 2. As usual, all of the usual legal disclaimers apply. Also, if you happen to be offended by this story or others like it please remember that you are the one who made the choice to visit this site and it is therefore your own damn fault. For everyone else: Enjoy and play safe.


So there I was faced with a dilemma. Well, two actually. My conscience was torn between the culturally ingrained taboo against incest and the sumptuous beauty of my naked and very desirable daughter who was moaning in abandon at the loving kisses I was trailing down her neck. My primary and more immediate concern, however, was whether to start with the left breast or the right one.

Finally, as I lingered a little too long kissing and lightly running my tongue over what was apparently an extremely sensitive erogenous zone trying to choose, Julie made the decision for me as she roughly grabbed my head and steered it towards her right breast. Sensing what my daughter needed from the urgency in her trembling hands and the almost painful moans, my wandering tongue -with Julie’s direction, made a beeline straight for the engorged nipple. Then, after performing exquisite torment on the pebbly nipple and areola, I teasingly lingered in the tantalizing crevice of her breasts before continuing my journey towards the other neglected nipple.

After enduring the torture of my talented, nipple loving tongue, Julie pulled me up for another long and needy kiss and, as I gently nipped at her ear, she breathlessly whispered “Fuck me. kars seks hikayeleri Oh god. Fuck me now.” And, being the doting father with a track record of being unable to deny my daughter anything without the support of my wife, I was powerless –and truthfully unwilling -to deny the request.

As I slowly leaned the lovely nymph back onto her bed, I again latched onto one of her enticing breasts with my mouth while I positioned my straining cock at the entrance to her forbidden depths. I slowly started to enter her in order to draw as much enjoyment from this wondrous moment as possible. However, the almost forgotten and impatient Jen grabbed my hips and shoved me forward, sinking my engorged cock to the hilt inside my daughter’s steaming pussy.

Gasping at the wondrous sensations of the almost painfully tight and hot pussy I was forced to pause for a minute to not only try and keep myself from exploding right of the bat, but also because as my pubic hairs and pelvis smashed up against her already over stimulated clit, Julie’s pussy clamped down, trapping me inside as she experienced her second orgasm of the night.

After waiting a minute for her orgasm to subside enough for her rippling pussy to release me, I started to slowly stroke back and forth, gradually picking up speed until I achieved a steady rhythm that kept us both on the brink of orgasm without being fast enough to push either one of us over the edge into premature nirvana. Finally, as I achieved the perfect rhythm, I opened my eyes as I felt a soft hand firmly take hold of my head. As my vision focused I found myself faced with another fabulous pussy as Jen, growing tired of being a spectator, demanded in a sultry voice strained with horniness, “Suck my hot pussy while you fuck your daughter, Mr. Hughes. Fuck her good and fill her up so I’ll have lots of cock cream to lick from your daughter’s delicious pussy.”

Incredibly turned on by Jen’s enticing instructions and by the tantalizing aroma of another sweet pussy directly in front of me, I did what any man in my situation would have done and happily complied with Jen’s urgent demand by quickly diving into the tasty dish presented before me and made a beeline for her already engorged clit. After only a few moments, Jen’s heightened excitement overcame her and I greedily lapped up the copious amounts of juices that her pussy released as she came. Greedily, I continued my assault on her clit as I sought more of the addicting pussy juices, sending her well on the way towards yet another orgasm. Then, my urgent hunger for as much of the delicious juices as possible caused my steady rhythm to falter as my lust and need for release overcame me and I relentlessly pounded my daughter’s hungry pussy until we both achieved orgasmic bliss when the scorching hot blast of my incestuous seed shooting deep into her tight pussy triggered yet another orgasm for her, causing the muscles to again clamp down, entrapping my pulsing cock.

A few moments later, as the orgasmic bliss faded, I realized how much time I must have spent fucking my desirable daughter. Quickly excusing myself, I reluctantly left the 69’ing girls and returned to my room where I was greeted with my wife’s insistent question, “So how did it go?”

Grinning to myself, I truthfully replied that things went exceptionally well. However, my ironic grin was knocked off my face as my wife blurted out, “I saw you fuck her.”

Not knowing what to say, I was left stammering as Angela approached me as I stood immobilized by the door. Then, as she sensuously rubbed her body along mine, she added, “And the whole time as I watched you licking her firm breasts, eating out her hot and juicy pussy, and fucking our daughter while eating out her best friend, I could only think of one thing…”

Nervously I, of course, asked the obvious question as I distinctly heard the sound of my future crumbling.

“The whole time I kept thinking to myself,” She replied, as she slowly slipped her hand into my boxers and grabbed my still glistening cock and eased it out of my shorts as she slowly sank to her knees in front of me, “that not only was it incredibly exciting and erotic to watch your cock pistoning in and out of our daughter, but I was also struck with this burning desire to know what our hot little daughter’s lovely looking pussy tasted like.”

And with that she closed the last few inches between my cock and her mouth and lustfully swallowed my rapidly rehardening cock and started to clean mine and Julies combined juices off of my cock. I of course did what any husband caught cheating would have done in a similar situation and plastered a grin on my face and decided to not question this turn of fate as I dutifully enjoyed the attentions of my adorable wife as she devoured my cock, seeking any and all traces of our daughter’s juices.

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